Saturday, 16 April 2011

proving that god is in the general neighbourhood

the glorified candelabra was on

the land that was promised

the genocide

the apartheid

the evictions

the caging and hunting of a nation, denied rights, legitimacy and humanity

the phosphorus bombs

[phosphorus burns, in case you're wondering]

the bemused look of the world, unable to do anything

the control of the superpower

all of them prove that god was sorta nearby.

maybe that's where the oppressors are supposed to be.
stuck on a rocky outcrop. Mauling other humans, and living with themselves.

More soon

new gameshow breaks the mould wide open

combining two awkward British reality shows into one sure-fire hit.

Show 1:
How to look good naked.
I don't really understand this show.
Gok Wan finds a bunch of women who hate their own bodies.
And what's his solution? convince them to strip naked on daytime tv,
or in a shopping mall near you.

So, what was these ladies' problem? Was it their self esteem, or the fact that nobody
would look at them? I've gotta say, even if they're ugly, car-crash theory says, we're gonna
look. I wonder how that could make anybody who's truly shy, feel any better.

Unless, under all that flab, they're actually exhibitionists.
Don't worry, Gok is neither a porn king, nor a dirty old bastard. He's quite gay, and
so he can actually understand women's feelings. Good for him @ sarc.

Show 2:
The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
As best I can remember this show, impeccably-dressed gay guys try
to make frumpy, boring straight man dress better.
I always wondered if they were just looking for a cross-over lay.
Anyway, the prancing and preening got tiring.

New Show:
The Straight Eye for How Women Can Look Good Naked

Rule number one: No fat chicks.

Rule number two: just be yourself

[it helps if your self is sizzling hot]

Rule number three: I'll be the judge of everything. Who's Simon Cowell?

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

who wants to be a billionnaire?

Cos67's stock market quiz

Study the recent history of the US Federal Reserve and come back prepared.

Question 1
Cash giveaways from the Fed are designed for:
a struggling American companies
b stockbrokers' wives
c European banks with a cashflow problem
d American homeowners whose house value is underwater

If you said C, then you're right.
take $50 Million, tax free from the Bernank

Question 2
Being under investigation for fraud in the US means
a a trip to jail
b confiscation of assets
c an orange suit
d a cash giveaway from the Federal Reserve Bank

If you said d, your sensing a trend here

Question 3
If you were two days from declaring bankruptcy
a you would start packing boxes
b you would hire lawyers
c you would get saved by the Federal Reserve
d you would steal your employees' pensions

Although d is tempting for bankers, the answer is c.

Question 4
If you had been bailed out by the ECB, then
a the party begins
b you owe a debt of gratitude to Europe
c you are adding to Europe's problems
d you are still eligible for a bailout from the Federal Reserve

Too many choices, but d is correct.

Question 5
If you were proud of your actions you would
a tell the world
b write a blog entry
c tell your mom
d try to keep it a secret until the Official Secrets Act means you have to actually tell the US taxpayers what you did with their money

Take a guess what the Federal Reserve did? They tried to keep it a secret, but Congress got them.

Alright, so you've got all 5 questions correct. Collect your $9.2 billion,
Dexia sure did.
this is the story of Belgium's Dexia. Same MO as the other big banks.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Fed’s Biggest Foreign-Bank Bailout Kept U.S. Municipal Finance on Track
By Bob Ivry - Apr 7, 2011 3:00 AM GMT
A European bank that got the most Federal Reserve discount window help during the financial crisis received a total of about $300 billion in loans, guarantees and cash infusions from governments and central banks. It also owned subsidiaries implicated in bid-rigging that prosecutors say defrauded U.S. taxpayers.

Details of Fed lending released last week show that Dexia SA (DEXB), based in Brussels and Paris, borrowed as much as $37 billion, with an average daily loan amount of $12.3 billion in the 18 months after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. collapsed in September 2008. The House subcommittee that oversees the Fed plans hearings on the central bank’s discount window lending to offshore financial institutions next month.

By lending to Dexia, the Fed kept money flowing into local government projects throughout the U.S. as well as the money market funds that invested in them. Dexia guaranteed bonds issued by entities as varied as the Texas State Veterans Land Board in Austin and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

“If Dexia went bankrupt, it could have been a catastrophe for municipal finance and money funds,” said Matt Fabian, a Concord, Massachusetts-based senior analyst and managing director at Municipal Markets Advisors, an independent research company. “The market has extensive exposure to foreign banks.”

