Monday, 25 February 2013

I hold this Bullshit in my hands to be true

words of the great Banksterus Maximus.

Richard Murphy, the bulldog of an accountant
 is cornering the Big 4 firms and going over
their innards with a fine-tooted butcher knife.

And , the Big 4 are getting all aristocratic, and
pissing in all directions.

Well, the last word goes to Richard, who
set up the
Bills Ten Commandments

that's Bill Dodwell of he Big 4

Checkit:  Tax research
A suggestion for Bill Dodwell’s code of conduct for NGO tax campaigners
Posted on February 17 2013
Bill Dodwell has said NGOs working on tax campaigning should be regulated. He had included me in his targets.
TJN has challenged Dodwell to propose the rules he'd like.
I can't resist proposing Bill's Ten Commandment for us tax campaigners (plus a few bonuses because once started I had trouble stopping):
1. Thou shalt not talk about tax avoidance as I sell it and would rather not mention the fact.
2. Thou shalt not talk about tax havens as my firm is in all the major ones.
3. Thou shalt not talk about transfer pricing because it inevitably allows companies to hide profits in tax havens and we would rather you did not point that out.
4. Thou shalt not talk profit shifting as we call it tax efficient supply chain management and it's a really good product line.
5. Thou shalt not call Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland tax havens since don't you know tax havens have palm trees?
6. Thou shalt not mention small business since they can't afford our services.
7. Thou shalt not mention opacity that allows people to hide what they're doing from prying eyes we do not like. We call it commercial confidentiality instead.
8. Thou shalt not mention automatic information exchange. Why on earth should the odds be stacked against our clients?
9. Thou shalt not mention putting accounts on public record. Heavens above, since when were accounts equated with accountability?
10. Please do not mention the world's tax systems being biased in favour of multinational companies. Don't you know they're my clients?
Bonus 1. Thou shalt not do honest research based on the accounts we have signed. Who gave you the right to think they might be reliable?
Bonus 2. Thou shalt not talk to parliamentarians about what you find. Why on earth should democratically elected people enquire about what we do?
Bonus 3. Thou shalt not mention professional ethics. Ethics are intended to constrain NGOs, not professions.
Bonus 4. Thou shalt not mention the tax gap. How dare you suggest some people do not pay the tax they might owe?
Bonus 5. Thou shalt show respect to those who earn more than you because don't you know earnings are directly correlated with ability?

Naff off, tiny dancer

[the Plastic Princess, in wax]

I like how girls are encouraged to dream by having little

ballerina or princess toys. They dream of the big
wedding, and get Joe Pubcrawl.
So, then they project  that desire onto the cute
Until a mansome lady comes along and shits
on the parade of Her Mosquito-bite Titties.

Hillary Mantel rescued defeat out of the hands
of victory by saying how wonderful Diana was.
She was seriously interesting, but still a royal
diversion, in a fur , with no knickers. *pant*

Anyway. The Great Fawning was shut down for a day.
the baby bump felt the stress 

checkit: Sky News

Hilary Mantel: Kate Is A 'Plastic Princess'
 Hilary Mantel criticised the Duchess of Cambridge during a lecture
Award winning author Hilary Mantel has launched a scathing attack on the Duchess of Cambridge, describing …
Award winning author Hilary Mantel has launched a scathing attack on the Duchess of Cambridge, describing her as "designed by committee", in a lecture at the British Museum.
The 60-year-old author, who won the Man Booker Prize in 2009 and 2012, compared Kate to Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoinette and Princess Diana during the lecture entitled Undressing Anne Boleyn.
In it, she said: "It's rather that I saw Kate becoming a jointed doll on which certain rags are hung.
"In those days she was a shop-window mannequin, with no personality of her own, entirely defined by what she wore.
"These days she is a mother-to-be, and draped in another set of threadbare attributions ... her only point and purpose being to give birth."
She also described the Duchess as having a "perfect plastic smile" and said her first official portrait, unveiled last month, revealed "her eyes are dead and she wears the strained smile of a woman who really wants to tell the painter to b***** off".
The lecture for the London Review of Books was given on February 4, but the full version of her speech will be published in the latest edition of the review on Thursday.
Mantel, author of Thomas Cromwell novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, said Kate was not like Anne Boleyn who was a "power player, a clever and determined woman".
It comes as the Duchess will show off her baby bump for the first time when she visits a project for women recovering from substance dependence.
 The 31-year-old will visit Hope House, a project run by Action On Addiction of which she is a patron; it will be her first solo engagement of 2013.
 Charity CEO Nick Barton later came to the Duchess's defence, describing her as an "intelligent" woman who was genuinely interested in the work of his organisation.
 Asked for his reaction to Mantel's criticisms, Mr Barton said: "I don't think it's for me to comment on that kind of stuff. I speak of what I know – somebody who wants to help, is helpful and genuinely interested and is intelligent.
 "I can only speak (of) what I know. I've met her several times and I found her to be engaging, I found her very natural, I found her actually genuinely interested in the subject.
 "You can tell a lot from people's questions and she asks really good questions. They're not routine stuff, they're questions of someone who wants to learn. I find her very easy to deal with."

