Monday, 31 October 2011

From duck soup to Won Ton soup

Wonton can-kicking Europeans go kerplunk in the South China Sea

I can't believe that the Europeans are going cap in hand to the BRICs.

What a bunch of wankers. They're so f%^&*&ked up that they can't
control their own bankers and they want the Chinese and Brazilians
to pay for it.

Keep on samba-ing, you lazy, corrupt European sons-a-bitches.
Then you'll discover the true meaning of life.

definition: duck soup= in deep shit.

checkitout: from Mish Shedlock
Sarkozy Under Fire for Seeking China’s HelpPlease consider Sarkozy Criticized for Seeking China’s Help
French President Nicolas Sarkozy came under fire from opposition leaders for seeking China’s help to resolve the euro area’s debt crisis.
“It’s shocking,” Martine Aubry, the general secretary of the Socialist Party, said in the Sunday newspaper, Journal du Dimanche. “The Europeans, by turning to the Chinese, are showing their weakness. How will Europe be able to ask China to stop undervaluing its currency or to accept reciprocal commercial accords?”
Sarkozy reached out last week to his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao to build support for an enlarged rescue fund designed to solve the region’s sovereign-debt crisis. The leaders talked just hours after a euro-region summit on Oct. 27 ended with an agreement to boost the European Financial Stability Facility to about 1 trillion euros ($1.4 trillion), leveraging existing guarantees by as much as five times.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

dem bones are boning, from now on

just f^&*kin around, from hereafter into eternity.

I'll write up something on this soon. It's just magic.

This does so much speak to the human condition.
So much culture has gone into making us forget that we have
an animalistic side that pushes us to procreate ad infinitum.
Regardless of whether we heed that message, it's there.

That act is a sign of life itself. For many, sex, drugs and
assorted debauchery are the only way they can prove to themselves
that they are alive.

We're just borrowing some skin for a while.

For those who think that you need a museum of sex (that's where the bones
are hanging it out),
it now sounds as stupid as taking S&M seriously.
Public abusive sex.
Public lionising of a basic human act.
Both stupid.
YOu'd have to be
totally numb to appreciate either one. Now the cover has come off
the urge for sex and shown itself to be a key aspect of our mortality.
We're born, we screw, we die. No matter how you dress it up.
I wish they had put some of the stupid accessories found in that
Museum onto the skeletons just
to highlight the ridiculousness of it all.

here's the right attitude. Find gal. follow the urge.

If any of our female readers is having problems, may I
recommend a visit to Dr. Cheryl Kinsey, or was it Kinkey.


French sculpter Jean-Marc Laroche has carefully crafted life-sized skeletons out of varnished resin, held together in ecstaticly sensuous positions by an invisible steel framework for his new installation up at the Museum of Sex in New York City. The show “Les Amants du Néant,” or “Lovers from the Hereafter,” will run through November 4th.

aaaargh , mateys. the voting box is over thaaaargh

we be taking over the parliaments of the world!

these are not your garden-variety Somali pirates, they're anti-politicians
with a message of free speech and against the coprighting. Companies have been trying to copyright everything up to and including oxygen and human body parts.

Their name is a sarcastic stab at the way the rich copyright holders (particularly of music) are calling anybody who transgresses against them. These dick-holders are trying to push ever-stronger copyright theft penalties in the US and beyond, and
stifling democratic dialogue in the process.

If we're gonna be guilty until proven innocent, it's better to be a pirate
than a music-buying fool.

if you want to join the Pirate Party, you need to learn to speak with a
pirate accent. Get your behind to Bristol.

As German Pirate Party Hits 10%, Some Thoughts On The Next Five Years

This morning, the German Pirate Party hit double digits in a nationwide poll. That was a landmark event, no matter how you look at it. As the first double-digit poll reverbs in the five-year-old Pirate Party community, I’d like to take some time to reflect on these and the next five years.

Not only is the German Piratenpartei polling at double digits, by the way: they are also in Kingmaker Position, holding the balance of power between the German political blocks. If this was the next election result, that means that they can ask for basically anything and make it happen in Germany and Europe. Next German elections are two years out, but this is already turning a lot of policymaking around.

