Monday, 31 January 2011

this wikileak will self-destruct in 10 seconds

Thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, the job of diplomacy,
officially-sanctioned lying, corruption and intrigue,
has become very difficult.
They'll have to go back to cold-war tactics

poisoning, skulduggery, sex with foreign gals,

more later on a recent sob-story from the diplomatic corpse of the US.

-Cos67 ~(%^D>

Shat 'n Freud

you've all heard of the German word 'schadenfreude' right?
(def.) "Enjoying the suffering of others"
Well, I've got a new, more potent word.
This is my new philosophy and my answer, for the common man or woman,
to the growing injustice of modern life, thanks to the Banksters & their employees,
the politicians.

As with my old story, about waiting for rich people to die,
I recommend that we fully enjoy the downfall of
any politician: corruption+ time = payoff
& any rich man who pays himself 100+ times his workers' pay, gets a bonus,
and then fires 1000+ workers.

We will not just laugh at them until we cry,
we will not shoot them.
we will sh*t on them.
we should also take sexual pleasure from this.
hence the 'Freud'.
Shat 'n Freud rules, ok?

Do we hate plutocrats and oligarchs?

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

-Cos67 (%^D>

In a related story:
A bear once asked a rabbit if feces sticks to its fur. When the rabbit said 'no', the bear wiped his arse with the rabbit.- Aesop

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mr.Obama, tear down that Wall Street

We all remember the famous speech by Reagan asking Gorby to tear down the Berlin Wall.

Now, there's another wall that has to be torn down. It's a wailing wall,
because we're all suffering,
it's iller than the wall where everybody goes for a public piss in the summer, and
for every 1 dollar this wall 'earns',
it needs to siphon 8 dollars out of the real economy.
We all know Obama's White House is full of bankers, sneaking around and
eating the cheese.

Same problems in the UK, on Downing Street (Prime Minister's house) scarfing the
imported Swiss stuff.
[it had to be the night that they sent the blind reporter, who couldn't spot the rat scratching at the Prime Minister's door, otherwise it would have made for some vibrant BBC reparte.]
"I say, Old Chap, is that a banker I see trying to get some face-time?"

Although we know that Vince Cable is a right-winger money-man deep down,
but is quite the firebrand politician when his heart's in it. He likes the attention he gets
when he preaches fire & brimstone ethics.
He's already promised all-out war against Rupert Murdoch, so Vince is not that bad.
He also said that capitalism, as a system, is neither good nor bad, it just IS!
He also hates, or so he says, the banker bonuses. I don't see any solutions coming outta your maw, ya mouthy twat, Vinnie. Anyway, I exaggerate.

So, I will place him in this blog, putting the words in his mouth, that will make him famous, and that will change the course of history,
since it was Thatcher and Reagan who started up the F%^**ked up rollercoaster
of Rand-y [more on that cow, later] libertarianism that has brought all of humanity to a near-halt.

Vince Cable, Minister of Shrinking Portfolios:
"President Obama,
cut the crap &
tear down that Wall Street."

CORRECTION: I'm not the first to say this phrase. I found two, one in Asia times Chan Akya. 2009 Mark perry Daily markets, below:

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Les Leopold on Alternet:
Why do people in the financial sector make so much more money than the rest of us? Mainstream economists claim that your income reflects the economic value you produce -- at least in free and open markets. But are proprietary traders, for example, really 100 times more valuable than neurosurgeons? In the UK, some economists say no: The British New Economics Foundation calculates that "While collecting salaries of between £500,000 and £10 million, leading City bankers destroy £7 of social value for every pound in value they generate."

sad-ass 'Net culture

is it worse that a photo of Keanu Reaves looking sad,
has moved fans and fools alike
to want to make sure he's ok,
the fact that others have Photoshopped the picture
and tried to include Keanu in their lives.

If you'd seen the series of photos, you'd know that he was eating a sandwich before the

The SAD KEANU, copyright
If the photo were any bigger you would come to the recognition that I did,
because it happens to me very often.
The sandwich, without a glass of wine or bottle of water, probably wasn't going down well, so he's got a minor
case of indigestion.

It's getting to be that Keanu's sad look is going to eclipse the bust pose of Mona Lisa (and her smile) as the most popular pose in the world, other than the busts below.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Saturday, 22 January 2011

michael jackson, black or white?

There was a time when good old MJ was a singing, happy African-American lad, but obviously not on the inside. I heard he just didn't want to look like his old man, because he was abusive, so MJ started hacking up his face.

