Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pravda News Netvoork- Report of Money Czar

Our financial wizard tells public that he saved their
dirty arses. Why everybody hates him?
He is brilliant


we interrupt this broadcast to present the truth

[william banzai 7- zerohedge]

IshitUnot: Zerohedge
CTRL+SPIN 3: The Fed Propaganda Tour Live Re-Educates Us On Their Response To The Financial Crisis
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/27/2012 12:40 -0400
Today could be the day when all your beliefs and misconceptions of the great central banking machine are set straight. After explaining to us in the previous two lecture how the gold standard is just silly, why central banks are constitutionally awesome, and how the Fed almost single-handedly created the US since World War II, today's piece-de-resistance is Bernanke's take on his own response to the financial crisis. We are sure it will be thorough in its discussion of the massive and entirely hidden loans for nothing that were given to the banks, how they encouraged the risk-taking that led to it via their regulatory mis-controls, and removing MtM and unlimited free-money helped the world go around - all the while maintaining a strong-dollar policy inline with Treasury's apparent mandate. As far as Word-Bingo: Tweet if you hear the word 'Helicopter' or 'Printing Press' or 'Level 3 Assets are all worthless illiquid junk at best' and if Bernanke says 'CDO' more than 10 times, we all get an animated silver bear.

Monday, 26 March 2012

stand by your bank, as it kills your country

Anthem of the Global Bankokracy-by CE (Excuses to Tammy Wynette)
Sometimes its hard to be a citizen
Giving all your love to the bank
You'll have bad times
And it'll have good times
Doing things that you don't understand
But if you love it you'll forgive it
Even though it's hard to understand
And if you love it
Oh be proud of it
'Cause after all it's just a Bank

Stand by your BANK!
Stand by your BANK!
Keep on giving all that you can!

by Caveat emptor (on zerohedge)

I've almost got enough for an album. "My" stuff and other
entries below

Sex. it's your choice

in some cultures, there is pressure to have a child of a particular
That means that nowadays, in the UK, they're using doctors and
ultrasound to decide whether to abort a fetus, and having the
country's healthcare system pay for their choice, even though
it's illegal.
I wonder what they did to select the gender before ultrasound.
Tapping of the belly?
Going to a gypsy fortune-teller?
Taking it out and smashing it against some rocks?
Leaving it for the vulture to eat (Zoroastrian family planning)
Sorry, I’m just trying to think of the most visually shocking thing
a mammal could do its offspring. What kind of heartless piece
of fecal matter could reject its own kid?
That's why I think this Sex Pistols song kicks the piss out of
people who take abortion lightly.

"she lived in a tree"
"she was a bloody disgrace"
"she was an animal"

I'm not going to stand in the way of abortion, speaking practically.
I think it is the woman's choice.
It's just f^&*king sad that it has to come to that.
It is murder, of a sort. of a potential genius.
One drunken roll in the hay and BOOM! you're a murderer.
It's your life. your conscience.

But, I'm not losing too much sleep over it.
1 Freakonomics seems to have shown that unwanted kids often
end up as police statistics. Feeling unwanted is really awful.
What kind of life would it be if that person would tend
to fill the gap in the soul with drugs, alcohol, crime,
bad documentaries (big up to Kony 2012)

2 kids (and other people) die regularly in many countries
of preventable 'problems' all the time.
The stats in the Third World are shocking.

That doesn't mean that I give my money to charities, because
that money goes into rental of office towers in London (£££££)
and executive pay and wine and cheese.

Look at how common death is in the animal kingdom. It's random
selection of the weak, and the unlucky. So go humans.

If you think I'm crude, have you tried to stop any wars recently?
I didn't think so. Go back to your tvs and get over your
hypocrisy. If you want to help, go to Africa in person.
Otherwise, your opinion doesn't count.

Elizabethan prototypes

on the eve of Elizabeth's 60th anus horibilus, it's time for her
to make her mark, just like Victoria, George, Elizabeth I, and
put her name to aspects of the social fabric of the UK.

Elizabethan (II) Architecture

Elizabethan (II) Morals
[The stain in Spain]
[Latvian exchange]

Social systems

more soon

Adobe' Fotoshop campaign defeated in Israel

To the joy of all the people who have to suffer through
the wretching of their female child because she'
bulimic and wants to be a model, finally some sense
and banned skinny models (below 18.5 BMI) from being
used on catwalks and advertising. They've also made
it necessary for advertisers to tell the reader if
the pic they're looking at has been Fotoshopped.

Of course, a whole other set of rules applies to the Palestinians in
their enclaves. Those second-class citizens are actively encouraged
to starve themselves to death. What with the loss of arable land
and potable water and the bombings and blockades of sea and land,
well it's nigh on impossible not to starve to death.

A new symbol for the upcoming debt jubilee

"Amagi", they yelled from the rooftops.

It has been the symbol of libertarians, but they didn't have
any good linguist or anthropologist on hand, because they're
a bunch of rich, cheap, stupid bastards.

The symbol actually means 'freedom from debt slavery'.

Don't we need something like that?

Greece has its best minds working on its rebirth

Lik Phoenix rising from the ashes, of an ashtray.

Mitt Romney lacks a clear identity

Americans are saying that he's a wishy-washy, flippy-floppy
kinda guy. They want to know where he stands, or in the
case of the banks, where he kneels. Even though he's a
vulture capitalist, he's only a small fry billionnaire
next to the biggest, baddest mafia JPM and GS.

Would the real Mitt Romney please stand up.

Europe's Immigration Welcoming Centres

We, the people of Europe, know that we have screwed your countries
mercilessly with our mercantilism and our protectionist political
policies, and that has forced you poor unwashed people to seek
your futures in our southern nether-regions, like Greece (ick).
You want to work hard and make a future for yourselves and your
families, but first you must pass through, and escape from our
Immigration Welcoming Centres, soon to be dotted all across Greece.

Good luck. You'll need it.

IshitUnot: translated & mildly corrected for comedic value
.. In all regions of the country there will be created
30 illegal immigrants detention centers [are the centers illegal?]
How they will operate -
across all the regions of Greece, people are hopping with rage

- Centres will not be in the regions of the Aegean, Ionian and Crete

- It is estimated that each center will create 1,000 new jobs

- There will be showers in the centers, sports facilities, restaurants and places of worship


Thirty will be closed centers of illegal immigrants in ten regions of the country, except the regions of the Aegean, Ionian and Crete, announced today the Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis. After meeting with the prefects of the country, also said that the centers will be hosting capacity of 1,000 immigrants each, and as it was known already disbursed 250 million euros from EU funds until 2013 for that reason.

Indeed, Mr Chryssochoidis asked the prefects to indicate within 15 days of appropriate areas that could qualify for the centers hosting illegal immigrants.

As stated by the Minister of Citizen Protection, if the prefects do not recommend a site for the installation of the centers, it will bring a legislative act to the Cabinet, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, to determine where to make

Thursday, 22 March 2012

the Economic Eugenics of modern Olympism

Some races of people get to parade around the Olympics

with wonderful outfits made by poor, decrepit races in Asia,

who get abused on top of it all, and remain in starvation.

Olympic brands caught up in abuse scandal
While Adidas, Nike and Puma make millions out of the Games,
their employees are claiming exploitation
Gethin Chamberlain, Saturday 3 March 2012 23.34 GMT
Workers in a factory supplying sportswear to the west.
Workers producing sportswear for Olympic sponsors
Adidas, Nike and Puma are beaten, verbally abused,
underpaid and overworked in Bangladeshi sweatshops,
a shocking investigation has discovered.

Workers for all three companies had been physically abused. In one Puma supplier, two thirds of the workers interviewed had been beaten, slapped, pushed or had their hair pulled by their managers.

Women working for all Adidas and Nike factories reported sexual harassment and workers for all three companies had to work illegally long hours for less than the minimum wage.

Some Adidas workers were paid as little as 9p an hour, with the average worker in all six factories investigated earning just 16p an hour.

