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Greek riot dogs & German Occupiers in the 'hood

Things in Greece can only be described as bizarre,
other than the starvation and homelessness.

Here we have it. The only creatures with enough soul
to challenge the Troika are the
Greek riot dogs.

In another story, a neighbour whose house faces
the German Embassy in Athens has been arrested
for art work. His art work, in the form of a flag,
is the superimposing of a German army boot and
a nazi symbol on the Greek flag. I would consider
that to be a Realist work of art, but the German
embassy was offended.
not sorry about that,
that's life.
Naturally, the Occupiers told their Griechische
police underlings to round up this purveyor of free speech.

the sensitive Germans are here to stay
there goes the neighbourhood:

Sh-Ting:  keep talking gr
Athens Municipality “arrests” dog for anti-austerity barking at the Troika
Posted by keeptalkinggreece in animals
Everyone remembers  the show staged of Ruby, Sakis and Stratos beginning of the month. Together with photographers and cameramen, the three Athens strays had lurked the Troika representatives outside the Greek finance ministry and started an anti-austerity barking when they arrived.
Athens strays Troika
Next day, reports  in the Greek press claimed that at least one of the Troikans – EU representative Matthias Morse – had complained to finance minister Yiannis Stournaras about the strays and asked measures.
video from March 3/2013
Obeying the Troika’s demands the Athens Municipality arrested at least one of the dogs. The arrest followed a complaint that Ruby allegedly had bitten a citizen.
the citizen has reportedly claimed that he was bitten by the dog while he was peacefully sitting at a cafeteria at Syntagma Square.
Municipality workers located Ruby who is usually hanging around in the area and took him to a municipality shelter in Megar, some 50 km away from Athens.
Animal lovers who take care of the Syntagma strays say that Ruby is a very friendly dog and has not showed any signs of aggressivity. they also stressed that the dog does not hang around at Syntagma square but in the nearby streets [near the finance ministry].
Aggelos Antonopoulos, the deputy mayor in charge confirmed the incident and made it clear the dog was not arrested but ‘collected” two weeks ago.
The responsible committee is expected to decide soon if the dog will be released and can return to his old living area or be located somewhere else. ( via nonews-news.blogspot)

Film director Collatos arrested for hoisting a flag showing Greece under German occupation
Posted by keeptalkinggreece in Politics
Greek police detained film director Dimitris Collatos on Wednesday afternoon with charges of ‘insulting national symbols’. Collatos had hoisted a Greek flag on his balcony. The flag was featuring a German army boot over Greece in a lake of blood. A swastika was also to be seen.
Collatos flag
According to neighbors, Collatos had hoisted the flag at noon and left his home, located in Kolonaki district of Athens, just ten meters away from the German embassy.

Speaking from the police station to news portal, Collatos said that some embassy guard had informed the police implying that the denouncement came from the Germany embassy.

When police and the prosecutor went to his home, Collatos returned but refused to take down the flag. The Greek police did.

According to latest information, he is currently at the police station of Syntagma and will be soon released. On Thursday he has to appear before the prosecutor.

PS this incident is the answer to those claiming, the police had to arrest the Golden Dawn MP for urinating outside a private television channel…

Saturday, 30 March 2013

get a monkey suit & get knighted by a welfare case

That's about the size of it. I think that the very idea
of monarchy in this day and age, when banksters
have ruined everything, is just one tiara to many.

I'm very happy that people have refused KNIGHTHOODS because:
it looks stupid
most recipients haven't done any good to society
many recipients are outright criminals (e.g. bankers)
it's a jarring anachronism
what Empire?
great people are not self-made, but part of a team
they are Republicans, or Socialists
and so on

Check out Honor Blackman particularly. She takes the piss out
of Mr Scotland Sean Connery, who has taken the Royal pill.

