Friday, 29 May 2015

Post-feminist seeks man with big knob & bigger trust fund

We have learned a lot in these last 40 years
about how to feminise the world. My whole
life, I've had to accommodate the "needs" of
women in the public arena. Of course, the
previous generation of men had all the fun,
and women were their slaves, but it's not my fault.

Anyway, it turns out that, after all that feminism,
women still want the same old thing from men.

This is what is needed, not for happiness, but
for, shall we say "satisfaction." And that is 
what us guys live for, right? Just one chance
to satisfy.

If you ask me, this 3 things are what get women
to stop thinking/complaining & start acting more like men
"in the moment." As for the $, you just have to spend it
on HER, and she'll think you're rich. Women then stop
complaining senselessly and just enjoy life. What could be
When that stops, you just dump her,
before she does your head in
thereby stopping your humour gland dead.

Women's innermost desires are clearly visible in
the movie Something About Mary.
Mary's friend says:

And Mary and her friends are supposed to be educated. In the end,
Mary chooses the beta male (more about us, later).

checkit:  guardian
Woman seeking man with GSOH for better sex
According to a new study, women have better orgasms if their lover is rich, handsome and has a good sense of humour
        Andrew Brown
        Friday 12 December 2014 14.25 GMT
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Man laughing ‘Never, ever, forget to list a good sense of humour among your attributes on a dating site. You know now what it really means.’ Photograph: Franck
Once upon a time, when we all lived in small hunter-gatherer groups on the African veldt, hominids who could come up with the most ingenious stories about how miserable they were on the veldt apparently got laid more often than their more prosaic rivals.
So they had more descendants, who are us, and we tell ourselves stories about how all our present miseries can be explained because we are no longer living the life we were adapted to on the veldt.
It is easy to mock evolutionary psychology, but sometimes it comes up with interesting or at least improbable results. The latest issue of the journal Evolutionary Psychology has come up with a classic of the genre: the discovery that women have better orgasms when their lovers are rich, handsome and have a good sense of humour.
This is based on a survey of 54 female undergraduates at Albany University in New York state. Women who were in a steady relationship with a man were asked exhaustively about their sex lives and their partners’ qualities. They reported that they had on average 3.57 sexual encounters a week, with 1.37 orgasms per encounter at an average intensity of 3.28 (on a scale of 1 to 5 ascending). The authors write that their primary hypothesis is that partner characteristics indicative of good genes would lead to higher orgasm frequency and intensity for heterosexual partners.
The trouble is that the measures used don’t always measure genetically determined qualities. For instance, these undergraduates reported more orgasms with partners who were attractive, self-confident and had greater family incomes. This tells us very little about the genes of the men who are lucky enough to be born to rich parents. “Income potential is no doubt also related to … intelligence, determination and focus,” the authors add.
This is gobsmacking. Some evolutionary psychologists are convinced that success as a hunter of antelopes demanded the same skills as are required for a successful career in accountancy today. But anyone who pays any attention to the world will notice that the way to grow rich in America today is to be born to rich parents, something that is often entirely destructive of intelligence, focus and determination. Who needs that boring stuff when they have a trust fund?
The only unquestionably genetic factor in all this was whether the man had broad shoulders or not. The broader the shoulders, the more often he was enjoyed. Apparently, men with broad shoulders are also rated as having more attractive faces.
The authors do address, right at the end, the really obvious objection to all these correlations: although they claim that the possession of certain attractive qualities makes women enjoy mad passionate sex with men, it’s just as possible that a woman who has just had great sex might misjudge the attractive qualities of the man involved.
“It seems, unlikely,” they write, “that how often women experience orgasm would affect ratings of their partner’s family income, nor would orgasm frequency be expected to increase the width of his shoulders or influence how they rate his intelligence, sense of humour, muscularity, creativity, focus, etc.”
Actually, nothing seems likelier to me. If women are anything at all like men, they are far more likely to proceed from wonderful sex to the conviction that their partner is really clever than the other way round.
But let’s suppose for a moment that the survey is reliable. In that case, there is one simple take-home moral. Never, ever, forget to list a good sense of humour among your attributes on a dating site. You know now what it really means.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Clintasaurus Wrecks

I used to believe that Clint Eastwood, as a
"free-thinking" cop, was a good expression of people's
frustrations with government, crime, corruption
and assholes.
Sordidus Harricus:
"A man's gotta know his limitations"

But, I had no idea that it would be
necessary for people, like Michael Moore,
 to seek protection from assholes like
 Clint Eastwood, who may also be racist,
and from the US forces, who are depicted as racist,
but they aren't, really. Really. REALLY!
They're just paid killers of brown people.

