Wednesday, 23 March 2011

therapeutic music for the hard-of-hearing

this idea came from the BBC Radio4 segment Inheritance tracks, on 12 March
Nirvana as mental therapy
Here's Jo Scanlon's advice on the power of alt music:

"Get in touch with power, passion."
"accept the ugly stuff."
"Ride the energy."
I dare say the old chickie’s got it. I've believed exactly those things for decades, and won't listen to sappy music, or most classical. Those who listen to dead or lifeless music have got modern life all wrong. You need music that will boil your blood, in order to survive the slings and arrows of life.
I never liked Teen Spirit, but I've always understood the 'therapeutic' passion it brought forth in listeners.

One of the things I do when listening to music is to try to discern where one musician got his ideas from. Often, it sounds like someone has borrowed a few notes from a previous song, intentionally or not. I'd like to do a radio show about musical borrowing.
Anyway, I've linked Teen Spirit, with an old, but timely song, Godzilla:

Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

[check the starting chord progressions and speed up this turgid, scary tune, to get Teen Spirit]

Next, I should link the song Godzilla back to the FUKushima story, on my other blog. That story tells the 'story' of Godzilla and how it was created from a nuclear leak into the sea, just like what's happening in Fukushima, right now!

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Hear the songs picked by Jo Scanlon on BBC Radio4

Friday, 18 March 2011

A Macabrathon to end all financial markets

the world watches as the financial markets self-destruct
the closer they get, the more we cheer.

I'm watching all the indicators for the US economy
and I find myself willing it to finally fall into the abyss.
I’m with Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Steve Keen, Zerohedge, and many others
who not only have an idea of what’s going on
but actually seem to able to affect outcomes
because they know how the markets work.

Should I sit back and watch as the real economy crashes to the ground?
It's sick, but there are no democratic means to effect change.
No politician wants to upset the rich.
The only thing left is to resort to ancient mythology and wait for
to bring the high and might back down to earth

So Schiff, Keiser, Zerohedge, Keen (and others) are fairly certain that the US and the Federal Reserve [i.e. the big banks] are so closely linked as to be one and the same entity. They help each other, by stealing from others, and lying to them, including to the US populace.
The Knights of the New World Disorder seem to think that those markets are failing, and will one day collapse, taking along with them all the fiat currencies (e.g. the US dollar) down with them.
For that reason, they're encouraging people to buy gold and silver
as a safer place to put your money. It won't lose value.
Then, they discovered that the big banks were manipulating the silver markets
to make money and help their business by keeping the price of silver low
on the paper commodities market (you get a piece of paper saying you'll get silver, someday)
The US government is allowing this to happen and has been involved with other Western
countries in manipulating the price of gold.
They're doing this because if money goes into gold, it will leave the fiats.
That means market collapse.
So, I'm hoping for this collapse. I know it's sick, but what else can I hope for?
In another sick twist, it has become clear that all losses of the big banks
are being eaten by the Fed, or the US government, through 'swaps'.
The US government just adds it to its $14 (official) to $102 trillion (actual) debt pile.
The only things stopping them is a lack of buyers of US bonds.
They continue to function from money raised through bonds bought by China, Europe, etc.
If they stop buying because they're worried about getting paid back,
that will lead to market collapse.
So, this stuff that the Knights are doing,
like buying silver, can be equated with insurrection,
although it'll be hard to prove that to a jury.

I would not complain about plutocrats (government and business),
but they're all quickly killing off
the real economy, which means that people are losing jobs
and starving, just because Bankers want another billion.
Our billion!

I realise that the Knights are promoters as well, so they exaggerate,
but I can see that the markets are getting ugly.
The US government debt is mostly being bought by the Fed.
Not many others want US bonds.
Not a good sign. So all the illegal government activity has
resulted in merely delaying what seems inevitable. CRASH #2

So, let's have a macabre dance of the dispossessed.
We actually want the plutocrats to take their hands off our necks.
I want those market manipulators who are taking bread off our tables
to witness what it means to be broke and in jail.
We're talking about the collapse of society, on many levels.
What stage are you at?
stage 1: financial
stage 2: commercial
stage 3: political
stage 4: social
stage 5 cultural
[I'll talk more about this some other time]

relax, it's all an illusion

Michael Betancourt was on Max Keiser's show, recently.
He told us about how our modern 'Immaterial finance' doesn’t require workers.
money is immaterial, not based on anything [fiat currency, much like the cars].
Your pension, is also an illusion. You surrender your pension deduction
and it disappears down at the stockmarket. You're left with a lousy IOU.

It's debt-based currency because you get this piece of paper that says "20 pounds"
and then you hope someone else will give you something in exchange for it. One day, though, it'll fall so much in value that you will lose money every day you hang onto that piece of paper.

It's all derivative.

This system depends on circulation of money, not hoarding.
He warned that there will soon be hoarding by the rich, and so the system will collapse.

From "the Story of Economics", 16 March on BBC Radio 4:

Aristotle said:
Trading one product for another is ok.
Selling something for money is unnatural.

Also on the show:

How people should create trust. Follow the Bonobo monkeys:

They have sex before conducting any business. That should increase the number of women, young women, on boards of directors.

[and you thought only humans screwed one another for social AND selfish reasons]

Le Cafe L'écureuil Rampante

Beth ditto of the band Gossip, in the Guardian, yesterday.
The self- declared "fat dyke from Arkansas" said she was so poor
that she caught and ate squirrels. Not a lot of meat on that.

