Monday, 20 February 2017

Russkie business

Will Trump get to sidle up to Russia and
quell the beating of the war drums? Not
so sure.

I think what we have here, for various
reasons, is an attempt by a Deep state
apparatus to derail president Trump.

It's no surprise that Trump vs CIA
and Trump looking like Kennedy have
been themes recently.

We all know now that Kennedy was
iced by the secret service guys for similar

So what is Russia selling to the US? Is it
the culmination of so many years of hard
work by Putin, against sanctions and
rhetoric and warmongering on Russia's
doorstep? Or is it a dark train ride to

It certainly is Risky Business

Who is Guido the Killer Pimp in this story?
Chuck Schumer?
John McCain?
Bill Kristol
Do they have links to the Dark side?
They have all insinuated that they do.

It's not wise to encourage the Deep State: