Wednesday, 31 October 2012

we want change that doesn't jingle

We have We Are Change, who are using a camera
and a ballsy reporter or two, to question the status quo.

It looks like Walmart employees want change. They're
on their first strike tirade. They make the pennies,
while the Waltons make the millions.

We are all looking for fairness in a society that is
going in the opposite direction. The oligarchs are
trying to strangle us.

So, when a politicians tells us he or she can offer us
change, I say, you don't mean the stuff that jingles
in my pocket, do you?

ZZtop song Just Got Paid

"I just got paid today, got me a pocket full of change."

Sunday, 28 October 2012

He's anxious to kill & he approves this message

CHUCK was shaking when  he talked about God being kidnapped
by Obama after the next election.
I think that he's got a neurological problem, or he just
can't wait to kick ass. LOOK at the man.
He's looking kinda scrawny.

let's cut to the video:

Read 'em: Letter to Zerohedge-


That moron [CHUCK] Norris doesn't even have a clue they exist!

That idiot should keep his yap shut -- he was Mental Category Four when he served in the USAF (lowest acceptable mental category for the military back then) and he's only gotten dumber since!

For chrissakes, if these douchetards don't know anything about finance, economics or poli. sci. they would best STFU already.

Thankfully, I've yet to ever pay for an Eastwood move or a Norris movie, and never plan to in the future.

Geez, Louise, I can't stomach how stupid these half-assed Hollywood types are.

Cue the Foster's ad

The drone goes slowly, low over a beach and finds the
over-extended pair of mammaries bursting out of a
swim suit.

Guys at drone control: "ah, rippa"
as they open a can of Foster's.

Fosters? you owe me.
Let's cut to the video [1:50 onward]:

Checkitout: from Hang the bankers

Oz moves to buy $3b spy drone fleet

04 Sep 2012

by Jacque Fresco

The Defence Force is quietly resurrecting plans to buy seven huge maritime surveillance spy drones at a cost of up to $3 billion.

The unmanned aerial vehicles will be used for maritime surveillance and intercepting asylum seeker boats.

The decision comes despite claims that the Royal Australian Air Force’s top commanders have long opposed the acquisition of unmanned aerial vehicles because they will put pilots out of a job and threaten RAAF culture.

The $200 million Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk reconnaissance drone is the largest, most expensive unmanned aerial vehicle in the world today.

Its vast wingspan of 39.8 metres can lift the craft to 65,000 feet and stay airborne for 35 hours with a non-stop range of 16,000 kilometres – eclipsing the endurance of similar manned aircraft.

In 2004, the Howard government was so impressed with Global Hawk that plans were announced to buy a fleet of 12 of the spy drones for $1 billion.

Friday, 26 October 2012

LYSTERIA taking over the alt media

Lauren Lyster of Capital Account is , as I've
noted, impressive in her knowledge, her
interviewing skills and certain other things,
as this tweet notes:

There's a lot I'd like to explore with Lauren Lyster-
and it has nothing to do with an ETF...
Or maybe on second thought...if ETF stands for an
"Extremely Taut Fanny" -
then I'm all IN!  [IN, indeed- Cos67]
Just sayin'...


Not that I recommend such language about specific people,
largely because it seems kinda creepy. I'm just reporting.
By the way, to all my non-British readers, you need to
find out what 'fanny' means.
Don't worry, this fact makes Brits laugh uncontrollably,
like using the word 'pants' also does.

Let's cut to a video which a 'fan' has created

what is a fanny?
For those who haven't witnessed this mythological pleasure zone:

question: Where did that bubble come from?[zach & Miri]

 [now, do you understand?-zach & Miri make a porn]
Back to the show:
Capital Account on Russia Today, America's best news network, does
a good job in revealing the crimes that the US oligarchs wish to hide.
The fact that it's delivered by a fine-looking lady, is besides the
point. The show has an ever increasing crowd of supporters
as you can see by following Lauren , Demetri Kofinas or
the show on Twitter.
Notice also how glowingly the guests talk about their 'contact'
with Lauren. You can tell by the goofy smiles that some of them
enjoy Lauren more than her words, when they talk to her.
The smile says "I'm really happy, but I'm not looking at
your good stuff"
"seriously, I'm not"
Ya, sure.

Plebs and the London police

[daily mirror]

I don't know why, but I'm gonna come to the defense of
a Conservative minister, a whip no less, when I hate
UK Conservative politics for obvious reasons and I
have written in the past about how anti-democratic
and frankly sado-masochistic the role of the whip is,
in a political party.

However, the London cops can be bastards.