She is doing, successfully, what evermore of us will have to do, from now on.
She has to sing and dance for her dinner. Of course, she wants to.

Now you know why every no-talent wants to make Xfactor.
It's "Easy bucks", or nothing.

More stories of squirrel hunting, from India
Woman rescues husband in tiger attack
February 14th, 2011 08:02 AM ET

A villager in Malaysia has his wife to thank after she charged a tiger that had pounced on him in the forest, according to the Malaysia Star.
Tambun Gediu, who is in his 60s, was hunting for squirrels Saturday morning when he heard some rustling in the leaves, he told the Star.
He said the tiger was upon him so fast he didn't have time to react, according to the paper.
“My first instinct was to climb a tree but the tiger pounced and started clawing me,” he told the Star. “I had to use all my force to push the tiger’s mouth away from my face while shouting for help.”
Han Besou, 55, who was several feet away, heard the screams of her husband and charged the tiger with a large soup spoon, bopping it on the head, the paper reported. The animal fled.
The attack happened in the Gerik Belum Forest Reserve, where the aboriginal Orang Asli people reside. The attack was unprecedented in the village, the Star reported.
The villager, who suffered wounds to his knees, head and neck, was in stable condition Sunday after being transferred to Hospital Raja Permaisur Bainun, state Wildlife and National Parks Department director Shabrina Mohd Shariff told the Star.
Wildlife officials were awaiting a permit Monday to chase the tiger farther into the jungle, the director told The Star.
-cos67 ¬(%^D>

The Economics of Extinction

Business today!

It's like playing football, but then, if they're losing, the rich guys get to kill you.

next metaphohr
Rome: Christians v lions
It’s just not fair. They talk about fairness, but the system is rigged

from Max Keiser, last night.

more later

Drown your soros before the price of whiskey goes up

That's right!
Suffering from specualtors and bankers and their
rape of your life's savings?
Sick to death about the fall in the US dollar?
Confused by arbitrage and CDOs and CDSs?
Is even your art collection derivative?
Price of wheat and other commodities got you down?

I have your answer

Soros Sourmash Montana Whiskey

as advertised on Glenn Beck's show.

Next week's special, Irish flavour
in honour of their subjugation.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

incoming missiles. Kaddafi, duck

I've been waiting for years to make this warning.

Looks like he's just avoided destruction by calling for a ceasefire.

Damn it.

Honestly, it's one thing to have a no-fly zone and enforce it by hitting planes.
It's quite another to bomb Libyan defenses. Even if the Arab League gave the 'ok',

it's still a slippery slope.

Let's see what the desert fox has to offer now.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Pope absolves Jews 2011 years too late

I know that year 0 is supposed to be the beginning of Christ's life, so you might want to subtract 33 years.

[Let's first make a distinction between believers and the people who lead their Churches.]

The Pope has just written a book about the death of Jesus. He has finally absolved the Jews, as a race, for the death of Jesus. It used to be practically official policy to pin the blame on that nation, and not a particular individual or individuals. With all the Scholastic history of analysis, this one analysis did not change.
Now, apparently, it was the Temple hierarchy who are to blame. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the role of the money traders that Jesus pissed off by wrecking their trading in the temple. The bankers got the politicians to kill Jesus.
This is so pertinent to this day and age, where bankers and governments are colluding to disenfranchise and enslave millions of people.

Why was Pope Ratzi doing this now? Has he finally seen the problem with the Roman tactic of collective punishment? Is he trying to attract people by showing a less racist attitude in the Catholic hierarchy?

He could have taken this opportunity to decry the evils of banking. He could have fired a shot across the bow of his own Bankers.
The Vatican has bankers to better deal with their billions.
So, if you think that religion is supposed to do good deeds and giving
everything to help the poor, look away from the Catholic Church.
Their bankers have gotten mixed up with the Mafia.
One of them, the so-called "God's banker",
was found swinging lifeless from Blackfriars bridge,
in London, twenty years back.

Some important things to be said about this:
1. what the hell took them so long to see the "truth" in the book they have been using for worship for about 2000 years?
2. was the Church based on hatred of the people whose Talmud they 'borrowed'?
3. why doesn't the Pope say why the bankers killed Jesus? Answer: because that church is greedy like the bankers, themselves.
4. why don't they admit that doing deals with governments is how Pius 12th ended up 'in bed' with the Nazis? Now, Ratzi, of the Hitler youth, wants Pius to be a saint. Christianity is by its nature a religion of resistance, of peaceful defiance, but that's not always clear to the hierarchy.


Letters to Zerohedge, on Jesus vs bankers:

by flacon
on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 22:16
Do you know the first thing Jesus did - right before he started his ministry? He gave the middle finger to the bankers (money-changers).
Matthew 21:
And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,
And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves. [what did you say about Wall Street?-Cos67]

