Saturday, 6 December 2008

sex and drug education thru film "I wanna be a ho"

Prepare yourselves for the new tool in sex ed and drug awareness. Sarcasm, irony and blunt reality.
Coming to damaged video installations in dank classrooms around the world, a cautionary tale about selling your tail: "I wanna be a ho". This stuff is copyright,ok?

Plot and characters

Pseudo-documentary in a Big Brother style. All the characters were students at
Watajok High School, Eastside Parkway. There will be various competitions for the young contestants, group chats and various challenges until the queen and king ho are crowned.

Character 1:
[music list --> play 'stupid girls']

Hi. My name is Gemma. I'm kinda low in self-esteem. That's what the teacher always told me. Last year, I wanted to change that so, I started dressing like a 'corner hostess' in the hopes of getting some attention. I got more than I could handle. The school football team said I'm the best.
[music list --> play 'she's on it']

Character 2:

Hey. I'm Sindy with an 's'. Had a family somewhere in the house, but we didn't talk. I have my shit together and I'm looking for a good time. I think that pot and hash expand your mind, but I left that baby stuff a while back. It's hard getting a supply when your young, so get the good stuff.
[music list --> play 'sinnamon girl']

Character 3:

This is Master Butts. "He has great communication skills and is a very able manager of people." (from

MB: Hi. I'm the master. Welcome to my emporium. Girls on the left, drugs on the right. Break something and you buy it. Hahaha!

[music list --> play 'promised you a miracle']

Gemma says: He makes me feel wanted. He showed me a good time, took me around town to the best restaurants. Before I knew it I was meeting some very rich strangers in secret places. Master Butts told me that I was going to be a secret agent, so I couldn't tell anyone about my work.
Sindy says: Master Butts took me to all the right parties. I got so buuuuzzed, man. He keeps me supplied, but I'm not a junky. I make money. I look after Butts' horned up friends. Some of them really need to bathe more, though.

Character 4: Tara.

I'm a cheerleader. The football team says I'm the best. I really enjoyed my time in high school. In fact, until I met the Master, I didn't know how I could continue to get smiles out of men. That is, now that I'm no longer doing backflips in skimpy skirts and giving them a free show of my pooter.

Character 5: Jake.
I'm really unsure of a man's role in society so I've turned into a kind of charicature of the strong points of men. I'm agressive, I do lots of weights. I like to let women know that I'm in charge. I can take a hint, and go for it as much as possible.

Character 6 Alicia. I was a good student and got good marks. I really enjoy getting the most out of life. My parents are nudists and I tried to be okay with that, but I got the recurring image of my dad's hairy bean bag in my mind. It actually disgusts me, and it brought on a kind of facial tick. So, to combat this, I have had to become rather open to the sensuality available in casual sexual contact.

Character 7:
Jolleen. I'm a Goth. When I'm finished playing my role, posing in public, I like nothing better than to put on leather and go to the S&M grotto. That's where I got the idea to do this for a living.

Character 8: Richard. Life in high school was so tragic. Most of my friends are girls. Boys are so crude. I've been doing a transvestite show, and when I walk outside with my satin dress on, I usually get propositioned.

Character 9: Aneka. I'm an anarchist organiser. You know that politically-active girls are more than just active in politics. I'm tough and I speak my mind. I think most guys are scared of me, but I just grab one I like, jump him and then ask questions.

Scene 1:

If this doesn't help kids from impregnating each other, then maybe pics of old fat people going to town might.

He's the topps who tops himself

I was reading an obit of Hayden Carruth, the poet, and part of it read:
"He survived two suicide attempts," and I my first thought was "no thanks to himself."
feeling low? small?

Certainly, our modern tendency to focus on things rather than people often makes some feel alone. But, it's interesting how suicide is a disease of the middle and upper classes. So, the more stuff you have, the less people matter. One of those religions is always harping on about that.
The poor are too busy struggling to survive to allow themselves the luxury of questioning why they find themselves here. They may indeed face real threats to their lives and maybe that's good. Bring it on! [music list --> play 'kung foo']
An auto-immune disease of the psyche.
A Darwinian evolutionary flaw.
Everybody has to find the strength to continue, not just the suicidal.
It's a rare person who doesn't feel painful insecurity occasionally. It's a part of life; a big one for me.
[music list --> play 'under pressure']

Stupid people keep going.
Bush43 keeps going and he continues to cause the death of people, daily.
He has destroyed the world economy and feels nothing.
That's not fair.
[music list --> play 'joker's wild']

What's the hurry?
Where do think you're going?
I'm here to tell you that you can find the courage to continue when you realise that you actually have nowhere better to go.
You can find a REASON to continue some time after that.
In fact, I was well on my way to dying of stupidity, more than once, and yet I was saved.
Was it an angel? Was the cosmos on my wavelength?
[music list--> play 'salvation']
When times get tough, though, I let go a snorting laugh, and say to myself "so what? you've managed to cheat death so far, ya fluckin idiot." [music list --> play 'canadian idiot']
Have you cheated death? Even Winston Churchill said "it's a real buzz, man!" Try it.

Who do you think you're hurting?
YOU will feel no pain.
Your family might.
Make sure you're not choking on your own ego, because no heimlick will save you from that.
[music list--> play 'precious']

Pubs unmasked as square sanitoriums

[music list--> play Night of the Iguana]
Fox and Hounds

Coach and Horses

Cock and Chick

Why bother giving pubs such silly names. They are as unimaginative as the depressing places they are attached to. Dank dirty decor. You can't even see the outdoors once inside, otherwise you'd probably leave. Does that remind you of any other institution?

And now that smoking isn't allowed, they truly stink.... of piss, stale beer and eau de loser.
[music list --> play 'breathe']
In honour of the sandwich bar EAT, just name pubs for what they are:

Drink Too Much Please, Ya Freakin Loser
[music list --> play '03 get in or get out']