Monday, 29 April 2013

How one game trains blinkered fascists

I was playing a kids' game yesterday that is certainly played by
adults, but the real version is being played out by oligarchs
all over the planet as they re-write the rules of the game.

The result is fixed. Heads, they win. tails, we lose.

The game I was playing has so many of the rules of the bankocracy
that it just shocked me.

The game is monopoly, that fair-and-balanced game with the fair-and-
balanced name.
Steven Wright said once, that he was upset because Monopoly was
made by only one company.

if you play, you'll notice:

-one person has to be the "banker"
*the banker gets all the money from real-estate deals
*the banker collects all government fines. No tax man.

-the water works are private and if you own it, you can charge "rent"
[economic rent is a fascistic practice]

-the jail function works, unlike in our bankocracy
* interesting how a game without government still has a jail for
bad businessmen. It's probably intended for whistleblowers who
express Communistic interests in protecting consumers or the

-if you want to buy property, you have to have cash. No loan system
* this actually takes away the great advantage that oligarchs have
over us. they often own bank shares and can make electronic money
on a computer screen and go spend it.

-it doesn't matter if a passerby is innocently passing, or not. You
can charge him rent. It's as if you own the sidewalk too.
*however, free parking is available, on one square

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Psy props in Oxford

You've heard of psy-ops, well this is
Psy props
The now- former- Gangnam-craze guy went
through many phases. He taught Madonna,
He danced everywhere on the planet.

But, he got major props in Oxford since the 
Oxford Union president was a Korean. 

[this is how it's done]

By the way, Gangnam was not sung completely
in Korean. What do these words mean:

sexy lady

I guess those words are recognised in most parts of the world.

forthcoming story to be added 

Female insecurity solved

Female insecurity, as men perceive it, is a massive
force in society. It is literally the beginning of all
things evil and a huge waste of money.

If a woman is insecure, it is often expressed in
her hating something about her body, completely
neglecting how sick her mind appears to others
who are watch her self-flagelate.

Then the woman has to seek solace in women's
magazines which invariably abuse women's egos.
They tell women:
10 things men hate about women
10 things men hate about women's bodies
10 things men hate about insecure women

so, women are always buying the latest thing and
blaming it on their insecurity.
Things are so bad that there's a magazine which is
trying to calm women down and although it doesn't
appear to be a very literate magazine, most of
what it says is pretty clear.

my spin on the issue:
If a guy is looking at you, only a sick one would
be looking for your flaws. If a guy looks at a woman,
the chances he's sizing her up for a date, not a
Gok Wan session, although breasts will be bared,
either way.
[nobody's perfect, including guys]
As the song says I'm not mr. right, I'm mr.
right now. That's how we think.

So, women, relax, but don't throw away all the
skin-tight clothing that we like so much. Keep
the tight stuff. That way we can sense arousal

my head is getting dizzy
Checkit: FORGOT TO GET THE NAME of the mag

Just for me today

What Men Really Think About Your Body
Posted In Health & Wellness
You Say “Flawed”, He Says “Sexy”: What Men Really Think About Your Body
By Claire Casey
This may come as a shock to you but guys have different eyeballs than you do. You know why I’m saying that?
Because when YOU look at yourself in the mirror, you see that front tooth that’s a bit crooked, the line where your bra presses in (you call this your “back fat”), the too-small breasts or the too-wide rear, your goofy knees, funny toes…. The list goes on and on.
But you know what your MAN sees? A woman he’d love to strip naked and get busy with right this instant, maybe sooner. My personal body part confession… Maybe you have a muffin top “thing,” but I used to HATE my feet.
When I was a teenager, I had surgery on my big toes (bunions, it’s such an ugly word!!) and for the next 20 years I zealously covered my feet. I never EVER owned a pair of sandals or open-toed shoes and would have died before I let a man openly look at my feet. I have a big scar running the length of both big toes. My second toe is longer. My feet are… wanky. You know. Ugh, I could make myself MISERABLE thinking about my feet.
Shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully, I found a man actually willing (he would say, desperate!) to marry me.

