Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Geography of Cambridge: mostly flat

In studying the geography of Britain, it's important to
also analyse the body of a person
who was given the name of a geographical area.
In fact, she was given that name as a symbol of
the fact that she is directly ruling that place.

As with Cambridge, the topography
 is mostly flat with intermittent small mounds.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who, as a mortal was
known as Kate sth Middleton, is now inextricably
linked to Cambridge. That is until her and hubby
get to be the lords of Wales. Has anybody asked
the Welsh?

I think it's special that this generation of the royle family
has been even more embarrassing than Charles III (Tamp)
and Diana, the Queen of Minx. BTW, her illegitimate son...

Harry is a party dick. Kate is topless. That's value for money.
That's more than bread and circuses. It's the modern
version: tits and ass.

The royles don't work for their income.
Therefore, they're welfare mooches. But this welfare
is gold-plated.  And so, they could be mistaken for
greedy, lazy entitlement monkeys.

So, I had to laugh when the official spokes-idiot on the
BBC mouthed the angst of the Cambridges, saying
"The Closer magazine must have been motivated by greed."
As always, takes one to know one.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Amnesty Inc holds Pussy Riot party at Gitmo

Inmate Johammed Yohammed says
"what is this poosy? I want my day in court"

details at 11

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

cross polination between sex museums

Dateline 2008, Moscow Biology Museum:

A sex act, or series thereof, as performance art and political
protest, by Voina, the protest group which spawned the
Pussy Riot.

Dateline 2012, Ottawa Museum of Science and Technology

Display on human sexuality, including advice on how
to masturbate, with photographic assistance.

Are they related?

Well, while sex is eminently watchable, especially if it
is practiced by fine female examples of the species,
it is not if practiced by the bushpigs of Voina.
[Voina. look away!]

While sex can be honestly presented as a realistic
biological display, in a Biology Museum,
wanking could in no way be considered to be
 a science, no more than could Economics.

The proof:
Sorry, I don't seem to have it ...to hand.
AAaAhahahahaAHhHAahahaha   ahha Hhaaaahhha ahAHahh

from the Moscow bureau:
and from its cold-war enemy, Ottawa:

Para-olympian found to be juiced

The winner of the 100 meter dash in London's para-olympics
was disqualified because his sled was found to be
electrified, or 'juiced' as they say in the underworld
of sports cheating.

There were a few hints of the intent to defraud.
Firstly, the right armrest had a gear shift.

[the Bolt]
Secondly, after races, it appeared to have a stereo
playing a Queen song and the words:
"thunderbolt of lightning, very very frightening me"

Thirdly, the model is called the Bolt and so everyone
thought that it was a play on, or a rights-
borrowing, from Jamaica's greatest son
Usain Bolt. It turns out that the chair is more
akin to a bolt of lightning, i.e. electricity.

disgraced, the athlete was soon found hitting the
bottle and making a nuisance of himself, with his
get-away vehicle:

[Jousting, at dawn]

[call out your floor]

[DIY destructo]

Monday, 10 September 2012

Cos67 might be a prophet, part 2

BBC copies my Elizabethans idea. of course they use corrupt
politicians a little too much for my liking, especially this guy:


I may have to take 'em to the copyright adjudication thingy,
just for bad taste.

from the 26th of March this year, whence came my blog about
the new Elizabethans.

I got box-cutter architecture, and binge culture naked in the
street performing bodily functions, in a foreign country.
There's simply no comparison. 


Clint whistling past the barstool

"you want I should push up your stool, .......punk!"
One of Clint Eastwood's favourite lines. He has
mellowed since then.

I'm sorry for the Alzheimer comments that everyone
is throwing at Clint's drama school stunt at the RNC Con.
It's the Clint method. Effortless.

In truth he was just promoting his furniture business.
It has fine wooden pieces in a traditional motif.

[Ohio stool]

There's the barstool for bar fights like in his
spaghetti westerns. A Fist Full of Cazzo. Stronzos at Dawn.