checkit: Yahoo UK Movies Features
The movie stars who snubbed Royal honours
No thanks ma’am…
By Mark Lankester | Yahoo UK Movies Features – Thu, Mar 28, 2013 11:23 GMT
You’d think in the flamboyant world of movies, being the centre of attention for one extra day would be something to grab with both hands. That is unless that admiration happens to be coming from an 86-year-old woman with a penchant for jazzy hats – or the Queen, as she likes to be called.
[Related story: Boyle: I turned down knighthood]
With Danny Boyle’s swish psycho-thriller ‘Trance’ hitting cinemas this week, we’re reminded just what a talented chap he is. So talented in fact, that said Queen offered the ‘Trainspotting’ director a knighthood - for his masterminding of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. Only Danny turned it down.
“It’s just not me,” Boyle recently admitted, “I thought it was wrong, actually.”
The 56-year-old would-be Sir didn’t want to be seen to take full credit for the event: “You can make these speeches about 'this is everybody's work, blah blah blah'. And you've got to mean it, and I did mean it.”
But Boyle’s not the first of his kind to go all noble when dealing with the nobles. Here are some more reluctant movie stars, and their reasons for snubbing a Royal honour:
Silly... Cleese mocked Royal Honours (Credit: Rex)
John Cleese
In 1999 comedy legend Cleese was offered a Life Peerage, and a seat in the House Of Lords, for his services to The Liberal Democrats. However Cleese declined the honour, and the bonus title of “Baron”, telling the Sunday Telegraph in 2011 “I realised this would involve being in England in the winter and I thought that was too much of a price to pay.” Well, it’s as good a reason as any. Cleese had previously turned down a CBE in 1996, stating “I think they’re silly.”
Albert Finney
Acting veteran Finney, who we recently saw keeping the British end up in ‘Skyfall’, declined a CBE in 1980, and a knighthood in 2000. In a scathing attack on the honours system, ‘Bourne’ and ‘Big Fish’ star Finney described the idea of knighting people as a disease, adding that it “perpetuates snobbery.”
Broadbent... Disliked the empire's dark history (Credit: Rex)
Jim Broadbent
Ever loveable Jim turned down an OBE in 2002, humbly stating that he wasn’t comfortable with actors receiving Royal recognition. “I think [honours] ought to go to those who really help others,” he told the Telegraph. “Besides, I like the idea of actors not being part of the Establishment. We’re vagabonds and rogues.” Broadbent then went on to take issue with the system’s subtext, saying: “I don't think the British Empire is something that I particularly want to celebrate.”
Michael Winner
In 2006 it emerged cult director Winner had been offered an OBE for his dedicated campaigning for the Police Memorial Trust, and not his once controversial movies. Winner declined, telling the Sunday Times: “An OBE is what you get if you clean the toilets well at King’s Cross Station.” Ever the charmer, Winner then mocked the “rubbish” who accepted honours: “When you look at the absolute non-service they have given to the nation other than financing or working for political parties, you say, 'What company am I in?' Adding: “At least if you go straight to the House of Lords you can wear fancy dress and have a giggle.”

Republican... Honor believes in an elected head of state (Credit: Rex)
Honor Blackman
There’s more to Blackman than Pussy Galore. The iconic Bond girl is a vocal supporter of Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state in the UK – so it’s hardly surprising that she turned down a CBE from her never-to-be-best-mate monarch in 2002. Blackman has also publicly criticised fellow Bond star Sir Sean Connery for his tax evading habits.I don’t think you should accept a title from a country and then pay absolutely no tax towards it,” she said in 2012, “I don’t think his principles are very high.”

Ken Loach
Literally the least likely person to accept a Royal honour, it’s surprising outspoken socialist Loach was ever offered one in the first place. The proudly left-wing director turned down an OBE in 1997, later explaining his reasons in a 2001 interview. “It's all the things I think are despicable,” he told the Radio Times, “Patronage, deferring to the monarchy and the name of the British Empire, which is a monument of exploitation and conquest.” Loach cheerfully described the honour as “not a club you want to join when you look at the villains who've got it”.
Other movie types that turned down British Honours include: Trevor Howard, Alan Rickman, Malcolm McDowell, Hattie Jacques, Paul Scofield, Ian McDiarmid and Bill Nighy.

I know you're a freak, but what am I?

I know that the opinions of people on reality shows
are fundamentally flawed. People say what they think
will make them more famous.

But, when you're discussing intentional body
disfigurement, you're dealing with people
who are so weird that they cannot hide their
weirdness. Therefore, they reveal themselves,
perhaps without wishing to do so. Especially
after I'm done with them. Observe:

This manifests itself as one nut passing
judgement on other nutty people.
This makes me certain that most tattoo people,
like 99% of those who get more than one
tattoo, are certifiable. I don't care how "cool"
some think they are.
Do what you like, but if you expect me to say
"how are you? come in" as if they're okay,
then you're mistaken.
It's not just my shock at their bodies and behaviour.
They're the same in person. They're beyond
just attention seekers.
But you're also harming yourself by going against
your own instincts, if you feel forced to accept
You'd be trying to kill off your mind's natural defenses.
If they don't make you feel odd, then your
wretch mechanism has been damaged.
How are you supposed to know in your gut that
something's wrong? Before you know it, you'll
be getting a tattoo and splitting your dick, and
hanging a bollock weight.

