Thursday, 30 May 2013

the queen whammy is wearing off

UPDATE: there she is, at Woolwich. what an opportunity. just in time for photo spreads in the Saturday Daily Mail
UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS Oh, Philip is sick
UPDATE: there she is, at the BBC
UPDATE: there's the grand-daughter in law christening a boat
UPDATE: It's her last show before we get inundated with
                 royal baby photos

[scary people in castles]

Someone is worried about the reign that never ends.
I can see how hard the powers in the UK are trying
to keep the queen in front of the eyes of the dozzy
tv masses.
I don't mean her offspring, not even the half naked
ones. I've written about them already.

It just seems like two things I saw this week smacked
of grand manipulation.

1 giving away coins with the Queen's likeness for
the jubilee (I thought that was last year?)

2 a show which I immediately forgot, about the
queen's history. ya. another one of those. I forgot it
because it came across like mind-control and
my mind shut it out. It's only upon reflection
that I thought
"that's it. It's mind control!"
That's how she stays ahead of the teeming masses.
Using the tv as a hypnotisation device. Not the 
first person to do it. That David Copperfeld scam
did it many times. I think that's why the TV license
is taken for granted, while I've never paid.
Youtube has no shortage of hypno videos. I'm afraid
to click, so help yourselves.

The problem is, is that people are practically in a meditative
state in front of the goggle box, after a tough day of 
treading water, economically. One beer and they're 
reading for indoctrination.

It's just the royal charade is rather morbid. It's
this close to a musical revival of Transylvania. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

when is charity a sacrifice for the empire?

I'm going to link together two seemingly
unrelated topics to see if we can't learn
from history.

1 the Woolwich machete murder of a soldier
2 charity, sacrifice and pagan worship
for the empire, in Ancient Rome

So the Woolwich murder has been used by
the media to spread dread. Nevertheless, it
seems to be a political, if not a terrorist

This media attention has allowed the
Help for Heroes charity to say "psst over here"
and get 100 000 quid in donations.
"We will not accept donations from the EDLeague"
Stupid punter says: "Duh, I think I'll donate"
[the national mourning has been over the top. gotta see the
uniform and the grieving family. This guy went
to Afghanistan to kill Taliban, when the UK wants Al Quida]

HfH is a charity that gives money to soldiers
who are experiencing financial problems.The
reason it exists is that the British government
has been firing a lot of soldiers, some as
soon as they step off the plane from Afgh.
And to add insult to injury (literally),
after they came back alive
from the front, in a dumb-ass war, they're
being replaced by new recruits who are
Lots of these old guys will have health and
psycho problems that mean they can't really
work much. Hence HfH. Implicit in this
charity is 1) the government are cheap
bastards 2) wars are okay, because our
boys are fighting in them. 3) this reminds
me of the remembrance charade in Nov
4) charities are a business that has to
keep the money rolling in, and a personal
disaster for one soldier means money for
other soldiers.
Anyway, enough about that. 

In Ancient Rome and many other cultures
of that day, sacrifices were regularly given
to the Gods to appease them. This meant
that you would expect a good harvest, or
whatever. It seems to me that people who
are insecure need to give something in
order to feel better. Well, I would say that
giving to the needy is the modern equivalent.
It does make people feel good to give. That
does not mean that I like the charity industry.

In Ancient Rome, in the early days of
Christianity, one Roman emperor (forgot name)
decided to exterminate the Christians. Why?
They did not give sacrifice to the Roman
"gods", (essentially the dead rulers of Rome
who were declared gods posthumously) and
sacrifice was a sign that people wanted the good of
the empire. Luck. So everybody had to publicly give,
or chop-chop.
The Christians still refused and now I can see
why. They did not believe in the Roman gods,
for their own reasons. They also likely did not
see how sacrifice for the empire was a good

Unfortunately, for us, Remembrance and HfH
are little more than pagan sacrifice for the empire.
I refuse to give. the shaming has gone to the
point of criminalising a guy who posted a video
wherein he burned a plastic poppy. Brainwash

and remember, the UK government uses/sacrifices
 soldiers' bodies and throws them away
with no financial support. How is that good
for the luck of the empire?