Working with the charity War on Want and researchers in Bangladesh, the Observer found that many workers had been beaten, kicked or pushed, and publicly humiliated. In one Adidas supplier factory, one in three had to work more than 80 hours a week. Workers for all three firms said they faced cruel punishments if they tried to stand up for their legal rights. Aside from the beatings, they said they were sworn at, pushed, forced to undress, humiliated by being made to stand on a table, locked in the toilet or refused permission to use the toilets.

Hajera Khanom, 32, a worker in a factory supplying Puma, said: "They have slapped, kicked and pushed me often. Calling us by abusive names is frequently done. This hurt us emotionally and mentally."

Poppy Akter, from the same factory, said: "I have been scolded with very bad language, slapped, pulled by the hair, made to stand on the table and threatened to be fired and sent to jail."

Fazlul Huq, from an Adidas supplier, said managers swore at staff using "obscene" language. "I have been addressed with very bad words and names. I have been hurt by my senior colleagues. The supervisors and line-chiefs do very bad things to the girls," she said. Many of the other women said managers made them remove the dupatta (scarf) they use to cover their breasts.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Joyce, the Voyce of a nation

Damn Conservatives!

Damn English Conservatives!

A politician from Scotland got in trouble in one of the pubs dotted
around parliament. I think drinking and politics go hand in hand.
Anyway, this Labour Scot decided to clean a few Conservative
Well, he's been charged and tried, and pleaded guilty to
beating those lazy governing rich boys.

I think Joyce might have had help from the waiter.
Watch the red jacket.

rubber vestments: what does it say about you?

I've written before about the bizarre nature of S&M, and how it's
mentioned as a sexual sub-culture. I don't think it has
anything to do with sex despite the fact that sex organs usually
feature in these activities.
The use of rubber clothing is often part of the 'behaviour'.

In this blurb, I want to discuss what it says about a person's
view of the world and his/her place in it. That's because
f$%^^&king is f%&king, so why dress up when the idea is
to get naked?

A one Johnny Rotten (nee' Lydon) seems to think that it's the height
of denial. You can't handle the world, so you retreat into a
bizarre ritual that makes a mockery of sex.

Although risque sex is often fun for normal people, the use of abuse
would be considered 'verbotten' or sick.
Well, S&M is built upon abuse as a method of 'sexual' arousal.
The sadists want to abuse and the masochists want to be abused.

Top 10 S&M phrases:
4 I have a small weeny
3 I deserve to be abused
2 you've been a bad boy
1 beat me, hurt me

If you've seen the Julien Temple documentary, and I recommend it,
you'll see that Johnny is making this comment to denigrate the
ridiculous shop of Malcolm McLaren, on the Kings Road, where
the Sex Pistol members all met.

IshitUnot: from "The Filth & the Fury"

Lydon: “Fascinating how people can get themselves into such a predicament that they only way they can have sex is in a face mask and a rubber t-shirt, with a bullock weight. How does it become that way. It becomes like that for you because you just cannot face reality.”

Religious studies: Buddhism

Life has ups and downs.

be at one with the world

Monk to hot dog vendor: make me one with everything.
Well, Buddha was a big boy.

total consciousness is yours

if you're the Dalai Lama's caddy

sometimes you gotta say "I just can't take it anymore."
F^**k prayer. gotta match?
Tibetan monk immolation .

fill your life with passion

i’m on fire- nick cave
serious kick ass song. Alt as therapy.

Let's take back the word holocaust, and apply it to bankster crimes

In an interview with the Observer newspaper, a fellow
named Lanzmann said that holocaust is not the right
word for what the Nazis did. The word was created
by Americans and British people, perhaps advertisers.

He thinks that SHOAH is the right word
shoah (Hebrew)=catastrophe/calamity

In much the same way that the Palestinians use the word
NAKBAH- catastrophe (caused by ?)

So, I want to take the opportunity to take the word
back and use it somewhere else.

It's rather ironic that the word is constructed of two concepts.
Holo+ caust, with caust meaning 'fire'.

Well, wouldn't it be the height of irony for the financial sector
to be called the F.I.R.E.
Finance, Insuranc and Real Estate.