For the philosophy behind my revulsion, look
no further than the Filth and Fury documentary
on the Sex Pistols (great stuff on QE II and
King Richard III, Thatcher and so on). Johnny
Rotten thinks that S&M rubber fetishists are
numb to reality. I could say the
same of tattoo customers.
Johnny: "people can get themselves in such a predicament
that the only way they can have sex is in facemask
and a rubber tshirt with a bollock weight...because
you cannot face reality"
 [from 1:24]

Let's cut to the tatt videos:
[can't embed]

From the Channel four show I saw:
I recall one lady who has a
Michael Jackson tattoo on her arm and
the rest of her arm is her life story. She
had the temerity to insult a person who
has spike on his tonsil (or whatever the
flap at the back of the mouth is).

They also have some people who don't
have any visible modifications making
weird faces and screaming.
Apparently some of them are out of work
comedians. strange

There's the couple who are almost
covered head to toe with tattoos
making fun of a guy who has a tattoo
of his own face, on his back. I find
it hard choosing who's right, or better
or saner, or whatever.

The American God loves Guns

You have a unique situation in the US, where a whole
bunch of heretics of the 17th and 18th century ran,
or yachted their way there. They did so to escape
the Persecution of the Mentally and Religiously Retarded.

There were the Puritans, fresh from their
political defeat in  England, the De-Republicanisation,
or the Kiss My Royal Ass from now on-isation of
Charles the Second and his Merry Band of Ass-kissers.
This was brought on by the Puritans' cancellation of
Christmas (because it wasn't in the Good Book).
This is why you have hypocrisy as a major public
frustration. There is a major porn industry (cure for
frustration, and poverty) in a country
that doesn't want Janet Jackson's nipple to be seen,
even with a tassle on it. They spaz out at the sight
of anything sexual because they're horribly repressed,
yet have no problem with guns and violence because
it helps them blow off steam, which is required
if you're horribly repressed.So, killing comes easier
than f%&8king. 
Which life would you rather have? Anyway.

Who else? the Mormons (lost tribes of Israel- that's
mighty f^&8king lost. They were amongst lots of
Jews in Germany, and closer to Palestine. So, they
were also unable to read a map).
Their twisted Book is being brought to
life now in London, on the stage, with its 12-year-old
elders preaching on the doorstep.

the Anabaptists (refusing to die when their religion
tells them to)
-now the Seventh-Day Adventists, still refusing to die
the Episcopalians- not quite Catholic

and the new religions:
Jesus Scientists (you know who I mean-
I don't want them googling me and harrassing me)
and their science fiction Book and cultish following.

What we have here is a place where the religious
could come and be Religioulous. As happens with
people of twisted faith, as soon as they could
muster their forces, went about proselytising
aggressively (because nobody was killing their
stupid asses anymore). So, religious freedoms and
tax relief for "religions" means its open season on
the Republic and its people, in the US.

And it's a religion of us-vs-them. It's a religion of
PREACHING morals on tv, yet screwing hookers 
HATING (& at times killing) gays
HATING women going through abortions
HATING minorities
FEARING blacks
HATING government (that allowed them to live)
OFFERING health care to poor who espouse
(under force) their religion, so that they may live
on God's green earth (Green= money)

Therefore, religious people see no problem in
arming themselves to the teeth and seeing it
as part and parcel of religion.

So, I want to echo Jim Carrey's frustration with
guns, god and that white-guy problem with
projecting his erectile dysfunction and dys-biggness
upon a nation of peace-loving dope smokers.

Now, CNN and Fox are using their "news" channels
to mock, threaten and insult Jim Carrey,
thereby proving Jim's point about Dys-biggness.
So , I want you to compare the above satire
with the burning hell that is the US, where
it's easier to get a gun than to get a job,
or enough non-GM food to live, or health care.

the Euro- Sisyphusian Economy

Sisyphus, as the man who pushed a rock up a slope
only for it to fall back and for him to start again,
is what the manufacturing economy has
wallowed into.

It used to be the big corporations made everything
(in the West) and ruined the environment and ran
roughshod over governments. Well, the big britches
now belong to the banks.

If big corporations don't play their cards right
and bribe the right politicians, then they could close.
Banks don't lend unless the government makes them
do it, and gives them the free money to do so.
If companies do stay open, they can get 0% interest loans
or grants from the government that wishes to
keep the Iconic-conomics going.

To that end, Germany has been screwing peripheral
countries in order to keep its banks open and its
economy chugging along. Except now, just about
every economy in the Euro zone (and beyond)
has smelled the moldy fungus in the air, and they
are not buying. They're having austerity forced
on them and are forcing cutbacks on themselves.

So, you end up with the totally crazy vision of
German car manufacturers making and destroying 
their own car production. They could not have those
cars flooding the market, lowering their margins,
and nor could they fire workers, because Angela
Merkel won't allow it. She has to get elected, you see?
So, to the demolition derby.

a lot full of thousands of German Uber cars ready to
be scrapped. I think the Automotive Liberation Army
is planning to save those poor unfortunate decadent cars
from Car Hell.
They say "you wasted so many resources making the
f%^&king thing, let somebody enjoy it."

Young men of the Third World need free or cheap cars, to aid in
the Courting Arts.

Aren't you glad the Troika is saving the
Euro economy?

a Better Solution for destitute cars, from Salmon Arm:

[everybody enjoys the waste of the fruits of human production and
mineral wealth. Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaw!]

How to celebrate the Ides of Farce in Italy

Et tu, Silvio?

You're not the only one to blame, but how
could you do this to the Italian Republic, Silvio?

You've Bunga'd the whole thing. Now there's no

you've driven the country to the edge of the precipice:
 [williambanzai7- one more bunga and over it goes]

you've changed the culture from one of beauty to one of felatio,
where a 17 year-old Moroccan hooker can be Queen and
the King is an acknowledged rug-muncher, with
another rug, on his head:

I've been following the Movimento 5 (cinqe) Stelle (M5S),
the 5-star movement, for a while now, with my broken
Italian. Beppe Grillo, the "leader", is not just a comedian.
He knows enough about economic theory, and his oratory
reminds me of
George Carlin, the Angel of the Middle Classes
so, you know that his heart's in the right place. That he
sees the Italian Republic's politics as a farce and treats
it as a farce, is to his credit. He will agree to laws on a piecemeal
basis, which is more like democracy than the deal that
most politicians willingly sign with the devil, agreeing
to support Party, over Country.

Beppe's the most sane voice around:

