Thursday, 24 February 2011

the Kaup Thing from the volcanic lagoon

Iceland is known for two things. Volcanic stuff, and crazy bankers.
I think I'm the first to connect the two.
At one time the lagoon was a peaceful place for nice people to bathe in
thermal baths, even when it's -60 outside.
Then, one party got into government and they had some rich buddies.
They thought that they would let the bankers loose.
pretty soon the Kaup Thing had grown to 12 times the size of Iceland
(or its national GDP)
on stupid pranks like the Tchenguiz boys in London, below.


Thus was born the Kaup Thing.
It arose from the lagoon and ate
everybody and everything in sight.
Iceland has not been the same since.
The brave British and Dutch governments (Dutch courage), have decided to slay this monster.
But they're demanding the Knights' Privilege, which goes back to medieval times.
They want about 5 billion pounds to slay the beast.
The Icelanders told them to go 'ficken-dicken yer dottir'

By the way, the Kaup Thing is related to the Zombie Bankers (see old story) Lehman bros.

Britain and the Dutch lost money to these banks, and they want it back.
They can't understand that the banks were private enterprises. Fl^**(kin' communists!
So, they are using the IMF to force them. They keep forcing the Iceland Parliament
to vote to give them their money. It's basically embezzlement, but legal, if the Icers go for it.
The parliament passed it twice, but the president has sent it back to the people
in a referendum. The first time it was shot down by 99%. The next vote is coming soon.

In a related story of financial high-wire:
Thanks to the Tchenguiz brothers, Britain got some its money back.
So it should stop complaining. The Kaup Thing wants the brothers to pay back the money they owe, that is, before the rest of the Kaup Thing board goes to jail. They're having difficulty because the London real estate market has tanked.
[a Tchen-tchen]
The Bros Tchenguiz were real-estate speculators that used BILLIONS from the Kaup Thing.
They knew that, those two groups, KaupThing and the Tchenguiz clan, were so far up each others' butts that they didn't have to ask one another what they had for lunch.
They knew that if one failed, the other would fail.

Iceland will have another referendum and stick Holland's and Britain's blackmail down their throats.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>
p.s. I played against Iceland, on the ice, and we won, back in 1999.

checkitout: 3 things
Birgitta Jonsdottir
Iceland Parliamentarian, and all-around Kaup Thing-slayer, speaks to Red Ice (3 parts)
by the way, the US gov petitioned Twitter to get info on her, on behalf of the Zombie Bankers, of course.

How Kaupthing's dance of debt with Tchenguiz brothers ended in £2bn ruin

At one point Kaupthing loans to the ill-fated Tchenguiz property empire were equivalent to more than half of the bank's capital base. Now each side blames the other for the collapse
o Simon Bowers
o, Monday 14 February 2011 21.08
Surprising as it may seem, Mayfair's most flamboyant and aggressive property barons, Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz, are still standing. Despite seeing more than £2bn of investments come crashing down around them in recent years, the brothers appear comfortably solvent, enjoying all the trappings of the super-rich. Vincent's 40-metre luxury yacht Veni, Vidi, Vici, is still afloat off the Riviera, as is his younger brother's 45-metre My Little Violet.

This week it emerged that shares in the sprawling property maintenance and ground rents empire overseen by Vincent Tchenguiz are now in the hands of receivers appointed by Kaupthing. The brothers were among the failed Icelandic bank's largest clients before its spectacular collapse in 2008, with combined borrowings equivalent to 55% of its capital base.

The loss of shares in the complex property empire is the first sign that the brothers' close relationship with the ill-fated bank has badly damaged investments linked not just to Robert but also to Vincent. Through the Tchenguiz Family Trust (TFT), Vincent has launched a rearguard court battle against Kaupthing's liquidators, claiming £600m in damages.

He was forced to surrender shares in his property empire two years ago after pledging them months earlier as collateral in an attempt to stop Kaupthing calling in a troubled loan of £1.8bn from Robert. But his efforts failed and the loan fell further into negative equity before it was called in as the bank itself sank into administration in October 2008. Vincent claims he was duped.