Friday, 22 February 2013

Olympics didn't add to UK GDP

Another great Olympic fest last year, in
London. A lot of money was spent too,
with the thought that it would help
the economy. It didn't. But maybe it
helped improve business for the thieves.
I mean those outside of the Olympic


what would U like with your stock report? Onions

The stock market in a controlled economy
is never a clear sign of investment information.
So, that's why its ripe for satire.

Guns in schools? Yes men

This is another coup.
Just when you thought that
"gun crazy" couldn't get any crazier,
in come the Yes Men to lance the
boil that is the NRA.

They made some powerpoint stuff
that looked really believable and
then published it, and lo & behold,
the lazy MSM bought it.

Enjoy guns, in your schools, and mace
and num-chucks, and rubber.

computers frolicking in a field, and off a cliff

Monday, 11 February 2013

Brazil just can't help but welcome tourists

I wish I had time to dig up the stories I've read about
the "discovery" of Brazil. Apparently, the stiff, Christian
Portuguese landed on shore to find a mostly naked,
quite amorous tribe of locals in the Rio area, and
they decided "this is where I retire". And they
learned to relax.

Rio has not changed one jot since then. It's odd now
that Brazil is an up and coming country, it is
expressing itself to outsiders, but still cannot
muster a bad feeling.

Point in fact is the case of the young ladies
who want foreigners to not come to Rio for
carnival. Apparently, they don't want Rio's
gals to become prey for foreigners.
So , how did they do this?

They went to the airport, took their tops off
and shouted at arriving tourists, to get their
attention. They just end up looking so
appealing, though.
Will things never change? I sure
hope not. At least, until I get my fill.

just another chance to shoot minorities

A former police officer from Los Angeles has been on a bit
of a spree, of late. He was claiming to the victim of
abuse of all kinds while was working for them, before he
got fired.
Anyway, the manhunt for this man has worked in
his favour. This is because the LAPD have gone
out of their jurisdiction and have shot 3 innocent
people because they look like this man, or are
riding in a similar vehicle.
A definite lack of concern for people's lives is the
only possible verdict. People of colour have taken to
wearing protective t-shirts:

eye of the tiger

unfortunately, it's the yellow eye, if there is such a thing.

I was just pissing myself laughing at Mr T's blooper show.
Why is it that he gets all the funny ones? the rest of them
put me to sleep.

Anyway, the funniest one today was the "eye of the tiger".
his deadpan and the animal's hijinx and I was ROFL. and
I hate the song, and I have ever since the 80s. Now, thanks
to Mr T, we can "take the piss" on that muzak.

Get the vet: let's cut to the video

At least MI5 can retire the dead baby infiltrators

Lets string together a number of spy stories of the last
couple of years, in the UK. It was discovered that
the some police service had moles in peaceful
protest groups, and that they were encouraging
the groups to get violent, as an obvious trap.

The cost of this sort of stupid provocateur sh*t
was in the millions, per mole.

We just heard a couple of days ago , how they
got the names for the moles. Dead babies. Of
course, they did not ask the parents' permission.
They just stole the details including the whole
back story, except the death. Instant checkability,
for the peaceful protest groups that were paranoind
about moles. Of course, those groups were so
"nice" that they got rid of the members who were
suspicious of moles, because that was just not
being nice enough.
Well, a lot of former members are going
"I f*^%$king told ya".

Anyway, the spook businesses of the UK can now
save tons of money by using Raytheon's Riot
program, and I suppose it's available to them.
With it , they can track were anybody checks
in on their smartphone (not so smart, buddy) for
Facebook, Twitter and two odd ones, like
4square (?). It's especially easy to check your
3G pictures that you post, because they have
Longit. and Lat data. They can do a report on
your habits and boom, you're done. sealed in an

Checkit: and don't use them damn phones!

Exclusive: Raytheon's Riot program mines social network data like a 'Google for spies', drawing ire from civil rights groups [IT'S NOT AN EXCLUSIVE- IT'S ALL OVER THE NET, BUT IT WAS EARLY FOR A DOZY MSM OUTFIT- COS67]
         Ryan Gallagher         

        The Guardian, Sunday 10 February 2013 15.20 GMT
        Jump to comments (590)
A multinational security firm has secretly developed software capable of tracking people's movements and predicting future behaviour by mining data from social networking websites.