Unknown soldiers? you betcha. 
nobody gives a sh*t. 
Give peace a chance. 
That would be
charitable for humanity.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

is it sexist or just spastic?

Whatever you might think of Femen activists, they do
get the shit kicked out of them, and for what?

They just flash their mamaries to prove a couple of

1 there's an issue that needs attention (not their tits)
2 the Man reacts spastically to the revealing of mamaries

Unlike art, political activism is necessarily shocking, if
it is to shake the establishment.
The police are not gentlemen protecting the woman's
they're the hands and boots of the oppressor,
oppressor of the democrat, the woman, the free speaker
and the naturist. 
So, I've got time for Femen,
especially the Ukrainian ones.
They've got long legs, too.
[post no bills: see chest please]

Now was this (below) necessary? She could have scuffed her
forceful nipples, I mean, message:
 [anti-anti-gay-marriage-suicide protest in Paris]
[Femen, and the Keystone Kops]

consumer brains about washing

I hate to say it, but most people are brainwashed by advertising
in a specific, sorrowful way. They've become too posh to buy
discount brands.

Why is this important? paying 5 times too much for dish soap
is just a hop, skip and a pube from getting a mortgage for a
house that is two times too big, even for your fat ass.

Now, I don't mean buying any crap from a basement illegal store.
I mean when you go into a regular store and you have two or more
choices for a product and one is "discount" while the other is
the own brand or advertised product, people will tend to choose
the regular or advertised , even when it is 3 to 10 times
more expensive.

Even if they were worth the extra money, and they aren't, the
difference in money would mean you could buy more of the
cheaper one.
There was a scientific consumer test on toothpastes on a
recent consumer show.
Anyway, they found that the Tesco discount stuff was second
best, while being one-third the cost.
If there's no question that the cheap thing can provide
quality cleaning, why would you by the expensive one

I love the suds adds as well.

Nuff said
too embarrassed to buy discount stuff?
by all means, put it in a paper bag, but don't drink it,
unless it's Tesco no-name vodka

Google Glass on Your Ass

As we all know, very soon knuckleheads will be wearing
multi-media glasses and thus walking into traffic
unannounced and dying. This is a culling of dullards.
Thief picks the glasses off the body, wears them
and dies soon afterward, and so on...

[Glass-view, by William Banzai 7]

But, especially for London soldiers and criminals,
there will be new glasses designed to watch your ass,

These glasses will show you whether you're being
followed and by whom. You'll get a report, and it
will present you:
 the enemy's weaknesses, 
the options for reaction, 
listing the choice of weapons you have on your person, 
and preferred judo moves,
in the order of preference.

All this with Google Glass on Your Ass.

[here the glasses help with getting the right
pick-up line]

cement-heads of Moore

Although tornadoes have ripped apart the US Midwest for
the whole of Western settlement there, folks have not
seen the light.

They need to build houses using concrete. The sole
standing building that was in the path of the twister
was a concrete movie theatre. A temple to the god

And what were the crews doing yesterday? fixing the
trimmings on that concrete theatre. other buildings,
where people are supposed to be living, have been
made into match sticks, and crews are worried about
what movie-goers will see, or what will fall on their


Pres Obama: you're house is in cinders. Don't worry,
be happy. Go shopping. Go to the movies. Forget
your worries.

Did you know file:
-the best homes for earthquake zones are brick ones
-the best houses for crack dens are vacant ones
-the best houses to squat in or steal copper are
bank-owned ones

OAP pass gets me out of the castle

must get around and see my people. all 70 million of them,
by bus.
Liz: Do you like my het?
teen: wot?
Liz: my het? the thing on my head
teen: right. nice lid, your selfness

Cos67 dikshunnery
OAP (UK)= senior citizens, 65+

bloodthirsty reality game

While the British media has tried to scare the public about
bloodthirsty attacks with machetes, because of the
gruesome nature of hand to hand combat, in a civilised
Western country, I'd just like to draw some attention
to other more civilised blood-thirsty killing.