Shares in his property empire are just the latest Tchenguiz assets forfeited to the Kaupthing liquidators. Other investments seized when Robert could not meet repayment demands included a 10% stake in J Sainsbury, 27% of the pub group Mitchells & Butlers, a major interest in Lara Croft console games publisher Sci Entertainment and smaller stakes in the brewers Greene King and Marston's.
Icelandic MP fights US demand for her Twitter account details

Birgitta Jonsdottir brands efforts by US justice department to access her private information 'completely unacceptable'
o Share4792
* Dominic Rushe in New York
* The Guardian, Saturday 8 January 2011
A member of parliament in Iceland who is also a former WikiLeaks volunteer says the US justice department has ordered Twitter to hand over her private messages.

Birgitta Jonsdottir, an MP for the Movement in Iceland, said last night on Twitter that the "USA government wants to know about all my tweets and more since november 1st 2009. Do they realize I am a member of parliament in Iceland?"

She said she was starting a legal fight to stop the US getting hold of her messages, after being told by Twitter that a subpoena had been issued. She wrote: "department of justice are requesting twitter to provide the info – I got 10 days to stop it via legal process before twitter hands it over."

She said the justice department was "just sending a message and of course they are asking for a lot more than just my tweets."

Jonsdottir said she was demanding a meeting with the US ambassador to Iceland. "The justice department has gone completely over the top." She added that the US authorities had requested personal information from Twitter as well as her private messages and that she was now assessing her legal position.....

Cuningula, the Emperor

Everybody bunga-bunga now.
It's the first worldwide craze since the lambada

with the Ides of March coming soon, a tribute to Berlusconi.

Or, how the Mubarak family is out of favour in world politics.
[Mubarak's 'grandaughter'. Berlusconi sprung her out of jail]

Problem: she's an underage hooker,
as if there's a law against that.
Problem: she's Moroccan.
Now, why would a prime minister, who can have any hooker he wants,
spring an underage corner-hostess out of jail?
[Kaddafi's grandaughter]
No bunga, please!

The key story in the making of the Emperor Cuningula is the following:

Berlusconi is sexual record-breaker, says prostitute

Apparently the old Viagra man
couldn't keep his lips off of her
Tip-toe through the tulips, indeed.
And remember, in the Med, men do not service their women like that.
So, he should ideally be ashamed, but not this guy.
He probably didn't have anything else to offer anyway.
his dying words will be 'Rosebud'. He qualifies, being a media mogul.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>


Patrizia D'Addario explicitly claims for first time in book

that she had sex with Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi
* Tom Kington in Rome
*, Tuesday 24 November 2009 19.13 GMT
The Italian prostitute at the centre of a sex scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi has explicitly claimed for the first time that she had sex with the Italian prime minister.
Since first alleging she spent a night last November at Berlusconi's Rome residence, Patrizia D'Addario has limited herself to saying she shared a bed with the 73-year-old prime minister. But in Gradisca, Presidente ‑ Take Your Pleasure, Prime Minister ‑ D'Addario writes: "He told me he wanted contact with my skin, he held me tight, he took my breath away. I took him inside me, he suffocated me with kisses."
"This is the first time she has really made it clear that they had sex," said Maddalena Tulanti, an Italian journalist who co-wrote the book with D'Addario.
Berlusconi has denied paying for sex or knowing that Giampaolo Tarantini, the businessman who says he introduced Berlusconi to D'Addario, had offered her and other women money to spend the night at Berlusconi's residence. Tarantini is being investigated for aiding and abetting prostitution. Berlusconi is not under investigation.
D'Addario writes: "We kissed an infinite number of times, with him above all
kissing my intimate parts,
a performance for which "he could get into the
Guinness Book of Records
When D'Addario admitted she was struggling to enjoy the moment, Berlusconi "took it like a challenge", keeping her up until 8am, when he left to speak to journalists.
"I am much younger than him, and quite an expert, I must say," she writes. "But there were moments when I feared I would not stand up to his assaults. Does he take something? I have asked myself many times." The only substance she claims Berlusconi had on hand was "disgustingly sweet" herbal tea.
D'Addario claims she secretly tape- recorded the occasion and went public after Berlusconi failed to make good on promises to help her obtain permits for a building project near Bari in southern Italy. In the book, D'Addario describes her early life and drift into prostitution, stating: "The clients increased, I became more than an escort, a real whore."

It's a Murdoch mystery

How does the big media bonehead get away with spying on stars and politicians.

