Wednesday, 28 October 2009

moonwalk conspiracy

the moon has been claimed to be a chip off the old Earth caused by a glansing blow from another planet.
3 billion years later, man was able to hop over for a short stay
on the old Green Cheese.
The date was 20th of July, 1969
The picture below is of the first moonwalk by Neill Armstrong.


Just before the 40th anniversary
of that original moonwalk,
a latter-day moonwalker died.
A coincidence?
Or perhaps a jealous astronaut, or cosmonaut
didn't want to risk being upstaged by a dancer.
You decide.
As it turns out, MJ was murdered.


I wonder if the killer's next move is going to be offing Sting.
It might be because of his old group, the Police, and their cod-Reggae song
Walking on the Moon,
[pic- Stingk,]
or because Sting has become an insufferable, New Age twat,
beloved by precious women.

Now that water's been found on the moon, the writer of Moon River also becomes a candidate, simply by being a prophet of sorts.

-Cos67 ~(%^D>

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

that would be un-Christian

One of the biggest silent witnesses to the excesses of the rich has been the established religions, particularly Christianity, which, unlike Jesus was said to be, are the biggest butt-kissers of the rich and powerful.

My task here is to use the words of Jesus juxtaposed with the admissions of proclaimed Christians regarding their wealth or how they knowingly screwed the poor.

Matthew 19:21
Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go [and] sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come [and] follow me.

Case 1: Bo Pilgrim: owner of Pilgrim's Pride, bankrupted poultry company
By Mark Ames:
"Bo Pilgrim, the head of Pilgrim's Pride, once told his Texas church that he was worth over $1 billion before the market crash, and he's still worth hundreds of millions. His rapacity was boundless, and in the end it was the undoing of Pilgrim's Pride -- not the Pilgrim family, mind you, which is still filthy disgusting rich, but the company is through."

Case 2: Ronald Reagan
Religion: Baptized Disciples of Christ, later attended Presbyterian churches [Wikipedia]

Well, as only one of the presidents who relaxed the sluces of the financial sector (under direction from the Wise Guys behind him), he must have known that his Supply-Side Economics was all about the rich getting richer (like S&L banks). If you've forgotten how counter-intuitive and cancerous S-SE was (even Bush41 said it was crap, and he's a mason.), here's a quick lesson from the newest member of the US Congress, Al Franken of the Democratic Side:

-Cos67 ~(%^D>

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


[pics- the Cern collider]
This is an experiment in super-collidering where two abstract concepts or objects face off to see who is king sh*t.

case study 1:
barack obama vs. wall street

In this experiment, we wish to quantify the voice of change, the breath of fresh air that democracy so needed this year after the corruption, monetarism and militarism of the previous American administration.

We also seek to quantify the great monetaristic disaster that is Wall Street. It has spread the concept of the black hole, which eats up planets,

to the bank hole which, H1N1-virus-like,
is eating up the Earth... only... so far.
It uses laxity in regulation as an invitation to destroy the real economy of our planet.
At it's centre is singularity,
where billions of dollars are crushed to infinite density.
Governments just chuck money into it and it all disappears.
The Law of Derivatives Trading, known as the No-Care Theorem,
within Bank Hole Theory is
the factor by which the spinning of the bank hole speeds up.
The more certainty that bankers have of making profits,
the less they care, the more the bank hole it spins.
The origins of its tragectory can be worked out by looking historically back to the equating of the corporation with 'a person' before the law (19th century), followed by the abrogation of Glass Steagal laws in the US (1990s), the dropping of anti-trust laws for much of the financial sector and by Bush43 getting government oversight drunk (1990s).

[ your money disappearing down the fibreoptic phone line]

What would happen if these two forces were to be smashed together?

PREP: stress test- bend over and sing Moon River
guts test- (for bankers) pay off the company of the tester,
just so that nobody's in doubt about who's in charge.

Methodology: direct, high-speed collision, WWF style, except not as fake.

RESULTS: the remainders tell the story.
points go the side which is strongest (not which is right, mind you)
-Wall Street executive Geithner now 'helping' Obama
[Wall Street 1 point]
-banks got 3.2 trillion bucks in loans
[Wall Street 1 point]
-Banks still foreclosing on houses
[Wall Street 1 point]
-laws on derivatives have not changed
[Wall Street 1 point]
-Obama gave speech on Wall Street about how 'times have changed', but they haven't
[Obama -1 point]
-Wall Street bosses all absent from speech, in effect dissing the Prez
[Wall Street 1 point]
-Wall Street has decided to take its winnings now and pay its debts later
[Wall Street 1 point]
-Nobody has been charged with fraud for knowingly fooling idiots into buying
fraudulent credit default swaps
[Wall Street 1 point]
-Obama was sponsored by some of the bankers who fraudulently sold
sub-prime, balloon-in-the-fine-print, live-in-the-Chevy bankloans
[Obama -1 point]
Bill Clinton's boys Bob Rubin and Larry Summers,
who were responsible for much of the deregulation, are now at Obama's side
[Obama -1 point]
2b continued

-Cos67 ~(%^D>

Monday, 19 October 2009

1st annual Chameleon Awards

You're all aware of how the chameleon
changes to suit its environment
It changes its appearance to hide from
predators and prey alike.