This is a simple description of Western armies' activities
in countries full of brown people. Libya, Syria, Iraq
Afghanistan, Mali for starters.

Our boys are always seen as gentlemen, despite being
shown on tv shooting machine guns, as if they're
children's toys.

[drones are just dreamy. this'll help me pay for my nose jobs]

We are less shocked by the illegal killing of brown people
by "our boys" because:

1 it's far away
2 it's on tv, and no blood is shown
3 they're brown people
4 we've been convinced that these brownies deserve it
5 it's not us
6 thanks to tech, we just press a button to end a life
7 did I mention it's brown people?

Drone Capt Jimmy: I would really hate getting blood
on my hands
Drone Capt Dave: You'll excuse me, I'm about to
strafe a taxi in northern Pakistan.
DC Jimmy: who is it?
DC Dave: not sure, i was given these coordinates

There was once a Star Trek episode (too busy to find it)
where two polite warring nations were so polite,
they regularly had a number of people chosen to be
murdered so that the bloodlust of both sides could
be assuaged. it was nice and clean and out of site,
like toilets, or garbage dumps, or nuclear waste sites.
Out of sight, out of ???? all sane discourse.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

the queen of the selfie

no, we're not talking about masturbation. well, not
directly, anyway.
One of the iconic cultural activities brought about
by camera technology is the selfie, the other one
being the photobomb.

she can self it all day long
The acknowledged queen: Kelly Brook

a biting social critic is born

On occasion, we get a chance to watch the blossoming
of a new voice in this never ending with government

In the interview below, Lee Camp talks about how
he discovered his activist voice and you can watch
it on Youtube where he has his Moment of Clarity

let's cut to the video: a million things you can do to
change the world:

Checkit: LA record

May 5th, 2013 · No Comments
… How did you get involved with Occupy? Were you already an activist? Was activism always a part of your comedy?
I was activist well before Occupy. In fact I was asked to make videos calling for a move-your-money day and occupation several months before Occupy started. The first attempt didn’t draw enough people. But the second one became Occupy. I was there on the first night. It was incredible. So yeah, I’ve been an activist for awhile now. But no, activism was not always part of my comedy. For the first four years of doing stand-up, there was not a lot of politics in it. And I think that was good. It was important for me to learn how to be a good stand-up before I learned how to make people laugh at the dark truths of our world. What’s the expression? You gotta walk before you can fly? Or you gotta spread your wings before you can keep reaching for the stars? Or something. I don’t know.
… What influenced the “Rant” as opposed to any other delivery style? Do you yell often in your personal life?
My comedy has always had some anger and sarcasm in it, but as it has gotten more political, it’s definitely gotten angrier and rantier. And I used to avoid cursing on stage. I didn’t want to alienate anyone with cursing. But once I was talking about the bullshit destroying our way of life, being “clean” didn’t ring true anymore. It’s not the way I talk in my regular life, so why was I avoiding it onstage? So I kinda let loose, as it were, and that was when things started to pick up for my stand-up.
Another factor that impacted my performance style is that I’ve never really liked jokes that have clear punch lines, and the comedian sits there with a smile on his face as everyone laughs at the punch line that has been said. For some reason that seems old to me. That’s the way comedy used to be done. I’ve always liked comedians that seemed like they were talking, and there weren’t obvious set-up, punches. You know? So I eventually decided I was going to stop pausing for the audience. I kinda figured, “I’m gonna say what I want to say, and if they want to laugh, they’ll have to keep up. I’m not gonna sit around for them.” And there still needs to be some pausing, but I don’t pause much. I like to keep going. I want the audience to feel exhausted afterward.
And to answer your question about whether I yell in my personal life – For the most part I only get that angry if I’m in a heated political argument. And that doesn’t happen that often. Basically my “performance” is simply me in the middle of a heated debate, except with stand-up there’s no one on the other side arguing back.
… I definitely hope to do more on-the-street stuff, more activist pranks (or pranktivism as I’ve termed it). I’m a big fan of that, and would love to do it.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Revenge of the Doppelgangers

Since, in German,  the doppelganger phenomenon has a
spiritual component, I find it interesting that I've had
many recent run ins with this, in various areas of
modern culture.

