Monday, 20 February 2017

Russkie business

Will Trump get to sidle up to Russia and
quell the beating of the war drums? Not
so sure.

I think what we have here, for various
reasons, is an attempt by a Deep state
apparatus to derail president Trump.

It's no surprise that Trump vs CIA
and Trump looking like Kennedy have
been themes recently.

We all know now that Kennedy was
iced by the secret service guys for similar

So what is Russia selling to the US? Is it
the culmination of so many years of hard
work by Putin, against sanctions and
rhetoric and warmongering on Russia's
doorstep? Or is it a dark train ride to

It certainly is Risky Business

Who is Guido the Killer Pimp in this story?
Chuck Schumer?
John McCain?
Bill Kristol
Do they have links to the Dark side?
They have all insinuated that they do.

It's not wise to encourage the Deep State:

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Joggerfy 101: Archipelago

1 an expanse of water with many scattered islands

2 a group of islands

3 something resembling an archipelago; especially : a group or scattering of similar things an archipelago of small parks within the city
(Merriam Webster)

This is what HRC's fans are faced with.
Thanks to geography and technology, we
can now see which parts of the US voted for
Do you recognise this land mass?

It includes most of the urban areas in Cali and New England
(where Trump is known too well)

This happened despite there being
network coverage of HRC's campaign

Now, you would think that a philanthropist
with time on her hands would use her Foundation
to do good around the world. However, if your
Foundation is a political slush fund where
pay for play rules, you might be dumped by
all the oily kings who wanted to buy your

Maybe if they're lucky, the family Clinton
can still rule over Haiti as their last


Saturday, 28 January 2017

We don need no steenkin feckan wall

There's a duel coming soon to the
Siera Madre
Mother's Bush
between the US and Mexico. When
countries should be building bridges,
it seems Trump wants to build a wall.

 This has caused more than one Mexican
president to get very upset, since he is
said to be picking up the bill for the 

Even Vincente Fox, a previous prez
has been getting upset, on twitter.

I like this, but it seems strange that a guy
who wouldn't have been President of
Mexico if he wasn't a puppet, actually
let loose on the US, goading the present
Prez of Mex to get a spine and refuse to
talk to Trump.

In another , earlier tweet, he called it
a FACKEN wall. I'll find it later.

Thin-skinned Von Clownstick Trump
took offence, and also got all moral
on the use of bad language.

I'm guessing that Clownstick thinks that
the Mexicans are to blame for the porous
border, and not lazy US administrations.
I can now safely say this because, on twitter,
as always, there are videos circulating that
show both Obama and Clinton HRC singing
the praises of a wall. But, these folks were
just showboating, perhaps intimidating
some of the uppity Hispanic congresspeople
like Rubio and Cruz.
What else could it be?

Last point is the personal nature with which
Trump acts. It's not personality politics, it's
up in your face, grabbing your shit politics.


Ra Ra Ras-Putin

Here we are in the 21st century,
faced with another wildly charismatic
Russian, just like Rasputin, the priest
who charmed the Romanov women,
i.e. the Russian royals.

Putin seems to have a way with words,
and with hacking, and undermining the
"shining democracy that is the EU"

Well, Putin certainly has 
the MSM
the Democrats
the US security matrix
that's 17 organisations
the EU with its
new anti-propaganda law
Merkel, Hollande
shitting their pants
over his influence in politics
directly or through the RT channel
(one of my favs).
[ That's without mentioning
their fear of Trump and his
choice for EU ambassador,
one Malloch. see next story]

at 3:10, the oft-repeated Putin-Trump Christmas exchange:

Wow, Baldwin is good, but doesn't he have anything better to do?
Things were not quite this way, before Putin arrived.

Here's Mark Ames and Abby Martin to tell the rancid way in which
the US used to run Russia, as a vassal state.
It was disgusting.
You could even say that Russia would want to
get revenge on the US. WATCH the video.
Male life expectancy dropped from 68 to 57
in ONE decade!

It was amazing to hear, from another angle, Putin's rise.
As usually happens, the US and Soros have civil
society groups that chatter all day, and then undermine
your government, if you don't play along.
One such lady, I'll find her in my files, said about
Vlad the Impresser, that he was such a polite, mild
man, and how she feared for him in politics, about
him being eaten alive.
Well, that speaks to KGB training. He had everybody
fooled, on the American side. On the Russian side,
he had to prove himself to the Yeltsin Mafia, who
feared going to jail. Oddly, Vlad had made it to
KGB boss.
Case in point. One judge tried to work up a case
against the Mafia and lo and behold, his fat
butt was shown on national tv cavorting with
2 hookers.
Vlad was in like Flynn. One day, he was called in
to Boris' office and given the reigns to what was
left of Russia.
[UPDATE 13 Feb]
If you want to see an Alternative Reality version
of events of the 1990s in Russia, check the BBC.
I won't call it fake news, cuz it's now Fake History.
The statute of limitations on Fake News has to
be somewhere around 6 months, doesn't it?
I actually saw this on the BBC today!