I once had a run-in with their nazi tactics myself. I was
dressed for a consulting job and just minding my own
business going into an Underground tube station.

As I get to the gate to swipe my Oyster card, I see a
cop with a massive slobbering dog waiting for me. The
cop was making like nothing was going on, but I had
no other way of getting past.

I get through the gate and the cop allows the dog
within millimetres of my clean clothing, sniffing
for you-know.
The cop was pulling on its leash so the dog was on
his hind legs with his front legs flailing wildly, I suppose
trying to scare me.
I could see this easily descending into
a game of Paw and Slobber, with my as the target, so
I said "oh, for f*ck sakes"

So, the cop pulls me aside. In a tone reminiscent of an
interrogation, he says some crap and then asks me
if I insulted his dog. I said no. Luckily I hadn't because
he could have written me up. I just cursed into the air.
cursing my fate.
I discovered afterward from friends that actually they
can write me up for cursing in public. What a f$%&*king
country. They haven't got enough to do, and they
write out cursing tickets.

I've also taken part in lawful marches and had the route
surrounded by cops who insulting me and others, because
apparently cops as organs of state repression believe
that we should all be in favour of unlawfully killing Iraqis,
which I am not.
They also sent horses amongst us for extra oppression.
What if it bolts and flattens people?
The omnipresent cameras also made us famous, for
no reason.

So, I kinda see what that Mitchell fella was on about.
Anyway, he lost his job. Who cares. Bring on the
next piece of meat.


Monday, 22 October 2012

Striply come unclothed

The burlesque competition.

I got this idea seeing how the 84-year old host
of Strictly come dancing, in the UK,
is getting so excited by the chicks falling into
his lap that he has to take a week off. I don't
watch, but I was channel surfing past and saw
him "accidentally" grab the breast of one
surprised dancer. That beats the tea lady in the
senior's home, any day.

Lucky bastard.

Then, his time off story comes in the newspaper,
with a pic, and another gorgeous chick is falling
into his arms.
Anyway, as much as I hate contribed contests,
I've always been fond of burlesque. We fans don't
actually need a competition, but London needs
more burlesque. The Paris company with
the cowboy name, Crazyhorse, has come to the

They've got their website

and their nightly show. I think I'll check it some day soon.

Cos67 may be a prophet, part 3

As you'll see, after 9 years of waiting,
it took my blog entry about Gitmo
to get the US government to give
their victims their day in kangaroo court.

more on the details later

from last month:

Sunday, 21 October 2012


I know that politicians care about the working stiff who
pays her taxes,
if only out of a fear of jail.
I know that British politicians are trying their best
to lighten the load of these troubled classes.

However, it seems as if politicians've always got their hands
in the cookie jar, being that, by helping rich people evade tax,
they're also helping themselves.