[rights in jpeg file]

[Mission bed, for men on a mission. missionary position recommended.
mission accomplished button on the top of headboard.]
An elegant Bridges of Madison County headerboard and footer
 bed for bagging drama queens like Meryl Streep.

a Celebrity Orangutan bed


Sunday, 9 September 2012


when astroturfing meets Twitter.
Politically-motivated tweeting, or Twitter posing
is just the latest in a long line of online
faux-pas committed by corrupt politicians trying
to doctor their image.

For Astroturfing, the creation of a fake movement
for political purposes, i.e. the
Koch-sucking Tea baggers

The Conservatives of the UK, no slouches, 
because they went to the right schools,
are more than willing to add people in 
Upper Dogwana to their lists before those
victims have even learned how to do a twit-pic.

This Grant fellow, Conservatives media guy
 had manufactured 50 000 followers. Apparently, 
Obama has teams for creating many more. Grant's
family is so productive that his whole family's works
have been kicked off Google.

As luck would have it, the Internet has spawned watch-dog
groups who, between pints, watch the politicians. They'll
have to shut down the Internauts soon. I see David 
making a believable excuse.

chuckle away: guardian
The rise and fall of Grant Shapps' Twitter followers
Conservative chairman appears to have found technique to boost number of followers to more than 55,000
    Patrick Wintour
    guardian.co.uk, Friday 7 September 2012 21.28 BST
The ubiquitous and social media savvy new Conservative chairman Grant Shapps appears to have found a technique to boost his Twitter followers to more than 55,000.
It appears that Shapps, at regular intervals, increases the number of people he follows by as many as 5,000 and if they do not follow him back, he unfollows them.
Analysis of his activity on Twitter shows regular, sudden surges in the number of people he follows succeeded a week later by a sudden decline. The research was conducted by Yatterbox, a political marketing consultancy firm specialising in monitoring all social media activity of politicians.
Matt Freckleton, managing director of Yatterbox said: "Several people have brought this to our attention and it has already made some press headlines. After doing some research we were able to compile some graphs which suggest that Grant Shapps – or someone with access to Grant's Twitter account – is regularly and purposely following and unfollowing many thousands of people on Twitter. It is quite normal for anybody to unfollow people on Twitter, but when it is done in such large numbers on such a frequent basis it does raise questions as to what is going on and why."

the great unwashed auctioneers and their pants

Firstly, "pants" means underpants in the UK.
Why? not enough words for underpants, I guess.
It's enough of a euphemism for them to use
it as a derogatory noun for things they hate,
 and snicker away for hours. e.g.
"This auction is pants!" A pants auction that is itself pants.

[can I just touch it?]
[a see a skidmark! Literally the King's skidmark]

Anyway, getting a wedgie is an insult,
not only because others are mishandling
your shorts (euph) but that others
are viewing them, in public. Being pantsed.
Oh, the ignominy.

[Uhhhhhm, perhaps mores have changed since I was in grade school]

Now, dead famous folks' families have to
endure the grave-robbing underwear snatchers,
because there's money in those ass girdlers.
and there was an auction minimum that had to be cleared,
I guess, so that the pants thieves could keep
their public image.... as spotless as their
products. i.e. soiled underpants of Elvis

You know you're a god when...

I've heard of this for Maria Callas, whose
family moved too quickly for the ass market.
Princess Diana's should have moved faster, but they're
effete minor royals.

To Pantsland, the Graceland of the Pants

chuckle away: Guardian
Elvis Presley's bible sells for £59,000
However, a pair of Presley's soiled underpants worn underneath his famous white jumpsuit, failed to meet its £7000 reserve price
Cass Jones
guardian.co.uk, Saturday 8 September 2012 22.31 BST
A bible used by Elvis Presley has sold at auction for £59,000.
The holy book, given to the singer on his first Christmas in Graceland in 1957, was expected to fetch around £25,000 but went for more than double its value.
But a pair of Presley's unwashed and soiled underpants, worn underneath his famous white jumpsuit during a 1977 concert performance, went unsold.
Elvis Presley's soiled underpants A pair of briefs belonging to Elvis Presley, unwashed and still soiled, went unsold after failing to meet their reserve price.

watch as Eddie Murphy uses pants to slay a white god,
who, I guess, did look like he needed a weight-loss
session in the bog. I'm sure Eddie had visions of
greatness too, as a young comic. He's had his ups
and downs, but I think the police record for
requesting the services, in his car, of a tranny
hooker will be his "fart moment" and written on
his grave stone. It's a whoring business, that
movie business.

swept away, by Rockaway Beach

Tornado touches down in the beach district of New York city.
Impressive to have a beach in such a huge city.

get carried away by the Ramones:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

You Tweet-iot!

Just as with Facebook, people on Twitter
have lost their jobs by flaming their bosss
and customers.
It takes Facebook to un-wife yourself by
listing yourself as "single" for all the
sexy single ladies.
As recent history has shown, Twitter has
a particular flaw by being hooked to
your nervous system, through your 3G
Idea goes through part of the brain, straight
to 3G and on to Twitter, before you've had
a chance to engage your super-ego,
that fatty part of your brain that does
all the fact-checking and looking around
corners to see if anybody is snooping.
So, the shit hits the fan. People have
become Twitter Famous for being morons.
from Hollywood reporter:

Pop-Culture Tweet-iots
9. Jessica Simpson: "Sometimes learning the language in my head can be just as hard as communicating with someone foreign. alone time on flights get me everytime." [If I use my brain, I'll turn ugly-Cos67]

10. Mary J. Blige: "Why is that people always try to understand estimate my intelligents?! They should never do that!"[It's the passion that counts- Cos67]
7. Paris Hilton: "No, no, I didn't go to England; I went to London."[Crazy bird got on a plane and didn't know what country she went to. Without peace, order & good government, she'd be dog meat- Costick67]

Political Tweet-iots:
Louise Mensch, of the hacking enquiry
defending the indefensible,
a hacking media hack, Piers Moron

Christmas Tweet-iots- the spoilt twat
I phone or I pad, or European car was not under the Christmas tree,
and BOOM, they were bawling on Twitter.

Twitter-stotle- Tweet philosophers

Max Keiser ‏@maxkeiser
For millions of years, mankind lived in groups of around 140, deemed to be the optimal social setting; now we tweet in 140 characters: alone

Tweetness- Twitter gods
Nobody can beat the guy who does haiku and limerick Tweets.

Hey-by Bab-by. How's-by your Puss-by

Now that we know the Pussy Riot campaign to be an
Amnesty/State Department co-production, I can really
lay into this media scam.
[beats wearing a bag]
What's with the ski masks that the broads are wearing?
They remind of Mush Mouth from the Cosby show.
Except they speak Russian.

Kak-by diela-by?
Minia-by zavoot-by Puss-by Riot-by

At 3:25 Bab-by

Sea-by turtles-by

The Riots of the Pussy:
Performance-by art-by for Hillar-by

"Don't laugh. It demeans what we're doing here"

These Riot Grrrrls were once part of Voina, a performance art
group that used sex to protest the Putin-Medviedev tag team of
politics. I mean sexual acts. That, my friends, is going all the way
for their art, and their politics.

And, when you see their faces, you'll understand why the Pussies
insist on wearing ski masks.

chuckle away:

Mark Ames: "stripped completely naked, and started having a real no-bullshit XXX orgy underneath a banner that read: “Fuck For The Successor Medvedev”.

Artnet.com sale of photos from the event:
A Fuck for the Teddy-Bear Heir, 2008, 
Biological Museum, Moscow.  
by Matthew Bown
It took members of Voina (pronounced va-ee-NA) 23 seconds to draw a very large, erect penis on the Liteiny Bridge in St Petersburg.