That gives us a new version of the word: Holo+FIRE.

holoFIRE= the complete destruction of the normal economy,
caused by financial shenanigans.

more soon

IshitUnot: The Observer
the new review
Sunday 4 march
the man who stood witness for the world
Ed Vulliamy
P15 Which brings us to the matter of the greatest film of all time. “Holocaust” says Lanzmann, “is an improper word, an inappropriate word. I tis an invention of the Americans and British. The appropriate word is Shoah [the Hebrew for catastrophe or calamity].”

Friday, 16 March 2012

our house.... in the middle of a bank

"Bank of America took our homes, so we're gonna live here"

Here being the middle of a Bank of America branch.
They even brought in their own couch.


black swan guy bets on a black swan candidate

Nasem Taleb is credited with crating a new noun:
a black swan= an unexpected event (look it up)

He has often spoken on television in the US about
financial issues, but not politics, until now.

He says it's his duty, as a citizen of the US,
to look critically at the Republican candidates.

He finds only Ron Paul is interested in stopping
the debt-based socialism for banks
that we're suffering through.

Of course, the powers will only allow their boy to win,
so Ron Paul has been sidelined from the beginning.

I think Paul should run as an independent, and scare
the sh*t out of the Republicans. So what if Obama gets
in for another term. The whole game from Congress upward
is corrupt. It can't get any more corrupt than it already is.

Monday, 5 March 2012

It's easy to talk socialism when you're rich

However, I still don't see many comedians taking the side of the
downtrodden in the way that Chris Rock does. He doesn't have to care
and most of his audience don't care, either. Except for me.

It's easy to forget his righteous message when you're laughing so hard.

I'll post a few U-tube segments to show you what I mean,
but one of my favourites is this one liner:
boss (talking to employee): I'd pay you less but that would be illegal.
I think you have to have worked minimum wage to find that funny.
Insurance is actually 'in case shit' "if shit don't happen, shouldn't
I get my money back?". (at 1:30)

when's the last time anybody talked about people getting ripped
off wholesale by the charity/medical cure bullshit?
"the money's on the medicine"
"government is drug dealers on the comeback"
car scam "can but won't build a car that lasts"
"get you to live with [a disease]"

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pravda News Netvoork- ribbon cutting

Welcome to the Western world's newest 24 hour news network.

"The news is what we say it is."

our ribbon cutting event disrupted by degenerates talking of
freedom and rights. ppfffft

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tony Blair's head was too big for the UK

You don't say?

When you make jokes like the ones below, you're only part joking.
Really, what you're doing is saying:

"I'm the king of Bananistan. Get me outta this sh*thole"

I always knew him as a humble man, and so is his Man Friday,
Alistair Campbell. Choirboy, with 'memoires'.

IshitUnot: Guardian

Campbell on … Blair's distress at little Britain
Saturday 21 June 1997 G8 summit, Denver
TB said it was clear he had the chance to be a major player and that gave us a great opportunity. "It's just a shame Britain is so small, physically." I said we needed a bigger-Britain policy, and we then joked around about taking over Denmark, Belgium, then France. Joking aside, I warned him against world-leader-itis, said all this stuff was hugely important, but we mustn't lose sight of the domestic, never. We were walking around in a little bubble, surrounded by heavies, which underlined literally how easy it would be to get out of touch.

Sunday 22 June
On the plane I was winding up TB on his bigger-Britain plans. "I wonder if we could get India or China. Maybe both. Britain would be so big then."

I got libertarianism under my skin

["go back to yo momma, you libertarian."]

What if you belonged to a group that used a symbol, and that symbol
was actually misinterpreted by your group, and many of its
strongest supporters have tattooed it into their skin.

Well, Libertarians are such a group, and their symbol means the
opposite of what they think it does.

As you may know, words are not a simple thing. They often have
a deeper social meaning, e.g. banker = cheating scumbag.
In other languages, words are combined to create new words.
For example, in Chinese, man= strength in the field,
because men did the hard work, unless the family had oxen.
Anyway , you get the point.