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

checkitout: 2 stories
Pope concludes those responsible for the crucifixion were the 'Temple aristocracy' and supporters of the rebel Barabbas
o Share 6246
* John Hooper in Rome
*, Wednesday 2 March 2011 19.53 GMT
Pope Benedict XVI The pope writes in his new book that Jesus’s death was not about punishment, but salvation.
The pope has written a detailed and personal repudiation of the idea that the Jews were collectively responsible for the death of Jesus.
In a book to be published next week, he concludes that those responsible for the crucifixion were the "Temple aristocracy" and supporters of the rebel Barabbas.
Dismissing the centuries-old interpretation of St John's assertion that it was "the Jews" who demanded Barabbas's release and Jesus's execution, the pontiff asks: "How could the whole people have been present at this moment to clamour for Jesus's death?"
The notion of collective Jewish guilt, which bedevilled relations between the two faiths, was disowned by the Roman Catholic church at the second Vatican council in 1965. But this is thought to be the first time a pope has carried out such a detailed, theological demolition of the concept.
It is particularly significant coming from the pen of a German-born pontiff who has more than once been at the eye of a storm in Jewish-Catholic relations. Elan Steinberg, vice-president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, told Reuters: "This is a major step forward. This is a personal repudiation of the theological underpinning of centuries of antisemitism."
Benedict's analysis featured in extracts from the second volume of his work, Jesus of Nazareth, released on Wednesday by the Vatican's publishers. The first volume was published four years ago. The second, due out on 10 March, deals with Jesus's later life, death and the resurrection that is central to Christian belief.
The pope also focuses on another phrase from the gospel often used against Jews. St Matthew describes the crowd as saying: "His blood be on us and on our children."
Benedict writes that Jesus's death was not about punishment, but salvation. The blood he shed "does not cry out for vengeance and punishment, it brings reconciliation," he writes.
The pope, who as a young boy belonged to the Hitler Youth, attracted a barrage of criticism two years ago he when he lifted the excommunication of an ultra-traditionalist British bishop, Richard Williamson, who had cast doubt on the extent of the Holocaust.
Later the same year he was criticised for furthering the advance towards sainthood of Pius XII. The Vatican lauds the wartime pope for working quietly to save Jewish lives, but his critics argue he should have openly denounced the Nazis' genocide.


1982: 'God's banker' found hanged
The body of a top Italian banker has been found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London.

Known as God's banker for his links with the Vatican, 62-year-old Roberto Calvi was the chairman of Banco Ambrosiano in Milan and a central figure in a complex web of international fraud and intrigue.

He had been missing for the last nine days before his body was discovered by a passer-by hanging from scaffolding on a riverside walk under the bridge.

Police are treating the death as suicide.

Jail sentence

Mr Calvi became chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, now Italy's largest private bank, in 1975 and built up a vast financial empire. ...

Men cannot be feminists

[cheeky monkey trying to get some.]
Men cannot be feminists, because we’ll say anything to get laid.
if you thought that feminists were likely to exercise their rights to free exchange of passion, what would you do to get it?
Would you tolerate their repetitive ideas about how they are oppressed?
You do realise that they like to hear their own drivel repeated to them.
So, why would you NOT do it?

The offence rests
[that's more like it]

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Wing wong for the Gipper

Chinese translation of "Win one for the Gipper"
from the old Reagan B-movie, and thus his nickname,
other than Bonzo, but that's another B-movie.

Ronald Reagan plays his last great role, as US President, and surrenders the US to China.

He was credited with reviving the economy, BUTT that's far from the truth.
Reagan's revolution was a Communist revolution. Socialism for the rich.
The rest of us started that slow slide into oblivion, starting with the air-traffic controllers. If you want to see how upset the controllers were, check "Pushing Tin".

It all began with President Carter's reaction to the oil crisis.
He said essentially "we must learn to live within our means", which was true,
but stupid to say. It's unpopular.
So Reagan and his henchmen got elected telling Americans what they wanted to hear.
"The party's just begun"
what he didn't say was "the people of 2008 will pay for it"
or "this will land us in the lap of the Chinese"
Therefore, he's a fraud, historically speaking.
Who wouldn't want to party with someone else's money?

As per Greg Palast:
Reagan was all about illusion (debt and theft/war).
Taxes. He raised them all the time, and since he spent like a drunken sailor,
the US still went into hyperdebt.

who's gonna save the day? Obama, the Chinese food of Presidents.
are you seeing a pattern here?
Gong! congratulations.

If the US is going to be the best (tax haven) we rich all have ‘work together’. Actually capitalism is built on competition. Screwing workers has meant short-term profits, but long-term poverty, and the death of the middle class, and that leads to revolution. This all plays right into China’s hands.

The song for Reagan:

[the 100th anniversary of the Conservative's Jesus]

"He severely harmed the American economy. When he came into office, the United States was the world’s leading creditor. By the time he left, it was the world’s leading debtor. But the free money made many people happy, especially the rich."

[that's more like it]

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

property porn, part 1

[from Atlanta Georgia from 50 to 16 million]
#1 – Le Reve – The grand estate, located in Cumming, GA, has been given yet another price cut. Once offered at $50 million, the 47,000 square foot home is now in foreclosure and carries a price tag of just $16,500,000. It’s last listing price that I know of was $18 million back in January of this year.
Massive Southern US properties are going on fire-sale.
50% off.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

LA Times
Million-dollar homes in California suffer further sales drop in 2009
The number sold in the state falls 23.8%, to 18,621 from 24,436 in 2008, for a fourth year of decline in a row.

The decline in sales of high-priced houses in California, according to… (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

February 05, 2010|By Alejandro Lazo

Sales of California homes priced at $1 million or more tumbled for a fourth consecutive year in 2009, according to a report released Thursday.

The number of million-dollar-plus homes sold dropped 23.8% to 18,621 in 2009 from 24,436 in 2008, according to San Diego real estate research firm MDA DataQuick.

