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for those who can read about burlesque

from the Times Higher Education Supplement, 2007:
a real book about the finest of arts... written by a chick, ok?
this is a continuation of my consternation as to whether
the gyration is more than just degeneration.

23 November 2007
Jacki Willson

Burlesque is back with a bang - but is it striking a blow for female sexuality or upholding stereotypes? asks Jacki Willson . The lights dimmed and there was a hum of chatting. I was at a performance of Show Off by artist Ursula Martinez seated amidst a mixed- sex audience.

The show began. Striptease music started up and a stilettoed leg poked its way tantalisingly between red theatrical curtains. For three excruciating minutes, I sat watching as Ursula took off every morsel of clothing. I was transfixed and felt excited, awkward, angry and even confused. Winking and smiling, she stripped down to absolutely nothing but red lipstick and high heels. You had to give it to her, the girl had balls!

She then told us that that was it, the show was over and we were now going to have a question-and-answer session. After this "post-show discussion", Martinez stripped again, but this time we were responding to her as an individual. No longer protected by her sexuality as a shield, she was left incredibly vulnerable and exposed. This was a show that was sexy, intelligent, comic and audacious; a performance that was both serious and fun. This was in 2001. When I left the theatre I had many questions, and the experience became the impetus for my new book, The Happy Stripper: Pleasures and Politics of the New Burlesque .

Burlesque has triumphantly crossed into the mainstream. Smiling, winking curvaceous ladies in nipple tassels, stockings, corsets and thick mascara sit astride a glittery carousel or rocking horses, powdered breasts jutting out from boned underwear. These women are somehow having a bit too much fun. This phenomenon is not purely about the strip; it is more about tease than sleaze. In fact, apart from my first example to the contrary, with burlesque, you barely see much at all. It is innocent fun with an ostentatious use of costume and sexuality that is both pleasurable and risque. However, a key question is what the current interest in prominent burlesque figures such as Immodesty Blaize (UK), Lola the Vamp (Australia) and Dita von Teese (US) tells us about the present state of feminism or indeed anti-feminism. As icons of contemporary sexuality and empowerment, these burlesque performers flag up pertinent issues with regard to pleasure, gender, objectification and representation.

Sexuality, the meaning of pleasure and women's objectification have always been the contentious snag in the fabric of feminism that has laddered its way through to the present day. The "puritanical" strand of feminism that has had difficulty with overt sexuality can be tracked back to Mary Wollstonecraft, who in 1792 chastised young women for dressing to please, for preening and prettifying themselves for marriage and a life of dependency. If women continued to degrade themselves in this way, they would remain childish and underdeveloped.

So where do young or youngish women, who want to look and be looked at as sex objects, now position themselves when this long, rich tradition appears to bear absolutely no relevance to their historical moment? When I first saw Martinez in Show Off , I was not sure whether I should be cheering her on for her postfeminist panache or lambasting her for her sexual display. My 1980s feminist politics informed me that intelligent, powerful, sexy women kept their clothes firmly on. Contemporary burlesque, however, seems to be bridging the gap between traditional foes. It takes delight in but also parodies sexual attraction, objectification, chivalry and exaggerated displays of femininity.

Burlesque brings to a head many key feminist issues that are still bubbling furiously under the surface of pert-and-pretty advertising, size- zero cinematic imagery and vacuous celebrity magazine photo shoots. The phenomenon is fuelled, it seems, by a desire to re-image female sexuality and offer up a wider palette of glamour. By appropriating the persona of the prostitute, the showgirl, the stripper, the courtesan or the slutty bad girl, burlesque performers do not necessarily depart from stardardised versions of sexiness. But by pushing against the limited boundaries of these cliched codes, they ask pertinent questions of our contemporary visual culture. Whether it be Honey Corday dressed as a stripper in black pants, bra, tights and slippers standing astride her "pussy" cat or the fuller-figured burlesque troupe, the Fat Bottom Revue, with their humorous take on Wonder Woman, these female performers are expressing an exuberant sense of cheeky fun, but this is also tinged with "knowing" irony. This is sexy satire.

Burlesque performers' penchant for pre-feminist styles is similarly embedded in contradiction. By bringing fashions that simmered with only just contained sexual energy into the present day, burlesque performers are asserting their unashamed eroticism. We see this illustrated by Australia's Imogen Kelly, who, attired in aristocratic crinoline, ridiculously tall yet almost edible pink wig, white face paint and beauty spot, cheekily strips off layer upon layer of pants. These acts are fun and sexy but they also ironically stress that, at this postfeminist point in history, we still lack new visual erotic codes.