I'm developing a theory that goes like:
A guy who has lived in a make-believe world
of trigger-happy cops believes his own bullshit
about being tough. Because he is widely respected,
nobody challenges his stupid behaviour. so, he thinks
that he can threaten his perceived opponents
(even if they're just politically different, and no danger
to him).

Here's a case in point:

Checkit: Salon

Michael Moore on Eastwood threat, “Sniper”: 
“American Sniper is a mess of a film”
In a new Facebook post tonight, 
Moore confirms Eastwood's "I'll shoot you" threat, 
calls extremists "American ISIS"
Salon Staff
On his Facebook page tonight, Michael Moore addresses a Salon story about an uncomfortable confrontation with Clint Eastwood at a 2005 film awards ceremony.
In his post, the director of “Fahrenheit 911″ and “Bowling for Columbine” confirmed the story about Eastwood telling the crowd that he would kill Moore if he ever came to his house with a camera for an interview, and writes about how anxious the threat made him.
Moore writes:
    The crowd laughed nervously. As for me, having just experienced a half-dozen assaults in the previous year from crazies upset at ‘Fahrenheit 9/11′ and my anti-war Oscar speech, plus the attempt by a right wing extremist to blow up my house (he was caught in time and went to prison), I was a bit stunned to hear Eastwood, out of the blue, make such a violent statement. But I instantly decided he was just trying to be funny, so I laughed the same nervous laugh everyone else did. Clint, though, didn’t seem to like all that laughter.
    “I mean it,” he barked, and the audience grew more quiet. “I’ll shoot you.”
    There was a smattering of approving applause, but most just turned around to see what my reaction was. I tried to keep that fake smile on my face so as to appear as if he hadn’t “gotten” to me. But he had. I then mumbled to those sitting at my table. “I think Dirty Harry just said, “Make my day, punk.”
Moore praises many of Eastwood’s films, and calls “Unforgiven” his favorite Western of all time. But then he adds that, “something started to go haywire with Clint in the last decade.” The Salon article, he notes, suggests that started with the verbal attack that night. That was followed, Moore notes, by “the (IMHO) awful (and weirdly racist) “Gran Torino” where he got to cast himself as a bigoted retired autoworker in Detroit. Two years later he was on the stage at the Republican National Convention carrying on a berating and confused conversation with an invisible Obama in an empty chair.”
Then he issues a strong and smart critique of “American Sniper”:
    And now ‘American Sniper’ – a mess of a film that rewrites history (we invade Iraq as revenge for 9/11), perpetuates a racist sentiment to Arabs (Iraqis are “savages”), has a simplistic Hollywood storyline of the good sniper in white vs. the bad sniper in black), and (in a rare moment of honesty) shows the main characters in the film, the American soldiers, either returning home all messed-up by the war (and with some of them turning anti-war) or in a box. The lead character becomes a victim of both the PTSD epidemic AND the violent American/Texan gun culture that eventually takes his life.[THERE'S SOME POETIC JUSTICE- Cos67]
There’s more, including a reflection on similar threats by Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, on Moore’s Facebook page.
“This past week or so of hysterical attacks on me,” he includes, “only proves that the American lovers of violence and the issuers of fatwas in OUR society haven’t gone away. They are our American Isis.”

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Je suis "F%^&*k you, Charlie"

[Dave Brown][Charlie cartoonists say' Feck-you'.
Right back at ya, pal]

In a brief review of the "Islamist" attacks
on the French satirical mag, I am on the side
of free speech, especially speech which pisses
off whatever government is trying to kill free speech.

[Je suis Charlize]
That group includes all the countries whose leaders
marched in Paris, as if they already had their bags
packed, waiting for the red-phone call. Hollande:
"Allo, j'ai un vote-getter pour vous" 
 [Paris-Match maker]
So, guys like Benny arrived with some dead 
Palestinians in his carry-on luggage. But the most
cynical politician was Hollande, the French PM.
France has instituted a number of laws protecting
one "starry" minority group, while allowing any old
pot shots to be taken at Muslims, who are never
allowed to even say "But, I'm insulted."
[one insulted Muslim Charlie]

There's a saying that goes like:
find out whom you're not allowed to insult. 
They are your leaders

I have to declare that while I like cartoonists who 
pierce any bullshit story, including religious ones, 
I have to say that Charlie Hebdo's 68-tards are 
also sketching their support for frottage with underage 
girls, and are so useless at their work that they 
have to piss off 2 billion Muslims to bring a smile
to an Algerian-hating racist audience of 
about 30 000 old French men. 
Well done, dicks. 
You've boosted sales and 
cut your pension requirements in 
one big bloody mess.