We haven't even finished figuring out how Murdoch's News of the World,
News of the Screws, to you and me,
managed to hack into the phones of
certain government people and famous people.
Now, we're faced with him taking over
Sky Tv.
he already owns 4 newspapers over here,
manipulates the news that's fit to print,
manipulates the government.
how else could such a monopolist have convinced
the British government to let him do Sky?
Vince Cable wanted to stop this happening,
so a Conservative spy recorded him saying
that he was in favour of "all-out war",
so he lost oversight of media, and it was
given to a sycophantic lackey.

It doesn't even matter that they're taking over Sky TV, they barely do news anyway,
and if they did, they couldn't be much worse than the BBC. It doesn't matter. The Sheeple are expendable anyway. It's the government-baiting that bothers me.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>

The BSkyB decision may lead to a rethink on monopoly power

The establishment may cast monopolies as a matter for technocrats, but Cable's gaffe showed they are a political issue
o David Boyle
o, Friday 4 March 2011 17.36 GMT
Jeremy Hunt's ticklish decision that he is "minded" to allow the Murdoch empire to take over BSkyB may turn out to be one of those great symbolic moments – important way beyond its immediate implications.

It already seems an age since Hunt took over responsibility for the decision from Vince Cable, so the political element of this seems less urgent. But the politics is important, because it marks an unexpected divide between the coalition partners – not about Murdoch, but about what is good for business.

Conservatives may regard this kind of decision as good for business; Lib Dems – at least a generation or more ago – would have regarded it as bad for business, because it kowtows to monopoly power.

Cable's comments to an undercover reporter caused such a storm precisely because he made it look as through the impending decision was a political one.

It shocked the political establishment because it cast doubt on the accepted approach to tackling monopoly that we have come to accept: it is an arms-length, technocratic business to be carried out by trained economists in white coats. It is emphatically not political. Heaven forfend.

The reason the BSkyB decision may be the very tail end of this approach is because actually Cable was right. Monopoly is a political issue, whether the establishment likes it or not, and – when it isn't treated as such – it gets to be a problem. It just doesn't work....
Vince Cable's idiocy leaves Britain at Murdoch's mercy

A newspaper sting and Vince Cable's hubris have handed the owner of the Sun yet more power
Comments (197)
o Henry Porter
o The Observer, Sunday 26 December 2010
[the only guy who can't see the conspiracy is this fella- Cos67]
The classic Chinese text, The Art of War, always has something to say about Rupert Murdoch's activities, so much so that you wonder if the Sun king is actually channelling the wisdom of Sun Tzu, specifically the advice that a commander is more likely to gain victory by watching for the enemy's weakness than through his own strength.

This is what Sun Tzu says: "The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."

Two short-lived Murdoch challengers – Robert Maxwell and Conrad Black – demonstrate the point. Through their own actions, one ended up a broken suicide and the other a jailbird. Last week, two of Murdoch's fiercest commercial and political foes – the Daily Telegraph and Vince Cable – unwittingly combined to hand him the perfect seasonal gift – the merger of BSkyB and News International, which, after so much opposition, now seems certain to go through. What is so beautiful for the Murdoch family is that neither Rupert nor son James moved a muscle to annihilate the business secretary or the numbskulls in charge of strategy at the Daily Telegraph.Murdoch's enemies simply behaved as themselves, guided by innate weaknesses – in Cable's case an unworldly hubris and in the Telegraph's an addiction to political assassination.

Detroit: symbol of ILL capitalism

and racism.
[is it 1906 or 2006?]
[Plaza Hotel]

Detroit was once a shining symbol of industrialisation and the better-life dream.

However, bosses got greedy and lazy. So, as the auto manufacturers lost ground to the Japanese,

they also decided to take out their frustration on their workers.

Detroit was also the seat of crazy-ass Northern racism. So, you had out of work blacks and whites

being chased around by the police. I pretty potent mixture.

About the only thing it created was some amazing, nihilistic music

and I don't mean Motown (they left town for Cali when things got rough)
I mean:

MC5, Stooges, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, White Stripes

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

"Feds launder $20 billion in fraud with GM IPO GUARANTEED to flop over next 6 months blowing a hole through YOUR pensions"
GM, Held By 112 Hedge Funds, Slides Below IPO Price
Tyler Durden's picture
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/24/2011 11:50 -0400

Congratulations Centrally Planned Garbage Motors: GM slides to below its IPO price, hitting $32.75. And now we get to see if GETCO has been swimming with no bathing suit on the entire time.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

problems losing weight?

the rich and famous have been gorging themselves, lately.

I have a problem losing weight as well. I keep wondering if the gym is going to hook me up, like this guy.

I mean, when I get on the stationary bicycle,
I keep thinking that they've hooked me up to the grid.
If they do that, they'll get electricity from my hard work,
and yet they still charge me membership fee.
I should get a per-mile discount.

[here's an attempt]

In fact, I might hook the kids up, if they want to watch tv. Otherwise, I'm afraid that passtime might be completely useless.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>
Power-aid? Sweat Fuels Electricity at Gym
Green Microgym in Portland, Ore., Is One of First 'Human-Powered' Facilities in the U.S.

Sept. 8, 2008
It sounds like something you'd only see on the Discovery Channel: people pedaling ferociously to create enough energy to power the television, stereo and lights.
Stationary bicycles connected to small generators can charge batteries that power televisions and stereos.

But for Adam Boesel, owner of the Green Microgym in Portland, Ore., and his partners, this could be the future.

Launched last week, his "human-powered" gym is one of few fitness centers in the world that runs on power generated by people working out, Boesel said.

As members pedal on stationary bicycles, a small motor connected to the stations charges batteries that power the gym's television and stereo system.

Boesel said he doesn't yet have a way to quantify the output but knows that at the moment it's relatively small. However, this is just the beginning, he said.

"Our goal is to someday create 100 percent of the electricity we use in the gym," Boesel said. "The short-term goal is to get all of the electricity we can out of the machines.".....

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Crickets and the Laws of Diminishing Returns & Orgasmic Explosions

I always used to get it mixed up with croquet.

The recent world cup has been a revelation for me,
because I had no idea that Canada had a cricket team, let alone that
it almost fed the English their hats, or helmets.

Apparently, me-so-proud England came within 17 points/runs/downs (whatever)
of losing. And since teams usually score half-a-million points,
over their 3-day games (Yaaaaawwwn), that was a close call.

Anyway, on a more academic note, a law of Economics seems to apply to
the Sociology of Cricket, that most confusing of sports.

The Law of Diminishing Returns
definition from Princeton: a law affirming that to continue after a certain level of performance has been reached will result in a decline in effectiveness."
Now, for humans that means that, after a certain point, stuff gets pointless, so you choose not to partake of it. e.g. after the second hooker, I'm usually sated, and turn away the other 5.

What's with cricket and 3 days of games, eight hours a day?
And their fans?
Don't they have a life? More placid, motion-less automatons I've never seen.

There's also Cost67's law of Orgasmic Explosions, a perversion of a psychological law
that I'm too busy to look up, with regards to the psych benefits of sports-watching.
Basically, it says that games bring pleasure when some 'goal' is reached,
like a goal in a hockey game, once every 10-15 minutes
(if nobody breaks a leg or if there's no fight)
or football match, about once a week.
This creates endorphines in the watcher making him/her want to go home and
plow (have intercouse with) the spouse, th blow-up girlfriend, the pooch, etc.
But, if there are too many highs, the game operates to stupify the fan.
Such is the fate of basketball and cricket fans. They become
inured to the game, life,
existential angst and
the need to piss.

Anybody for an hockey match?
Ice hockey, of course.
-Cos67 (%^D>
checkitout: from :
[don't ask me for an interpretation]
227 All out (46.1 Overs)
243 All out (49.4 Overs)

England won by 16 runs
World Cup warm up | 16th Feb 2011 | Ground: Fatullah
Innings: Canada 1st England 1st

England won the toss and decided to bat [selfish- serves them right-Cos67]

UMPIRES: Asad Rauf and Enamul Haque

Rich Mix Indeed- the Acting Slam

A monologue slam is a short bit of acting by one actor.
The actor, professional or not, goes up and tries to convince the audience that s/he
can act, with little in the way of props.
It's tough work. It's also a competition.

So, the winner, from South London, was a guy recounting a love affair which ended sourly
and with him full of booze and drugs, trying to forget the gal.
It was the most unique of the night, and 'real' and it worked well, even
without the risque joke which was designed to make everybody
clench their butt-cheeks.
Maybe there's an acting secret in that.
Anyway, the South Side crew was in evidence that night, wooping.