Well, Sumerian is an equally ancient language, but written in
cuneiform. And the word they found in Sumerian was the first
recorded human word for "liberty".
Not so fast, Nebuchadnezzar. In Sumerian,
liberty = go back to your mother. i.e. your debts are wiped
and you've been set free, you deadbeat debtor, piece of sh*t.
I might have exaggerated the explanation a bit.

What this brings up is not liberty from government, but

liberty from usury and debt slavery

Of course, "debt jubilee" is one of the most popular
concepts today, as it has been for the last 5000 years.
Nowadays though, bankers of every persuasion (they believe
in money and capitalism, especially crony capitalism)
are trying to change the course of human history, not only
by denying a jubilee to countries, but in making countries
pay for the bankers' immoral gambling.
What's the Sumerian expression for "fukkin' arseholes."

I also really like how some Libertarians are trying to be

'profound' by getting all ancient and Holy. They should also

be spending time on why their theories are about as

sensible as anarchy, and about as well thought through.

I like Ron Paul's stand on most things, like banking, but
when he said essentially that "poor people should be left to die",

he lost me. Perhaps I'm too European, but I don't think health is

a business. Perhaps it's not so much a Libertarian concept as an

American one to let people die.

I would agree with that policy if the rich had to return most of

their millions to the society that helped them flourish, rather than

passing it on to their lazy, drug-taking children.

Libertards / January 24, 2012
More Great Moments In Libertarian History: Ancient Sumerian Word For “Libertarian” Was “Deadbeat”, “Freeloader” (Updated!)
By Yasha Levine
Y’all have probably heard of the ancient Sumerian peoples and their penchant for spooky burial rituals and books like the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, which was penned in human blood and has the ability to raise the dead. But did you know they also cared deeply about liberty, freemarkets and private property rights?

Or at least that’s what the Liberty Fund, a libertarian moneybag outfit that bankrolls all sorts of Koch-linked youth-oriented baggertarian propaganda projects, would have you believe. In what must go down as the mother of all cuneiform-malapropisms, the Liberty Fund appropriated a weird looking Sumerian cuneiform symbol as its cult-logo, in what appears to be an attempt to prove that libertarianism is not just an ideology thought up by a bunch of rank 20th century oligarchs, but rather comes from an ancient small government tradition older than even Jesus. It goes back back to the dawn of civilization itself!

If you go onto one of the Liberty Fund’s project websites, the Library for Economics & Liberty, you’ll find this ancient cuneiform symbol at the footer of the home page:

The Liberty Fund-backed website goes on to explain that the significance of the amagi symbol goes deeper than just the word “liberty.” It represents the first popular struggle against big government tyranny:

Lagash was the site of the first recorded social-reform movement. Once considered a relatively free society of farmers, cattle breeders, boatmen, fishermen, merchants, and craftsmen, the Lagashites found that a change in political power had stripped them of their political and economic freedoms and subjected them to heavy taxation and exploitation by wealthy officials.

Sumerian historians believe that at this low point in Lagash’s history, Urukagina became the leader of the Sumerian city-state of Girsu/Lagash and led a popular movement that resulted in the reform of the oppressive legal and governmental structure of Sumeria. … On the tablets of the period is found the first written reference to the concept of liberty (amagi or amargi, literally, “return to the mother”), used in reference to the process of reform…

There’s only problem with Liberty Fund’s lesson in Sumerian history and language: the real meaning of the amagi cuneiform isn’t about abolishing “big government” or abolishing the Fed–nope, it’s about abolishing debts to free citizens from debt slavery. What the history-failures at Liberty Fund hilariously mistranslated was that the term “return to mother” is Sumerian-speak for “jubilee”–as in “debt forgiveness” or “freedom from debt.”

save it for Murdoch's eulogy, obit or headstone

Murdoch is already passing on duties to others, and his shareholders
are starting to tell him what to do, so maybe the end is near.

these are blessings from media sources which Rupe does not control.
Thanks to the Leveson Kangaroo Inquiry, they're coming
quickly and steadily.
Slog blog:
"But then, Murdoch destroys everything. Verily, he is journalistic and social anti-matter."

more to come