(Side note: with polls around these numbers, it is imperative that the party leader with support is available to be visible faces of the party on all available media time. While completely not my decision, I would therefore suggest that some of the Berlin money for assistants go to hiring the PPDE federal party leader and one admin person at the federal level. That’s how we did it in PPSE and it has worked well: after all, a Pirate Member of Parliament don’t need an assistant to print their e-mails and tell them what’s happening on Twitter. Same goes for any other PPxx in the same situation. But anyway, that’s beside the point of this article.)


After founding the first Pirate Party, I had expected the PPSE [Pirate Party Sweden] to be alone in the world for the first couple of years, until we had had our first major success (which happened in 2009, in my fourth year as party leader, when we took two seats in the European Parliament and became the largest party for voters under 30). Instead, four sister parties sprung up just in the first week as news of the party’s foundation hit social media — then, meaning mostly Slashdot. Most of the ones in place now already existed by our 2009 success. Today, the Pirate Parties International lists 61 Pirate Parties that have started or are starting — we exist in practically all corners of Europe and the Americas, and with a scattered presence in Asia, too.

At the set-sail, I imagined that five percent in an election would be all that we needed to convert our narrow agenda into actual policy. But as five years have passed, I have realized three connected things:

■The old parties are not just assaulting free speech and exchange of opinion in general. They are assaulting the entire lifestyle and outlook of success of the entire young generation, turning free market mechanisms into mercantilism and corruption. The venerable kings of the hill are locking their privileges into law, and this goes way beyond copyright and patent monopolies.
■This means that we are not just a party for the free exchange of TICKS (tools, ideas, culture, knowledge, and sentiments). We are a lifestyle party for the entire younger generation, starting somewhere at 35-40 years of age. This lifestyle — digital natives, as some have called it, or the connected generation which I prefer — is being actively condemned and demonized by the old parties.
■As a result, the young generation today is feeling completely disenfranchised. (We once had a poster with a girl alone at a laptop, using the same image twice. Under the first, we wrote “ANTISOCIAL” over the image, signed with all the oldparties’ logos. Under the second, we wrote “SOCIAL” and ours.) All of this taken together means that we are not primarily a five-percent party for technical people, but closer to a twenty-percent party for a connected generation, including the technical people. The first sign of this materializing was PPDE’s strong breakout of the five-percent area.
One example of the Hindenburgean policymaking of oldparties is when one of the major Swedish parties left Twitter yesterday, citing “lack of manpower”. One can’t help but wonder if they have manpower to read the news? It’s not lack of manpower, it’s lack of a basic knowledge of today’s conversational landscape. (Translation by Google; not perfect but good enough:)

Futile and stupid gesture

the very definition of US foreign policy.

We used to joke that the US was trying to be Global Police, but now
you can see they're knocking off easy countries for their oil, as
well as knocking them off to raise the price of oil. That makes the
oil companies and speculators richer.

What happens when the US government needs the price of oil to fall
to keep the public from lynching them? Well, the government creates
some new tax loopholes for the oil companies, and pays to clean
up their messes. In udder words, we end up paying for it, twice.
Once at the pumps and again in the tax settlement.

It's the final countdown, Europe

The favourite phrase of big-hair bands and #Occupy Wall Street

Of course, the banksters of Europe were facing ruin this week, but EU leaders
decided to kick the can down the road, so it's still game on
before the banks implode.

What Europe has done this week is choose slavery over freedom.

as the song says "we're living together", which means some are living in the palace and others have to sleep in the cellar with the rats.

The banks cannot lose, but governments and normal people (the 99%) can always be
robbed when you know the Prime Minister or President or Capo.

The answer to all the messing around in Europe is with another super-group

ASIA . They noticed the Heat of the Moment, this week, but also noted that
it's just a lot of heat and not a lotta light. More rightly, a blimp full of
hot air.

Supergroups were formed when guys could still use brushes and hair spray without
being punched out. It was the time when the EU was also created and when the
banks were truly let loose by the two-headed libertarian Reagan/Thatcher monster.

It was a "heady" time; the birth of Too Big to Fail.
Where are those super-groups now, anyways?

Monday, 17 October 2011


How one man chooses to leak information about the government to the media:

Through the park litter bin.

Others do it in the park toilets.

