Sunday, 5 December 2010


I can't believe that England hauled out the future king to tell
a bunch of corrupt millionaire football cronies how

the English people "luuuuuv foooooootball".
He was dripping with his sanctimonious

'I- can't- believe- I- have- to- beg- you- f&^*kers' voice.

For a country like England which expects the world's respect even though it's done nothing
but destroy countries the world over, is getting some of its back. And they don't like it.

"but they promised to vote for us" they cry in hoarse voices. LOL HHHaaaAahhhaaa
They hauled out all their best wax likenesses, just for them to get egg on their lapels. 8^D

So, they get some nobodies from nowhere boinking them on the nose. Here's what the UK can do if their army is properly funded:
[read: not Iraq or Afghanistan]

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Thursday, 2 December 2010

How do you like my balls now?

Fookin 'ell

I know that certain countries, such as this one here (the UK), are desperate for the £3-billion windfall that the World Cup of football will bring to the host country.
They’re even upset that FIFA corruption has been found out. No time for morals, right? This is football.
How about if you knew that
FIFA doesn’t pay tax because
the UK government has made an illegal deal with them?
It’s illegal for companies not to pay tax, in the UK.
The government broke its own laws,
and we’re all paying for it.
This is David Cameron’s big society, as the Guardian sports columnist asked? Thanks but no thanks is our answer.

Do you know why they’re giving out both the 2018 and 2022 games today? To get double the bribe money, and because they realise that a legal case against them is coming in the near future, so they’re set to take the money and run. It’s just like politics.
I really accept the corruption story as necessary because
I don’t care about football.
But, I also say the same for formula 1,
which I do like, even though it’s the most boring racing around.
It’s a British fiefdom,
that’s made a used-car salesman into a billionnaire.
The money also affects the game, which is,
nevertheless, a billionaire’s game
with millionaire drivers. The whole thing is sick, so I don’t pay the £300 to watch a race. The BBC, which gets its funding from old grannies and poor workers alike, should not be paying £15 million for the rights to show Formula 1,
even if that means that F1 tv will go to pay tv,
and I don’t get to watch it, ‘cuz I don’t pay.
I just don’t like my sport sprinkled with corruption.
So, it’s all a business. All of it. They don’t need my money. How can you get excited by a business where you, as a fan, always lose? You buy a jersey, the rich get richer. You buy season tickets, the rich get richer.
I’m a hockey fan, and I had a favourite team, and a home team, but I gave it all up,
as an underemployed adult,
because the millionaire thing started to gnaw at my liver.
I like watching my country play any sport, but I realise that money affects players because the millionaires don’t care enough about their country to risk breaking a limb, because it might end their professional careers. This means that all sport is now bullsh*t. The Olympics has corruption and more lazy athletes, and drug-taking for those who are not lazy, but seeking the big payday.
It’s all bullsh*t. I take some pleasure from the spectacle, as I shut my brain off temporarily, from time to time. But the more I pay, the more it makes me sick.

Pick me a Picasso

In honour of Picasso, here’s a painting of his hand; his right hand. He drew it out of surprise, because it was most often found up the skirt of some woman.

Although I’m not into crimes, I congratulate Picasso’s electrician for having the balls to steal hundreds of artworks from the apparently selfish bastard and his selfish children. I wonder if his family will turn around and feed some of the poor of Barcelona even, as Pablo’s hometown. They’ve taken the riches of their father and said ‘we deserve all this money’. It’s as if the Picassos, the people, don’t live in a society which provided them with everything, including peace of mind (a rare commodity today). Why don’t these ‘self-made’ people realise that they don’t deserve their millions, especially when workers in their countries are allowed to be abused with low pay, and thus a low standard of living?
Again, I don’t agree with theft, but if the electrician had any brains, he would have found a lawyer cousin, and then tried to sell the works for a million, to the mafia, and gotten rid of them. Let the mafia work for their money.
As it is, he gave it to the Picasso family, who, instead of being happy, want to put him in jail. Jail is what rich people use to get back at poor people. They use the system, but they’re ‘self-made’. The police run to protect them, but the rich are ‘self-made’.

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, besides being smack-taking idiots, took a unique
look at where Pablo Picasso fits into the description of
what a modern male is supposed to be like
because while he was a womaniser, the ugly bastard,
nobody every called him an 'asshole' for
verbally trying to get a piece of trim.

-cos67 ¬(%^D>