A video obtained by the Guardian reveals how an "extreme-scale analytics" system created by Raytheon, the world's fifth largest defence contractor, can gather vast amounts of information about people from websites including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
Raytheon says it has not sold the software – named Riot, or Rapid Information Overlay Technology – to any clients.

But the Massachusetts-based company has acknowledged the technology was shared with US government and industry as part of a joint research and development effort, in 2010, to help build a national security system capable of analysing "trillions of entities" from cyberspace.

The power of Riot to harness popular websites for surveillance offers a rare insight into controversial techniques that have attracted interest from intelligence and national security agencies, at the same time prompting civil liberties and online privacy concerns.

The sophisticated technology demonstrates how the same social networks that helped propel the Arab Spring revolutions can be transformed into a "Google for spies" and tapped as a means of monitoring and control.

Using Riot it is possible to gain an entire snapshot of a person's life – their friends, the places they visit charted on a map – in little more than a few clicks of a button.

In the video obtained by the Guardian, it is explained by Raytheon's "principal investigator" Brian Urch that photographs users post on social networks sometimes contain latitude and longitude details – automatically embedded by smartphones within so-called "exif header data."
Riot pulls out this information, showing not only the photographs posted onto social networks by individuals, but also the location at which the photographs were taken.

"We're going to track one of our own employees," Urch says in the video, before bringing up pictures of "Nick," a Raytheon staff member used as an example target. With information gathered from social networks, Riot quickly reveals Nick frequently visits Washington Nationals Park, where on one occasion he snapped a photograph of himself posing with a blonde haired woman.

"We know where Nick's going, we know what Nick looks like," Urch explains, "now we want to try to predict where he may be in the future."

Riot can display on a spider diagram the associations and relationships between individuals online by looking at who they have communicated with over Twitter. It can also mine data from Facebook and sift GPS location information from Foursquare, a mobile phone app used by more than 25 million people to alert friends of their whereabouts. The Foursquare data can be used to display, in graph form, the top 10 places visited by tracked individuals and the times at which they visited them.
The video shows that Nick, who posts his location regularly on Foursquare, visits a gym frequently at 6am early each week. Urch quips: "So if you ever did want to try to get hold of Nick, or maybe get hold of his laptop, you might want to visit the gym at 6am on a Monday."

Mining from public websites for law enforcement is considered legal in most countries. In February last year, for instance, the FBI requested help to develop a social-media mining application for monitoring "bad actors or groups".

However, Ginger McCall, an attorney at the Washington-based Electronic Privacy Information Centre, said the Raytheon technology raised concerns about how troves of user data could be covertly collected without oversight or regulation.
"Social networking sites are often not transparent about what information is shared and how it is shared," McCall said. "Users may be posting information that they believe will be viewed only by their friends, but instead, it is being viewed by government officials or pulled in by data collection services like the Riot search."

Raytheon, which made sales worth an estimated $25bn (£16bn) in 2012, did not want its Riot demonstration video to be revealed on the grounds that it says it shows a "proof of concept" product that has not been sold to any clients.

Jared Adams, a spokesman for Raytheon's intelligence and information systems department, said in an email: "Riot is a big data analytics system design we are working on with industry, national labs and commercial partners to help turn massive amounts of data into useable information to help meet our nation's rapidly changing security needs.

"Its innovative privacy features are the most robust that we're aware of, enabling the sharing and analysis of data without personally identifiable information [such as social security numbers, bank or other financial account information] being disclosed."

In December, Riot was featured in a newly published patent Raytheon is pursuing for a system designed to gather data on people from social networks, blogs and other sources to identify whether they should be judged a security risk.

In April, Riot was scheduled to be showcased at a US government and industry national security conference for secretive, classified innovations, where it was listed under the category "big data – analytics, algorithms."

According to records published by the US government's trade controls department, the technology has been designated an "EAR99" item under export regulations, which means it "can be shipped without a licence to most destinations under most circumstances".

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hamurabi: If it ain't broke, you don't die

The fix-all for bad bankers is Hamurabi's code. It worked
3000 years ago, and could work today. It expressly has
a death penalty for mischievous bankers.
Taleb, the Risk man, is right to refer to Hammie because
he's getting pissed off at the bankers. Welcome to the

checkit: Project syndicate

More Skin in the Game in 2013
Nassim Taleb
NEW YORK – Those who have the upside are not necessarily those who incur the downside. For example, bankers and corporate managers get bonuses for “performance,” but not reverse bonuses for negative performance, and they have an incentive to bury risks in the tails of the distribution – in other words, to delay blowups.

The ancients were fully aware of this incentive to hide risks, and implemented very simple but potent heuristics. About 3,800 years ago, the Code of Hammurabi specified that if a house collapses and causes the death of its owner, the house’s builder shall be put to death.