Formula number one for destruction of public cash

[F1 to get clipped]
In my 'how do you like my balls now?' piece, I said that paying millions for F1

is totally stupid when you're asking grannies to pay 150 pounds a year for a tv license,
to "support British arts".
The kind of carving up of cars that goes on in F1 is not really art.

And, I like Formula 1. actually, I like it because it's basically the only widely-available

racing on tv. It's actually fairly boring. and the money is obscene.

well, it turns out that Formula 1 demands 40 Million a year
from the public broadcaster, the BBC, for the rights to show the 18 or so races!
not exactly a moral citizen of the country; and all the F1 bosses
including Bernie Ecclestone the car salesman, are British.

the first hints are going around that the BBC is gonna drop Formula1. They'd be nuts
not to.
Bernie, always the promoter, is now telling the world that it would terrible to have Formula 1 only on pay tv. I foresee riots in the streets. xD
Well, then, perhaps Formula 1 should ask for a lot less than 40 million a year.

Otherwise, chop it. These are tough times.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Later, I'll talk about the BBC's bloated staff paychecks some other time:
teaser- Chris Moyles, dj - 6 million quid/yr

Sunday, 13 March 2011

a night in...with ...the wife

Marriage and health
the Student BMJ research showed that it's healthier to be married.

There are psychological benefits.
If you accept that:
there’s no easy way out, you give up, thus lessening your stress.
After a while, you want to die, and fate being what it is, you don't get your wish.

While you married folks are gloating, here's something for the feminists to consider.
Slate mag mentioned a Cornell study

Men who earn less than their wives are most likely to cheat.
Dependent women are less likely to cheat.

Therefore, married women should not make more money than their husbands, if they want to stay married.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

and God said "Let there be retards"

The religious right in the US is a powerful force in politics.

Unfortunately, they're retarded. If any member of the Bush clan,
including Karl the Roving cunning idiot mentions the words
family values
gays are not in God's plan
Christian prayer
Intelligent design

these Religiolous idiots will give millions and their votes.

They watched Bush, in shock and awe, as he played cowboy in the Middle East.
In fact, a large number of them were hoping Bush would bring forward
the Day of Judgement, so that they will be saved, and so the rest of us
will damned to hell.
If only it were so. Most of them wouldn't give a red coin to a poor person
or offer them health care. They'd let them die in the street.

But, the religious right, who believe in the right to bear arms,
recognise the hand of God, because they could go out for a jug of milk and
end up getting shot dead.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

if corporations could speak, they'd tell stories of corpo-corruption

The 14th Amendment of the US constitution= corporate personhood
Citizen's United (Koch brothers) court case= corporate personhood has free speech

That kinda logic is straight from a private, unregulated cesspool (i.e the markets).

Lift up the sewer grates and whoop, there it is. All that fetid, subterranean logic.

Reminds me of that New York monster movie Ghostbusters with the bloated monsters,
those personifications of the Wall Street bankers,
those guards of the open gates of hell.

[A walking, stomping world-destroying market bubble]

Free speech for big corporations is righteous.
But, big corporations pay no tax.
No taxation without representation.
No representation without paying taxes.
Tea Party.
Koch Brothers/government/Koch Brothers
Full circle. Circle Jerk
Prime directive. Must kill self.


Cos67 ¬(%^D>

checkitout: from Inside Job documentary "lifting the grate"

from Ian
"Ferguson lifts the lid on the little-documented role of the economics profession in stoking up a global financial crisis.
He alleges that several supposedly “academic” economists — including Larry Summers, Martin Feldstein, John Campbell, Glenn Hubbard and Frederic Miskin — allowed themselves to become corrupted.
Some of these economists took huge fees (bribes?) for consultancy and non-executive direc-torships from financial firms, whilst posturing as disinterested arbiters of the economic scene — and some helped their paymasters by testifying to Congress in favour of financial deregu-lation.
It appears from the film that Summers, now director of the White House National Economic Council, was used by the financial industry to give legitimacy to what were, in reality, flawed and dangerously out-of-control practices.[mishkin was paid 124k to make Iceland legit] on hubbard.columb prof/devil. “One of Inside Job‘s most compelling moments occurs when Ferguson interviews Glenn Hubbard, the current dean of the Columbia University Business School and a former chief economic adviser during the Bush administra-tion.On-screen the cornered Dean, who is strongly implicated in pushing the Bush-era poli-cies that caused the system to implode, and who is called out for collecting hefty checks for shilling corporation-friendly economic ideas, bares his teeth and reveals that beneath the fa-çade of the nerdy academic lies a vicious political animal, red in tooth and claw.”

Kaup Thing II: the Bribe of the Tchenguiz

If you remember, the Kaup Thing attacked London, in the form of the Tchenguiz Real estate moguls.
They inflated the already inflated real estate market with a few billion from
the Kaup Thing.

Now the Tchenguiz brothers have been confined by the cops for interrogation,
their houses have been checked.
Hey boys!
I'll tell you what they're looking for. I wrote about it last week.
They want some of that Iceland money.
You know.
that cash you keep in your deep freezer.
Iceland Krona. Kaup Thing food.
They want to see if you boys wouldn't mind
becoming MI5 spies so that you can
get some incriminating stuff on the Kaup Thing
that the Brits can use to blackmail or extort
the Iceland government.

Are you game, boys?