There was a strong belief that he was actually trying to be perceived as white, and as hating his own race. Then he got a white wife, and some white boys, but that's another story.
Actually, I came to the opinion that he was going beyond white to yellow;
Japanese to be precise.
what do you think?
[long face, square chin, long thin nose, high brow]

Here's to to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow [at 0:55 in the video]

-Cos67 (%^D>

The Irish have been printing shamrocks

This is the new Irish currency. And the ECBank likes it, because it's inherently lucky.

I always knew the Irish had a way to beat the rap for their banking follies. They're such an irrepressible lot of leprechauns.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>
Fianna Fáiled: Ireland Prints 25% of its GDP in German Euro
Jack H. Barnes, Confessions of a Macro Contrarian | Jan. 17, 2011, 8:06 PM

Read more:
The Celtic Tiger has been on the economic ropes since the crash of 2008. In the first hours of the crisis, the US Federal Reserve provided emergency funding to Irish banks, pouring 10’s of Billions of US dollars into the Irish Banking system, providing funds as needed. These funding events helped stabilize the banks, during the winter of 08-09.

“The scale of AIB’s borrowing from the scheme is enormous given its relatively small size in the US. Barclays Bank, which bought Lehman’s US operations out of bankruptcy, borrowed $232bn (€174 bn) from the Fed scheme.”

AIB’s biggest single loan — $3.3bn (€2.48bn) — was borrowed from the Fed on July 2, 2009.

The ECB setup a unique Sovereign bond carry with Irish banks, allowing support for their financing needs via deposits of Irish Sovereign bonds held as collateral. This mechanize broke down in the fall of 2010 as liquidity dried up beyond the capacity of the ECB to help out.

The Washington Post has a great graphic that shows Europe’s Financial contagion as cross holdings through both Banking and through Trade . The implications are clear, the cross holdings are significant.

The ECB is reported to have provided up to 130+ Billion Euros in direct support to the Irish banks, by allowing the banks to park Irish Sovereign debt at the ECB for collateral. This has driven up the internal leverage of the ECB enough that it needed to be recapitalized with new funds in December 2010.

The fact that the ECB needed to be recapitalized just as the impact from the Irish bailout of November hit home to the political leaders, though the real context of it was missed by the main stream media. The EU appears to have been caught in a situation that it could not contain the Irish funding needs, while needing to recapitalize the ECB Balance sheet to continue operations.

“The capital increase was deemed appropriate in view of increased volatility in foreign exchange rates, interest rates and gold prices as well as credit risk,” the E.C.B. said in a statement.

Ireland Central Bank was allowed, with or with out permission, to print up up new Euros without new sovereign debt issued behind them. By December of 2010, the EU appears to have been more worried about the appearance of the ECB balance sheet as a whole, than of rogue individual activity by its member states.

[and so on]

Cos67 is a trendsetter

I dedicate this self-congratulatory message to the other Marxes, and their thesis on economics 'Duck Soup'[1930s translation: mucho problemos]

Over two years ago, I created an interview with Karl Marx, Groucho's cousin.

Just a few days ago, I was honoured to see the New Statesman do the same thing.

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially since I don't have a lawyer.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Mine is here: 23 November 2008

It's funny, pertinent and irreverent. The one below is windy, theoretical, Fl%^&**king Prada overcoats and boring, but we can't all be perfect. you decide:

the New Statesman:

Diss capital
by Paul Mason
Published 06 January 2011
Karl Marx, in London for a book signing, stumbles off the Eurostar and straight into an interview with Paul Mason at a café in King’s Cross. How does the credit crunch fit with the guru’s theory of crisis?
I've prepared this whole historical decompression briefing for him: the match girls' strike, the petrol engine, cinema, Lenin, the Warsaw Pact, the John Betjeman statue. But he stops me short: "I know, I know all about it. You think we don't have Wikipedia up there?"

“You see everything?"

“Better than you! We see it without sen­suous historical experience. It's like watching a slow-motion car crash. Just wait till you get there: it will restore your faith in the objective forces of history."

I explain that I want to ask about the credit crunch, how it fits with his theory of crisis -

“I've got an hour and then I'm doing a book signing . . ."

“Which book?" I joke.

He laughs: as we all learned in the 1980s, there is more than one volume of Marx's Capital, and more than one theory of crisis therein. So which one fits the events since the Lehman Brothers crash?

“OK. Crisis 101," he begins. We've grabbed a table at a Starbucks on Euston Road and he's let me buy him a double espresso.

“In the book, what I say is that the possibility of crisis is there right from the moment you separate sale from purchase. Once you've got a society based on money and commodities you can have a situation where there's enough produce to go around - enough Fairtrade coffee, iPods, Prada overcoats" (he is wearing a Prada overcoat) - "but not enough money for people to buy it."