Exiled online
eXile Classic / Recovered History / Russia Babylon / August 22, 2012
How Pussy Riot Troupe “Voina” Got The eXile Censored in 2008: The Lost Story
By Mark Ames

This story was first published in the defunct Radar magazine on March 7, 2008

How “liberal” is newly-anointed Russian President-elect Dmitry Medvedev, the one so many people are saying represents a possible thaw in post-Putinpolitics? My Moscow newspaper just found out the hard way—one of Russia’s leading printing presses censored us yesterday over a page-six photo essay that we’d headlined “Fucking For Medvedev.”

It is the first time in the 11-year history of The exile, that our newspaper has ever been censored. What’s odd about it for us is that the “Fucking For Medvedev” spread, while not exactly family-friendly, is hardly the most shocking thing we’ve ever printed; we’ve run a cover depicting a nearly-nude Putin fucking Bill Clinton from behind, another cover depicting Putin as a midget in the Hitlerjugen getting his head patted by a pleased Fuhrer, and a cover demanding that President Yeltsin “Die Already!” during one of his many illnesses.

The offending article/photo essay in the current issue covered a hardcore anti-Medvedev orgy by a performance art troupe named “Voina” (or “War”).

[Slightly less censored versions of the photos in question after the jump—they're still plenty NSFW!]

Last Friday, the troupe slipped into Moscow’s Biology Museum, stripped off their clothes, and started to fuck—like, really, genuinely fuck—on the museum floor, under a banner reading “Fuck For The Successor Medvedev.” Their “art performance” lasted about 10 minutes before museum security pounced.

It didn’t take long for the troupe to exploit their performance, posting photos on the Russian-heavy Live Journal blogosphere and mass-mailing the media. But only a few outlets picked up the story—perhaps it had something to do with all the extreme hardcore photos of a fully-pregnant woman getting nailed from behind by a pasty little bohemian, whom we see in the first few photos desperately trying to wank himself to life for the performance.

We were the first to print the story in all of its skanky, gory detail—or rather, would have been the first, until our printing company, formerly Pravda’s printing house, halted the presses because, they alleged, the spread “offended the honor of the president”—currently a crime punishable by jail in Russia—and that it was “pornographic,” which is also legally gray and restricted. They were so incensed that they threatened to destroy our files—until we reminded them that doing so would itself be a crime.

With just over an hour to change the page and get it approved, we took the files back to our office and redid page six as one giant black page, with a small white box in the middle that read: “In Loving Memory of the Vladimir Putin Era 2000-2008.”
When we delivered the new proofs to the printers, they scoured our new blackened page, nervously suspicious that we’d planted some kind of evil American hidden-meaning-bomb into that obviously ironic little eulogy.

Screenshot of The eXiled’s first and only censored spread

There’s a lot of anxiety and timidity these days in Russia, the sort that sweeps over the country with every change of power, and these guys didn’t want to be the first ones loaded onto cattle wagons and sent off to the Kolyma gold mines. Finally, confident that we’d only delivered a single layer of irony, they printed up the edition, and it was distributed without incident.....
· Letters
  5. Captain History  |  August 27th, 2012 at 6:57 am
Pussy Riot was banished from Voina for professionalism. They took Western money and management; that’s a no-no.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

I knew Ottawa was a gov town, but 6000 rimjobbers?

How to move up in the government. Be a rim-jobber.
Alas , the RIM company is no more what it once was.
There's IT in Ottawa, like Adobe, but in the phone business,
if you sleep for a second, you lose.
For a time, all business types had one of those. Now, they
can't give them away in Europe.
Spectacular failure.
They should have sold the moment they realised they
were gonna get swamped. What's an extra billion, anyway.
If I understood right, the originators got 10 billion
instead of the 40 that they could have had, when they
sold this year, to some Koreans.
I can't find the right story on their trajectory,
but according to  marketwatch, their
52-week high was 
and they are now at 7.27, 
near their 52-week low of
CORRECTION. found the chart for the last DECADE.
you investors out there are gonna SCREAM when you see the high.
150 currency units
in 2008. now it's 7 and change.
That, my fans, is what we call a roller coaster.

looking for honest media

 I've been getting the majority of my news from the web for

4 years now. I don't even have a tv, which makes me a rebel.