This simple tenet is at the origin of “an eye for an eye” and the Golden Rule in ethics (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”). But, beyond ethics, this was simply the best risk-management rule ever.

The ancients understood that the builder always knows more about the risks than the client, and can hide sources of fragility and improve his profitability by cutting corners. The foundation is the best place to hide risk. The builder can also fool the inspector; the person hiding risk has a large informational advantage over the one who has to find it.

Why do I believe that a certain class of people has an incentive to “look good” rather than “do good”? The reason is simply the absence of personal risk. And the problems and remedies are as follows:.... 

Riders on the Net

When I recently heard this song it made me feel like
it was the song to put me in the mindset to deal with
all the bullsh*t that we see around us, every day.
I mean the desperation of life when our future is
being eaten by bankers.

Some lyrics (a re-imagining)

Riders on the Net
"into this world, we're thrown,
to bankers, ass we've shown,
to catch them on the throne,
and bash them with a phone"

I know this scene was dopey in the movie, but what
better metaphor is there for the crap storm that
is in our near future?

Fluoride Mafia

No, I'm not kidding. I've heard the "theories" about fluoride
and how it cakes up everything in your innards. I don't know,
but if there was a way to avoid it, I would.
I'd also like to avoid the estrogen in city water that comes from
the "recycling" of water from women who use the Pill.

Anyway, with the story below, you see that a city in
Australia, far from the biggest, was giving a shed-load
of money for fluoride. That, to me, is the bigger problem, and
probably shows that there is a Fluoride Mafia that kills all
public discussion of cutting the fluoride.

checkitout:  Hang bankers

Town to halt water fluoridation (Australia)
2 Feb 2013
by Jacque Fresco
The Cairns City Council will remove fluoride from its water supply, saying it amounts to the “involuntary medication” of residents.

But the council says it won’t be doing anything to determine if there’s broad community support for fluoridation to continue.

“If people want to have access to fluoride, they need to take that up with their dentists,” a council spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

“The decision has been made … it shouldn’t be forced on people without consent.”

The council said it based its decision on the policy of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

The LGAQ said it supported the right of councils to decide if fluoride should be added to water and that the express consent of communities should be sought for processes such as fluoridation.

Asked about the Cairns council’s refusal to determine if community consent existed, LGAQ executive director Greg Hallam said: “That’s a matter for them. We’re not judge and jury.

“We’re not anti-fluoride and we don’t subscribe to a view that there’s any harm based on all the scientific studies around the world. Ours is a political and legal stance.”

The Queensland government last year changed laws that had required bigger communities to add fluoride to their water supplies.

That was despite warnings from the Australian Dental Association that would cause major dental health problems.

Premier Campbell Newman even said he personally supports fluoridation, but the issue was about restoring councils’ right to decide.

LNP MP Jason Woodforth last year said there was broad backbench support for the fluoride to be outlawed completely, telling the ABC it was a proven neurotoxin.

Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said the change would save the council a significant amount of money.

Mr Manning said the council also supported the LGAQ’s position that oral health was a state government responsibility and “as such any financial burden should remain with the state”.

Fluoridation currently cost the council about $300,000 in chemicals, staffing, testing, electricity and infrastructure, he said.

Fluoride will stop being added to the Cairns water supply from the middle of next month.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

American Bath-ic

Although it is well known that actors have been hired to play
the President of the US, and not just on tv and movies.
Reagan is a stunning example. If you see the right videos,
it's clear that Reagan was the puppet and the beginning
of major fraudulent banking started under "his rule".

Another obvious puppet was Bush43. His simpleton
act made everyone laugh while he bombed the world.
However, I had been convinced that B43 was more
evil than the idiot he portrayed.
Now, I'm having my doubts.

If you're going to paint, you would paint:
-what you think you are supposed to (fashion)
-what means something to you
-what would be a good challenge

which of these can explain someone painting
his own self in a bathtub. It could be somebody
else in the tub, but that's creepy. So, a bath
means something to B43. How simple do you
have to be to paint a self-cleaning function?

I like how William Banzai 7 has captured the
highlights of Bin Laden's turban, and the shininess
of a new rubber ducky. These were essential
additions to the oeuvre of a one B43.