Well, it's my belief that humans can do the same.
We are faced with unemployment, and preyed upon
by government
(rising taxes, fewer services, pension theft)
and capitalists
(the ridiculously high cost of putting a roof over our heads,
a Porsche in our hands and an Armani suit on our backs;
all necessities).

That's why I'm sponsoring the first annual
for those adapting best to this Time of Crisis
by thinking outside the box.
and the first prize goes to [the envelope, please]:

the Belgravia Squatters Club

Belgravia is home to Million-pound
apartments and mansions. But, many of the
rich owners have so many houses that they
don't live in the one they
own in Belgravia.
Don't you see how homeostasis works in nature?
It's an equilibrium.
Empty spaces tend to be occupied, if there's the will & a way.
Well, whadya know!
a house is a space.
When the super rich don't live in one of their brick-boxes,
homeless poor people leave their cardboard ones behind,
move in and get free rainproofing.
Natural law
, innit?
It wouldn't be right for the rich to hoard stuff,
now, would it?

In this wild environment,
the rich are vulnerable to people who
are homeless, and not earning enough money
to pay for rent, and who
know how to break and enter and...squat.
sub-species: there was the Spanish waiter-beast on tv news tonight.
capabilities: Notice how they can change colour instantly,
like with this pink wig disguise,
and note their top-secret hand signals.
Natural enemies: bailiffs & police officers.
when these approach, the squatters merely
take to the streets and find another house.
watch them parcour over balconies, Tarzan-style.

Flying through the air with grace and baggy trousers.
How exciting is that?
diet: microwave food & dumpster snacks.
Part human, part scrounger.
surviving by his wits.
thriving on visceral, real danger.
His time has come.
the squatter!
Top that for wild nature,
Sir David Attenborough!

second prize: Las Vegas rain-sewer dwellers

It's rather nice and yet excessively socialist for a city with zero rainfall, like Las Vegas, to have rain sewers. So, some homeless people there have taken advantage of this largesse and set up homes underground. If you check the story below [1], you'll see they've got furniture and everything. Of course, they're mostly ex-druggies or still live ones.

third prize goes to the Mountain Man Daniel Suelo

This lad lives in a cave near Moab, with all his belongings, without money and has since about 2001. Before that , he had been living in the 'prison of money'. Nevertheless, he manages to keep a blog going, as well as keeping himself going on a diet of wild plants, bugs and roadkill. Here's a quote from the text (title below [2]) "Suelo, who was raised in a strict evangelical family, said he had long wondered why so few Christians who considered themselves devout were prepared to adopt the ascetic lifestyle espoused by Jesus." and

"as I let go of my possessions, I found more and more that I needed less and less." But, I hear he stinks royally. So, I wonder how they let him into the library where he runs his blog from.

-Cos67 ~(%^D>


[1] Las Vegas Oct 22nd 2009 By Jeremy Taylor|uk-compaq|dl4|link4|

If not for the ominous plastic crates that Steven and Kathryn's bed and dresser are propped high up on, the couple's home would look like a dingy basement apartment. But those crates speak volumes, as they are there to protect the pair's belongings from water -- a constant threat when you live in an underground flood tunnel.

Luckily, it hardly ever rains in Las Vegas. In fact, over their two years of living deep in the bowels of Sin City, Steven and Kathryn have been able to stay dry enough to fashion their unusual dwelling with a makeshift kitchen and even a shower made from an office drinking-water dispenser.

They aren't alone in making their home underground. Roughly 700 people live in the flood tunnels beneath Vegas, with the majority concentrated under the strip. They've formed a community, united by a collection of graffiti drawn by resident artists that they call their art gallery, and a fear of flooding, which has killed 20 underground dwellers over the last two decades.

Black widow spiders thrive in the darkness, and mosquitoes swarm in the damp.

But it still beats being homeless above ground. "It's much cooler than on the streets," one resident explained. "We get a breeze coming through and the cops don't really bother you. It's quiet, and everyone helps each other out down here."

For "work," Steven and Kathryn put on their best clothes and emerge up into the casinos' neon glow, where they "credit hustle." This vocation consists of checking slot machines for the chips and credits drunken gamblers leave behind. 997 dollars (around £650) is the most Steven ever found in a single machine. Most nights, 20 will do.

Many of the drain-pipe dwellers have drug and alcohol problems. Heroin was Steven's thing. He claims he's kicked, but two outstanding warrants from his bad old days have him leery of returning to the normal life and sunlight that he craves.

So he'll remain beneath the margins, with his woman and his surprisingly well-appointed sewer suite. Proof that, for some, being underground is more than a state of mind.


"Struggling US envies its cashless caveman" by Tony-Allen Mills The Sunday Times 30 August 2009.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Poetry club's poem of the day

Here's a romantic poem that conjures up wonderful images. I'll tell you who wrote it, where it was first presented, and whom it's about, at the end.

Aping urbanity
Ozzing with vanity
plump as a manatee
faking humanity
journalistic calamity
intellectual inanity
Fox-noise insanity
you're a profanity

copyright John Cleese (Monty Python) , read by K. Olberman on MSNBC in 2008.
Checkitout on Youtube.
They were whispering sweet nothings over the airwaves
to Sean Hannity, who is a
Fixed News,
I mean, Faux News,
I mean, Fox News
non-journalist, blowhard and general malcontent, and fomenter of right-wing rage among semi-educated trailer-park trash.
-Cos67 ~( %^D>