Sh-TING: The Observer

Beppe Grillo is a wise clown saving Italy with satire, says Dario Fo
The playwright tells Tom Kington in Rome that the comedian, who finds himself kingmaker of the Italian government, is taking his cues from medieval comics who bedevilled the powerful
Tom Kington
Saturday 2 March 2013 12.37 GMT
Jump to comments (36)
Dario Fo and Beppe Grillo at their campaign rally on 19 February 2013.
What makes Beppe Grillo tick? After a quarter of Italians voted for his brand of populist insurgency in last week's general election, it is a question preoccupying the country's political class and much of the eurozone. According to Italy's most distinguished playwright and prominent Grillo supporter, the answer is simple.
"Grillo is like a character in one of my plays," says Dario Fo, whose satires on medieval and modern life have seen him handed a Nobel prize and hounded off Italian stages in a career that has covered 50 years. "He is from that school of medieval minstrels who played with paradox and the absurd," adds Fo.
Fo, 86, is best known for his play Accidental Death of an Anarchist, inspired by the death of a man in police custody in 1969, and has long been a leftwing hero in Italy. He publicly backed Grillo this year, co-writing a book on the comedian's fledgling political movement and giving him a ringing endorsement at a packed rally in Milan's Piazza Duomo days before the election.
In return, Grillo, 64, suggested that Fo be nominated as the next president of Italy, an offer that the playwright turned down.
The high-profile backing contributed to a campaign that achieved an astonishing momentum. As a result of the 8.7 million votes Grillo received, his movement is now the biggest single party in the chamber of deputies, which makes him a kingmaker in a hung parliament.
After building a cult following through his blog, which denounced the austerity drive of the former prime minister, Mario Monti, and dubbed ex-president Silvio Berlusconi "a saliva salesman" and "the psycho-dwarf", Grillo's breakthrough before the election came when middle-class professionals started to see him as the best way to express their alienation from Italy's self-perpetuating political class.
Experts and analysts have been drumming up ideas about new political paradigms in Italy ever since. Journalists mobbed Grillo all last week for clues as to what comes next. His only response so far has been to refuse an offer from Italy's centre-left Democratic party to work together in parliament, using characteristically earthy language to describe the party's leader Pier Luigi Bersani as an "arse face". On Saturday he said he would accept a centre-left alliance with Berlusconi, only to add "they will never do it."
For Fo, the key to understanding Grillo is not in 21st-century Italy but in the 13th century, when storytellers – giullari – roamed Italy, entertaining crowds in piazzas with lewd tales interwoven with satirical attacks on local potentates. "In English the equivalent word is 'juggler', but in Italy they juggled with words, irony and sarcasm," says Fo, who has attended Grillo's shows for years.
Grillo rose to fame mixing comedy routines with references to political scandals in the towns he was playing in, a straight lift from his medieval peers. "He is from the tradition of the wise storyteller, one who knows how to use surreal fantasy, who can turn situations around, who has the right word for the right moment, who can transfix people when he speaks, even in the rain and the snow," explains Fo.
At one rain-soaked pre-election rally in Viterbo, in Lazio, central Italy, Grillo yelled: "Put down your umbrellas, I want to look you in the face." The crowd duly obeyed the comedian's demand.
Even the internet-based forums where Grillo's followers argue over policy have their roots in the Middle Ages, argues Fo. He says: "We had extremely democratic town councils in medieval Italy which knew the value of working together and every now and then, down the centuries, this spirit returns."
Grillo's focus on the web followed his ejection from Italian state TV in the 1980s after he made fun of corrupt Italian Socialist politicians, a few years before many of them were rounded up during Italy's Clean Hands probe.
His TV ban was part of a proud tradition, says Fo. "Nothing has changed since the Emperor Frederick II issued a decree in the 13th century against giullari who criticised power."
Fo himself was thrown off state TV in 1951 after he adapted biblical tales as political satire, the start of a series of run-ins with Italy's fascists, communists and the Vatican as his radical theatre group challenged taboos.
By 2004, Fo was being sued by an associate of Berlusconi after he staged a satire that poked fun at Berlusconi's small stature. "Every time you touch those who have power over the media, they seek to stop you," he says.
As a young man in Milan during the second world war, Fo helped his father – a resistance fighter – smuggle escaped British prisoners of war into Switzerland and his memories flooded back when he was invited on stage by Grillo at the Milan rally.
"The end of the war was the last time I saw that piazza filled with the same joy, with people changing their way of thinking about politics," he says.
Fo draws a parallel between Grillo's Five Star Movement's attack on Italy's privileged political class and the activists he worked with in the late 1960s. "Back then, people were also realising the importance of culture, of schools, and a generation of Italian singer-songwriters were giving voice to that."
The difference is that those artists never held the balance of power in Italy as Grillo does, with 162 deputies and senators under his movement's control in parliament. Now, after his election triumph, Grillo faces the challenges of real politics.
The first came last week when thousands of supporters urged him to form a functioning government with the centre-left leader, Bersani, who needs his backing in the senate to reach a majority.
"It is not easy, the Democratic party treated Grillo with disrespect, called him a fascist, a buffoon, but now they are offering their hand," says Fo, who is actively encouraging Grillo to negotiate, meaning that a playwright and a comic were making Italy's political headlines at the end of the week.
In Sicily, where the Democratic party runs the regional council but Grillo's movement is the biggest party, the two have formed a cagey alliance. "This is the model, it is working," explains Fo.
The real trap for Grillo, warns Fo, is being beguiled by flattery. Turning again to history, he cites Cola Di Rienzo, the charismatic son of a tavern owner in the 14th century who wooed Romans with his oratory and became the city's leader, setting his sights high and ousting corrupt noble families, only to see his support slip away before he was murdered by a mob as he sought to flee in disguise. "I have seen the glowing press for Grillo and he must be careful not to fall for the adulation, it's a honey-like trap."

Banksters repent. 12 steps or 95 theses?

[Banksters snorting zeros] 
I'm working on a way of approaching the turning
of the page that might come for some banksters
or their victims amongst the 1% or the 2%ers
who used to believe in money uber alles.

We need to find a way to smooth their transition
from capitalist pig, to normal market participant,
the same as us.

Would it need 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
to help stop any backsliding on the next upturn of the
stock market?