Stay tuned for paintings of one of B43's daughters and
her odd piercings. American Gothic

Friday, 8 February 2013

the smell of napalm in the morn, over Canary Wharf

It's just been discovered that one of the unique reasons
why the UK economy is lagging behind is that banks are
trying to cover up their annihilation of the real economy
by keeping failing companies going.
the zombie economy
Now, the City is warning. If interest rates go up, post
Libor scandal, there will be hell to pay, and it will all
be the government's fault, for messing with the markets!
I , for one, would love to smell napalm in the morning over
Canary Wharf.
checkit: City am
50,000 zombie firms to fail if rates rise
Tuesday 13th November 2012, 1:31am
Zombie firms
TENS of thousands of firms are set to go bust when interest rates rise, taking hundreds of thousands of jobs down with them, business troubleshooting group the Institute for Turnaround (IfT) has warned.
There are almost 150,000 zombie firms in the UK – businesses that are fundamentally broken, and only still alive because ultra-low interest rates are holding down their debt repayments.
But while some firms may be able to restructure their debts and business processes to thrive in the long run, up to 50,000 are deemed “beyond hope” by the IfT, as they can barely pay interest on their debts, let alone repay the capital.
Firms of all sizes – from two or three-person operations to big businesses employing hundreds of staff – are zombies, meaning hundreds of thousands of jobs are going to be lost when rates rise at some point in the coming years.

Buster Keaton pads are all the rage

a whole apartment in 40 square feet.
Sh*t shower and shave without
moving your feet.



checkit: Yahoo! News

..My four-in-one flats will re-invent the way we live, says ex-Dragons' Den star
By Simon Garner | – 6 hours ago..

former star of BBC hit TV show Dragons' Den wants to revolutionise the property market by building luxury homes boasting several 'rooms' inside a tiny studio flat space.

Simon Woodroffe has created a home which offers four times the rooms within the confines of a typical one-bedroom flat.

His YO! Home prototype works by hiding rooms which then appear at the touch of a button or the pull of a wall - with an amazing bedroom lowered down from the ceiling.

The bedroom lowers down from the roof as the living room sinks underneath the flooring (Picture: SWNS)

These ‘hidden rooms’, which are operated via 12 mechanical moving parts, are designed to create four 80 sq/m rooms in one single 80 sq/m apartment.

... "Twelve moving parts draw on a wealth of engineering technology taken from fields as diverse as yacht and automotive design and the mechanics of stage production, allowing the transformation of an 80 sq/m space into a much bigger home.

"The technologies we have used are already established in car design, super-yachts and theatre, their application in the home is long overdue."

Woodroffe, who used to work as a rock show stage designer, took inspiration from the way experts manage stage mechanics on West End musical shows.

He has also been heavily influenced by the principles of Japanese living, where the simple and adaptable layout of traditional rooms allows many activities to take place in the same space.

the google and snatch. or "one click to fame"

I know we've all done it. We need a jpeg to add to our powerpoint
for the meeting and the boss didn't give us enough time to de-bug
the whole thing.

Well this guy kinda foreshadowed Petraeus' affair when he
let it be known that Petraeus had biblical knowledge not only
of retribution, but of his biographer.

So, the title was hacked and snatched a headline when a poor
staffer, working for sandwiches, added the hacked cover.

read 'em and laugh: Tech dirt

An Inappropriate Image 'Borrowed' From The Web

from the of-the-two-titles-presented,-I-know-which-one-I'd-be-more-likely-to-read dept

It's a well known fact that many people mistake Google's image search for a license-free stock photo repository. Of course, many people are unaware (or simply uninterested) in the nuances of copyright law, making liberal borrowing of images the norm, rather than the exception.

On the other hand, members of industries that rely on the protection of copyright laws shouldn't have to be reminded that "running an image search" is not even in the same neighborhood as "properly sourcing a photo." This distinction is even more important if you're in a business that relies on integrity, along with various IP laws. Having a staffer just grab an image from "The Internet" for use during a news broadcast could, at the very least, put you in the situation of having to pay up and apologize publicly for using someone else's photo without permission. At worst, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit.

Somewhere in between these two situations lies another scenario: the photo picked hurriedly from the lineup presented by Google Image search is quite possibly THE WORST PHOTO THAT COULD HAVE BEEN CHOSEN. Charles Apple of the American Copy Editors Society has the details on how grabbing a random image resulted in some serious embarrassment for a Denver news team.

    The folks at Denver's ABC-affiliated 7News last night ran a story about the David Petraeus sex scandal, his "mistress," Paula Broadwell, and her biography of Patraeus, All In.

    Except instead of pulling an actual copy of the book cover, somebody just ran a Google search and pulled in the first thing they found. Which, unfortunately for 7News, was an altered copy of the book cover.

well! the fiscal cliff, eh? Smithers! Eyes up here

I always defer to a cartoon when it comes to explaining
duplicitous political shenanigans dressed up as a crisis.
So, Mr Burns, Monti. Go to town

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Where do you draw the immigration barrier?

behind you, right after your ass has crossed over.
That's what most anti-immigrant fanatics do.
There really should be laws and
controls , but it should not be over-zealous, especially in
a country like the US where the hand-outs are few and
far between.