Friday, 15 April 2011

this one doesn't start until the fat lady sings

I know we've got little more than reality shows and economic woes in our lives,
but this new opera was a pretty good idea.
As you know, rich overly-self-important people go to watch opera, where
fat folks scream at the top of their lungs.
we also know that, as an art form, it's as dead as classical music.
No good operas have been written since the 19th century.

This one here is about Anna Nicole Smith, an oversexed, over-siliconed
caricature of a woman tried to get the max out of her assets.
Her tits: fake
Her name: fabricated
Her taste in men: classed as "gold-digger"

When her routine stopped working, she married a rich old man.
Nowadays, that sounds so normal. However, she died in her 30s.
So, cue the tragedy.
And it's a new opera. Apparently, it doesn't stink.
I think it's called "Anna Nicole"
Here are some iconic moments

Here, it looks like Anna Nicole has stars in her eyes and she climbs onto the old man
just to help her see the stars, or the money. She is paying little attention to the old
guy nor the fact that she might be squashing him. Regardless, the old geezer was
probably loving it. Note the piss bag at the back.

Can't have an opera without a chorus of the community,
or in this case,
the family of her dead husband.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

18 February 2011 Last updated at 09:24 GMT

Anna Nicole Smith opera opens for business
By Vincent Dowd Arts reporter, BBC News
Anna Nicole Smith is played by Dutch Soprano Eva Maria Westbroek

Reviews round up: Anna Nicole

Anna Nicole Smith found fame and infamy in equal measure, as a 25-year-old Playboy model and the bride of an octogenarian multi-millionaire more than 60 years her senior.

Some said she was the ultimate gold-digger and for many she became a figure of fun.

When she died of an overdose in 2007 it made news around the world.

Now, her life is the basis of a new opera in London.

Three years ago, the Royal Opera House approached composer Mark-Anthony Turnage to write a new work.

Few composers would turn down the chance to play with Covent Garden's huge resources, but the small matter remained of finding a subject.
The Opera House had already said it favoured a contemporary story with a touch of humour but nothing really coalesced until Turnage met Richard Thomas, co-author of Jerry Springer: the Opera.

The two men discussed topics and eventually alighted on one they both found interesting: the short life and early death of Smith.

Elaine Padmore, Covent Garden's director of opera, liked the idea but knew a piece depicting actual named people needed handling with sensitivity.

"Much of Anna Nicole's life is in the public domain, there's masses of stuff on Google.

"But we've had lawyers working with us from the beginning about every aspect of the way it looks and the words we use."

Covent Garden was unusually wary about giving journalists and critics access to the project as it developed, but is confident the show is legally watertight.
All this contrasts with the high-profile poster campaign for the opera, showing the Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek glamorously made up as the star.

'Tough life'

For now there are only six performances in London but international interest has been great and it is hoped the opera will be seen elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Turnage and Thomas have been doing their best to concentrate on writing a modern opera on a demanding theme aimed at a broad audience - a pretty tough commission even without the legal considerations.

"But it's an opera not a documentary," says Thomas.

"As soon as you put someone on stage and musicalise them, you're also mythologising them. Anna Nicole was already a totally larger-than-life personality."

Turnage, composer of Greek and The Silver Tassie, stresses the work is basically sympathetic to its central character.

"We don't trash her. People might think we're just taking the mickey out of her at Covent Garden. But we show she had a tough life and came from a very poor background".

Turnage says choosing a US topic had two big advantages.

"She was global in a way that, say, Jade Goody in Britain wasn't. Also, for me as a composer, it conjures up a sound world of American music. I'm a big jazz fan for instance and wanted to explore that."

"I've used Peter Erskine, a great jazz drummer, and the guitarist John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin. There are references to jazz, to soul music, to Broadway musicals. It's quite a hybrid."

Astounded and overjoyed

So was his ambition to write an approachable score to bring in new audiences?

"It's more accessible than a lot of my works. And three-quarters of the piece is comic so there'd be no point writing very dour, spiky music," he explains.
[The real Anna Nicole Smith (alias) "I gotta bit of an itch"]

Learn to speak a language the Fabio-lous way

Apparently, the coach of the English football team, Fabio Capello has managed to
hold sway over his very rich charges with the use of only 100 words of English.

not sentences, just words. Luckily he works in the language black-hole that is football.
Just look at the fans. They learn their songs in childhood, and that's it.
The play-by-play commentators are laconic:
"a pass"
"a kick"
"it's just great!"
"f^%*&*king female refs...lesbians"
The Fabio dictionary:
1 ball
2 cup
3 player

I'd like to get the 100 magic words that would work on bankers to get them to
stop screwing up everybody's work, budget and stuff.