I believe myself to be very observant. I like observing
people, and so I find the doppelganger, look-a-likes in
the common parlance, a great feat of memory and
observational power.

When you study genetics you see just how it can
find one ancestral female and male, but it's unsatisfying.
the Haplogroup studies are interesting though when
looking for national tendencies.

It's strange how important the face is to genetics. Genes
can only do so much with the aspects of a face. That's
why doppels are possible. However, I doubt I'll find my
own double. I'm too rare.

When I lived in Italy, I noticed how in the towns
north of Florence, the Germanic
influence is marked, as it is throughout the north of
Italy. This matches the invasion of the Germanic
tribes in the post-Roman era. That was 1500 years ago!

I also like picking out a nationality (not race)
in a matter of seconds.
Sometimes it's the face/hair, sometimes it's the clothing, or
sometimes it's the behaviour. You can see how communities
affect personal behaviour.

I've seen a pair of doppels at work.
One is a Russian lady with red hair while the other
is British and blonde. They're not a perfect match, but they
confused me for a while.

So, I can see that your eye has to be trained to see
similarities. Research has shown that when you're
looking at someone who is not of your race, it's harder
for you to describe or remember their features.

I'm certain that most people are oblivious to the study
of faces. I guess they're not neurotic enough.
They're probably more social.

I'll bring the other doppel stuff I've seen, and I realise
just how much better I am at noticing faces than these
other doppel-hunters.

Anyway, Al Jazeera showed a Canadian photographer
who's finding doppelgangers and photographing them.

I find some are just not good enough:
1 there's no one thing that matches, but the whole is interesting
2 one facial feature is the same, but not the others
3 many features are similar, but the two wholes are different
4 some shocking matches.

the site:

1 there's no one thing, but the whole is interesting

3 many features are similar, but the two wholes are different

4 shocking!

other doppelganger stuff from who knows where:
 [not sure who the second one is, but good work]

Monday, 20 May 2013

Can't make love on hungry belly

This mix of activist/ party music and the ideas of justice in
the EU were what woke me up yesterday.

BBC Radio 4 was fretting about "Euro- vision" after the
contest the night before. The EU and its sadistic banking
were taken apart in a matter of minutes.

Here's my attempt at a transcript, with the key song
below it.

checkit: BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting house
19 may
(EU song should be hokey cokey: "in" "out") This spot
was by Anne Pettifor, Prime Policy research in Macro Economics.
Her EU Vision song is by Trinidadian Mighty Sparrow
"No Money for Dat". Money for everything except what the people
need. EU is a problem due to its sado-masochistic money laws,  
 Maastricht. ECB, which bails out banks but not countries.
Treaties are a force for division, conflict. PM contended no
magic money tree- wrong. Money tree has existed since Bank of
England in 1694 . To work properly, it must be democratic
and accountable. Treaties are a money tree for bankers but not
what people need. Millionaires' houses but not butter, no doctors,
or houses for poor. Priorities are mixed up. for Britain to stay in,
EU must get Monetary priorities right.   

let's cut to the video

Sunday, 19 May 2013

foreign drugs and the white man's progress

coming soon is a story about how the white man's
capitalism, here it's mercantilism and slavery,
pushed whitey to find consumer goods, stealthem,
refine them to the nth degree, and force them
upon the unsuspecting "consumer"
causing him/her grievous bodily harm.

the first and latest songs in space

Noticed recently how the world-famous astronaut
Commander Hadfield, a Canuck, had recently sung
in space, both for a recording and live together
with people on the ground.

His tunes are just the latest foray of popular
tunes into space, if only orbit.

Apparently, according to a documentary today that
I only half heard, the first module sent into deep
space includes one popular song, to go with
Beethoven (which will cause aliens to commit
suicide), is Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee

You'd hate to have your spaceship go up like a
ball of fire, like that Shuttle about 20 years ago.

But, I think Jerry was thinking about his roasting
chestnuts, as he hankered for his 13 year old
second cousin.