[the 'nice' story]
Tchenguiz brothers arrested in Kaupthing investigation

Property tycoons Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz are among nine detained in connection with the collapse of the Icelandic bank
o Share190
* Simon Bowers
* The Guardian, Thursday 10 March 2011
The Mayfair investment tycoons Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz were among nine people arrested in dawn raids by the Serious Fraud Office on Wednesday as part of its probe into the collapse of the Icelandic bank Kaupthing. London-based former bosses of the bank were also targeted.

More than 130 police swooped on two business properties and eight homes, arresting seven men aged between 42 and 54. They were being interviewed in central London. Two further arrests were made in Reykjavik.

Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz issued a joint statement, confirming they had been detained. "We were arrested earlier this morning and are being questioned with regard to matters relating to our relationship with Kaupthing Bank. Both of us are co-operating fully with the investigation and are confident that, once concluded, we will be cleared of any allegation of wrongdoing."

The brothers - who have both made substantial donations to the Tory party - had been expected to host a party on board Vincent's 40-metre luxury yacht Veni Vidi Vici in Cannes on Thursday....

Monday, 7 March 2011

new underwear for workers

In case they crap themselves from worrying.
The government's cuts to public employment
in the UK were designed strictly
to keep wage inflation down, by causing general fear elsewhere.
Now, nobody will dare ask for a raise.

400 000 public employees to be cut, in total! 100 000 already gone

It was done to keep inflation down, even though
the government is already lying about inflation.
BUTT, they won't be able to lie about it if employees
start demanding wage increases.
Inflation plus no pay increase= loss in real wages

If inflation goes up, then Bank of England interest rates
have to go up. PROBLEM
the banks are accustomed to getting money for free
from the gov. No free money means they will go bankrupt.
The government doesn't want to bail them out again,
for a few more years, because there will be riots.
It's the only "successful" idea put forward by the government.
Only because it's working as it should. No inflation.
All employees are sh*tting their shorts, over here.

Of course, the stated aim of "reducing the deficit" is bullcrap. At best,
it will save 0.001% of the debt, which is 940 billion and climbing.

You may ask yourself, if they're printing money, doesn't that create inflation?
No, the bankers are hording it in risk-less paper gambling deals.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>
Max Keiser
"but the bankers don't want that money seeping too deeply into the population for that would raise wages and hurt the bottom line for the bankers and their supporters. So they let the occasional slaughter whether in a way to purge the system of excess inflationary pressure."

Let’s go shopping to solve the crisis

Just like a Hollywood set, the stores in the UK can do nothing but project
an image of the sick nature of the British economy.

more later

QE2 is looking like the Titanic to me

The Federal Reserve has fortuitously named their second economic lifeline QE2.
Just like the fine cruise ship. Unfortunately, for those who know, it reminds
them of another cruise ship, famous for sinking in the Atlantic: the Titanic

"I christen thee, Ship of Fools" - i.e. the Federal Reserve
[Oh captain, my captain]
"The ship, she's going down!"

[QE2- Queen Elizabeth II ship]
[this time, the disaster will start in New York]

Quantitative Easing
, round two, is looking set to
sink the US into Depression.
-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Avatar news

[The new Sky/BBC teleprompt reader]
Atavistic 1. The reappearance of a characteristic in an organism after several generations of absence, usually caused by the chance recombination of genes.
2. The return of a trait or recurrence of previous behavior after a period of absence.

Avatistic [A new word-apologies to the music group]
using interchangeable amoral avatars to present the news
long after it happens,
[the recurrence of previous behaviour, as if it's news]
or they tell us lies that are as fake as Second Life,
so that the government/business have time to
leave the country with their money, or send their illicit money
to a tax haven.
In this way, the public is left scratching their heads,
and paying the tab for the 'crisis' du jour.
The reason is that the governing oligarchy,
business and media included
are robbing society.
The only thing that will not be reported is the
name of the guilty parties.
Pick a country- UK, US, Ireland, other EU27
24 hours of history, rather than news.
same-old same-old
No forward-thinking people.
No planning of our society.
No foresight, to avoid disasters.
It's as if society is smoking pot.
The news on drugs, man. like wow!
Everything is history.
So , all the government and big business need to do is
do the dirty work,
erase their fingerprints and
give it to Sky or the BBC to report.
Fait accompli
perfect accomplices in the media

Cos67 ¬(%^D>


letter to Zerohedge:
by willien1derland
on Mon, 03/21/2011 - 02:31
Any organizations aligned with the government as well as the MSM divorce causality from time - if it doesn't happen within 30 seconds of a given event it is unrelated (this is now considered scientific fact by any government agency) - I had family members & friends who worked at the Savannah River Site (SRS) and many who worked at a similar location over a period of time died of leukemia...the Government & their contracted resource du jour settled...but of course within the settlement agreement it was all unrelated...I think all DoE personnel & their families in Washington DC should be forced to work/live near/at the reactor sites they regulate - or better yet put a nuclear reactor right next to the House, Senate, & Supreme Court - anyone for Nuclear Power then?

scissors, paper, gold

Scissors can cut money. Fiat Money is worthless.

Gold is it. Gold scissors are tearing everything up.
Meanwhile, the paper money crew are busy cutting up the incriminating documents to cover their crimes, a la Enron.

More later

Citizen Oedipus

[Mummy Dearest]

Rupert Murdoch.

I've finally figured him out. He has an oedipal thing with the Media.
That's why he's going around ravaging every country's media and government.
His father died and left him with his old mother, and without a media empire.

So, he has made it his job to replace his newspaper-owning father. [see stories below]

His Rosebud? His daughter. It gets even more complex for his daughter. She's the next Oedipal victim. Rupert is drawing her into his media web to complete his automaton-like plan.

Unfortunately, this is his link to WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST,

Everybody in H-wood knew the true meaning,
but in the movie Rosebud was the name of Hearst's
childhood sled/toboggan. As if!

More like the 'town bicycle'- everybody's taken her for a ride

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Posted by Michael White Thursday 3 March 2011 11.33 GMT
Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB win: the damage is to the coalition

The significance of the decision to let Murdoch have his wicked way with the fair maiden BSkyB is the way coalition pretensions have been skewered in broad daylight
Before we get too horrified over the spectacle of Rupert Murdoch getting his wicked way with the fair maiden BSkyB, it is important to get things in perspective and remember that he will be 80 next week. So he will soon be dead. The real damage is to David Cameron, Vince (remember him?) Cable and the coalition.

I have nothing personal against the old ruffian, though he has contributed greatly to the coarsening of public life both in Britain through his tabloids and in the United States, notably via Fox News. Other places too, I expect, but I am less able to judge.

But when Murdoch dies, the global media empire he has put together with such tenacity – we must all hope he feels it has been worthwhile when his "Rosebud" moment comes – will start to decay with him.

His children may all be hardworking and talented – it helps to have a few million from Dad to start with – but they are not as clever as Dad. Mathematicians call it "regression to the norm".

So the significance of this morning's confirmation that the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, (Berkeley Hunt, in Hugh Muir's joke) is to accept Murdoch's offer to hive off Sky News in the interest of media diversity is not in the details of the deal. It is the way coalition pretensions have been skewered in broad daylight.
No surprise there then, as Pratley suggests the independent directors have a chance to prove they are not a pushover. Don't hold your breath. "Independent" and "Murdoch" are nor words that sit happily together.
Both have written memoirs exposing the hollowness of Murdoch assurances in respect of independent directors at the Times and elsewhere in Rupert's long career. He's been stitching people up for 50 years, starting in small-time Australia, moving through the News of the World ("Mummy told me never to resign," said his first betrayed editor) and the famous Times/Sunday Times acquisition (1981) which Margaret Thatcher got through.

As he had been in London, he was initially patronised in New York and Washington, but outfoxed business and political foes there too. Even at the Wall St Journal – which Murdoch took over in 2007 over after courting the previous owners with pompous assurances – they have already proved "wholly useless", Neil said on Radio 4's Today programme.

He also likened Rupert to a killer whale, albeit a rather elderly one these days, one who has not lost his taste for blood. "When it comes to doing deals, Mr Murdoch is an Italian. The real negotiations begin after you've signed the deal."

Much talking will have to be done to hammer out the how Sky News will be managed and financed – this to sustain the notion that Britain has three TV news networks, a revived ITV (surging profits announced last night), the mighty BBC and Sky, a minnow in terms of viewers, but politically important. But it's a detail.

A new book wonders what makes Rupert...Rupert.
By Richard Siklos, editor at large
December 5, 2008: 3:39 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (Fortune) -- To use the oldest media mogul cliché in the metaphorical book, a just-released biography on Rupert Murdoch sets out to answer the question of what exactly is the media tycoon's Rosebud. That is, what has fueled Murdoch's astonishing global media conquest over the past half-century and where does his purchase last year of The Wall Street Journal fit in?

virtual murdoch: chapter-by-chapter summary
by Neil Chenoweth ( - July 20, 2001

Chapter One: Voltaire's Undergraduate

Does the Rupert Murdoch story have a Rosebud? Murdoch's most important enduring relationship has been with his mother. The book starts with Dame Elisabeth talking about one single, cataclysmic event in his childhood, describing the man who cannot look back, in terms of a moment that he cannot look back to.
Murdoch's mother creates a myth of a father that Rupert can never live up to.
[pure Oedipus-bait - Cos67 ]
This is why Murdoch's Oxford years are important. For three years his life is not defined by his family or the media business. With his close friend Robin Farquharson, Murdoch helps set up a bogus philosophical society as a ploy to put a bit of zip into their CVs, then they help run the Cherwell magazine. Farquharson was a brilliant bi-polar personality who went on to become one of the pioneers of game theory. Murdoch's close friend was busy setting out the rationale for cutting corners. Farquharson was also outrageously gay . . . this in the days before Murdoch became homophobic.

Just as Murdoch ran into trouble for rigging a student election, his father died. The family was indignant as most of Sir Keith Murdoch's legacy was taken over by the Herald and Weekly Times newspaper chain that he had built up. But how did Sir Keith find the money to buy two small newspaper chains, including an Adelaide operation called News Limited? Sir Keith's critics believed he had arguably 'stolen' the newspapers. Whatever the truth of this, the family's belief that an injustice had been done cemented Rupert's control of the estate. His three sisters might own more of News Limited than he did, but the need to avenge Murdoch family honor meant that Rupert ended up in control.

In the end, he became an evil caricature of the media mogul, just
like something out of Batman's Gotham (freaking joke):
In 1959 Rohan Rivett, Rupert Murdoch’s mentor(son of now deceased Sir Keith Murdoch) and the Editor in Chief of Murdoch’s newspaper at the time, spearheaded a story which embarrassed the Australian government but saved an innocent aborigine’s life. The government brought several sedition charges against Rivett and the newspaper which they were cleared of except for one which lingered for months until it was withdrawn by the government. Shortly thereafter, in spite of the fact that circulation and profits were much higher since Rivett took over the paper, Rivett was fired by Rupert Murdoch. Thereafter, according to contemporary observers, the government also began to receive more favorable press from Murdoch’s papers. The child learned his place was to be found in the dichotomous role of slave/master to government.