Or does it need a new religion with 95 theses. I'm still
working on all 95 of those, because I'm too busy, but
any other contributions are welcome.

Another movement, the Unfuck movement:

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Flash: Porn gals are actually ugly

Butt, who's looking at their faces anyway?
what was that Too Live Crew song?
Face down, ass up, I believe

Well, a mole in the business, a mole on
Lotsa Trixxy's butt. Butt seriously,
the make-up lady got the actresses to
take before and after photos to show
what a fake business the boink-boink
video show is. Even if it were a BBC
documentary, it's a lot more fun looking
than my life. By the way, watch Sexcetera
for good sex documentaries.

Anyway, I didn't recognise many of them,
including these ladies, but I'm not a librarian.
Some women also looked poor still afterwards.
All that makeup and nothing.
What we say back home is:
nice from far but far from nice.
It helps if they put their ankles behind their ears. 

But Zarina is just another person altogether.
and I'm having my doubts it's even her (below).
Look at the two noses
and see what you think.

So, if you are weak-willed and can't stand
nudity, turn away.



Captain James T. Hadfield, Canuck in Space

Captain's log, Earthdate 23 March, 2013.
Some guitar-playing Canadian is doing what no man has done
He's up in orbit, communicating with us groundlings through the
miracles of satellite tech.
His music is, if nothing else, out of this world.
His photos are first class stuff too.
 [aurora borealis]
 [real estate folly in Dubai]
 [jumping over the moon]

But, he's still a long way from Captain James T Kirk, of the
Starship Enteprise, even though he's a chip off the old Shatner,
as regards his performances. He's got a good sense of how
the wider culture might view his role, or want to see about
his role, as an astronaut.
But, he has a lot to learn from that other Canadian spaceman,
and ladies' man.

[watch out for the blue chick at 0:45. She blue him away]

Stupid Faceplants, part 1

I were thinking that Facebook requires you to write a few words
so you get the brain cranked up, and everyfing.

Some people just can't keep the literacy up. what is wrong
with this?

Does it matter that Pi has a stuffed tiger?

I'm a bit too old to take anything at face value, but
insiders have said never believe what you see on the screen.

Now CGI is making this ridiculous. I just wonder whether
the CGI is what impresses or whether it allows a good, but
difficult-to-create story to be told.

I'm guessing the first. How would suburban boring movie
guys be able to get past the urge to maximise profits?

Here's your Pi before and after:

I've always wondered how Scarlett does those provocative poses.
Now I can see it's all done with wires.

[all the panty scenes from Lost in Translation, some in slow-mo. Look closely for
the wires even though the pic is low qual]

She is THE reason that the movie got nominated. Sofia Coppola
grew up in the biz & knows that the voters are ugly, perverted old men.
Butt, that was not just any old butt.

Fluoride Mafia: the artery thickens

The world is starting to wake up to this Big Industry mafia
poisoning of the people. From this article we find out that
most of Europe is free of this scourge, but not the UK, nor

sh-TiNG: Eileen Dublin
March 17, 2013
Guinness made in Dublin brings you fluoride
from wiki
"I can confirm that the water supply used to make Guinness as with most of south Dublin,
is the public water supply coming from the Poulaphouca reservoir and we do not further filter this water. There is a regulation (EC) 1925/2006 on the addition of vitamins and minerals to food which, among other things, prohibits addition of vitamins and minerals (such as fluoride) to alcoholic beverages... in 2012, Harvard U researchers' review concluded that their research supports the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children's neurodevelopment, thus affecting their IQ levels. Dr Arvid Carlsson, Pharmacologist and Nobel Laureate, said the notion of using the water supply as a vehicle of delivering medication goes against all modern principles of pharmacology"

Saturday, 16 March 2013

bad sex gong

no, the gong doesn't bong when you're bad at sex.
Don't worry

It's a prize for bad sex writing.

I'm going to try a Freudian analysis of these
writers and try to figure how bad they are
at, as well as writing

London Evening Standard literature, with comments:

JK Rowling
"He retained a memory of her bare pink vulva; it
was as though Father Christmas had popped up
in their midst...he forced his way inside her,
determined to accomplish what he had come for"

-Aw, he spunked already?

JK continues:
"Krystal moaned a little. Her head thrown back, her
nose became broad and snout-like"

-Sexy snout, there, young lass.

