Sunday, 25 January 2009

Pucker up that anus

[Times online]

I know that I sully myself by talking about this show, but I wanna, okay?
I was somewhat curious about the mix of people, so I watched a few minutes here and there. That's all I can stand because of two natural reflexes:
Within 2 minutes, reflex 1 kicked in. I thought, look at the stupid surroundings. Look at the stupid tricks they make them do. Look at the pettiness of what they show on tv.
Then the next reflex kicks in and I think "what do these people have to gain?" Most of them are famous already and rich. "Are they truly whores for the attention?"
That's a big YUP, pilgrim!
They'll do anything if the camera zooms in on their puckered hynies. It figures that the sociopath, Ulrika the Breakdown Queen, won the thing when you get a whiff of the people who were interested enough in the result to spend money on it. It's the old what's-going-on-over-the-fence mentality.
PSST! It's not real, mates & lasses!

Don't they realise that they've been cheated? Frayed knot.
Their mental age is 9 years & 3 months.
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Saturday, 17 January 2009

why the British read so much

Although this could refer to a large proportion of British people. Blighty with 70 million residents has the same market for books as the US with 4 times the residents. So, this is of importance to publishers. So, pay attention. [music list --> play 'paperback writer']
The people in question are akin to the i-Podders, shutting out the world around them. However, I'm NOT referring to the habit of ignoring others when in public which is a mainstay of any urban dweller's life. Researchers have said that city people have to ignore most of what goes on around them because otherwise their minds would become overloaded. So, we're not talking about that. [music list --> play 'the Passenger']
My main purpose is to discuss why Brits like to read so much when they could be doing something else valuable. We all know that reading enlivens the mind and particularly the imagination. This is something that tellie actually destroys. So, readers have a lively imagination and they enjoy feeding it. However, what about the benefits of being with and interacting with other people. [music list --> play 'I'm bored']
I have the feeling that they typically view others to some degree as a threat. Perhaps they'll be a threat to their safety, their equilibrium, or who knows. Nevertheless, they are most often not willing to chance it. I think that in this way they recede from life, from emotion, from passion.
You say 'emotion' or 'passion' and they think you're either a drunkard, a druggie, a sex fiend, a womaniser, or______[other perversion here].
[music list --> play 'standing in the way of control']
Another reason why the Brits read is that they are rejecting the world of politics. They know what's right, and they know what's right is rarely what happens. I can see that they're so accustomed to their politicians being a pile of lying, self-serving bastards, that they just tune them out, lest they become homicidal with rage, which helps no one. This happens even though electing a major bastard like Bliar can do quite a bit of harm to the country and its image. It's hard to find someone here who is interested at all.
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Friday, 16 January 2009

London Short Film Festival, short report

short films IN London, not ABOUT London
short attention span? no problem

This went on for 10 days, but not 24:7. Anyway, I only saw two composite shows, because I still have a job.
[music list --> as I tell you the plots, play 'Give it away']

day 1
Friday 16th Jan : God's Lonely Men night
I fit the bill, so I went.
at National Portrait Gallery (awesome building and contents, by the way)
All the producers were there except for the last one (much the same for day 2).
The main male characters were introduced as 'some really twisted dudes'. I must concur. [music list --> play 'used to be alright']
the flix
The Constant Father- Abusive father dies. Son had avoided father as an adult. Son still has flashbacks. Son feels he's now turning into his father. Best part is last 10 seconds.
Foto- Unbelievable story of man who drops out of society for months only to find himself being photographed by someone doing immoral things like paedo and murder. He says they're not real, but then he kills, and then the next film roll is ready. What'd you say?
Team Sleep- Man in small Irish town moves into new house to find the church next door rings its massive bells from 6 am every day. His efforts to rid himself of the problem get him murdered. Church is presented as being a mafia, and yet the whole town is complicit. Is this an allegory on the negative role of the Church in Eire? Shot in Gaelic.
Boy- 40ish family man with boring gardening job befriended by local boy in Yorkshire. Old guy is gay wanker, literally; the boy, as it turns out, is not. Man cries.
Inseparable- or should I say inexplicable. Seems like a woman marries one of two identical twins, the other being a drunk. Seems like the paternity results show the drunk is the father, so, the twins trade clothes and places. Say what?
Madrugada (dawn)- Son kicked out of army, goes to help his knock-down-drunk father run his hotel, with sheep for tenants, which has apparently been claimed by the council.
[music list --> play 'hotel yorba']

day 2
Saturday 17 Jan Femmes Fantastiques
at the Institute of Contemporary Art on the Mall
in the shadow of the latest Gaza protest
I missed one film, but here goes anyway:
the chix
The Escort - Good story of a government minder of children in trouble. Single mom tries to help young prostitute who, in turn, sets her up for a robbery. The mother's work role means that she gives too much time and concern to other kids, making her daughter jealous. All is patched up at the end. Note: Lead females both got awards tonight, deservedly.
Lillie- An old lady, whose only excitement is a visit from a care worker, daydreams about the post-war party where she met her (now) deceased husband, as she plays an old 78 rpm disc. Interesting to see a depiction of a senior woman who has a vibrant inner life and passion, which in her time meant the desire to dance with a bloke, and to get married.
[music list --> play 'somebody to love']
Look what you've done to my heart- Another secretive film. It seems like a young woman leaves her partner at home and goes out searching for somebody to impregnate her. I suppose her man cannot do that and they want a kid. I could be completely wrong about this.
Model artist- the producer plays artist and model in this panto which has a burlesque segment and a electro-pop segment. She's a fine-looking woman, flashing a bit of buttock. Film is otherwise kind of abstract, but cute.
[music list --> 'squeeze box']
We call her daisy- A young pregnant woman is followed as her boring day unfolds. She only has one aunt who talks to her and yearns for communication. Turns out she's pregnant by a young goof who frequents her store. One night she has a miscarriage and yet she can't part with the body for a few days. It actually pulled back from being overly shlocky and ended up being moving as a picture of a miserable modern lonely life, but her dealing with the body was seriously creepy. I had to pull back from the illusion.
Ruby- Modern Red-riding Hood tale with bad guy dressed as Granny. A good chuckle. You had a sense that the granny was grooming her tough granddaughter for the struggles of life. A timely swipe is also taken at the banks.
Not much fat in these films, but many don't develop the story enough for there to be the big 'a-ha' moment, so they're confusing. I'm not a fan of that school. Some good production values and they're done by whole teams. There were over 1000 entries to choose from, so you'll need more than a camera, Young Speilberg.