In the 1970s, feminist performance art acknowledged this stalemate. Carolee Schneemann argued that the imagery of female eroticism was trapped within sexist models. So how do you image female sexuality without simultaneously upholding stereotypes? In the same era, the lithe and glamorous Hannah Wilke's use of the pin-up and striptease genres testified to this ambivalence. She left the viewer uncertain as to whether her work was criticising or conforming to conventional imagery and ideals. Likewise Lynda Benglis's performance - naked and greased up, a dildo held to her genitals - was both a push for pleasure and an overt criticism of that "fascist" streak within feminism that appeared to crush female heterosexual pleasure and agency. The imagery, however, also registered hesitancy; her pleasure was still bound to and experienced through stereotypical models.

What is so refreshing about burlesque is that it breathes life into flat and lifeless stereotypes. But without humour, without a wink or a smile, is the imagery of, for instance, the perfectly pretty Dita von Teese liberating or does it just add to the visual onslaught? Much burlesque performance is charged with charisma and plenty of oomph but also with ambivalence. This is a spectacle that straddles subversion and coercion, a spectacle of paradoxical pleasures that resonate through one's body and mind long after the performance has finished.

Jacki Willson is affiliated to Loughborough University as a tutor and final-year doctoral student in the art and design faculty. The Happy Stripper: Pleasures and Politics of the New Burlesque is published by I. B. Tauris at £12.99.

A date? Can I have your cv, please? with references

The craziest idea is being recommended by people who've had their
daughters killed by crazy bastards, in the UK.

They want the desperate girlfriend to have the right to
check the dirt-bag's history.
You know,

-does he snore?
-how's he like his boinking?
-when and where does he fart?
-is he a good liar?

In this day and age, even if you can't hack into his Facebook page,
the internet will have a trove of information for enquiring minds
and busy-bodies.

Just google, bichez

If you need a good private snoop, here's my recommendation.

witness the ouvre of one R Murdoch of Australia

told by an old fella from Canada, he of the CBC.
He's over here at the behest of the Jazeera.

a fish in its Tanq

I always wondered how the fish-out-of-water metaphor would work
for humans.

It seems I've found my test case.

Woman lives her adult life under the cloud of a mix of chemicals.

She finally goes clean and drops dead from too much o2, i.e. oxygen.

I've got a colleague who also recently quit the bong-bong lifestyle, and
so I duly warned him of the consequences of a life on the straight and narrow.

Being clean may make people think they can walk the tightrope.

Anyway, I don't know if Amy Winehouse actually wrote her songs as well,
but as a delivery system for bluesy jazz, she was fine.
Adios to the ultimate bee-hive.

ode to Tanqueray Gin from old Blighty

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what's it gonna be? rebirth or death forever?

rebirth is an important symbol in art, religion & society.

The beach at Normandy was the scene of both carnage and bravery.

The best and worst of human behaviour.

It was 1944, I think.

A bunch of Canadian soldiers did the hard work, because Churchill would have
been beheaded if he sent his wimpy boys into the fray. Some Yanks came along too.

They hit the beach under German fire and managed to get a foothold against the Germans.

Enough evocative wartime bullsh*t. I've always hated war movies,
even though I'm trained up.

So, the war is long over, and soldiers have been buried and memorialised
and thanked a million times. Enough already.

Now the French want to plant some wind turbines offshore.
and old-fart soldiers are complaining.

They want the place as a pristine reminder of human stupidity.
Nice, but life is for the living.

Land is limited; people have to live. they need energy.

End of story.

Here's the artwork of a guy named KHIMOUNE.
He created a bunch of clay turtle/soldier helmets.

I guess they're symbolic of the choice to let the world live, or to
worship carnage. Turtles probably use the beach to lay eggs.

But, in the 40s, humans beached their war craft to engage in wholesale

I choose the turtles.
The soldiers died by fiat from Whitehall. There's not much pride in executive decisions to go to war.

checkitout: 2 texts
Daily mail
We'll fight them off the beaches! Fury of D-Day veterans over French plans for a massive windfarm on Normandy coastline

By Colin Randall

Last updated at 2:59 PM on 2nd February 2011

For those who remain, the beaches of Normandy will forever be sacred, echoing with the cries of those young men cut down as they waded ashore to defend our freedom.

Now, 66 years on, the dwindling band of D-Day veterans faces a new battle against an unexpected invader.

A giant offshore windfarm within sight of the beaches where 2,500 allied soldiers died is being planned by French president Nicolas Sarkozy.
Sacred sands: Soldiers who fought on D-Day are facing a new battle against the French government after they proposed to build a windfarm off Juno Beach, where 2,500 Allied soldiers lost their lives

Sacred sands: Soldiers who fought on D-Day are facing a new battle against the French government after they proposed to build a windfarm off Juno Beach, where 2,500 Allied soldiers lost their lives

The proposal for 80 525ft high windmills off Juno Beach, one of the five beaches where troops landed in the Second World War, has angered the old soldiers.

Major-General Tony Richardson, 88, president of the Normandy Veterans’ Association, called the French plans ‘horrible’.

‘The D-Day beaches are a historical place and I would like to see them remain unspoilt,’ he said.

Ed Slater, chairman of the organisation, said he would raise the issue at a meeting with the British Legion and Ministry of Defence.
Inappropriate: Senior members of the Veterans' Association says that the proposed windfarm will affect the former soldiers memories of the location

Inappropriate: Senior members of the Veterans' Association says that the proposed windfarm will affect the former soldiers memories of the location
Parade: As well as the British soldiers misgivings, members of French commemorative bodies have also described the plans as 'inappropriate and incoherent'

Parade: As well as the British soldiers misgivings, members of French commemorative bodies have also described the plans as 'inappropriate and incoherent'

‘I would agree with those who say it seems inappropriate to place them there at a place of sacred memory,’ said Mr Slater, 87, who on June 6, 1944, was serving with the Royal Navy on board an American frigate guarding the eastern approaches to Sword Beach.

‘People looking out to sea from the coast to try to figure out where they were on that day, or where mates were lost at sea, won’t have a clue if there are these things offshore.

‘I do sympathise with the idea of building windmills to generate power but would have thought they’d be better placed out on the moors where the wind is blowing all the time.’
Wind power: The French government hopes to built a total of five windfarms with 600 turbines and hopes to generate 6,000 megawatts of power using the method by 2020

Wind power: The French government hopes to built a total of five windfarms with 600 turbines and hopes to generate 6,000 megawatts of power using the method by 2020

He said he would consider writing to Mr Sarkozy, whom he has met three times, to seek assurances that the windmills would not be built at locations where servicemen were killed.

In all, five windfarms with a total of 600 turbines will be built over the coming decade about seven miles off the western coast of France at a cost of almost £20billion.

France, which relies overwhelmingly on nuclear power stations, aims to be generating up to 6,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy by 2020.

The French government insists that the turbines put up off the Normandy beaches, on which work is due to start in 2015, will not be visible from the coast.
D-Day: Allied troops make their landing on Juno Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944

D-Day: Allied troops make their landing on Juno Beach on the morning of June 6, 1944

But this is disputed by critics, who say it will be easy to see them from the shoreline by day and that they will cause light pollution at night.

The British veterans’ misgivings are shared by France’s official association commemorating D-Day and by French ecologists, who fear permanent damage to the character of an area of such powerful resonance on both sides of the Channel.

Admiral Christian Brac de la Perriere, the president of two commemorative bodies, the Comité du Débarquement and Normandie Memoire, said the plans were ‘inappropriate and incoherent’.

He described the proposed development as being at odds with French government hopes for the coastline from Utah Beach to Sword Beach to be named a Unecso world heritage site.

Read more:

from Offshorewindbiz
D-Day Veterans Fight Against Offshore Wind Turbines (France)

Posted on Jun 6th, 2011 with tags against, D-Day, europe, fight, France, News by topic, offshore, turbines, UK, Veterans, wind.
VETERANS of the D-Day landings are campaigning to stop a huge offshore wind farm being built near the famous beaches.

Dozens of 450ft turbines would be sited fewer than 10 miles from the place where the landings took place exactly 67 years ago tomorrow.

David Churchcroft from north London, a former infantryman who stormed ashore on June 6, 1944, said: “It will change the entire seascape, destroying a view which evokes memories of the most astonishing invasion in military history.

“This is sacred ground and the French should not be allowed to alter its character.”

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the dawn of Planet of the Apes is upon us. This time, I'm serious

They can fire an AK47 now.


that's no actor.

I suppose the little fella was watching how the men where handling
the gun and "monkey see...well, you know"

If it's a fake, I demand these guys get an Oscar, and the chimp, too.
The world's First Simian Oscar.

Here's another story which shows that chimps are more human than
we like to think. If you think they'll f%&^k about as your pet,
while you fail to provide them with conjugal visits from a
chimp concubine, then you'll probably get your face ripped off.

this is what they'll do to all of us, if we keep locking them up and
then expecting them to kissy-face. Then, they'll take over.

Hackers at News Corp may change the US election

No, thank you for leaving the planet.

I've been watching in stunned amazement at all the sh*t
Rupert's boys and gals have been pulling.

Please stop! I always thought the media was corrupt, but just stop.

I finally found an angle, though.
If it blows up in the US as well, then the Republicans are in trouble,
which may indeed be the plan to get Obama 4 more years.

If News Corp is tainted by transgressing

against the holy 9-11 pseudo-religious construct
then Fox News is going to be severely curtailed in its role
promoting the Republicans, and so they could lose the presidency
and both houses of Congress.

Humans are 70% water

and in North America, they are also 1% Monsanto pesticide:

from Stacy Herbert (

From a Monsanto Occupied Womb to Genetically Modified Fish to a Geo-Engineered Atmosphere
Posted on July 12, 2011 by stacyherbert| 41 Comments
This story is important to understanding why you should care about the ignorance of Americans nurtured on Rupert Murdoch’s disinfo, propaganda and hate and war as entertainment and diversion. The ignorance of Americans gives their war machine (which includes the copyright cartels) power to force their monopolies onto other citizens of the world who are otherwise genuinely free (you can tell someone who is genuinely free in that they don’t need to claim over and over and over again that they are the land of the free).
Ninety five percent of Americans eat genetically modified foods every single day; and yet about 90% of Americans claim they would NEVER eat genetically modified food. You see, Murdoch has these same people so whipped into a frenzy of ignorance (Leo Strauss must be proud) that they never know that they are literally occupied at birth by Monsanto:
Canadian researchers found that the blood of 93 percent of pregnant women and 80 percent of blood samples from their umbilical cords contained a pesticide implanted in GMO corn by biotech behemoth Monsanto.

get ready for the TSA Grope Fest

Grope me?
Grope you!

Some righteous people in the US object to being groped or body scanned
for no other reason than they just want to jump on a plane in the US.

Well, some less shy people are saying, as long as you don't mind,
mutual stranger fondling can be fun. So, join in!

from Zerohedge twitter:

Colorado woman accused of groping TSA Agent at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix - Fox News

that's the solution!

from the groping-as-usual department:


Woman Arrested For Not Letting TSA Grope Her Daughter
from the terrorism? dept
A woman, who did not feel comfortable going through the TSA naked scanners, was arrested for disorderly conduct when she also refused to let the TSA molest and grope her daughter. I'm trying to figure out how this makes us any safer on airplanes.

"I still don't want someone to see our bodies naked," the mom is reported to have replied.

As for the pat-down option, the police report states that the mom didn't want her daughter to be "touched inappropriately or have her "crotch grabbed."

TSA agents say she became belligerent and verbally abusive. The woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

So, either your privacy gets violated, you get molested, or you get arrested. Where do we live again?

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I wear my sunglasses at night to keep the lasers out of my eyes

Some British lads started playing laser tag on the face of a taxi-driver in Greece.
Taxi driver flipped out, but wouldn't you?
One of them lads ended up dead.
That's a fair result.
Goal. Winning- Du-uh

British tourist stabbed to death in Greece
Teenager dies after late-night row with taxi drivers in holiday resort
* Helena Smith in Athens
*, Wednesday 13 July 2011 19.53 BST
The nightlife in Laganas, on Zakynthos, is popular with young Britons.
A British holidaymaker has been killed and four of his friends injured on the Greek island of Zakynthos after a row with a taxi driver.

Robert Sebbage, 18, from Tadley near Basingstoke, was stabbed to death at 3am in the resort of Laganas. Police said fighting broke out after taxi drivers were harassed by tourists as they ate at a fast-food restaurant.

"The Greek driver got angry when the Britons, who were obviously drunk, started shining lasers at him outside the restaurant. He and another driver got into a heated argument [with them] and then it seems he just lost it and went on the attack with a knife," said Athanasios Nistas, the duty officer at the island's main police station. "It's unprecedented, totally unbelievable. I am at a loss for words."