I think I'll get some help and get back with the news.

Possible Stockbroker dictionary:
[expanding to expressions, since they're mostly native speakers]
1 corporate welfare
2 heads I win, tails you lose
3 tax haven
4 coke and whores, the daily double

more later

from the Washington Times:
Sky Sports commentator fired for sexist comments
LONDON (AP) - One of British soccer’s leading television commentators was fired Tuesday, a day after being taken off the air and temporarily suspended for making sexist remarks about a female match official.
Andy Gray, the face of Sky Sports’ soccer coverage for the past 20 years, was dismissed by the broadcaster after “new evidence of unacceptable and offensive behavior” that took place off-air last month.
The former Scotland striker and broadcast colleague Richard Keys had been reprimanded and removed from duty Monday for making derogatory comments about lineswoman Sian Massey, former referee Wendy Toms and West Ham executive Karren Brady.
“Andy Gray’s contract has been terminated for unacceptable behavior,” Sky Sports managing director Barney Francis said Tuesday. “After issuing a warning yesterday, we have no hesitation in taking this action after becoming aware of new information today.”
Francis was referring to footage that appears to show Gray making a suggestive comment and gesture toward Sky Sports colleague Charlotte Jackson in the studio. [was it two hands cupped upwards? that means "chest infection"- Cos67]

The outspoken Gray was widely reported to be earning $2.7 million a year from Sky. He worked in studio for Fox Soccer Channel in Los Angeles during the World Cup last year and was an analyst for ESPN at the 2008 European Championship.

London-based law firm Schillings said it has “been instructed by Andy Gray in relation to the termination of his contract by BSkyB.”

He made a name for himself with his forthright opinions _ particularly on referees _ and insight into soccer, and for embracing technology to revolutionize the way viewers saw the game.

The 55-year-old Gray was broadcasting the Premier League match between Wolverhampton and Liverpool on Saturday when he and Keys make disparaging remarks about Massey, who was officiating the game.

Gray questioned whether Massey knew the offside rule, a basic rule in soccer, and made an abusive reference to Toms, saying she had been “hopeless” as a lineswoman.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Enjoy yourself while your money's still worth something

[Party like a Canadian, with Guy Lombardo's "Enjoy yourself"]

Let's congratulate the superwealthy, who have hoovered up all the world's cash.

They are still thoughtful though. If their living-it-large has cost you your job, your mortgage and your healthcare and you're living on the street with your family and dog,

then wait right there. JP Morgan runs the food-stamp program in the US. Without JP Morgan,
the poor would starve. @sarc

They provide plenty of work as servants, and for entrepreneurs who can entertain them.

more later, such as

Bank orgy

Hoarding will lead to collapse. It is written, grasshopper!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

shad- app

the bullshit application.
turn on tv news, spread liberally

How do you know when a politician is lying?
The mouth is open.

Ever watch tv and want to express an opinion about somebody, particularly a politician
and their propensity to lie?
Well, here's your chance.

Sit on your couch, turn on the BBC and watch them stroking the politician,
giving him easy questions and accepting his ludicrous answers.

Would you, like a true democrat, want your voice to be heard?
Grab your multi-media phone and start up the
1 Choose the e-mail address of the tv station.
2 you have several choices of comment:
__ liar
__ freaking liar
__ bloody liar
__ fraudulent misrepresentation
__ stealing from old ladies
__ there may be an ounce of truth there
__ shut yer pie-hole
__ I'm gonna shoot my tv
3 choose one and press send
4 sit back, and watch the pie charts fly

The television station will thank you for this immediate vox pop, and even give out prizes.
[the wonders of evolution]
more soon

um, we're South of those guys who've been committing genocide against us

[displaced peoples camp in Darfur- Guardian]
a Toast to country number 193. You're making mapsellers very happy.