Or, they leave it on the train, or in the pub.

This time the arch-two-timing spy is Olie Letwin.

more later

Essex girls are breeding

They're breeding fashion ideas.

I gotta tell you, I've had run-ins with the mythological
'Essex girl' all femininity and a 4x4 to run you down.

I'll recount my experience with a housemate, some other day.

For now, we can see that the Essex sense of self and fashion
actually has a good side. Cash.

[they look strangely Russian, to me. That's not a bad thing.]

Forget London, Milan, New York and Paris – the only way for fashion is Essex
Faiers sisters from 'structured reality' TV show days away from selling own high-glamour clothing line in House of Fraser stores
Lauren Cochrane, Friday 14 October 2011 19.21 BST Article history
Billie and Sam Faiers at the launch of fellow TOWIE star Jessica Wright's lingerie line. Photograph: Mike Marsland/WireImage
The fashion world may have spent the past month focusing on London, Milan, New York and Paris to find the latest trends, but British consumers are looking to Essex, the biggest sartorial influence of 2011. The county's style has been shoved to the fore by The Only Way is Essex, the "structured reality" show now back with a third series.
And what style it is: the women featured in ITV2's series – also known as Towie – favour an ultra-glam look with false eyelashes for a sleep-over, heels for paintballing and Botox for the under-25s.
The wider public will soon be able to emulate the style of Towie's Lauren Goodger, Lauren Pope and Lydia Bright by buying items from the clothing line of the show's sisters Billie and Sam Faiers.
GraciEve, a "fast fashion" line featuring items retailing for £30-£90, is due to be launched at House of Fraser stores nationwide next Tuesday. The line has been financed entirely by the sisters' savings and created in partnership with Essex-based stylist Jeff Mehmet.
Its "Essex look" features short lengths, body-conscious shapes, and girly prints – and the collection was snapped up by Louise Bailey, House of Fraser's contemporary and young fashion brands buyer. "It was the right timing," Bailey said. "Essex is very on trend at the moment, isn't it? It's Essex chic. I can see it translating up north and in the rest of the country."
The Faiers run a clothes shop, Minnies, in Brentwood's high street, which has been featured in the show since the start of season two. It sells labels such as Forever Unique, and Maggie and Me, and has become a magnet for hen parties from Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.
The holding page of the Minnies Boutique website received 10m hits before it launched and the site had 380,000 hits in the first 10 minutes it was live. "The response is mad," said Sam. "There will be comments asking where we got anything we wear on the show, even if it is just a new Alice band."
Up until now there have been few Essex natives in the world of fashion apart from the designer Hannah Marshall and Harlow-born Victoria Beckham. But, after years of being the subject of ridicule and bad jokes, Essex girls are in the spotlight, and their look – evolved from the white stiletto 80s stereotype – is imitated across the UK.
The pavements of Chigwell "are now more influential than the catwalks of Milan when it comes to determining the tastes of a Britain's new flash-fashion brigade", said Martin Raymond, editor-in-chief of the Future Laboratory, a trend forecasting agency. Essex style is said by its champions to be inclusive as well as aspirational – and unapologetically funBritish way of dressing.
During last week's X Factor show, the judge Tulisa Contostavlos commented that "Essex is so current right now", and the . Towie stars have featured in fashion magazines including 10, Vogue, Grazia and i-D.
Amy Childs, who was named the "ultimate Essex girl" by the magazine, has already left TOWIE and is set to star in her own show, All About Amy, next year.
Though the Faiers sisters did not train in fashion they say their retail background allows them to move into design.
A career change could yet be a shrewd move: Towie has had falling viewer figures (down 40% from the million who watched the new series' first episode) and rumours of a new MTV reality show, based in east London, surfaced on the fashion website Vice this week.
Other Towie stars are also keen to make use of the show's popularity while it lasts. Jess Wright launched a lingerie line called With Love, Jessica on the show last week, and Nicola Goodger who appeared in season two, has produced a range of Essex-themed T-shirts with slogans such as: "My heart belongs to Essex but the rest of me is up for grabs."
The Faiers insist that GraciEve is not "cashing in" on all the publicity but is a long-term plan. "I'd like it to be an empire," Sam said.

martyrs and the devil's handymen

more to come

Saturday, 8 October 2011

class warfare, Daily-Telegraph style

sub-title: The shock horror. Those thieving underclasses.
Lady of the Manor pays indigent local woman (tramp) to care for kids and do shopping.
Lady gives cash card to tramp woman.
Indigent/tramp woman steals from Lady's bank account.
Daily Telegraph readers (average age:66; average income: a lot)
roll their eyes in disgust.