Observing the suffering, and yet still padding his nest. Sick

Read 'em: daily Mirror
Manna from havens: Taxing questions for Osborne over new loophole for the rich
The Government will lose out on an estimated £1billion in tax revenues, that’s according to the Treasury’s own figures.
Dead loss: Chancellor George Osborne's move will cost £1bn Dead loss: Chancellor George Osborne's move will cost £1bn
Try this for a money-raising venture.
You are a multi-million pound corporation in Manchester and you decide to open a branch in Spain.
You then open another branch in the tax haven of Luxembourg.
At the end of the year you take the profits from all three and place them in a Luxembourg bank account.
Now, here’s the good bit.
Thanks to George Osborne, you only have to pay Luxembourg tax rates on all your profits, whether they were made in Manchester or Alicante.
Of course, these rules would never apply to small enterprises such as hairdressers or window cleaners.
But from 2013 they WILL apply to huge multi-national firms based in the UK and, as a result, they are going to be able to avoid paying millions of pounds in tax in this country.
To qualify, you would have to be a corporation with other corporations in the countries where you are shifting profits and dodging taxes. You’d also need to be rich enough to afford expensive tax lawyers and accountants.
Currently the law stops companies from abusing the system in this way and the Government has the right to force you to make up the difference.
But Mr Osborne decided this was bad for British business. So earlier this year, he sneaked measures to RELAX tax haven laws into the Finance Bill.
The Government will lose out on an estimated £1billion in tax revenues, that’s according to the Treasury’s own figures.
And, as we are being constantly reminded, the Government is not exactly awash with cash at the moment. So this money, which could pay for schools, police and the NHS, has to be raised elsewhere.
That means us all paying more in fuel duty and VAT but getting less in benefits and tax credits.
Let’s make this clear: not content with giving a tax cut to millionaires in his March budget, the Chancellor is also cutting the tax bill for the companies they run by £1billion.
But we are not the only ones to lose out.
Let’s say you are a UK multi-national which owns a brewery in Ghana. You don’t want to pay corporation tax in Africa because it is too expensive, so you shift profits made from the brewery to the low-tax regime of the Cayman Islands.
Previously, the British government would come after you for the tax they are losing. Now George Osborne is going to do nothing about it.
Not only does it mean less money for the UK coffers, it also means the citizens of Ghana lose out too.
The charity Action Aid has ­estimated that Mr Osborne’s decision to relax the rules will cost developing countries £4billion.
That is money which could be spent on education, vaccinations and poverty reduction. It could also make these countries more reliant on aid from nations such as... yes, you guessed it, Britain.
Aid, incidentally, paid for by taxpayers.
The Chancellor recently said tax avoidance was “morally repugnant”. But since entering the Treasury in 2010 he has pushed through policies which have made tax dodging easier rather than harder.
Take the deal he signed with Switzerland. Many British millionaires use the low-tax country to stash their cash, costing the Treasury billions.
To great fanfare, Mr Osborne announced a clampdown on Swiss tax avoidance.
It was nothing of the sort.
Under the new laws if you are a very rich UK citizen and have a bank account in Switzerland the Treasury can now demand you pay 40% tax on dividends and 48% on interest and other income.
If you agree to pay the new rates you DON’T have to disclose how much money you have in the bank.
It could be that you had made enough from interest and share dividends to pay the top rate of tax, 50% in the UK until April 2013, but the Treasury is not bothered about that.
George Osborne has achieved the exceptional feat of bringing in the only “tax avoidance” laws in the world that reward secrecy.
The deal also contains more holes than a slice of Gruyere cheese.

Tony Bennet sings: I left my left nut in Loughborough

Question. If a rugby player got his nut crushed, would he notice?
would he care?

Obviously, one player cares more about beating the opposing
bastards to a pulp, than about the pain eminating from his shorts.

chuckle away: Eurosport
.. ..Wood loses testicle in Grand Final

Warrington's Paul Wood lost a testicle after sustaining an agonising injury in the Super League Grand Final.

Eurosport – 22 hours ago

Eurosport - Warrington's Paul Wood in the Super League Grand Final

....Remarkably, the prop played on after rupturing a testicle early in the second half of the match, which Warrington lost 26-18 to Leeds at Old Trafford.

Wood even conducted media interviews after the game before going to hospital where he was operated on.

He tweeted late on Saturday night to fellow rugby league star Leon Pryce: "Ruptured my right testicle mate, got a knee 1 minute into the second half, had to have it removed tonight."

He joked on Sunday: "Just coming out the hospital to go home... Seriously feel like I've left something???"

The injury added to the pain of defeat as Warrington let a half-time lead slip as Leeds retained their Super League title.

Rest in Pieces

A new club idea is mooted.
a club which deals with the fact that many people don't have a very
human fear reflex, causing their own mind to attack their very
instinctual desire for survival.

Said in plain terms, humans have a fear reaction commonly
called "flight or fight" that stood us in good stead when
animals could readily kill us, in the wild.
We have tried so hard with technology and banking to
separate ourselves from dirt and danger that we no
longer have the fight or flight reaction (or the germ defenses)
as we once did.

So , our bodies turn against us. I think this is the basis of
most phobias and probably suicide.

This is why more fun is required, dangerous fun. Car racing,
bungey jumping, sky-diving.

You could join, while being suicidal and find that , if you
survive, you'll start enjoying life because you've got
a healthy dose of excitement; fear-based-excitement.
more later

Friday, 19 October 2012

now, young thief, you have become a man

What is clearly missing from Western society is a rite of passage
ceremony, amongst most peoples.
We know they exist in the Jewish faith, and in many societies
in Africa. I've seen the documentaries.

In this day and age, young men are entering a world where
none of the traditional male qualities are prized, in public
life, unless you happen to join an
army or rebel cause or terrorist group,
like the US army. Then you can be male.
Or, if the high-paid women in the porn industry need
a meat puppet, then you can be male.

So, young guys need a rite of passage. It used to be that
in Greece, fathers would take their sons to the (legal)
brothels to bust their cherry. Load shot: job done.
Nowadays, guys can get that for free, easily.
Still, they need a rite.

People are strange.
We need ceremonies for many things that are bizarre.
Graduation. Marriage. Death (you're dead. why the expense?)