It's time for South Sudan to take a stand on the world stage.
Good luck.
If you got oil, there's gonna be an American guy knocking on your
door very soon, if they haven't been babysitting your independence drive

Saturday, 9 April 2011

They're armed and dangerous: Russian women

This here is a most excellent
use of cartography
for the betterment of mankind and womankind.
It's actually less about cartography and more about weird people, going around
the world with a tape measure, and a smile of their faces,
saying "you got a second for us to ....uh, size you up?"
[thanks to the Frank Skinner Opinionated show]

Breast-size map:
RED= motorboat (jiggle your face in between left & right appendages)
orange=ok, for a Monday
yellow= don't call me, I'll call U
green, blue= we must, we must, we must increase our bust!
say it!

penis size map-
Green=porn star (or unemployed at home, jerking off)
yellow= gigolo
pink= you won't be seeing much of the other pink, my friend
red= forget about it!
open a convenience store and make money off of drunk horny people

My first points to comment on are:
wow, where do you get work like boob censusing? or sensing.
I'll use the force!
I swear, I've got a sixth sense about them.
Well, Canucks are above average in the guys' contest, and average with the ladies.
while the Russian gals have such plenty to go around, the guys are relatively absent in their department. That's why Russian gals are popular all over the world, even when they're spies, and yet there's no market in Russian-made porn. No fellas meet the "standard".
About the UK, which has an average score on the ladies' side; this doesn't really make sense.
Although small breasts are all the rage over here these days,
[what with their making you look for them, and their permanent perkiness. no sag, will shag!]
[BUTT, I digress]
the British gals are stacked like no other nation I've seen.
Unnaturally tipping forward, I mean!
It's not just the flabby beerhall gals, it's most women.
So, I gotta start my own research campaign!
Turn the UK security level up to yellow, maybe orange, NO! RED! Red alert!
Tatas at 3 o'clock
Always in the service of my adopted nation, am I!
more later

Monday, 4 April 2011

teach a man to fish...

[two presidents, father and son, George the Elder and George the Younger, go fishing]

That's my pole, you knucklehead.
I made you president, and you still can't fish, you f%&kin moron!
GWB43: Karl Rove used to take care of that.
GHWB41: Shoulda sent you hunting with Dick Cheney. He always had an itchy trigger finger.
Get that stupid look off your face.
GWB43: Cain't. I was born with it, daddy.
GHWB41: I guess I shouldn't have diddled the maid then, should I?
and cut that Texas accent. You were raised in Cape Cod, and went to Harvard & Yale.
GWB43: was I? did I?
[Warren catches a friend- Something about Mary]
-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Cos67 might be a prophet, part 1

[don't lick it, it'll hurt.]
I seem to remember a story I wrote last summer "bird lovers kill cat lovers"
Domesticated cats are cute, furry and purr nicely,
so every stoopid bourgeois family has to have one.
BUTT, they ravage one of the
last wild animal groups that dares enter human cities,
Cats kill the birds, not for food, because cats get fed well at home.
It's just for sport.
They kill millions of our tweety friends.
Anyway, the residents of Bremen, Germany
are not going to take it anymore.
They're gonna neuter cats.
[that's a big thumper]
-Cos67 ¬(&^D>
German officials order all stray cats to be neutered
City of Bremen to take drastic action to tackle out-of-control feline population, which threatens local songbirds
* Helen Pidd in Berlin
*, Thursday 24 March 2011 15.03 GMT
All stray cats in the north German city of Bremen are to be neutered under plans by the local council which campaigners hope could be extended to the whole country.

The drastic measure has been proposed by Bremen's interior minister, Ulrich Mäurer, in an attempt to control the city's burgeoning feline population, which is threatening local songbirds.

The local cat shelter used to look after around 120 cats at any one time. Now it has 378 on its books and fears that number will soon reach 500. In addition, at least 1,000 stray cats roam the streets, chasing birds and, it is feared, spreading disease.

"There are so many that the situation has got out of control," said Wolfgang Apel, chairman of the Bremen Animal Protection Society, which has started a petition inviting visitors to support mandatory castration. "They are becoming a burden to the public," he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

One can't get One's Cornflakes, innit?

...when the Fortnum & Mason store is full of tax-evasion activists.

It just happens that the protest was very peaceful, and just wanted to make the point that the Queen's grocer was not paying its taxes, because it was offshoring its profits.
[the protest. No £100 chocolate Easter eggs were broken]

Apparently, you can mess with Vodafone, with Philip Green's Arcadia stores,
the coppers did use pepper spray at Boots chemists (getting warmer),
but don't mess with the her highness, Queen HRH Lizzie!
The UKUncut crew tried this and the police set up a crafty sting to get the protesters
to walk themselves into a police van. 140 or them were arrested, under false charges.

"Hellay! This is your Queen speaking. Protect my grocers at once.
Throw those filthy protesters all in the Tower of London.

[the Tower was reserved for the treasonous. Torture there begat The London Dungeon Museum]

[the peaceful protest and the police lies]

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>
UK Uncut accuses police of politically motivated arrests
Campaign group claims police are trying to disband it following arrests at Fortnum and Mason sit-in
* Mark Townsend
*, Saturday 2 April 2011 21.44 BST
Protest group UK Uncut has signalled its intention to continue occupying high street stores.

A spokesman for the tax avoidance campaigners insisted that they would not be cowed, despite concerns that the Metropolitan police was intent on disabling the group's command structure and had "politically targeted" its ringleaders. The Met has charged 138 people – practically the movement's entire leadership – with aggravated trespass after a UK Uncut occupation of Fortnum and Mason in central London during the anti-cuts march.
A meeting of UK Uncut supporters heard that those charged have had their phones confiscated. The mobiles contain details of the group's secure networks and email accounts used to mobilise and organise actions.
The group believes that the decision to charge all of those inside Fortnum and Mason was an attempt by police to crush the movement. Only two of its leaders were outside the store at the time. "Practically the entire UK Uncut was inside, but it's definitely not the end of that tactic because most people can see that this is political policing," said the spokesman.
The group is baffled as to why Scotland Yard, which rejects claims of politically motivated policing, decided to charge its members, yet in previous peaceful occupations officers took no action. Video evidence reveals a senior officer assuring protesters on the day that they would not be detained upon leaving the store.....

Globo-economy makes money go round

The modern globo-economy and the planet
have been likened to the circulation system and the human body.
money and products travel around the world at wicked speeds,
bringing growth and progress for everybody. @sarc

Actually, it's like a body on steroids and heroin at the same time, acting irrationally.
e.g. the UK imports 40 000 tons of wheat and exports 40 000 tons of wheat
If the body doesn't keep going as usual, on drugs,
it will collapse in fits on the 'ground'.

What if Japan is a hand, because it is a great manufacturing country. Make it an arm.
What if that arm stopped working due to a triple seismic, tsunami, nuclear meltdown disaster?

What if Japan turns out to be a "vital organ"? Will the globo-economy be hospitalised?
Well, Japanese car plants are closing around the world, because of a lack of parts from Japan.

International banking and arbitrage are going nuts.
Japan gave away its money for less than 1% interest (free money), for reasons I don't understand, so that bankers
could you use to buy bonds in economies in other countries with good interest rates= the carry trade.
Japan also bought lots of US government bonds.
BUTT, now the Japanese government has to rebuild its country, along with the insurers.
In order to do this, what if Japan needs to repatriate the money that it invested in US bonds and lent out to the carry trade?
Will the US economy choke?

a bionic arm. Bionics give us extra leverage. We can lift stuff that we couldn't before. The metaphor is apt. Instead of living within our means, we have taken to leverage to get what we want; happiness now and to hell with the future. Economically, we're all too highly leveraged to fail. We all have bank loans and credit cards up to the max.
What happens if you have a huge house loan and lose your job at a Japanese company?
Think: bionic arm up. scratch head.
What if the business losses caused by the disaster cause other banks or countries to go bankrupt? It could all lead to a massive hemorrhage or cardiac arrest.

what we have here is a bionic, addicted body
operating at hyper-speed,
which cannot slow down
for fear of complete disintegration,
and it just lost an arm
and is flailing about on the ground
and going nuts.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>
Japan Quake Causes Shreveport Gm Plant To Shut Down

Japan quake causes Shreveport GM plant to shut down The GM plant in Shreveport is the first one to feel the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Read more on WLOX-TV Biloxi COLUMN: NUSE SENSE There is nothing quite like the high-paced, end-to-end action of a Princeton University men’s basketball game. Read more on The Princeton Packe...