Four other British teenagers were wounded in the attack. They are also thought to be from Basingstoke.

"Most of them sustained back wounds and are now recovering at the hospital," Nistas said.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We can confirm that five British nationals were involved in a serious incident in Zakynthos, Greece.

"Sadly, this resulted in the death of one British national and the hospitalisation of four others, one in a serious condition. We are in regular contact with the families of those involved, and are providing consular assistance."

The taxi driver, who has not been named, allegedly confessed to the stabbing at his home a few hours later. Another driver is also expected to be charged....

it's a bunch of f%^&*king lights, not a game

[LOOK. you're playing in a cartoon! Wake the F%^&*k up!]

I never understood the draw of video poker or other video games as a gambling device,
except from the owners' point of view. It's a great way to separate suckers from their money.

You have to be blinded by greed to not see that video games are rigged with an
algorithm that means the house wins. Otherwise, those companies would not bother

Now, we see that the US has busted international internet gambling, AND taken their money.

Actually, Greece was the first country I'd heard of that banned all video gambling, for
obvious reasons: protecting idiots from themselves and from international thieves.

Of course, the EU thought it was an issue of FREE SPEECH, and so they busted Greece.

The EU has much bigger casinos, and they're called banks.

the Guardian
Deadline Looms for Online Gamblers to Petition for Seized Bankrolls
• By David Kravets
Allan Doeskson professional online gambler. Well, he used to be.
He and perhaps tens of thousands of other U.S.-based internet gamers lost their bankrolls on Black Friday: April 15, the day the federal government seized the finances and domains of the world’s largest offshore, online gambling sites.
It’s not clear whether Doeksen will ever see his $40,000 that vanished when the authorities blocked access to Full Tilt Poker in the United States, and seized the Ireland-based casino’s bank accounts. Doeksen has until the end of Friday to make a claim in New York federal court, and it’s unclear whether there’s enough money to go around.
That Doeksen’s bankroll would suddenly vanish, the 32-year-old Florida man said in a telephone interview, “was a possibility I knew that could happen.”
That’s because online wagering in the United States is outlawed, based in part on the theory that gamblers could be taken to the cleaners by online gaming sites — which are located offshore and a world away.
“Among the arguments that were made in favor of the law were precisely things like that,” said Patrick Fleming, an attorney for the Poker Players Alliance, which has 1.2 million members. “‘Oh my God people would gamble away their money. We can’t let them do that.’”
Yet in the process of protecting gamblers, the authorities’ actions have cost an untold number of gamblers millions upon millions in lost wagering accounts.
“If you’re real lucky you’ll get 10 percent of the dollar,” I. Nelson Rose, a gambling scholar at Whittier Law School in Southern California, speculated in a telephone interview.
While no authentic numbers are available, he suspects that “hundreds of thousands” of online gamblers lost “tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.”
The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (.pdf) was also, in part, a law to combat terrorism in a bid to control money laundering. In response to it, many overseas internet gambling sites blocked access to players in the United States, while many others had not.

On Black Friday, the government blocked the major online casinos that did not deny access to the United States, seizing their assets along the way.
The seized sites include Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. PokerStars is making available full refunds to the tune of about $120 million, but questions surround whether the other casinos will, or even have the means.
Gamblers that don’t meet the claim deadline have other options, Fleming said in a telephone interview.
Among them, he said, the casinos might pay back the funds, gamblers could sue the casinos and the government might decide to release funding if a judge awards the seized assets to it. The government has declined to disclose how much money was seized.
Doeksen, who recently moved from Chicago to Florida because of Florida’s more favorable income taxes, said his $40,000 bankroll just disappeared from Full Tilt Poker when the site went down.
Wagering on no-limit hold-em poker in the virtual world is more favorable to the real world, he said. For starters, “you can work from home,” he said.
“It’s more stimulating. You can play multiple tables. It’s a lot more fun. The action is a lot faster,” he said. “I can play 1,000 hands per hour. Now I’m playing live poker at very small dog tracks and going to Vegas.”

Thursday, 14 July 2011

only a pinball wizard will be able to figure this one out

The Who sang about a blind pinball wizard.

Well, the global economy is now bouncing around, blind because
shadow banking is invisible and out of control. The real money is there,
because "there" is offshore. No tax, no legal controls, gangsters, druglord, and bankers.