"why did she trust such a lowly, ugly woman?" they're saying.

What's wrong with this picture?

1 If you were the lady of the manor, would you be paying 7 quid an hour for somebody
to take care of your kids AND buy the groceries?
2 What kind of talent would you expect to get?
3 Are the lady's kids worth 7 quid an hour?
4 There's more money in stacking shelves at Waitrose, and more benefits, innit?
5 How do you expect an adult person with a life, to live on 7 quid an hour?
6 How much is the lady worth? forget what her hubby is worth.
7 Didn't she know that , if she hates her kids, private schools would take them from 18 months old?

more later
Aristocrat's nanny stole from family's bank accounts
A trusted nanny employed by the Duke of Richmond’s daughter used the family’s bank cards to withdraw more than £12,000 from their accounts, a court heard.
By Anita Singh
6:30AM BST 05 Oct 2011
Beatrice Dalton, 25, was treated as “an integral part of the family” that owns the Goodwood estate in Sussex, home to the famous racecourse and Festival of Speed.

She was hired to care for the children of Lady Louisa Collings and her businessman husband, Ben Collings. Lady Louisa is daughter to Charles Gordon Lennox, the 10th Duke, and sister to the Earl of March, who founded the festival and lives at Goodwood House.

Over a period of 12 months, she allegedly helped herself to £12,090 by secretly withdrawing money from four bank accounts, including one at Coutts, believing the family “had so much money that they would not notice”.

Dalton, a qualified childminder, denies fraud.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard that Dalton was paid £7 an hour to look after the children at the Collings’ home in Presteigne, Powys, and was provided with a car by Lady Louisa.

Hywel Hughes, prosecuting, told Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court: “She was an integral part of the family, a trusted and valued member.

“As such, to make life easier, she was entrusted with debit and credit cards, with relevant pin numbers. That gave her access to funds to pay out for what was needed in the way of groceries and other associated household items and items for the family.

“She was given that trust on the understanding that she would not abuse that trust. Sadly, this case clearly points to the fact that the defendant started to get greedy.”

During one two-month period, Dalton allegedly made 11 cash withdrawals of between £200 and £500 each.

Mr Hughes said: “ She realised that she could use the cards and her employers were not thorough enough in checking.

“That’s why there were such wholesale withdrawals. She was also going on holidays at this time.

“She chose to dishonestly remove monies she was not entitled to from the family finances thinking, maybe, that they had so much money that they would not notice.

“But they did notice and felt very let down.”

Dalton’s alleged fraud was uncovered when irregularities showed up on Lady Louisa’s Barclaycard account.

“It showed credit card withdrawals attracting instant interest, something she and her husband never did because of their substantial cash account balances,” Mr Hughes said.

“They were a little concerned about this. The obvious finger of suspicion pointed at Miss Dalton.

“After much soul searching the police were eventually called in and two missing bank cards reported missing by Lady Collings were found in Dalton’s handbag. They felt extremely let down.”

Dalton denies six counts of fraud between April 27 2009 and April 17 2010. She told police that the money was owed to her in wages and she withdrew it because she felt “awkward” about asking directly.

Mr Hughes said: “She was saying that she was owed money so she took it.” The trial continues.

Greece: net exporter of brains

I wonder whether the government ever thought to include the
brain drain in export figures. Greece's doing a booming
business in the export of its finest minds.

It's business people? Not a chance. They're lazy oligarchs
who are literally in bed with the government, stifling
any kind of economic growth that might arise, or making
sure they get their cut.

In short, they're a mafia.

Greece is done with civil wars. They want peace, order & good government.
I guess they'll have to leave, then. And that is the individual solution,
as a solution to the crisis. The well-educated go off to teach
in the great universities of the UK.

brain 1

Heracles Polemarchakis, University of Warwick
Here, he's writing about how there are more Porsche Cayennes
per capita in Larissa, Greece than anywhere else.