"My husband loved his people. He did what he could
for them" oh, fuck me silly. this is bullshit.
"Yeltsin handed over to Putin a normal country." ftooie.

[you could see how much skin Mrs Yeltsina gave off
her butt for the starving poor that her dead husband
had essentially slow-mo murdered. i.e. none]

Ya. I can see the likeness in the eyes. Many of the qualities
are being equated with Rasputin. Of course, Anglo people
thinking everybody from the Continent are all cavorting pigs,
without the slightest irony. Check SNL above.

This guy takes me way back to the age of 10 when there
was a popular song about him, Rasputin. I wonder when
Pussy Riot will do a song about their lover boy, Vlad.

Musical detente during the late 70s

and to the Wiki:
Grigori Rasputin
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs; the patronymic is Yefimovich and the family name is Rasputin.
Born 21 January 1869
Pokrovskoe, Siberia, Russian Empire
Died 30 December 1916 (aged 47)
Petrograd, Russian Empire
Cause of death Assassination
Occupation Peasant, pilgrim, healer, adviser
Spouse(s) Praskovia Fedorovna Dubrovina
Children Mikhail, Anna, Grigori, Dmitri, Matryona, Varvara, Paraskeva
Parent(s) Efim Vilkin Rasputin &; Anna Parshukova

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Russian: Григорий Ефимович Распутин; IPA: [ɡrʲɪˈɡorʲɪj (j)ɪˈfʲiməvʲɪtɕ rɐˈsputʲɪn];[1] 21 January [O.S. 9 January] 1869 – 30 December [O.S. 17 December] 1916[2]) was a Russian peasant, an experienced traveler,[3] a mystical faith healer, and trusted friend of the family of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of the Russian Empire. He became an influential figure in Saint Petersburg, especially after August 1915 when Nicholas took command of the army fighting in World War I. Advising his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, in countless spiritual and political issues, Rasputin became an easy scapegoat for Russian nationalists, liberals and aristocrats.

There is uncertainty over much of Rasputin's life and the degree of influence that he exerted over the extremely shy Tsar and the strong-willed Tsarina.[4] Accounts are often based on dubious memoirs, hearsay, and legend.[note 1] While his influence and position may have been exaggerated by society gossip and his own drunken boasting[8] his presence played a significant role in the increasing unpopularity of the Imperial couple.[9] Rasputin was murdered by monarchists who hoped to save Tsarism by ending his sway over the royal family.
more soon


I crush your head, Hillary

One of Trump's funny idiosyncracies
is what he does with his too-small
fingers. It's the finger pinch.

It's as if he's crushing something in
between, if only metaphorically. It
depends on what he's saying, or
who's in his sights.

This is more about the symbolism:

Trump: "You don't like my wall? I crush your head,
and your country"

Trump: "while you were talking, I crushed your head. yup"

Sunday, 15 January 2017

would you like some Vanilla with that?

I know that this issue was dead and buried
10 years ago, sorry 29 years ago,
but I had a thought.
They even fooled the Grammys. Okay, it
broke 29 years ago and took 2 years
for the sync story to catch up with them.

It's about Milli Vanilli. If you recall,
(if not, ask your grandparents), we had
a couple of black dancing lads who
fooled people into thinking they were actually
singing their song. But they weren't.
Okay, call off the fraud squad. most pop
music is fraudulent anyway.
The Spice Girls were just chosen cuz
they was "sassy." they were not musicians
in the traditional sense. But, who cares.

The important issue for me now is,
that even the name of Milli Vanilli is
cynical. Why would you take a "band"
consisting of two black guys (and a
production team in the studio) and call
the group Vanilli? Was it a subliminal
message to middle America that these
guys were white enough?

anyway, these guys were not even
English native speakers, when the
song was clearly in American English.
They signed German contracts and
became famous. Apparently, one of
them committed suicide. Can't fake

Anyway. I got that off my shoulders.

Of course, nowadays, everybody uses that
song box for recording, and even on tour.
I've heard Beyonce, Britney use it. It's not
a sync, it just brings the singers weak
crappy voice into sync with what the
song should be. Ah, technology.