Becoming a man is a very important thing to celebrate.
However, parents are too busy and they don't take old-fashione
cultural anthropology ideas seriously. That's their own fault.
They say "oh, we're too modern for that".

A couple of young guys took it upon themselves to fund
that rite of passage, in Germany. And it brought a permanent
smile to their faces. It would.
They must have bid on the right cathouse.
Never been to the hookers myself, but I get it.
It beats the palm sisters, as long as you're wearing a raincoat.

Strip clubs are a good substitute, but where's the ceremony? It should be like a birthday party, at a restaurant.
On the mega-mike:
"Tonight, little Jimmy starts his journey into manhood"
with a rousing sing-song to go along
with his first table-dance.

chuckle away:
Boy, 14, sells mother's jewels for brothel visit
Published: 9 Oct 12 09:13 CET
Two 14-year-old German boys have been charged with stealing €3,000 worth of jewellery from one of their mothers, to pay for a visit to a brothel. Police said the boys were still grinning as they were being questioned.
•Sex appeal 'weaker than power of internet' - National (6 Oct 12)
Caught in a "delirium of hormones," as a police statement on Monday put it, the two boys got only a tenth of the value of the jewels when they sold them to a canny gold dealer.
"With their proceeds of €300, the pair didn't just buy pizza, kebabs, and have a game on the fruit machines," police spokesman Ralf Minet said. They also paid two visits to a brothel in the red light district of Karlsruhe, southwest Germany.
Buoyed by the night's experiences, “one could still see a delighted smile on the faces of the thieves during their interrogation," Minet's statement said.
"But the little rascals' smiles, who are not unknown to the police by the way, disappeared soon enough, especially because they will have to pay for the reversal of the transaction out of their pocket money," he added.
The boys are to be charged for theft.

more news happening off-stage

and I'm Tom Brokejaw

We know that the major media outlets are running
24-hour news operations just to squelch any other
sources of information from revealing anything
important to the public.
Corporate media, covering for their bosses.

Unfortunately for them , we have a thing called
the Internets. It has words and graphics and

So, when you ask one of the Big News' talking heads
about the real news, off-camera, he'll tell you
something like the truth.

It's all going down the shitter, pal.

Well, I'll have your pension, Tom.
What were you doing not reporting this
when it was your job, Tom Brokaw?

YOU WON’T HEAR This stuff when you watch tv with grandma

Troika Minister of Funny Walkabouts

I happen to know that the Minister of Silly Walks is a
Monty Python sketch that was based on the
ridiculous marching that Greek soldiers (dressed
in traditional garb) do around the parliament.

Well, now that those guards have failed to guard the
country from invasion by the Troika, as scouts for
Brussels direct rule, the job of walking funny falls
to the Troika.

Greece is on the verge of going bankrupt, or needing
a bailout just about every second week. The Troika
comes to check on things, in order to get Greece
in shape.
However, nothing ever improves in Greece and the
Troika has to make up a new reason why Greece
is a "bad boy, but improving", so that it can
"trick" the markets into giving the EU just one
more chance. It's led to the Troikanaughts
being unable to get where they're going.

They're wobbling, and wandering around and
through gyms in central Athens. Funny walking indeed.
Have they tried the Retsina?

This is Paul Thomsen of the Troika, getting lost in Athens:

notice the Joe Weider sign [watch out youtube, it's Greektube, with mascot]

this would have a proper opportunity for a Police Academy moment,
wherein the members of the gym string up Thomsen by the balls.
Alas, Greeks are too polite.

checkit & chuckle: from Goog-translated
[I'll correct it later]
Look! they've drilled Thomsen!
[a GR expression using the word for "gym". get it?]
Smuggled into the wrong building! -
Instead of leading him to the Ministry of Labour,
they put him in the gym!
From | NewsIT - 22 minutes ago ....
- All this to avoid about 50 disabled who had gathered outside the Ministry of Labour
- They planned an entire enterprise, with 6 cops, for their escape!
- Protesters were booing the "troikanous" & 2 others who arrived earlier
- He completed the meeting with I.Vroutsi