“So the commodity is the root of all evil?"

“It makes crisis possible, is all."

So what has caused this one?

“In the book I never actually got around to a synthetic crisis theory so, as you know, 'ze Marxists'" - he does inverted commas with his fingers - "had to scrabble around in my notebooks to concoct one."

“So you don't have a synthetic theory of the credit crunch?"

“There is one, but you have to remember that the book was written at a certain level of ­abstraction . . ."

“OK," I press him. "There are three recognised causes of crisis in Marxist economics: underconsumption, disproportionality and overproduction. Do you buy that, at least?" [blah, blah and so on]

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Johnny B Goode

Bankers are bankrupt criminals running loose and are still killing off countries.
Rich guys can off-shore their money so they avoid taxes of all sorts.
Governments break their own laws to give money to their rich bankster funders.

and we're supposed to be good?


All we'll be left with is our spirit, and so we shall dance the night away
and forget our worries.

okay, everybody, are you ready? let's square dance
Lose your job
and your house
alamand left and dossie-doh
Pay more tax
until your broke
turn your partner to the right
raise her skirt and moon the crowd.

[ Moon the Crowd- Eric B & Rakim]

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Monday, 17 January 2011

Qualitative easing, or Mississippi-Alabama syndrome

I ain't got no money!
Quality of life is sinking fast! Ease back and play some banjos.

You've got lots of time between meals.

More about how we too can enjoy life as barefoot banjo players.

speaking in tongues, writhing on the floor

We're just waking up from the 60-year old drunken sea cruise we called
'Western standard of living'
We just realised that our comfortable, bourgeois lifestyle
was an illusion built on other people's borrowing (not mine)
that meant that everything was overpriced by about 500%,
because everyone had faith in flat money

We're just realising that there is no God of 'gimme that'
That's when Santa comes calling asking for your soul.
We're set up for a long stint in Hell, anytime now.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Santanista, the new religion

The fastest growing religion in the world, and don't let those Mormon Glenn-Beck fans give you any shite, and same goes for the Scientists in robes.

the celebration of pedophilia,


and hatred for the environment just ended.

It's otherwise known as Christmas.

Don't devote your soul to the Santanista.

[nothing's more educational to starving Africans than a fat European]
[Good old Saint Nelson]
[Vietnam- Bringing Agent Orange, surely]
[Jakarta- mass hypnotism]
[Christmas in Singapor]

-Cos67 (%^D>

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New cookery show: Wok the fluck?

With your tuna snack, you get extra dolphin, shark and turtle.

This is the result of governments being bribed by the minnows of international business,

the fishmonger empires. Princes, they are. Bankers they aren't. They can still manipulate the whole EU.

Trawlers are allowed to vaccuum up the sea, and yet fewer and fewer people are making a living at fishing, because the corporations are always looking to mechanise everything.
They make a ton of catch and a ton of throw-away carcasses, called discard.

the so-called solution that Richie Blanky-Cookman (or whatever he's called) offers is to
go to Sainsbury and
get 'hook and line' caught tuna.
It's sustainable, and it gives employment to lots of men
who catch fish in the old-fashioned way.
Problem: Sainsbury gets the stuff sent to the UK
from the freaking MALDIVES!
A fish, without feet can make a

SO, the long and short of it is
screwed if you do, screwed if you don't.
Or, by a fishing rod and DIY.
Don't forget to test for lead, PCBs and chemical effluent.

OLD FISHERMAN'S JOKE in Gulf of Mexico:
Afish should be cooked in its natural oils,
BP, Shell and Amoco.

-Cos67 (%^D>

the flood is here but there's no water to drink

Max Keiser had the best metaphor for the financial crisis: the floods in Brisbane.

There's lots of liquidity floating around but the average citizen
can't even get a drink of the H2O of business, money
the common citizen is losing:
house swept away by bank tsunami
all consumer goods swept away by bailiff tsunami
work lost because factory was swept away

all we get is a roof rescue by helicopter
never to look back at Sodom,
or sodomy, if you realise how badly the banks have screwed us

The worst thing is that, like the Brisbane washout,
the financial crisis is manmade and spreading
like H1N1.

It's affecting the price of oil, coal, corn, wheat
more later

Night of the f%^**king zombie bankers

Guess what happens when the US government has to buy 64% of it own government bonds?
to be exact, the government's evil twin, the Federal Reserve,
the hollowed out volcano of the zombie bankers,
with molten hot lava.
[inside the Federal Reserve, Washington. Notice the orange henchmen/ politicians]

All in order to keep the show going.
It's zombie time. The US has done a Greek tragedy,
but it has a few delaying tactics hidden under it's sagging zombie skin.
You see a country.
It's walking, talking, bragging, warring
and yet it's quite dead. Observe:
the common proud American man or woman zombie, carrying a flag

the common American farmer zombie

the American superhero zombie

the average political dialogue zombie [check Fox News]

the pro-bankster President Obama Zombie

the Godfather of the President Zombies [see also Bush43]

Meanwhile it's trying to bite the brains of the Euro vampires.

making them into zombies as well.
Greek zombie Peter Andre: simply refuses to die quietly.

Irish zombie

Latvian zombie
["I thought the EU was going to save us, but they bit my brains"]

another Greek Zombie, Prince Polyp of Greece and England

Icelander, a bit pale, but still alive.
They killed their zombie bankers!!

to help you recognise the habits of a zombie, the best documentary on
zombie bankers in the world: the Hedger Thriller Chiller Horror Theatre

And it's really sad that, just as corporations have achieved

full personhood and political rights,

in the US through the Citizens United case decision in the US Supreme Court,

(itself full of zombie judges, doing as their told-below)
and already the bankers have become Zombies, too.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

checkitout: 3 things


I believe the zombie action is reported in this edition of the Keiser Report: SORRY, WRONG

-Iceland refuses to pay up for its crooked bankers

Written on March 10, 2010 at 2:17 pm by susan
Iceland Votes No to Bank Bailouts for British and Dutch Banks
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Why Should Iceland Pay for Banks Mistakes?

Updated: Election results / Analysis

Support for Bank Extortion by Foreign Countries is Treason.

“….the UK and Holland no longer are going to profit from the interest charged is a great victory for us in the negotiations.” [1]

Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir

The election on the government’s law relating to the requirement that Iceland bank, ‘Ice-Save’ pay interest on non-capitalized loans was held today. The first results indicate over 98% voted “No,” on the law.

On March 6, 2010, Iceland held a public referendum to determine whether to pay the British and Dutch banks 5.2 billion dollars in interest, lost after the Icesave bank collapsed in the banking crisis.

Iceland Prime Minister, Johanna Sigurdardottir seeks better payment terms between Iceland, Britain and the Dutch.The public overwhelmingly voted “No,” on the law that Parliament approved on December 31, 2009. Since the president of Iceland refused to sign the law, Iceland’s Constitution’s required the law be put to vote. Banking speculators are not entitled to bailouts. Why should the public pay, for Bankers mistakes?

Prime Minister Sigurdardottir, also seeks remedy for Britain’s freezing of assets of Iceland’s bank, ‘Icesave’ in Britain, through anti-terror legislation against Iceland.

Extorting interest payments from non-capitalized loans notes constitutes fraud and grand larceny. Extortion is a terrorist act. The public stand against the British banks is a victory for Iceland. The British extortionists must return what was stolen from Iceland’s bank, ‘Iceland,’ in monetized currency.

Source information:

*Citizen for Government Accountability version provides election results with commentary.

Gordon Brown, author of the UK banking crisis, is a hypocrite:
Ice News- President of Iceland 'Gordon Brown should apologise'

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the President of Iceland, stated in an interview with Wall Street Journal, that Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, should apologise to Icelanders for actions he took in October 2008.

“If Gordon Brown wants to be an honorable man, he should apologise for telling the world that Iceland is a bankrupt country,” said Grimsson.

Brown’s actions did very little to help Iceland’s situation, foreign companies ceased dealing with Icelandic counterparts, and the IMF considered withholding a portion of its bailout package.

In addition to Grimsson’s opinion on Brown’s actions, the interview also focuses on the Icesave issue and his decision to refuse the Icesave Act approval in January 2010. Grimsson explained that from a political and constitutional point of view, it was the most important decision he has made during his career and that it consequently saved Iceland’s taxpayers a lot of money.

Additionally, the interview also discusses Iceland’s negotiations with the European Union [no, stop! don't! AAAAHHhahhhhhhh-Cos67].
Grimsson said the main reason why Iceland applied for EU membership was due to the fact that after the collapse of its banking system, it seemed impossible in the long run for the country to keep its own currency.

However, Grimsson continued, “We’ve seen euro-zone countries moving from one crisis to another. That has changed the picture.” He said it must be possible for Iceland to join the European Union without adopting the euro [AAAAAhhaaaaaahhh! NOOOOoooo!-Cos67], and referred to Poland and Denmark as examples.

To read the full interview, click here.

Read more: