Saturday, 24 April 2010

Avatar Ishtar

You know that film-makers are in trouble when they reach for the 3D schtick.
It means their movies stink, and they have no imagination left.
Things were great when Arnold and Clint ruled. All they needed were explosions and guns.
Folks seem to be sick of that, and film-makers actually hate telling proper stories.

So, here we are with Avatar. The BBC 5Live critic just crapped on it as being mostly about the technology and not the story.
She said that 3D was better in the '50s.
I beg to differ. The '80's were a seminal period, in more ways than one, for the third dimension.

The center of the 3D world was Second City Television
and YouCatso Home Video:

The Doctor Tongue quadrilogy

swinging at ya: stewardess hump-humps

on your suit: wax

hopping your way: IHOP*

food poisoning projectile vomit: Beef stake

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>
* International House of Pancakes (US)

Death never looked so good

I sense a conspiracy here. Firstly, art is art, but movies now cost 50-150 million clams.
Therefore, producers have to scare up a lot of money. Interestingly, Steven Speilberg lost money to Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme.
His colleagues've probably gone begging to Wall Street bankers and other plutocrats.
They all (producers, too) likely view health care, education and pensions as a waste of money,
even though they don't pay taxes.
However, they're not trying to save money for the government by encouraging people to kill themselves.
A dead person can't sue Wall Street for fraud. If you're broke and nobody will do pro bono work for you, Wall Street gets away with the crime of the century (I think that was a movie) and you starve to death.
Anyway, the financiers seem to have affected film-makers' choice of topics.
If anybody wants to research this, I think he'll find a perponderance of recent
spirit, ghost & afterlife movies.

[pic- the Spirit]
[pic- Ghost town ]
[pic- Have a nice afterlife]
[pic- Extinction]
[pic- Ghost Writer]
[pic- Smells like ...the Spirit of Scarlett]

Let's rock. Going to a party where noone's still alive!
Leave your body and soles at the door. No shoes, please.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>