[a song about "going insane" for teeny boppers in middle school]

Going out the hatch without the space suit will leave you Breathless

Anyway, rack and roll is still out of this world.
By the way, NASA. Take the Duran Duran pressings
and chuck 'em into a black hole. Thanks

Noah! Burn hydrocarbons


I watched parts of Evan Almighty which was a parable
based on the Noah's Ark story, like a copy of it, but
modern. get it?

Then I thought how we've all learned how
 "it rained for 40 days and 40 nights".

Then I remembered the recent warning (of several each
year) in southwest UK for the possibility of 30 days' rain
in 24 hours, like what happened last year. This leads to ...
floods, sh*thead.

Then, I'm thinking, what's the difference between
40 days of rain, and 30 days of rain in one day? not much

In fact, we're doing almost as bad as Noah's time,
and for most of you, Noah's a myth.

Well, is global warming a myth? Or are we the
reason why we can have 30 days of rain in 24 hours?

Friday, 17 May 2013

scaring the hippies

I'd like to tell my own story about hippies and
how much of the musical culture that I particularly
respect was actually designed to kick the sh*t out
of the hippy movement.

No, I'm not older than the hippies. I'm younger.
You'll see below, how Alice Cooper, an interesting
fella whose music I don't understand, enjoyed using
his show at hippy festivals, to scare the bejesus out
of those peace loving dopes.
The only Alice song I like is a little known B-side called
Eskimo Pie wherein Alice denigrates a frigid girlfriend.
"frigid as an Eskimo Pie" was the chorus
a classic in he-said she-said
But since Eskimo Pies were a brand of ice-cream
sandwich in my 12-year old world, I found that
exceedingly funny.

In my grade school days, the teachers would often play
"popular" music for any reason, in order to build a
bond with the kids, I suppose. But they used this
insipid hippy and happy music that made me sick.
Our teachers of course, could not live the hippy
lifestyle and teach, in those days, but my teachers
weren't former hippies either, by my estimation.
However, I thought they were a joke for trying to
reach us with their music.
Jonie Mitchell, Three Dog Night, Joan Baez,
[I'll troll my memory banks and come back
with more]

We were into Steve Miller Band, back then.
"Keep on Rockin me, Baby"  (sexual)
"Take the Money and Run"  (thieving)
"The Joker"   (a piss-take on romantic music)
A whole different culture.

The musical movements that I've come to study
lately, mostly for historical interest, and because
of BBC4, are proto-punk and Heavy Metal.

I think they both congealed in the summer of 1969,
(no, not the Brian Adams song, but hang onto
those sexual overtones).

I saw The Stooges a few years ago and they
were still proto-punk fighting ready. Kick-ass
show. I'll find the Doris Day talk show that had
Iggy on , and she announced his band as
being the one that killed off the hippies (Yay!)
I still think they're amazing. Check this video.
Do ya get it?

[1:30 for I wanna be your Dog]

Another nail in the hippy coffin was the advent
of Black Sabbath. It used horror movie signature
keys to instill fear in all hippies.

[park your preconceptions about the wastoid Ozzy and
look at how groundbreaking this music was, particularly
Ozzy's delivery]

I'm sorry , hippies were a good reaction to
the violence of the Cold War, but as a cultural
movement, they were ughh. One too many