So, the father speaks out against a tyranny
and is protected by a powerful press baron.
The child becomes a media baron and
persecutes those who challenge tyranny.
The child would seem to have cowered into yellow journalism
where the father stood firm in objectivity.

Kensington is being packaged and taken offshore

Right under the eyes of the British government,
pieces of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
is being packed up and sold overseas.
And it's some of the richest pieces of real estate in the country.
Offshore companies are buying the nice Georgian stuff.
The UK isn't even getting the tax on the sale.
It's going to Bubba in the Caymans.
The British public should protest and bring those houses back.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>
Dustin Hoffman's Kensington street is most expensive in UK
London Evening standard
1 Mar 2011
Residents of Britain's most expensive street told today how Hollywood stars and banking tycoons are tempted by its "village atmosphere".
Victoria Road, originally known as Love Lane, is close to Kensington High Street and contains stuccoed mid-19th-century family villas.
It is the London home of Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman - described as "charming" by residents - as well as the former king of Malaysia and the Vietnamese embassy.
A single house sale of £11 million last year lifted Victoria Road's average prices to £6.426 million, the top of the annual rankings compiled by property website Mouseprice. The previous year, it was in 10th place….
But the survey does not capture some of the most expensive transactions, which are not recorded by the Land Registry because they are
conducted through offshore companies.

workers' rights and the power of pizza

[protester in Tahrir Square, Cairo]
If you remember, I mentioned a while before Mubarak fell,
the historically-important power of pizza
from ancient Egypt onward.
You ignore pizza at your peril.
Mubarak did, and look at him now.
Anyway, the next revolt is happening in another
place, half a world away, but pizza is again the currency
of the downtrodden worker.
It is the fuel of the proletarian revolution.
Folks from Cairo have been sending pies to
their "brothers" protesting in Wisconsin.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Voices of the Protest
Delivering Moral Support in a Steady Stream of Pizzas
Published: February 25, 2011
MADISON, Wis. — Someday the ruckus here might be remembered as the Pizza-Powered People’s Uprising.
very day for the past week, the two Ian’s Pizza shops in town have fed the hungry masses, delivering hundreds of free pies to the Capitol. The owners of Ian’s boasted that supporters from all 50 states — as well as Bosnia, China, Egypt, France and 20 other countries — had donated thousands of dollars each day so they could give protesters the calories they needed to keep going.

On Wednesday alone, nearly 800 Ian’s pizzas were delivered to the Capitol, often 30 at a time, with police officers and legislative aides, Republican and Democrat alike, also partaking.

Underneath the Capitol’s majestic dome, as drummers drummed, demonstrators drew posters and some protesters did yoga, dozens of people swarmed toward Paul Sarnwick, an Ian’s deliveryman, as he opened a stack of boxes containing pizzas like spicy chicken taco, lasagna and buffalo chicken with blue cheese. ...

Miss Republican contest

Sarah Palin the sexiopath and hand-writing exam cheat [no tele-prompter for her]

Michele Bachman, bozo politician
Ann Coulter, dizzy commentator
Christine O'Donnell , Tea Party candidate for
Delaware Witch-of-the-year

why does the US Republican party promote the stupidest women?
Are they trying to convince Americans that they're
the women (or the party)
not dangerous? So housewives can vote for them. Great!
And men will vote for Sarah because she makes them want
to yearn it: just the smallest of chances that they'll have a chance to touch it.
They just want to touch it.

These birds would be dangerous if they had half a brain.
No chance of that happening.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>
checkitout: Bachman and Palin
Washington monthly Political AnimalBlog
June 08, 2011 1:05 PM
Bachmann on the Intelligence Committee
By Steve Benen
“…I think the key thing here is she — if she does become a candidate, which I think she will, she will have a good team around her and will basically make sure that everything is fact checked and obviously she’s smart, she’s on the intelligence committee, you know, so she can talk about a lot of different things.”
Republicans realize that being on the Intelligence Committee does not make someone intelligent, right? They know “intelligence,” in this committee context, relates to reviewing materials and documents related to national security, don’t they?
Regardless, now that the right-wing Minnesotan is poised to actually go through with this plan for a presidential campaign, there’s renewed discussion about whether Bachmann has a legitimate shot at the nomination. Jon Chait has been making the case for a while that it’s a mistake to dismiss her chances entirely.
Chait’s not the only credible observer making the argument. Paul Waldman said Bachmann brings ideas that “are radical nearly to the point of being nuts,” but added she’ll probably be surprisingly “formidable” in the Republican primaries.

2 the Guardian
"Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts."
Thatcher will show the level she punches at when she attends the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square on Independence day on 4 July. This is what her ally told me:
Margaret is focusing on Ronald Reagan and will attend the unveiling of the statue. That is her level.
No doubt a rebuff from Thatcher will delight Andrew Sullivan, the creator of The Dish blog, who regards Palin as a dangerous lightweight.

Friday, 4 March 2011

From casino to carnival

Our globo-world has just turned to the seasonal fair as its new metaphor.

These are cast of characters that will control our fate, until Armageddon.