I can't even watch the non-news on BBC and Sky,

repeated every 15 minutes. It becomes a news tautology.

If they say it often enough in the news, it must be news.

Covering the "political conventions" in the US:

Luke Rudkowski Luke Rudkowski @Lukewearechange
Does anyone know the cross streets of where the MSNBC
outside studio is in Tampa

Steve Andermoon @StvAndermoon
@Lukewearechange At the corner of Cheerleading &
Irrelevance; can't miss it!
Retweeted by Luke Rudkowski

Soldout media: Cenk

Face-Plant lag

The time it takes from somebody being accused of something
on national news and his whole life story being lifted off
Facebook and projected , with all warts included, to the
I hope that keeps some narcisists from friending everybody
and latching onto everybody. Probably not.

Be careful with external links. These newspaper people
could ask you to add their story
to your Facebook page.

chuckle away: Post Gazette of Pittsburgh

Suspect's Facebook page detailed her 'pregnancy'
August 24, 2012 3:21 pm

Kaitlynn Riely and Sadie Gurman / The Pittsburgh Press

On Monday, after Breona Moore posted a picture of the newborn baby she said was hers on her Facebook page, the notes of congratulations from her friends came first.

"Awe ... he's handsome ... like congrats boo!!!!," wrote one friend.

And then came requests for details about the birth.

Did she have a C-section? Was she feeling OK? What hospital was she in? When was she leaving? And what size was her baby?

The 19-year-old responded that she had a C-section, that she was in pain and that she was in Magee, referring to Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC in Oakland.

She posted that she would leave Thursday, around 11 a.m., and that she would bring the baby to a picnic in Mellon Park where she expected to see friends Saturday.

She wrote that her baby was "& lbs 22 ounces 19 inches," likely meaning to type 7 pounds.

On Thursday, after police arrested Ms. Moore and charged her with kidnapping 3-day-old Bryce Coleman as his mother and father were preparing to leave Magee, there are many more questions being posed to Ms. Moore, who was arraigned this morning after being arrested Downtown Thursday evening with Bryce, who was safe.

And on her Facebook page, even as they expressed shock to hear of Ms. Moore's arrest, her friends posted notes saying they were surprised she wasn't pregnant.

"I Went To School w. Her Yooo , And I Thought She Was Really Pregnant! Dats Wat She Was Tellin Everybody And It Looked Like It," a woman wrote on Ms. Moore's Facebook page Thursday.

Months ago, Ms. Moore started posting pictures and notes about her pregnancy on her Facebook page. In April, she posted an ultrasound photo and later posted a photograph showing herself, looking at her midsection, with writing on the photograph that said "Baby Boy!," "Na'vaiz," "09/14/2012" and "Hi Mommy."

In May, she posted a picture of herself holding a baby's shirt and posted more ultrasound photographs that she arranged in a collage with the words, "It's a Boy!" She also posted a photograph of herself in May, posing to show what she presented as her growing midsection and saying she had "4 more months to go!"

For the past 9 months, Saevon Josey, 19, believed he was the father of Ms. Moore's unborn child. He said today that Ms. Moore told him she was pregnant in December, that he took parenting classes, took her shopping for baby clothes and that she arranged a nursery.

On his Facebook page Monday, which is listed under the name Sour D'nardo Devinchi, he wrote "Welp today's the day my life changed an god blessed me with my son..Navaiz Nasir Josey welcome."....

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/region/suspects-facebook-page-detailed-her-pregnancy-650379/#ixzz265j4eipa

four war more years- d

Slogan: forward --> four war more years -democrats

[Illinois Nazis- Rahm the Leb & Milton the Mooch, and the boys]

In this day of super packs buying elections, like people
bet on horses (two horse races, that is). It's nice
to see that the s.h.i.t.t. packs, like weRchange 
are so mobile and creative (below).
If Prez Barry wants four more years for warfare, then
he's gotta be better than Romney.
[Luke Rudkowski and young chick. we are change]

"just got paid today, got me a pocket full of change"

"Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its right to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress."
— Isocrates

join the War Party