Sunday, 9 November 2014

the State with an image problem

How is it that there's supposed to be this murderous State
in the Mid East that we're all supposed to be afraid of?

Have we ever seen them? Have they threatened us?
I don't think so. It's like an islamophobia plan gone wrong.

How do you get to set up a state just like that?
I think the planet  has been pretty much carved up
into states, not leaving much dry land available.

And yet these guys found some lebensraum. right.

The last time the map was redrawn was in the early
20th c, by some lady from Cambridge.
I shit you not.

I think the task was then given to a couple of 
aristos, one from UK and one from France, to agree
areas of influence.
They both knew about the oil in the region too. That's
why there's no Kurdistan...yet.

that's Sykes-Picot

Now supposedly these newcomers are going to redraw the map.
Couldn't be more f^*ked up than the existing one. Of course
you now have the US salivating hoping to remake the whole
map in its interests, those being whatever Isr wants.

Next image problem. These IS guys are supposed to be so tough
that they behead and kill at will. They're supposed to be so 
But, tell me whether this long line of pick-ups reminds you of
does it remind you of this:
a homecoming parade

or this

I rest my case.
IS doesn't even match the homecoming parade from Animal House:

Sargent at arms yelling "faggots, faggots"
"you can get your thumb out of my ass now , Carmine"

Anyway. do you get my point?
It's all too pretty. These IS guys have so much
stuff given to them from the US that they didn't have
to steal anything. You've seen the shiny new Toyotas.

There's a whole segment of us cynical bloggers who
think that the US is behind it all.
Here's a media story to make you think. There's
shock and horror that boys raised in the West,
even those without Muslim heritage would go
down to the ME and fight for the IS.
Well, we bloggers seem to think that have
white twangy English-speakers in the IS ranks
would be a wonderful cover for the American
secret service guys who are prolly orchestrating
the whole thing.

All the sob stories of mum and dad crying
"bring my boy back from ISIS."
It just seems like Hollywood casting has
provided some crying parents for a
new type of "reality" show. "Ma and Pa Jihadi"
Something like Ma&Pa Kettle, but with Uzis.

 There's Pa with some brown-lookin people
There's Pa being enticed with virgins from heaven.

"The Bride of ISIS" from the Daily Beast
I couldn't make this stuff up. That's how messed up this is

Cue the righteous indignation of Westerners,
accustomed to their own kids raping and pillaging
the ME, on the nightly news.

Now, some Western government, like the UK say they
won't negotiate with terrorists. But what if these
terrorists have oil for sale. Well, that's just business.
Everybody needs a bit of a deal on some barrels, don't

Another side issue is the problems of Turkey in the area.
People are pushing Turkey to cross the border to
Kobani to help the Kurds. Except for two things,
firstly, Turkey would never piss on a Kurd, even if he
was on fire. They're worried of losing a chunk of
their country to the Kurds, if they get out of control,
seeing as the US has de facto allowed for a free
Kurdistan within Iraq.
On the other hand, the Russians seem to be
threatening Turkey with warfare if they cross that
line in the sand.
There's also my visionary plan. I think the US is
actually willing to carve up the map again, making
a Kurdistan out of Iraq, Iran and even Turkey.
Why? Cuz there's oil. cuz the Kurds are wild and
warlike, and the US can always use people like that.

This is not the first time the US would be looking
to solve another British fuckup. There's WW2, for one.
There's also the Cyprus problem. The British left
the island where Greeks were squabbling with the
Turkish minority.
The US wanted to use Turkey as a Cold war listening
post, so was willing to help Turkey carve up Cyprus.
And so it came to be.

Wherever the Brits used to divide and conquer, the US
is sure to have set up a stall.
More on that later.

Lastly, you can't have a State unless you've got
call waiting:

[sorry. couldn't find an operator with a burkah]
so, you want to do business with the State, and you
call their 0800 number and get a mechanised

ISIS hotline: Hello, you have reached the Islamic State. For
beheadings, press 1, for recruitment, press 2. To report
the death of an infidel, press 3 and scream "allahu akbar"
after the tone.

and a passport office:

and bureaucrats:

more later