I hope you’re laughing now, but at the time, I found it next to impossible to think about what kind of man would marry me “even with these feet.”
3 ways MEN see your body…

If you asked my man which of my physical attributes attracted him, it’s really hard for him to move past the standard T&A answer you’d probably get from any man. You can almost see a physical effort as he drags his sex-craving brain past the chest, past the butt, and FINALLY he’ll tell you something like, “She has gorgeous shoulders…”
I bet he didn’t even know I had scars on my feet for the first 10 years we were married.
Here’s the thing: Men see your body in three ways, and it’s nothing like the way you see yourself.
1. They see what makes you WOMANLY

This means when they look at you they instantly notice the things about your body that make you uniquely a woman. Breasts, hips, ass, curves… Even the way you walk. It’s nearly impossible for a red-blooded heterosexual male to notice anything before they read the parts of your body that say: I am a woman.
Your arm flaps do not make this list. Your cellulite does not make this list. Your stretch marks do not make this list. Sorry.
2. They see what makes you UNIQUE

That chipped tooth you hate? They think it’s kind of charming. The muffin top? They can’t see it because it’s too near your ass, which they think is the finest thing in nine counties. Do you think your lips are too thin? They just love it when you smile at them. (And truthfully, when they think about your lips on their body, they are NOT thinking “Oh her lips are too thin.” I PROMISE.)
If guys notice a particular body part of yours that you think makes you hideous (and I guarantee you they would never use that term) they just think it makes you uniquely…you! And since it’s YOU they are desperate for, they want that part of you as much as the others.
3. They see what you constantly draw their attention to

This is where you have the power to rock or ruin a relationship.
When you constantly complain about your own body, a man’s desire to enjoy and love you are being eroded a little at a time. In other words, you’re rejecting him. He thinks, “I could touch her body all day,” and you say, “I’m too flabby.” You’re not only tearing yourself down, you’re tearing HIM – his thoughts, his desires for you, his excitement about you – down.
And it works the other way, too. Show off your pedicure (I do, now!), go sleeveless, wear that backless dress, and ruthlessly tease him with the body he absolutely adores.
Editors Note: Listen to the story of how an average woman “tamed” renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore, and “magically” got HIM to decide it was time to stop playing the field and date only her. (Play Video Below)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Guilty: using titles to attract attention

I am. But some of them are kinda good.

Anyway, it's wrong to judge a book by its
cover, but we do it in reality and as a

This is a well-known fact amongst book
sellers, who will do anything short of
hiring a magician to get you to buy
their books.

Titles can help this story will prove it.

Cover art will not be covered here. You'll
have to wait for a specific blog entry on that
at some later date

We're talking about the Oddest Book Title of the Year

some of them are just nuts. especially if the title
indicates the content:

God's Doodle: The life and times of the Penis
How to Sharpen Pencils
How Tea Cosies changed the world
Cooking with poo (and they don't mean the bear)

An exception to this was a title by Marina Lewycka:
A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian
which is not about tractors at all. See the trick?
This novel was actually serialised as a radio play 
on Radio 4. Some success in that.

Checkit: Telegraph

Awards that will judge a book by its cover

psychiatry: liberation or picking scabs

This coming story will take a stab at understanding
the different perspectives on whether psychotherapy
and letting it all hang out are good for you or not.

coming soon

can you imagine what life was like in 1909?

And we have books, wikipedia, historical reality shows#
on the Yesterday channel and still it's hard to imagine
what life was like back then, let alone answer trivia
questions about it.

Well, if somebody from that year was able to predict
the future, at a rate of 40%, would you be impressed,
or not? I would.

Story coming soon.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Life is an illusion

This is not a story about the philosophy which
claims that the thing we see out of our eyes
is nothing but an illusion.