GM Plant Shut Down Due To Japanese Parts Delay

Filed under: Truck, Etc., Plants/Manufacturing, Chevrolet, GM, GMC 2010 Chevrolet Colorado - Click above for high-res image gallery General Motors has announced that the automaker is stopping production at its Shreveport, Louisiana assembly plant next week due to a parts shortage caused by the ongoing tragedy in Japan. The facility is responsible for b...
the great japanese unwind? Leo Kolivakis
....Say that again Mr. Peng? A nuclear meltdown in the world's third largest economy will not trigger another global downturn? Can central bankers cushion the blow by printing potassium iodide laden paper currency? Let's get real here, if Japan implodes, the fallout will make 2008 look like a walk in the park!
Having said this, there is a tremendous amount of hysteria going on right now and a lot of it is fueled by Japanese authorities who are not being transparent with the world on what is really going on at these nuclear plants. Along with mass hysteria comes crazy market volatility. And market participants are nervously watching the yen carry trade. Fox Money reports, Yen Hits Record High Versus US Dollar: .....

The Joker arrives in Tokyo and lays down the law

[the boss of Goldman Sachs-]
Into the latest apocalyptic Gotham mega-city under attack by the forces of darkness
and nuclear horror,
arrive the executives of Goldman Sachs
telling their employees that they should
despite the radiation.
There are important deals to close,
carry-trade money to be made,
politicians to be bought.
Staff are ordered to stay put. Executives went home.
You don't like them orders? see the video below.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>
checkitout: 2 things
I can't embed the video, so here it is:
or, this one will do:

Goldman Sachs Employees Told Not to Leave Japan | March 28, 2011 | 10:27 AM EDT

At least four Goldman Sachs executives flew into Japan last week to speak with nervous ex-pat employees about radiation fears, according to a person familiar with the situation. They also conveyed another message: don't leave Japan and don't leave Tokyo.

Employees at the investment bank's Japan offices are worried about radiation levels affecting their families, the person said. Many were asking if they could temporarily relocate out of the country or perhaps move to a location in southern Japan, farther away from troubled nuclear power plants. The were told that they should not leave Tokyo, according to the person.

Several meetings were held last week between senior Goldman executives and Tokyo-based employees. At least one meeting was held in a large conference room on one of the five floors of the Mori Tower in Tokyo, which houses Goldman's offices in Japan. Senior executives attending the meeting included Michael Evans, the firm's head of emerging markets and Asia chairman, and Ed Forst, the co-head of Goldman's investment management division. Lloyd Blankfein was testifying in the insider-trading case against Raj Rajaratnam last week.

"The message was clear: no one is to leave. If you do leave, you can't come back and expect to still work for Goldman," the person said.
The reaction has been mixed. Some employees praised the level of information about radiation levels and safety the firm has communicated to them. Others objected to the instructions to stay put.

"I get that they're trying to send a 'business as usual' message to Japan and rally the troops, but some times the party line asks too much," a source in the Tokyo office said.

Some employees have decided to relocate their families, the person said. Radiation can be more harmful to children, pregnant women and unborn children.

The orders to stay put seem to have been effective. Another person at Goldman's Tokyo offices said that almost everyone was still in place.....

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lording it over us

Just saw a documentary recently on the BBC, about how,
during medieval times, 11th/12th c. particularly,
Lords had almost complete control over the people
on their manor. I'm guessing, slaves could not just set up their own manors,
otherwise they would have.
So, to varying degrees, their lives were controlled, they were told what they
could and could not do. Most of their production of crops and livestock were taken by the Lord.
Oddly, this was largely ended by the Magna Carta, which gave freedom to the slaves, if not the vote.
Well! What relationship does this have with today?
the title 'Lord' still conjures up this medieval system, to which we are returning.
Is that intentional. Do the plutocrats want us to be ruled by slave-drivers?
We still have the title 'Lord' belonging to those whose
ancestors were essentially slave owners.
The title is also being given, upon proper payment,
to new people, who need this title
because they already have all the money
that a country could want...billions and billions.
Now they want a title, to make it official.
They want to join the upper classes.
to get all the other benefits.
[don't worry, you're not invited]
That's how it's done in this country.

The Lords of the House also want to play at being democrats by spending
some 100 days a year
in the House of Lords, the upper chamber of parliament.
They can't actually change laws.
They can blah-blah all day long,
and ask the parliament to reconsider.
That's it.

Unfortunately, we are, as a society, falling back into habits of
slave owner and slaves.
them versus us.
Those who have money and
those who have to work ever harder,
if there is work.

So, the title of Lord needs to be modernised.
Either the House of Lords will try to end the control by the plutocrats
(government, banks, big offshore businesses)
or they will be linked, by association, once again to the title of
Lord and Slave-owner

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>