So, this place is at 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, near Aldgate, the top of Brick Lane, with the Lloyd's building in the City rising ominously into the night fog.

Fun times were had while waiting for the judges to bring their wisdom.
Some of the younger types put on a dancing show to the side of stage,
to a classic dance tune from the 1990, (That girl is) Poison.

We also had a struggling musician, an employee of the place, accompanied by guitar.
His name was Junior Williams and he sang in a soulful, rythm and blues style.
His second song was "what if the City were to fall"
"Ya-ya, ya-ya", was the call from the audience. The City's on fire!

-Cos67 ~(8^P
bottom right corner, recent events (it's actually an older slam)
[poison- bel biv devoe]

Monday, 14 February 2011

Mubarak stays, reshuffles, calls election, gets out of town, is barred from leaving

[man of the people- check the jowls. butt chin of the people]

Hosni: "You got the people's gold?"
Guard: Ya
Hosni: "let's move it. Let's quit town!" "Yulla, imshi!"
Guard: keep your pants on, gramps!

Mubarak owns much of the Sharm El Shakey Sharkey resort.
Lots of sharks nearby. Some in the water, some on land.
Here's a video of Mubarak, interacting with the foreigners/kafirs:

OOOOHhhhhh. He gets barred from leaving the country!
I guess he'll have to stick around to face the music.
If you remember, I was tearing apart one of the Wikileaks back in November
that portrayed Mob-arak as a determined, successful man,
and others that said the whole Mid East wants the US to 'bomb bomb Iran'?
Well, a middle eastern commentator on the Guardian was quick to respond
that the common folks over there hate their American-puppet leaders
and if they could, would kill them.
Let's watch.

Cos67 ¬(%^D>
Defeated Mubarak adjusts to solitary life in Sharm el-Sheikh
High security at former Egyptian leader's home amid calls for
international action to freeze Mubarak family assets
* Harriet Sherwood
*, Sunday 13 February 2011 21.14 GMT
At the end of a palm-lined drive in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, guarded by dozens of armed security officers and sniffer dogs, a defeated ex-president was this weekend contemplating his past, his present and his future.
After steering the destiny of 80 million Egyptians for 30 years, Hosni Mubarak could now gaze out over the blue waters of the Red Sea and consider how and where to spend his remaining days.
The Mubarak villa is not the grandest in the neighbourhood, nor as flamboyant as the nearby home of Bakr bin Laden, Osama's half-brother and scion of the Saudi construction clan.
The entrance to the former leader's compound, next to the lush golf resort of Jolie Ville, has no nameplate but was easily identified by the security detail.
A checkpoint leading to the resort was manned by surly plainclothes officers, inspecting passports and asking questions before allowing cars to pass.
At the entrance to the Mubarak compound, a thick-set officer wearing jeans and sweatshirt, a pistol holstered at his waist, confirmed the 82-year-old was at home. Then, perhaps fearing he had said too much, reduced his responses to one or two words.
Would Mr Mubarak like to speak to the press? "No." Was his family with him? "No comment." Was he receiving visitors? "No comment." Could I take a photograph? "No." Could I hang around for a bit? "No."
A pick-up truck with a box of bottled water was waved past the first barrier. A few yards on, an official ran a mirror underneath the chassis and a large Alsatian dog sniffed around its wheels.
Then it was the Guardian's turn to answer questions. Name, nationality, media organisation, hotel. Two security officers simultaneously relayed the information down their phones. Time to leave: Egypt may be liberated from tyranny but there was a chance the message hadn't got through to Sharm el-Sheikh.
As Mubarak considers his options, there were growing calls for a full investigation of his family's wealth. The true value of the Mubaraks' fortune remains unknown. US officials dismissed a rumour that the family is worth up to $70 billion as a wild exaggeration, telling the New York Times that the true figure was between $2 billion to $3 billion.

wisdom from the mouths of cartoon cats & spiders

[rights: Jim Davis]

Who would have believed that a dissident could escape the censorship of
the Murdoch media monster and produced an anti-war message?

Jim Davis did a great job, right smack on the last US Veteran's Day (2010).
Garfield is toying with the house spider.
The spider bravely talks of its posthumous glory:
"they will hold an annual day of remembrance in my honour"
The implicit message is that he will be killed without any
logical reason, like 99% of all soldiers (and civilians) killed
by the US or its erstwhile 'enemies'.
The remembrance ceremony in the next square,
showed how the majority of us scaredy-cats view soldiers
'Better those idiots than me.'
In such cases, I think that artists truly
'channel' the zeitgeist of the populace and can't help themselves.
Bless those cartoonists.

Later: Steve Bell (the Guardian) at LSE talking about cartooning and politics
He's the guy who portrays PM Cameron as a weeny with a rubber on his head.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

the Minister for Rock, I-Rock and Rockin' Warfare

[the Guardian- don't they just capture his brilliance?]
when I first read excerpts from Keith Richards book
aptly titled 'Biography' (well done, Keiff),

I thought it was to be classed under:

but, actually it's a political treatise of some import (usually in a baggie).

For that reason, the SOAS Political Circle
invited Keith to discuss Politics.

For those who don't know, SOAS is a London university
the School of Oriental and African Studies.
new text-speak motto: SO.AS.2.B.EDUCATED

They chose Keith because part of his politics
touches upon Iraq, which is middle-Oriental.
and also because Keith has spent most of his life
completely dis-Oriented.

This human bone-rack is actually a complex man.

While he professes to
fighting authority,
playing with weapons,
hanging out with criminals (e.g. Hell's Angels at Altamont)
as a counter-culture icon,
he's got about a C-Note in the bank:
100 million, that is.

Also, he became involved in the Iraq war debate,
having been in close contact with Tony Blair.
Keith sent a well-presented thesis to Def Tony
saying " Keep on Rockin' " (see Prospect mag),
which could be interpreted as being supportive of the war effort.
I'm most impressed with his stooping to embrace the
plebian linguistic form with the 'G' at the end of
'rocking' replaced with the heart-felt apostrophe.
Oh, the gravitas!

Apparently, this message was so taken to heart by the
Blair-meister that the letter is a prized possession of his
(ask Alistair Campbell, his aide for this tid-bit).
-by the way, Ali is now a Politics lecturer in London, so, 'much RE-SPEC', mate.
I think he could put in a good word for Keith, and get him a spot
on the roster at Rockin' U.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

other key notes:
KR's succinctness on the Playboy mansion:
"basically, it's a whorehouse"
-I had no such idea!
He was so bored with the cheesecake that he
& Bobby Keys were playing with drugs
and set a bathroom on fire, literally.
They also didn't notice the Bunny in the bathtub.
[HAaahhhaAHAahahah- you expecting a Playboy Bunny?]

Staff had to break down the door and disrupt what Keith called
"a private affair". The secret's out Keith;
you'd even sample the pure stuff on the Periodic table.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Consort of the year talent contest

Prince Polyp of Greece and England was judged as consort of the year after

a karaoke contest
a piggy-back contest
and a boot-licking contest
a bodyguard contest
taking the bullet contest

Other competitors:

Kate Middleton (give her time)
Michelle Obama

Lib Dem Russian spy Katia Zatuliveter
[I know it's the wrong Russian spy, but she's so right for the job]

Katey the-Killer-Tamayta Price's latest husband/victim

Ben Bernanke (consort to Jamie Dimon)
and a close second,
Nick Clegg

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

The Oldie of the Year Awards 2011

The Oldie of the Year Awards 2011 were held on Thursday 10th February at Simpson's-in-the-Strand. Sir Terry Wogan presented the awards, chosen by our panel of judges, Dame Joan Bakewell, Emma Soames, Valerie Grove, Jane Thynne, Richard Ingrams and Sir Terry Wogan.

And the winners are...

Barry Humphries - The 2011 Oldie of the Year
Annabel Hayter - Campaigner of the Year
Julia Somerville - Autocutie of the Year
Jean Marsh - The Swan Hellenic Award for Old Maid of the Year
Jon Snow - Poppy Denier of the Year
June Spencer - Matri-Archer of the Year

In absentia but accepted:
Prince Philip - Consort of the Year
Ann Widdecombe - Hoofer of the Year

Timeshares in Beautiful London

Sharing a cot with 2 other illegal immigrants.

All you do is match shifts. If you work midnight to 8,
and the other two work 8-4 and 4-midnight (say, at Tesco),
You're all set. and it's even cheaper since you only have one room in the house.

and economical timeshares of the shower and crapper. Fun and frugal!