It's more practical than all that. I'll try to briefly
prove my point.
We all take short-cuts when it comes to assessing
what is real and what is opinion.
Even if you get up real close to , say, a person,
you cannot understand them fully, and we
know people can't see themselves as
others see them.

Social scientists know that the closer to a
research subject you get, the more warped
a picture you'll get. Your presence affects the
subject and the subject reacts to you and
may dislike the intrusion. This is called
the observer's paradox.

So, next time someone tells you they're a
realist, put them to the test.

This is my favourite reality-bending clips
from the mind-bending Total Recall. It's
based on the novel by Philip K Dick.
In this story, in this future world, you can
have memories of trips implanted, but
then you won't know what's real and what's
bought. The film has so many more layers,
it's hard to explain here. It's so good that
Arnie was the perfect dupe:

Starbuck's covert black-coffee ops

There was once a day when Starbucks ruled
the roost when it came to coffee and tea
sales in the UK.
As with every empire, it's largely evil and so
I enjoy the inevitable slide into oblivion.
However, Starbucks is one of those aggressive
companies that can scare the casual observer.
It is so sensitive to not being liked that it has
"Stealth Starbucks" stores which are stores
without the corporate brand.
This was their decision in 2010, when they
still ruled the roost and had nothing to be
paranoid about, except the rise of competition.

Wow, how unreasonable is that. What are the
odds that somebody could make a better cup
of coffee than Starbucks? That's called a low
barrier to entry.
And if they actually had personable staff that
didn't harass customers into buying "a muffin
with that", then they would, again, be doing
Now we know that they are the globalised
tax evading corporation par excellence with
froth on top.

The froth of the tax protester!

Since they were skewered by UKUncut last year,
they might now wish to sell their wares in an alley,
out of a brown paper bag.

Bad sex gong, Part 2 the Reality Show

I enjoy how frank the French can be about sex. It is their
canvas upon which the abstract rules.

There was a lady who has admitted to bedding Dominique
Strauss-Kahn after all the craziness of the sex addicted
swinger was plastered around the planet. And she wanted
to tell the world about it.

If you think that bad sex writing is only about fiction,
think again:

Marcela Iacub is famous enough to have written an
I hope these descriptions of DSK don't leave with PTSD
half man, half pig
Pigs have a relationship with the present that humans
hardly have. They never cease relishing the incredible
luck of being alive, eating, running, sullying, wounding,
3 writing "to DSK"
 you would have used this country [IF ELECTED] to
spill your inexhaustible sperm

DSK fires back:
"the behaviour of a woman who seduces to write a book,
claiming to have amorous feelings to exploit them

He's got a point there. Although he's always up for a
shag with a woman sporting a man's haircut, you
have to wonder whether she thought he was a pig
after she shagged him, or after the NY hotel tryst
was splashed all over the news. 

checkit: International Herald Trib
why I had a love affair with Strauss-Kahn, 
king of the pigs

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

canonisation with real canons

As Rupert Murdoch and the ConDems run the
country they can create the myth that Thatcher
saved the country.
They can browbeat opposition by feigning
offence at any criticism of their matriarch.
no criticism: plenty of hagiography
They can tell lies and make Thatcher appear
all important to British history: Important enough
to drop work in parliament.

The police can tell people whether they can
protest or not.

In the end, is the government promoting the
Myth of Thatcherism, against all the proof?

They are taking the opportunity to start
petty battles with opponents within parliament.
I guess they picked the wrong victim in Sally


Sally Bercow: I won't be part of 'attempted canonisation' of Thatcher
Speaker's wife says she won't accompany husband to funeral and accuses No 10 of undermining John Bercow
    Press Association
    Sunday 14 April 2013 16.27 BST        
Sally Bercow, the wife of the Commons speaker, has said she will not be attending the funeral of Baroness Thatcher as she does not want to join in the "attempted canonisation" of the former prime minister.