*Title-kid-speak translation, French:
I'm like "Feck you, Charlie"

Checkit: Liberty blitzkrieg
French Authorities Demonstrate Defense of Free Speech 
by Arresting 54 People for Free Speech
Michael Krieger | Posted Wednesday Jan 14, 2015 at 10:38 am
While I’m sure many of the millions of French citizens who marched in solidarity with the victims of the recent senseless violence and in the name of free speech came with genuine intentions, the corps of professional authoritarians, I mean politicians, who tagged along in order to pose for a staged photo op, clearly had less than noble intentions. Indeed, they likely spent the entire time scheming as to how the tragedy might be used to strip more rights away from their citizens.
The absurdity of well known tyrants standing arm in arm to support freedom of expression was laughable from the start. Many commentators have covered this shameless act of hypocrisy, including myself in the post: NOUS SOMME HYPOCRITES – Authoritarian, Anti-Free Speech Politicians Pose for Staged Photo Op in Paris.
It didn’t take long for the apparent hypocrisy to manifest itself in real life. First, we heard about David Cameron’s absurd call to ban encryption, which is essentially a call to outlaw private communications. Now we see French leadership turn into a complete and total caricature of itself by arresting 54 people for speech (including a controversial comedian for Facebook comments), negating the values the rally on Sunday was ostensibly so passionately defending. The AP reports that:
    PARIS (AP) — France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism and announced Wednesday it was sending an aircraft carrier to the Mideast to work more closely with the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants.
    Authorities said 54 people had been arrested for hate speech and defending terrorism in the last week. The crackdown came as Charlie Hebdo’s defiant new issue sold out before dawn around Paris, with scuffles at kiosks over dwindling copies of the satirical weekly that fronted the Prophet Muhammad anew on its cover.
    France has been tightening security and searching for accomplices since the terror attacks began, but none of the 54 people mentioned Wednesday have been linked to the attacks. That’s raising questions about whether Hollande’s Socialist government is impinging on the very freedom of speech that it so vigorously defends when it comes to Charlie Hebdo.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

American success story. Just sing "America"

It's incredible what has happened to the US since 2001.

The US is a leader in popular culture, tv and movies,
whether we like it or not. It's been fading quickly,
but that's not what I'm writing about.

It's the ode to America that is in almost everything
they sell now. That's what amazes me. Is it a sign
of decline, marketing, or poor taste?

It's :
American - this
American- that

American Sniper

[as if there's something American about illegal wars. oh, wait a minute!]

American Dad

American Beauty

[subtitle: how to be so far up your own ass that you think a
teeny virgin is interested in you]
American Pie

[that's more like it. Of course, you'll get skin, but then somebody will
blank out the good stuff. That's so America.]

a brief list of Merkan titles

American Crime
American  Experience
American Gangster
American  Graffiti
American Hustle
American  Heist
American Idol
American  Jesus
American  Legends
American Man
American  Outlaws
Quiet American
American  Reunion
American Splendor
American  Teen
Team America Hell Ya
The American
American  Ultra
American Ninja 1 to 5
American Wedding
American  History X
American Zombie
American  Zeitgeist
Coming to America

[not quite the usual immigrant story]

Now I know where that all started.
It seems there was once another
time when the US was looking into
its belly-button, the 1960s.
Of course, belly-button-vision is
now permanent, since the US
was "attacked" /cough/
inside job.

During that time that spilled over into the '70s,
Don MacLean wrote
the song American Pie.
maybe the Vietnam Loser War had something
to do with it.

It's as if McLean knew that a decent tune, with
some abstruse lyrics and "American" in
the title would become a hit.
[as if the cheesy title and content weren't bad enough,
here's the old US "thumbs up" with the stars & stripes]

and he was right. It became a hit. Long term. Until today

McLean: A marketing genius.
"the day the music died". He also got that right.
he did it. You could almost smell the price tag.

The story goes that, when he was asked
what American Pie means he said
"it means I'll never have to work again."

That brings up the culture of invention. As a
Canadian, I was also infected with the
"I'll just invent this thing and never work again."
I'm still working.

So, anyway, this recently came up because
the notes of the artiste, Monsieur McLean
were up for auction, so the story came round.
Can you say "a million two"?
Note to others: never hit the delete button.
better yet, use paper.
[Instructions on how to make a million.
Don McLean’s original handwritten lyrics for ‘American Pie.’ Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA]

Thanks to oligarchs having all the money, stupid
frivolous historical items are getting record prices.
Sold! one false idol

Analysis of lyrics

 "drove the Chevy to the levee"

The movie American Pie also had a Levy,
Eugene Levy, the awesome comic of SCTV fame.

Levy on American masturbation talks

Levy on American pube-shaving talks

["we did that at band camp. and I shoved a flute up my fanny"]

checkthehagiography: Guardian
see web page for lyrics etc.
Bye bye Miss American Pie: Don McLean's manuscript fetches $1.2m

Singer-songwriter’s lyric drafts for the song American Pie sold to a mystery buyer at New York auction
Don McLean's original handwritten lyrics for 'American Pie' were sold on Tuesday.

Lauren Gambino in New York
Tuesday 7 April 2015 18.11 BST
Last modified on Wednesday 8 April 2015 00.05 BST
Don McLean’s famously enigmatic masterpiece American Pie is about “life becoming less idyllic”, the singer-songwriter revealed after the song’s original manuscript sold for $1.2m (£800,000) at Christie’s in New York on Tuesday.

The 18-page manuscript, which McLean, 69, admitted he had decided to sell on a whim, included handwritten notes and deletions from the 1971 hit that was a cultural anthem for a “generation lost in space”. The sale was highly anticipated because of McLean’s assurance that the manuscript would shed light on the meaning behind the song’s elusive lyrics.

“Basically, in American Pie things are heading in the wrong direction,” McLean said in an interview with Christie’s catalogue. “[Life] is becoming less idyllic. I don’t know whether you consider that wrong or right but it is a morality song, in a sense.”
Don McLean in 2012.
Considered one of the foremost singer-songwriters of his generation, McLean said he had written the song at a time of disillusionment with the country he loved so much, and said the lyrics were inspired by an unshakable notion that American culture was in an irreversible decline.

“I thought it would be interesting as I reach age 70 to release this, so that anyone who might be interested will learn that this song was not a parlour game,” McLean told Christie’s in February. “It was an indescribable photograph of America that I tried to capture in words and music, and then was fortunate enough through the help of others to make a successful recording.”

The song has long drawn speculation about its meaning. The beginning of the song, McLean has admitted, was inspired by the death of Buddy Holly, who died in a plane crash with Ritchie Valens and JP Richardson, aka the Big Bopper, in February 1959. McLean, who was a 13-year-old paperboy at the time, mourned their deaths with the famous lyric “the day the music died”.

The catalogue also ends the decades-long debate over cultural allusions in the song, saying it is “fair to surmise” that “the king” refers to Elvis Presley; Helter Skelter refers to the Charles Manson murders; and “the jester on the sidelines” is Bob Dylan. The lyric “And while the king was looking down/The jester stole his thorny crown” appears to refer to Dylan supplanting Presley as the messiah to the masses.

The manuscript also includes a deleted verse that hints McLean may not have believed all hope was lost.

And there I stood alone and afraid
I dropped to my knees and there I prayed
And I promised him everything I could give
If only he would make the music live

And he promised it would live once more
But this time one would equal four
And in five years four had come to mourn
And the music was reborn.”

Asked why the verse didn’t make the cut, McLean told Christie’s: “I was trying to go in different directions to see if anything spoke to me and that section didn’t.”

At just over eight and a half minutes, the song is the longest ever to top the US charts, where it sat for four weeks in 1972. In the UK, the single reached No 2. Madonna chopped the song nearly in half when she introduced the American Pie to a new generation of listeners in 2000, with a cover version that Rolling Stone magazine later named the third worst cover song of all time.

The Christie’s sale included the complete working manuscript and typed drafts for the song, which was named a song of the century by the Recording Industry Association of America. The song was written in Cold Spring, New York, and Philadelphia in 1970 and 1971. Christie’s auctioneers predicted the papers could fetch up to $1.5m.

Tom Lecky of Christie’s said the work had achieved the third highest auction price for an American literary manuscript, which he called a “fitting tribute to one of the foremost singer-songwriters of his generation”. He added: “This result is a testament to the creative genius of Don McLean, and to the song’s ability to still engage and inspire.”