checkit: The Guardian

Alice Cooper's festival tales of terror
The original shock rocker on his surprise folk festival booking, rocking out with Foo Fighters and why golf is the best form of therapy
    Interview by Louis Pattison        
   Friday 10 May 2013 23.59 BST  
Alice Cooper festivals guide2013
Last year you played extreme metal festival Bloodstock. This year you're at Fairport's Cropredy Convention. Different crowd, right?
Did you ever see that film The Producers? It's going to be like Springtime For Hitler – the audience all there with their mouths open wide. But I love that reaction. Last year we played Bonnaroo, and it was like going to summer camp – everyone's green, everyone's groovy, eating tofu. And then here comes Alice Cooper, on at midnight. We're the ghost story at the end of camp-out.
Do you alter your repertoire for a festival show?
To us, an audience is an audience. Put us in front of a Sinatra crowd and we'd play the same show. I have never gone out there with the attitude, 'Boy, I hope you like us tonight'. I'm like, grab 'em by the throat, make them like you! But we know they want to hear all the hits, and we don't shy away from that – we had 14 Top 40 hits, and all of them are in the show. You have to close with School's Out and Elected, or the audience are like, 'What are you doing?'
The Alice Cooper show is big on theatre. What's your favourite set-piece?
We've got this opening thing where Alice comes on stage through a shower of sparks, and every night you can hear the audience gasp. I love that; it means we've already got 'em. Also, there's the bit where Alice goes on the operating table during Feed My Frankenstein. They throw the switch, and it's like something from a 30s Frankenstein movie. It looks great in the dark.
Have festivals changed a lot since the 70s?
Well, back then we were playing alongside Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. We stood out. I remember one show: 'In one hour, Santana. In three hours, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.' And then it was like, 'WARNING – in five hours, Alice Cooper will be on. If you are on the brown acid, please report to…' We just laughed our heads off, because none of us ever did drugs. We were drinkers. But we loved to scare the hippies.

building a better Monopoly metaphor

If you look below, you'll see my
average attempt to actually analyse the
Monopoly metaphor as it applies to our

Max Keiser, he of the alt media, is a much
better person to explain monopolies, so
here he is:

checkit:  RT
In global Monopoly game there can be only one winner
Max Keiser, the host of RT's ‘Keiser Report,’ is a former stockbroker, the inventor of virtual specialist technology and co-founder of the Hollywood Stock Exchange.
Published time: May 13, 2013 16:04
AFP Photo / Justin Sullivan
The unconventional monetary policies of global central banks makes the current economy resemble the game of Monopoly, but the players must remember that in this board game there can be only one winner, with all the rest going bankrupt.
In the game of Monopoly, when you pass ‘Go’ you collect $200. This keeps the game going by adding liquidity into the system. The bank in the game is increasing the money supply and this keeps people rolling the dice; buying up property and paying taxes.
Eventually, due to the luck of the dice, the player who is able to land on the most expensive properties on the board ends up being able to extract crippling amounts of rent from the other players until everyone goes bust except for the lone Monopolist who is declared the winner. Notice that in the Monopoly economy nobody works. The only activities are rolling dice and shopping for real estate, houses, and hotels.
In today’s global game of Monopoly we have Quantitative Easing to replace the free money give away that occurs when players pass ‘Go.’ But instead of the token $200, players (those who work in the FIRE economy of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) get $85 billion a month from the Federal Reserve Bank in America and similar gifts of cash from the central banks in Japan, Britain, and most of the G20.
The asset prices of the houses and hotels keep going up as the free money given away by the bank: whether in the game of Monopoly or the game of the Fed is pumped into the economy. Again, nobody who has wealth in these economies works for a living. They speculate by rolling the dice and buying up assets knowing that the infusion of cash will guarantee asset price inflation.
If you play Monopoly you know that eventually the player who chanced on the opportunity to buy the most expensive real estate on the board eventually wins as the rent-seeking that comes with that real estate bankrupts the rest of the players who keep collecting their free $200 each time they pass ‘Go,’ money that works its way to the Monopolist with the most powerful monopoly.
Similarly in the global economy we have a situation where none of the sizeable wealth of the players was garnered through work. A list of the wealthiest in the world shows virtually all the players having gained their riches by engaging in monopoly rent-seeking through real estate speculation, gaming the banking system, manipulating stock prices, exploiting an extremely pernicious copyright monopoly or promoting and financing war: a particular monopoly of the state.
We are headed to a similar ending. With most of the world’s population already bankrupt and over half of Americans now officially straddling the poverty line we see the wealth being gobbled up the lucky dice throwers sitting on the most exploitive rent-seeking properties.
Just like in the game of Monopoly, there will be only 1 (or a handful) of winners at the end of the game but unlike the game, it won’t be so easy to start a new one. You don’t expect a full scale riot of a revolution staged from the losers of your average Monopoly game at home but typically this is what happens when a few at the top bankrupt the 99% at the bottom if we use history as a guide.