Only tragicomic can we describe what happened just before 12 around the Labor Department where the troika had an appointment with Mr. Vroutsi. About 70 disabled people had gathered outside the Ministry and chanted slogans. Even booed Matty Morse, one of the three emissaries of the troika.
So, for fear of the Jews, it was decided the most recognizable, the k.Tomsen to enter through the back door. So now erected across from the safety of k.Tomsen to enter the building safely. However, they made a small mistake and 6 "guardians" of troikanou, put him in a gym instead of entering the ministry.
Other two Troika who did not follow the same path with k.Tomsen disapproved by protestors.
Preceded by a meeting of Labour minister with the American ambassador.
Lenders require new arrangements in the private sector. Mainly time rubber with reinforcement of managerial prerogative, can say the employer for some time to employ extra staff hours instead of overtime which will provide part-time and later for the corresponding period.
So it is not only the increase in the age limit. The troikanoi calculated the benefit to just 500 million and so ... want even more.
The troikanoi also seeking a further reduction in the minimum wage, and the abolition of automatic increases through mandates. Any increases troikanoi say will not come automatically but only after negotiation between employee and employer.
On the other hand, the ministry counter freezing the minimum wage at current levels and discusses (maybe) reduction increases by three years.
Today also fell on the table with the troika whole package of measures to:
General increase retirement age to 67 years, increasing the threshold year retirement at 20 years, reducing the main and auxiliary pension installments over 1,000 euros from 1% to 15% reduction in the takeover by 20-30% in 22 Funds and repealing gift, cut the pensions of unmarried daughters (ceiling at 720 euros), and the abolition of EKAS under 65.

Friday, 5 October 2012

feminism and girls of 30

Working on a theory about why grown women
call themselves "girls."
I know that I'm a neurotic guy, but I grew up
hoping to get to know some awesome
women, and date women, and bed women.

Now, all these supposed women have concluded
that they are girls. not women. Is it just a word?

Let's forget the pedophile misinterpretation that
would go unnoticed. e.g.
"I've bagged dozens of girls"
This guy might like his girls the same as his
favourite scotch: 12 years old.
Enter Jimmy Saville. So big was this guy that they
had to wait until after his death to destroy his image.
He was a life-long pedophile, while being a tv star
(if you look at him and you're not British, his fame
needs quite some explaining) and the godfather of
the DJ thing. Nobody ever stopped him. Not ONCE!
In his dressing room, he was getting down to it!

I think I know the reason for the Girl thing.
Feminism has been a good
force, in general, for women. It has liberated them
so that they want to leave the house, making it
easier for them to engage in free sexual activity.
a win-win situation
However, they have harped on stuff for so long,
and the man-hatred has been excessive because,
I'm not holding women back, unless they like bondage.

So, I think that many level-headed people have decided
that the word "woman" has been so much linked with
bra-burning feminism that they want to use the term "girl"
I try to use gal, with a straight face, in the hope that
people will think I'm 'interesting' rather than stuck in
the 1940s.

Zoo-ey Duschanel really plays up the girly thing.
You could look at her antics and say "I knew a girl
like grade school."

Let's cut to the New Girl video:

[sidetrack, please: I have met these types of women. They use you to keep themselves aroused, or entertained, and then they won't touch you. Fucked up. I've been made into a fluffer once to often. But, no more]

checkit: Telegraph
Metropolitan Police to assess Jimmy Savile abuse claims
Scotland Yard has taken charge of looking into the growing number of sexual abuse claims made against the By Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor
7:38PM BST 04 Oct 2012
The Metropolitan Police announced it would take the “national lead” in assessing the allegations after more than a dozen women from across Britain came forward to say they had been molested by the television presenter.

A detective will lead a team from the Met’s child abuse investigation command, who will contact all the alleged victims and work with the BBC.

Other potential victims are being encouraged to contact their local police forces or the children’s charity NSPCC for support, in the wake of an ITV exposé of Savile that was watched by 1.9million people.

However Scotland Yard insisted it had not opened an official investigation into the Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops star, who died last year aged 84.

The Met said in a statement: “The Metropolitan Police Service has today, Thursday 4 October, agreed to take the national lead in assessing the recent information regarding allegations made against the late Jimmy Savile.

“The assessment will be undertaken by the Serious Case Team of the Met's Child Abuse Investigation Command under the leadership of Detective Superintendent David Gray.

“Our priority will be to ensure a proportionate and consistent policing response putting the victims at the heart of our enquiries. It is too early to say how many individual allegations there are, and we will be making contact with all those concerned in due course. It is not an investigation at this stage.

“We will be working closely with the BBC investigations unit.

“Anyone else with information is urged to make contact with their local police so that any further information can then be passed to us.”

It came as the BBC pulled two archive editions of its chart show from television schedules, because they had been presented by Savile.

A spokesman for the corporation said it was appropriate to “postpone” the broadcasts while allegations against the former star remained a “live issue”.

So far more than a dozen women have claimed that Savile forced himself on them when they were teenagers, sometimes on BBC premises. The singer Coleen Nolan has also said that he asked her to join him at a hotel when she was just 14. .....