Here, we have an Aboriginal man and his baby in a
European papous, a cheap buggy, tells the whitey-white
anti-immigrant protesters that they themselves are illegal.
The red in the US flag symbolises, for him, the blood
of his ancestors.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

deathwatch 2013 Ted Nugent

coming soon. Why Ted is like, Dead, man.

Is that a promise, Theodore?

If Obama is elected , by nov 2013 nugent will be
dead or in jail.
That’s something that I won’t let out of my sight.
Kinda think the former would be better.

While he does play with guns, he has been known to
crap himself, out of fear. Indeed, he soiled himself
over an extended period in order to avoid Vietnam.
I'll dig that story up later.

For a time, as a young teen, I thought Nugent was
a "spirited musician", but now with 24/7 wall2wall
Internet, I know he's a bonehead and his tunes are
aimed at young teens.
That's enough for this guy. Adios, famous deathwish guy.

I see your Savile and raise you a Sandusky

Pedophile trading cards.

anyway. I read recently that Penn State University
is tearing itself apart because it let
a crazy pedo run wild for 2 decades and
covered it up, for fear that it may make
their football team lose.

Now, the Board has too many members, and
they're involved in too much of the
daily bullsh*t at PSU.

So, they think this will make it easier
to catch the next deviant.
I'll tell you what they're going to do.
They're gonna go back to chaperones in the
girls' dorms. Ankle bracelets on offenders
and then maybe chastity belts.

And it won't stop the pedos. It'll put
a dent in "extra-curricular activity"
amongst normal young adults, who are
shit-faced drunk [big up to Steubenville].
That cramping of the style of thousands
of young Americans will lead to the football
team losing. If the quarterback can't
have his cheerleader, that ball will not
fly straight, on Sunday.

Cussing and visceral feelings

I've long since gotten sick of listening to myself
swearing, in English, anyway.

I've got some choice Arabic, Russian, Japanese
expressions that I like to use.

It's that it becomes mundane after a while and
loses its purpose. Swearing is designed to
reflect a certain interpretation of life's events.

I read a letter to a paper complaining about
swearing in the paper, but I had to say, instead
of it being from a tin-eared granny, or tin-eyed,
it mentioned some interesting points.

"that these reserved words are to be used only in
extreme conditions to show your anger."
"it is childish and irresponsible to try to make them
part of your everyday language and diminish the
important service that they provide"

So, it got me thinking, as I do, about cussing,
because I have had a theory or two about it.

I disagree a bit with the letter.
Some folks can use swearing in a rather
humorous way,  but not the English, as in Britain.
bladdy 'ell

Swearing does have a link to visceral feelings.
So, there are so many times in life when you are
met with stupidity and rude behaviour, and you'd
like to swear, I don't because there's no need to
get into an argument with an idiot. He'll always
be an idiot. That's his penalty.

However, when you live in a society where the
government lies to you, steals from you and the
gets the media to embed that lie into everyday
life, I do object, and I do cuss. This blog is
full of that sort of stuff.

I explain it thus:
You feel that your sanity and your future is
being messed with by rich bastards, you feel
a pain in your gut and you wish you could
grab the fT&*ker and show him what you
think, and it's made worse by the fact that
those panty-waisted jerkoffs are insulated
from the people that they are screwing.

If you don't feel a visceral revulsion and a
desire to punch a politician, then you're not
paying attention to the big picture. We, the
middle class, the workers that might wear a white
collar, are being euthanised, economically.

And apparently it's bad to keep such anger
bottled up. It will literally take years
off your life. This is why Italians and other
Mediterranean folks are so healthy. They let
rip, regularly.

Sam Kinison was good English-speaker for
 verbalising that kind of rage:

More 'Breasts & Circumcisions'

It's the new Bread and Circuses that royalty are so fond
of foisting on the people to get them to stop
focusing on how obscenely wealthy the royals are.

People in the Net Age will not settle for bread or
circuses. They have Internet Porn. They want
Tits & Ass with their subjugation.

Luckily, they have no shortage of pantsed royal
yung-uns to keep the tabloids busy.
Extended Family of the Royles are also allowed.

Next one: 'I' News
"with her derriere having been the subject of
unparalleled media coverage ever since her
memorable appearance at last year's royal
wedding, Pippa Middleton can evidently still
see the funny side. The Duchess of Cambridge's
sister [Pippa], who recently released a book on
party planning [that stank and nobody bought it
-Cos67], writes in the Spectator, 'Maybe I should
write a sequel and call it Bottom's Up? Now,
that could be a best seller' "

Ok. I'll let you be the judge of her gluteous
maximus. If hers is good, it will 'stick out'
 in this country where the average chick's
butt is flappy fat or flat like a cadaver's.