... Λάρισα, η πρωτεύουσα των Πόρσε Καγιέν
Ένα αξιοσημείωτο ρεκόρ πέτυχε η Λάρισα, η αγροτική πόλη των 250.000 κατοίκων, αφού είναι εκείνη κι όχι το Λονδίνο ούτε η Νέα Υόρκη, η απόλυτη πρωταθλήτρια σε ιδιοκτήτες Πόρσε Καγιέν
Όπως αναφέρει δημοσίευμα του "Έθνους", ο Ηρακλής Πολεμαρχάκις, πρώην επικεφαλής του οικονομικού γραφείου του πρωθυπουργού, σε άρθρο του αποκαλύπτει, πως πρωτεύουσα των πολυτελών αυτών αυτοκινήτων δεν είναι άλλη πανευρωπαϊκά, από τη Λάρισα, "γεγονός που έχει μετατραπεί σε προσφιλές θέμα συζήτησης στην Στουτγγάρδη, το λίκνο της γερμανικής αυτοκινητοβιομηχανίας".
Στο άρθρο του στο περιοδικό του βρετανικού πανεπιστημίου Γουόρικ - όπου και διδάσκει - που αναδημοσίευσε η Athens News, ο κ. Πολεμαρχάκις επισημαίνει το αυτονόητο, ότι το συγκεκριμένο ρεκόρ είναι μάλλον περίεργο για μια αγροτική περιοχή, πόσω μάλλον εάν κανείς αναλογιστεί ότι ο αγροτικός τομέας στην Ελλάδα κάθε άλλο παρά ανθηρός μπορεί να χαρακτηρισθεί, δεδομένου ότι η αγροτική παραγωγή αποτελεί μόλις το 3,2% του ακαθάριστου εθνικού προϊόντος (στοιχεία 2009) από 6,65% που ήταν το 2000 ενώ τα κονδύλια και οι επιδοτήσεις της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης συνιστούν περίπου το μισό του εθνικού αγροτικού εισοδήματος.
"Πριν από ένα - δυο χρόνια ο αριθμός των Πόρσε Καγιέν που κυκλοφορούσαν στην Ελλάδα, ήταν μεγαλύτερος από τον αριθμό των Ελλήνων που δήλωναν εισόδημα άνω των 50.000 ευρώ και πλήρωναν τους αντίστοιχους φόρους", υπογραμμίζει ο κ. Πολεμαρχάκις, επισημαίνοντας ότι το ποσό αυτό αντιστοιχεί περίπου στο κόστος αγοράς του πολυτελούς οχήματος.

...and they write about the crisis.

brain 2

Greek ingenuity

If you want somebody to find a way around the "rules", hire a Greek.

Football fans should be funding Greece's debt because their football
viewing just got a lot cheaper.

Of course, it took an Irish pub landlady to put it into action.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

the Twitter revolution

Snoop Doggie Dog will soon be in Cardiff.

So, he tweeted his fans to ask which was the best
fish chippy shop.
Of course, not all of them realise that "fish chippy" is
rap code for marijuana.

He wants a fresh, local supply.
Welsh hemp is said to be the best in Europe.
I suggest he has a chat with Goldie Looking Chain

All you have to do is read both stories and put 2&2 together.
2 splifs, that is.


Wales Online

Snoop Dogg asks fans ‘where are the best fish n chips in Cardiff?’ ahead of concert
by Sam Malone, South Wales EchoSep 30 2011inShare.0 2SUPERSTAR rapper Snoop Dogg has called on his Welsh fanbase to help him find the best fish and chips in Cardiff.

The US rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur turned to his millions of Twitter followers yesterday for recommendations ahead of his forthcoming gig in the capital.

“I want 2 know about the best fried chicken in chip alley,” he said first, before then inquiring of food blog site CardiffBites where he could buy waffles in the Welsh capital.

Then, taking up his knowledge of city landmarks, he asked his followers: “Where’s da best fish n chips in cardiff?

“At Albany Fish Bar or the Codfather?!”

Nicki Tudor, author of CardiffBites, said: “It’s been utterly mad the past 24 hours.