Nicholas Coleridge- the Adventuress:
"In seconds, the duke had lowered his trousers and boxers
and positioned himself across a leather steamer trunk"

-oh Gad, it's a gay scene. shut memory off

" 'more, more,' he cried out. 'next time you will
discipline me dressed as a nun. I have the garments
in the cupboard' "

-boring fetishes of the upper classes. yaaawn

and the winner is, Tom Wolfe, Back to Blood
 "something was stroking her... it had slid up her mons pubis"

-playing doctor obviously
-no, he's referring to the Moon. They're on the Moon,
Olympus Mons
-shut it

"and her abdomen and began dwelling upon the nipple of her left
breast... but then the tips of her breasts became erect on their own,
the flood in her loins washed morals, despair and all other
abstract assessments away in a cloud of some sort of divine
cologne of his"

-I can't believe there's that much thinking going
on during sex, unless you're a boring author in a dull marriage

Well, who needs porn now? not this reader.

escapist dance crazes

It looks like into another dance craze age.

We just got over the Gangnam hangover of 2012.

Now we've got a viral craze, the Harlem shuffle,
which has nothing to do with Harlem, and a lot
to do with gangly white people gyrating. What
a horrible sight. I hope they're at least enjoying
And the tune, it's like 6 keys on a synth. Step aside
David Guetta.

In the old days, you had to get a record contract
to start a craze.
I means, record companies said:
"we need a craze over here, and you're just the
guy to do it"

More soon

dead gyro bounce

thanks to the genocidal Bankster Wars, Greece has
snuck out of the First World and into the Second.
It's intentional. They were trying to escape the Troika.

Has Greece hit bottom? Well, some investors think
it has re-"emerged" as an emerging market
country, again.
Gee, thanks Banksters. Rising like the phoenix.

[world war2 Athens - dead body bounce]

checkit: Telegraph

Greece reclassified to 'emerging market' from developed
A major fund manager has reclassified Greece from a developed to an emerging market, in an unprecedented move reflecting the "unfortunate economic tailspin" of the Greek economy, which has threatened the future of the euro.
Greece reclassified to 'emerging market' from developed
Greece is in its sixth year of recession Photo: EPA
By Louisa Peacock
7:48PM GMT 02 Mar 2013
Russell Investments, which advises funds with $2.4 trillion (£1.6 trillion) in assets, said the Greek economy has been a "world concern" since it revealed unsustainable levels of public debt in 2009.
The American-based company said Greece, which Russell designated as a developed market in 2001, has been on a path towards reclassification as an emerging market since 2010, having failed Russell's operational and macro risk tests, including per-capita income, total market capitalisation and the level of trading volume, which determine the economic health and status of countries.
Managers at Russell will be forced to buy and sell shares to align holdings with their funds' criteria, following the reclassification.
In a 10-page note on the relegation of Greece, Mat Lystra, Russell's senior research analyst, said: "Since the country began revealing unsustainable levels of public debt in 2009, it has been in an unfortunate economic tailspin that at times has threatened to pull apart the entire European Monetary Union."
He added that despite several bailouts and efforts to stem an outright Greek default, "any opportunities in the Greek economy have become inherently riskier exposures for global investors".
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    02 Mar 2013
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    28 Feb 2013
"During our 2013 global market risk reviews, when we again evaluated the two risk profiles, Greece failed both tests," the note said.
The news comes as officials from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund return to Athens on Sunday to assess Greece's performance under a bailout plan as the government plays down the prospect of public sector job cuts.

The heads of the "troika" mission from the EU, IMF and the European Central Bank will meet finance minister Yannis Stournaras to review progress on privatisations, tax administration reforms, bank recapitalisation and steps to shrink the public sector.
In its sixth year of recession, Greece has agreed to shrink its public sector by 150,000 by 2015 to cut its wage bill, mainly through attrition: hiring one new person for every 10 who retire.
Russell recognised that relegating Greece to an emerging market would invite questions over why the fund had not also reclassified Portugal or Spain; two more eurozone countries with troubled economies.
"While both of those countries have had their share of problems, and although neither is immune from a potential change in market-risk status, we haven’t seen the same degree of decline as we’ve observed in Greece – nor the same rise in risk," the statement said.

Greece is the first country Russell has cut to emerging from developed market status.
Russell's global indexes methodology describes a three-year path towards a country's potential reclassification – by way of the company's developed, emerging or frontier market categorisation – as having become either more or less risky for investors.
The statement said: "Russell’s methodology requires developed markets to be, in general, the least risky and most efficient in which to trade."