Butt, bottoms up? Is that hinting at her
getting into a bit of slap and tickle, on paper.
Will she be doing a Playbody spread or
simulating sex. You know,
"face down, ass up" ?

Now you see how even reasonable, cynical
people like me can waste time with the
implications of that kind of talk, and she
didn't even show her butt in the Spectator.
Am I becoming one of the chattering classes?
No. too poor. colonial.

To the Breasts and so on:
[from Showbiz. not a good angle]
now this is more like it:
[Raandom- thanks for the label, boys]

how does a patrician bully?

I've always wondered why bullying is such a problem in a
genteel society like Britain. That's not to say it doesn't
happen everywhere, every day. These repressed, jealous
folks are so out of control , they probably don't realise
it when they are being bullies.
"who? me? bully?"

It's especially funny in parliament when the issue
comes up, as it did when the PM was talking about
Labour's Ed Balls (ya, that's his name) bullying him,
i.e. shaming him with the truth.

Ed Miliband Labour MP for Honky Nose
and Labour party leader says:
"I've heard everything when the boy from the
Bullingdon Club lectures people on bullying.
Absolutely extraordinary. Have you wrecked a
restaurant recently?"

There's so much wrong with what this little
story reveals:
-If Balls did something wrong, then sanctions
- If Balls did nothing wrong, then the Prime
Minister is actually a panty-waist for complaining
- that PM used to be a bully?
-what does trashing a restaurant have to do with
-Ed knows that PM Dave was also a bully because
that's what the top of the privilege pile do. It's
allowed, and even enforced. Everyone else is cowed.
-they're discussing language games, instead of
tackling the obvious economic problems
-they're playing to the cameras
-they play bully games all the time. It's sick to watch,
especially when Rome on the Thames is burning

cos67 might be a prophet: part 5

About a year ago, I wrote a prophetic blurb about
Amsterdam's decision to keep foreigners out of  its
hash pubs, I guess because it's bad for its image.

I said that the tourist industry was complaining
because such a law will devastate tourism, in already
dire economic times.
"Grass smokers are harmless. They stink, but they're
harmless" said the spokesman. "It's those foul British
politicians, and their football hooligans that stick in
the craw. and watch out for the Bullyngdon Club"

I said it would bring down the government, and it did.
Well, something did, anyway.

So Reuters prints this in December of last year:

Amsterdam will turn a blind eye to foreigners buying
cannabis in its 'coffee shops'. There were months of
uncertainty about foreign visitors following a ban
that was introduced by a government coalition which
has since collapsed....'will not attach priority to
enforcing the local residence requirement' Mayor
van der Laan said"

Friday, 1 February 2013

African American singer helps Aboriginals

This is another Twitter miracle.
P Diddy, the erstwhile rapper, and business mogul,
latched onto this story of the Sioux, in the US.

He wants us to help the Sioux get their land back.

Very honourable.

Here's Siouxsie and her Indian music:

checkit:  Sky News

P Diddy Boosts Campaign To Protect Sioux Land
..P Diddy and Bette Midler have become the latest celebrities to back an online campaign to raise money so Native American tribes can purchase land they consider sacred.

The fundraising effort aims to buy nearly 2,000 acres (800 hectares) of pristine prairie grass in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Three days after the campaign began, P Diddy tweeted "Help save the Sioux Nation! Click here" and linked to the website.

Midler also lent her voice, tweeting: "Incredible story re the Sioux Sacred Grounds. Donate what you can." Around \$6,000 (£3,775) flowed in immediately after P Diddy's tweet.

The campaign will run until November 30, by which time the tribes of the Great Sioux Nation will need to have raised \$9m (£5.7m) in order to purchase the land.

The tribes have already got \$7m (£4.4m) for the 1,942 acres (786 hectares), which they call Pe' Sla or Old Baldy.

There are Sioux tribes in the Dakotas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and Canada, and Pe' Sla is important to their creation story.

Tribal members have long held ceremonies there, and when the land was put up for sale they feared it would be developed because of its proximity to Mount Rushmore.

Landowners Leonard and Margaret Reynolds cancelled a public auction of the property earlier this year after tribal members expressed outrage.

The pair then accepted the tribes' offer to purchase the land for \$9m - provided they have the money on time.

P Diddy and Midler join actor Ezra Miller and hip-hop producer Sol Guy in showing their support for the cause.

Miller, who appears in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, flew to South Dakota last month to film a nine-minute documentary-style video about the land that is being used as part of the online campaign.

He said the three days he spent in South Dakota learning about the land and the Lakota tribes was life-altering.

"From the moment I arrived to the moment I departed, I was struck repeatedly by an unshakable sensation that this land truly carried something unspeakably important," Miller said.