Nobody has any money. Countries, banks.
They have blips on screens and the charade keeps going on
due to money printing and flip-flops involving useless IOU papers (e.g. derivatives).

So, when the crash comes, it will simply be a situation where one bank/country will
run out of blips and start knocking on doors, asking for their derivatives back,
and then that bank will seize up, and go knocking,
and so on, and so on
around the planet.

and so it will ping-pong around the world.
You can just hear the bells ringing
I'd love to see that process on a map app.

or maybe a "Rube Goldberg" is a better metaphor.
It would also make the Big Crash a fun spectator sport,
because we're already looking forward to it.
more later

deep in the shadows, there lurks a bunch of bankers

[OMG! It's Euro CDSs! Kiss Me Deadly movie]

This is about something that the media doesn't even touch,
but it's straight out of a Hollywood movie:

the Shadow banking system
It's more bent than you can actually imagine.
Max Keiser gives us a good brief overview of this (below).

The fact that it exists is like a person
purposely choosing to stick a cancerous lump
on his arse, where he can't even see it.
the Shadow's sole purpose is to hide (shadow- Du-uh)
market manipulation to the degree that
nobody will know when the whole
financial house of cards will fall, while
actively helping it happen.
Why should naked short selling & CDS ownership be secret?
Forget the fact that they're actually legal,
while being deadly.
It's like US gun laws. "Let 'em kill one another"

Another effect is the murder of Price Discovery.
It's front-web-page news on the gold/silver sites.
The massive con job on the SLV and gold markets
is frustrating those who feel that gold should
already be at 5000 bucks an ounce, while realising
that the Man will do everything He can
to keep a lid on the price, because if it rises freely,
the fiat money game is over.
So, we assume it's the Dollar & Euro mafias doing this,
since GATA has proved the same gangsters have
been manipulating gold prices for decades,
for the same reason.

Categorise the Shadow Banking with:
Shadow Politics (behind closed doors, with Shadow Lobby)
Shadow Diplomacy (Hidden in a soldiers clothing - Iraq, Af-stan)
Shadow Democracy (once every 4 years. Secret ballot counting)
Shadow Media (see Rupert Murdoch/News Int.)
Shadow Justice (grabs un-rich people only)
Shadow Taxation (see above)
Shadow Economy (see globalisation/stock market- rich bankers vs. lost jobs)
not to be confused with the Black Market, which is a GOOD thing
(no tax for Shadow Gov, no money for Shadow Corp)
Shadow People (they make millions, but offshore their money)
-"you can't tax their shadow." Winning- Du-uh

The Shadow Sector is mentioned in this Keiser show:

more later

how to revive the banking sector

The merry-go-round clusterf%&&k of international finance

Banker talks to a connected politico/journo/lawyer:

banker: My bank is in financial trouble, what will I do.
lawyer: get a government bailout.
banker: we're a massive bank. What if the country gets into trouble.
lawyer: Don't worry. Austerity for the poor will sort that out.
banker: what if the country goes bankrupt. Who will revive the country.
lawyer: the banks.
banker: the ones that have not been bailed out.
lawyer: What are you talking about? everybody's been bailed out.
banker: stupid question.
lawyer: why use logic?

They're all broke and grasping at straws.
Kick the can down the road.
Kick Greece into slavery.
Keep own arse from getting kicked.

more later

The Mad Max show is ready to go

Here come the makings for the real-life Mad Max- style lifestyle.

We've got:

peak oil
artificially low fuel prices will end soon
criminality is on the rise
much of the world is turning to wasteland
flooded, desertified or otherwise baren
drivers would rather hurt somebody than lose their right to drive anywhere
most people can hardly afford to pay rent
living on the road/street/off-grid (in your car) is an easier option
the US government's oil wars are like Mad Max on steroids

Just add a bit more global warming and away we go.

another view of the future

more later

you keep your friends close and your news editors even closer

[Cameron and Coulson]
Talk to the don, Mr Coulson.

I'll try to paste together the rather big-brother-ish, mega-size,
who's- spying- on- whom &
who's- scarier- and- more- efficient -than- the- government

Of course the British PM is up to his neck in
cover-your-ass type petty corruption on this one.
I'd rather not post some of the many stories which show his cosy relationship
with New Int'l bigwigs.
Even when he was in opposition, they told him what to sing.

That's all there for anybody to find.

The fun stuff is the fact that he dared to take
Andy Coulson and make him his press aide, before he was elected.
As is known, Coulson is connected to News of the Screws, and so helped get
Cameron elected, in a minority sort of way.
"Scuze I. I is David from Jamaica"

BUTT, Cameron had to know that Coulson was guilty
of everything up to and including treason,
for supervising his newspaper's spying on government and police.
So, what was Cameron doing?
other than trying to get elected
and then feigning shocked innocence once Coulson was nailed?
The hacking scandal has been around for 6 years,
and every corrupt politician and copper has been trying
to kill the story ever since.
That means Cameron knew most of the stuff we're just "discovering".
(thanks, journalists)

An imagining, David C.:
"I knowingly hired a criminal, did I?"
"Well, he's not in jail, is he?"
& "I'll make sure he stays out."
"He's got some deeply private shit on me."

I actually think Cameron got in over his Oxford-trained head.
What he was trying to do was to pull a Godfather trick,
by keeping an enemy (the criminal journalist) closer than his friends.
He was probably trying to smoke out all the dirt that
Murdoch had on him, in exchange for
a get-out-of-jail-free card for Coulson.

Of course, Cameron had been trained in popular culture,
he should have known that Murdoch is the don.

Now, Cameron is in the brown and smelly stuff, up to his eyeballs.
so far though, no horse-head in his bed.
more later

cavalcade of pre-holocaust public flagelations

It's really great when you elect a government that lies to you,
from the moment they step into office,
because they know that nothing short of a war will unseat them, for 4 years.

So, they have to send out the attack dogs once in a while,
when enough people gather, for long enough,
to complain about the policies of said liars,
because those complainers just don't understand
the meaning of dictatorship

Dictatorship= democracy for one day, out of every 1440 days
don't forget to make your one choice. xD

Witness the increasing brutality, even against musicians;
brutality which has begat an artful response.
The last one (not part of the series, ya know?) is Jake and Dinos Chapman's Nazi diorama, or one of them anyway, which is the expression of the source of all such
police-state actions- fascism.

Riot police= batso (Greece)

Batso critique

Batso Wars

Batso Blessing

Papa Batso Smurf (Papandreou)

more later

reincarnation for some is reintarnation for others

In this period, being as it is, the period before
the next big economic crash,

it's important to look for some of the warning signs that occurred in 1929

and are occurring now, and especially those that are being
ignored by the media and government.

So, in discovering Professor Irving Fisher recently, I've also found another
angle to this macabre comparison of
the Great Depression with the Great Obfuscation of today:


Bernanke not only has the confidence of Irving Fisher (1870-1947),
but he also looks surprisingly like him, to the point that I'm sh*tting my shorts.
Prof Irving's opinion ruled in the media. Sound familiar?
[Fisher, on the right]

You know, they say that the spirits of the un-dead do not learn from history,
and that is why they keep haunting the same place,
doing the same actions, over & over again.
"Must print money"

[Bernanke, before he was possessed by the spirit of Fisher]

Some famous Irving Fisher sayings:
"There may be a recession in stock prices, but not anything in the nature of a crash."
- New York Times, Sept. 5, 1929
"Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. I do not feel there will be soon if ever a 50 or 60 point break from present levels, such as (bears) have predicted. I expect to see the stock market a good deal higher within a few months."
- Oct. 17, 1929
"The end of the decline of the Stock Market will probably not be long, only a few more days at most."
- at Yale University, November 14, 1929
He [Fisher] famously predicted, three days before the crash, "Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau." Irving Fisher stated on October 21 that the market was "only shaking out of the lunatic fringe" and went on to explain why he felt the prices still had not caught up with their real value and should go much higher. On Wednesday, October 23, he announced in a banker’s meeting “security values in most instances were not inflated.”

Famous Bernanke sayings:

"I don't know where the TARP money went" -2008
"Gold is only a traditional investment, not a type of money"- a few days ago
[I do paraphrase, once in a while.]

Reintarnation (
Being reincarnated as a hillbilly.
I see many of us having no choice but to live the life of a shoe-less hillbilly,
due to destitution caused by Ben Bernanke.
For Canadian Great Depression, see the Bennett Buggy (a horse cart),
named after the prime minister.

For the Great Obfuscation we have :
Bernanke Bounce (market manipulation)
Bernanke Bungalow (living in car)
Bernanke Benefits (steal what you can)
Bernanke Ballet (lying to the media)
Bernanke Bed (cardboard)
Bernanke Beef (spam)
Bernanke Bowl (soup at the Church)

more later