“Completely out of the blue I got a tweet from Snoop Dogg. I’ve no idea how he or his people came to find me or my blog, it was so surreal. At first I thought ‘is this serious?’ because I know people set up fake accounts but his was verified.”

As well as reaching out to his fans on Twitter the controversial star – who in 2007 was once forced to cancel his gig in the city after he was denied a UK visa – released a series of videos on YouTube paying tributes to a series of Welsh figures – from the famous to the obscure.

Among the subjects of his videos – all filmed with him wearing a blue Cardiff City shirt – were footballers Ryan Giggs and Gareth Bale.

He then turned to Olympic sailing hopeful Hannah Mills and Tiana Hinton, a nine-year-old girl who chased a robber who had stolen her mum’s purse while the pair were shopping in Cardiff.

BBC Radio Wales DJ Bethan Elfyn, who is going to Snoop’s gig at the Motorpoint Arena on October 8, said it was unusual to see such a global star pay so much attention to his fans in one particular city.

She said: “He’s one of the hip hop icons of the past 20 years so for him to film these videos is so refreshing.

“How often do you see someone as big as him taking the time to do what he’s done?”

Read More

Snoop Dogg wants help from Welsh gardener
04 October 2011

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Snoop Dogg has congratulated a Welsh gardener on growing an 85lb swede and asked for his help to grow his own produce.

US rapper Snoop Dogg was so impressed with a Welsh gardener's record-breaking swede that he took to video sharing website YouTube to congratulate him.

Ian Neale is currently awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records after growing the 85lb vegetable but 'Drop It Like It's Hot' hitmaker Snoop was quick to offer his congratulations and revealed he wants the farmer to help him grow some produce of his own.

Standing in front of a cannabis leaf-covered background, he said: "What up? Shout out to my homeboy Ian Neale.

Come see your boy Snoop Dogg, I've got two tickets for you when I get to town."I want to tell you something, when I do my show in Cardiff, I want you to come backstage and see me because I do vegetation myself and I want to know your secret so I can show you my vegetables and see if you can grow that into a real big vegetable.

"Come see your boy Snoop Dogg, I've got two tickets for you when I get to town."

shakira sees a banker


Shakira: "I so sorry. I thinking it be a cockroach."

No, Shakira. You were right, all along. Next time, stomp on him harder.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Rihana, Lincolnshire wants to see your tatas

A real non-story from Northern Ireland.

Rihanna, the "singer" went to NI to bare her assets for a video.

Couldn't she have picked a better place? a tad warmer? Like Iceland.

Anyway, the farmer who rented her the field didn't want her to bare

herself, and so told her to wrap up. I don't think that's good for
business, frankly. Most farmers are complaining that the supermarkets are
undercutting their prices, so they're short of cash.
You get a star who wants to use your field, set your price and shut your eyes.
If it were my field, I would have demanded to be in the video, myself,
grabbing her jubblies.

Anyway, for those looking for photos, you're not missing much.
A big fuss about a couple of mosquito bites. She's not that fit, either.
They wrap her up nice in clothing , though.

Apparently BBC Radio Lincolnshire says she can wag them around, if she wants.

UPDATE: I can't find the comment written , but it a clip from BBC Radio Lincolnshire

was mentioned in a show which reviewed local BBC stations, and was aired last Sunday.
I swear it's true.

the bankers plan going like Clockwork, Orange

[at 0:20 "there's no law and order anymore"]
I don't know what he's talking about. There certainly plenty of excessive violence perpetrated by the police on peaceful protesters. @sarc

A story of how the bankers pay the police to beat up the starving masses.

KRS1 is right when he says that the NYPD is usually seen as being the
Wicked Overseer.

The police are protecting "money" and bankers at a time
when the people are simply marching, without pitchforks, to voice their opinion.
I think Americans call it the First Amendment right of free speech and assembly.

The media are also part of this free speaky thingy, but unfortunately,
they're also sold out to the powers. See above how Naked Cap found the web story
at NYTimes changing to make the marchers seem violent.

On the funny side, the police are protecting the very same bankers that
decimated their NYPD Cop Pension Fund. Less money for retirement and no retiring their fat butts at 50 anymore. And they can thank the bankers for that (listen to Reggie, below).