The ladyman
[Hairy Lady- Lady Thatcher]
Thatcher didn't so much win a battle for women's lib, as much as become a
man-with-tits. She didn't do anything to further women's progress in the UK Ministries.
In fact, she used her feminine wiles (don't be sick), including crying, to get into the men's club and then she took over when she had them all by the short and curlies.
Her voice practice: "Umkaka". Kinda sounds like a gorilla.

The gorilla.
Every carnival had a scary gorilla, in a tent. They would scream
"gorilla, gorilla, gorilla"
We'd go in the tent and see a gorilla slowly come to life and run towards the crowd.
Thankfully, the skinny, sickly carney always manages to get the plastic jail door and put it in front of the gorilla, thus holding it back.

Anyway, the same trick is being used to keep us permanently scared, especially of Muslims. The gorilla is now a masked terrorist, perhaps in a burka.
It creates hatred and trivialises the deep-seated hatred and mistrust that Arabs and Muslims feel towards the US, because of its murderous foreign policy.

Carney games: work and/or life will begin to resemble carney games.
Reality shows, talent shows, game shows, trivia shows
The chances of people winning is near zilch.
and you have to gamble a lot to win anything. No more jobs for life.
Carney says: "Step right up, try your luck here. You have a CV, son?"
"You've come from 200 miles away?"
5 seconds later: "Better luck next time"

Free shows: It starts out as entertainment for the family,
and degenerates into a cavalcade of warfare, just like television:

Caymans- your money can vacation from reality

The rest of us have to pay tax.

lots of sunshine, man!
where all the best mafiosi go to bank.
the anagrams say it all

Caymans= Any Scam

Cayman Islands = Many Scandals I.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>


Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World

Alex Preston
Published 10 February 2011

Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men Who Stole the World
Nicholas Shaxson, The Bodley Head, 336pp, £14.99

The first company I worked for was based in the Cayman Islands. It was easy to forget, walking to work in the freezing January rain, that we were a Caribbean business. The Mayfair hedge fund that employed me had only a spectral presence in the Caymans. None of the fund's employees worked in those least lovely of the Caribbean islands; our directors out there had little say in the day-to-day running of the business. The CEO and legal team would jet off to biannual board meetings on Grand Cayman, where decisions would be rubber-stamped by the directors, and then fly out again. The fund paid no tax in the UK despite having almost $60bn of assets under management. The Cayman registration was a tax-avoidance scheme, one employed by many of the funds along "Hedge Row" in Mayfair. Nicholas Shaxson's new book subjects such financial skulduggery to ferocious scrutiny.

This diatribe is a gripping read. Never losing its focus on how companies and individuals, with the collusion of governments, use tax avoidance to cheat those who are less fortunate, Treasure Islands tells the history of tax havens. It is an account illuminated by anecdotes that are often more James Bond than eurobond. At the end of the book, Shaxson issues a call to arms to governments and regulators: abolish tax havens and you will eradicate much of what is wrong with the modern world. If we don't, he writes: "A tiny few will have their boots washed in champagne while the rest of us struggle for our lives in conditions of steepening inequality. We can avert this future. We can because we must." It's heady stuff.

The statistics that Shaxson reels off are astonishing. Roughly a quarter of the world's wealth is held offshore; in the Channel Islands alone, UK tax to the tune of $30bn (£19bn) is lost each year - more than double Britain's foreign aid budget. Shaxson obsesses over this last point - what would happen if the taxes were collected? And if that money were spent tackling the world's injustices? A passage on multinational transfer pricing estimates the tax revenues lost at $160bn: enough to "save the lives of 1,000 under-five children per day".

Tax havens allow companies to avoid paying taxes that might have been used to improve the lot of the poor, but that is not all. Shaxson argues that the expertise needed to negotiate their complexities ensures that rich countries will get richer while poorer nations, lacking the financial know-how, will be left behind. The book is at its best when it traces how the UK and the US have built up virtual empires (the former's closely mapping its colonial footprint, the latter's a result of foreign and trade policy) with a spider's web of offshore tax havens.


WE’RE SPREADING DEMOCRACY, not the old-fashioned Gandhi way.

And you thought that democracy was just breaking out everywhere because the Murdoch media reported it. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Wisconsin.

You couldn't be more wrong. I'll let the experts convince you, but
with the government ponzi-meister Bernanke giving free money to the big
banks, they're speculating in every market they haven't busted yet.
Since the campaign to GET physical silver is killing their silver shorts,

[silver shorts]

the Zombie Bankers have been speculating on everything from Monday night football to granny's bingo, and food. They're playing the futures market with pico-second trading (1 billionth of a second) to try to make their crust, or million crusts, as the case may be. So, the Muslim world has been suffering under US-puppet governments for several decades, with all the money being hoovered up by the President. But, at least they could afford to live, and eat. Well, thanks to Wall Street, they couldn't eat any more. The price of wheat has shot up. Also, the fall in the US dollar has made this even worse, as has the flooding of the world with worthless US dollars.

so, who's for a food fight?

Below is a good chat if you have an hour.

It's dragon-slayer William Black,
and former banker, turned crusader Nomi Prins.

You'll hear about the food fight
and other gangster crap from the US government.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>


we have proof , even from the other side, that we're starving people:
OPINION FEBRUARY 23, 2011 The Federal Reserve Is Causing Turmoil Abroad
Few protesters in the Middle East connect rising food prices to U.S. monetary policy. But central bankers do.