He said the fact that the Lakota tribes have done Sundance ceremonies on the land for thousands of years is a "magical reality" and America has erased too much of the land's true history.

The Piers Morgan law

Hacking is a crime punishable by jail time, in the US.

I did not know that.

In the UK, Rupert Murdoch ran a phone hacking enterprise,
with a newspaper as a front and laundering unit. Politics
entered by the back door (inside joke with Just Dave).

It wasn't just Rupe. Piers Morgan, now of CNN was doing it.

In fact, Jeremy Paxman, a talking head on the BBC, said
that Morgan told everybody at a dinner party how to hack
phones. And yet, he didn't go to jail.

I guess Internet hacking is the key. A guy below stole some
personal nudie pics from famous actresses, for a bit of
wrist exercise and for no personal financial gain.
So, into the slammer you go, for not having any connections
hiding up your quiff.

This is Alex Jones who was recently on Piers's's Show

Checkit: 1 Sky News

..Hollywood Hacker Jailed After Stealing Nude Pics
Tue, Dec 18, 2012....Email0
....A man who hacked into the personal emails of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera and a number of other women has been jailed for 10 years.

Christopher Chaney pleaded guilty to offences that included wiretapping and unauthorised access to a computer.

Prosecutors said Chaney, 35, illegally accessed the email accounts of more than 50 people in the entertainment industry between November 2010 and October 2011.

His arrest came after an 11-month investigation - dubbed Operation Hackerazzi - into the hacking of dozens of celebrities, of whom actresses Johansson and Kunis, and singer Aguilera were the highest-profile names.

The court heard a tearful videotaped statement from Lost In Translation star Johansson after nude photos, taken herself and meant for her then-husband Ryan Reynolds, were placed on the internet.

Aguilera said in a statement issued days before the sentencing that although she is often in the limelight, Chaney had taken private moments from her.

"That feeling of security can never be given back and there is no compensation that can restore the feeling one has from such a large invasion of privacy," Aguilera said.

2 Vice

Aaron Swartz Died for Piers Morgan’s Sins

By Greg Palast
In 2000, Aaron Swartz had just released his astonishing invention, RSS, to ease the flow of information and news around the internet. Around the same time, one of Piers Morgan’s stringers hacked into the phone of Sir Paul McCartney’s wife and stole some highly personal, and highly valuable, information – the type of gossip used to sell Morgan’s grotty little scandal sheet, The Daily Mirror. The idea of Piers listening in on private phone messages, whether he remained zipped or not, is too creepy to think about. But he did it. Often. Electronic burglary for profit is a crime in the UK and USA both.
Editors and executives from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation were arrested and face hard time for knowing about it and covering it up. Not Piers, though.
Then there was the little matter of his insider stock trades, called a “fraud on the market” in the United States where it would earn you substantial time breaking rocks on a chain gang. The scheme Morgan profited from was elegantly simple and utterly criminal. Two of Morgan’s influential financial columnists would make recommendations to the rubes reading The Mirror. Morgan and his so-called reporters bought the stocks just before they would print the names of their picks – which would, of course, immediately shoot skyward. Morgan pocketed tens of thousands of pounds. His co-conspirators, the reporters, got jail time. Not Piers. He admitted to the profiteering and walked away with a fine.
There was yet another fraud. In 2004, Piers ran laughably staged photos of British troops “torturing” an Iraqi. Except they weren’t in Iraq and the Iraqi was a swarthy Brit soldier posing with his mates. Piers sold a lot of tabloids with this fakery. Just like he sold a lot of pulp on a fabricated story about my penis. When he was confronted with the clear evidence the “torture” photo was a con, Morgan still claimed the story was true, even if the photos lied. But the story was a lie. Piers defended running the fantasy as truth – just as he continued to stand by his discredited expose of my knicker knockwurst.
Piers’ obvious journalistic talents were simply too stellar for American news media to ignore and he was subsequently given CNN’s top news interview programme, after proving his analytical credentials by winning Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. All he had to do, was get there. Solved by the little matter of sneaking across the border surrounded by a cloud of criminality. In 2011 alone, the Obama Administration was proud to have deported 188,382 alien residents for evidence of criminal activity, from a boyfriend having a joint in your car, to ancient records of crimes confessed under torture. God Bless America.
The US law, especially the mellifluously titled, “Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act” of 1996, bar work visas to those who have admitted to “the essential elements of a crime” including fraud and white collar felonies involving more than $10,000. The US Embassy can exercise its discretion. And no one is more discrete than the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Mr. Louis Susman, whose credentials are listed as “prolific fundraiser for [the] Democratic Party” and former Vice-Chairman of Citibank. Susman’s embassy did a thorough review of Piers’ visa. (Here is a photo of Ambassador Susman with Piers at the CNN launch party of Morgan’s show.)....