Rumour has it that people are actually paying £600 to get a job at Tesco.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Sunday, 6 February 2011

a good use for global warming

tax havens, in red
[Cayman Islands]

Last time I checked, most tax havens are small, corrupt islands in the Caribbean.

As far as I can tell, from this chair, this means they are basically

zero metres above sea level.

Therefore, if global warming takes hold

they will sink.

For example Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Bermuda

Of course, money will likely be saved by being moved
to another country, if they do it in time.
BUTT, Global warming, as we've seen in Oz, doesn't happen
in nice neat bath-tub-filling fashion.
Sometimes, it's like when a fat guy jumps into a pool.

Here's hoping a tsunami catches them unawares.
while they're behind their desks with their stacks of illicit money.
World-Trade-Centre styleeeeee

It would be a nice piece of revenge,
because there's nothing we can do about tax havens
as individual dissidents.

So, fire up the SUV, and step on it. Pass it on

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

Arctic sea ice reflects sunlight, keeping the polar regions cool and moderating global climate. According to scientific measurements, Arctic sea ice has declined dramatically over at least the past thirty years, with the most extreme decline seen in the summer melt season.

Read timely scientific analysis year-round below. We provide an update during the first week of each month, or more frequently as conditions warrant.

Please credit the National Snow and Ice Data Center for image or content use unless otherwise noted beneath each image.

From the "Nick Shaxson is an imbecile":

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

the emperor has pawned off all his clothes

some people refuse to believe that our emperors have been exposed.
This is not the end of democracy. It ended long ago.
This is the point where democrats are walking around, naked,
with a 'kick me' sign on their backs.
In other words, they talk the democracy talk, but walk
the Square Mile walk (City of London, Corp.).

They can do nothing but act as if they are the leaders of their countries.

but, who got them into office?
Who paid their election expenses?
the Banks in the Pirate City.
So, when David Cameron talks about the Big Society
and how people should give back to their society,
he means that they should do 'pro bono' work
or 'pro bonehead'
instead of the people who were being paid 25 000/year
to do it before, for example LIBRARIANS.
That's if the particular neighbourhood's library hasn't been
All the while,
the elephant in the room
[ Elephant on china service?]
that the politicians are all ignoring
is the twin evils of tax havens and out of control banks.

This empress has something to hide:
[not bad for lazy unproductive royalty- Princess Madeleine of UpperLower Bikini]

case in point. A Canadian union bought the rail line to the Eurotunnel,
a week before the US started its anti-union war in Wisconsin, Utah and Michigan.

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>

checkitout: [rail line to Eurotunnel sold to socialist Canadians]
Channel tunnel rail link sold for £2.1bn to Canadian pension funds

Two of Canada's largest pension funds win 30-year deal to run High Speed One link between St Pancras and Channel tunnel
* Julia Kollewe
*, Friday 5 November 2010 14.07 GMT
The Channel tunnel rail link has become the latest piece of British infrastructure to be snapped up by acquisitive Canadian pension funds.

Two of Canada's largest pension funds, the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and Borealis, the infrastructure investment arm of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (Omers), have paid £2.1bn to operate Britain's only high-speed railway line for the next 30 years. It is the first privatisation deal done by the coalition government as it sets about slashing Britain's record debt.

Other bidders are thought to have included Eurotunnel and two of its shareholders, Infracapital and Goldman Sachs, as well as Morgan Stanley's infrastructure fund, 3i's infrastructure fund and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

The deal comes in a week that saw the Canadian government block the hostile takeover bid for Potash Corporation by the Anglo-Australian mining group BHP Billiton, and as the Canadian dollar, which has recently been boosted by strong commodity prices, reversed losses this week. It briefly regained parity with the US dollar today and rose against the pound after news of a fall in unemployment.

The RMT union slammed the rail link sell-off as "just another act of political vandalism on the UK railways". Bob Crow, the RMT general secretary, said: "The most modern section of the UK rail network has been sold off for a song in what amounts to nothing more than a fire sale of the family silver to prop up the financial deficit caused by the bankers and speculators in the first place.

"Even worse, the sale of High Speed One could pave the way for the busting up and selling off of Network Rail in a lethal re-run of the Railtrack disaster. That's what the train operators and their lobbyists are demanding as the dash for profits cuts across safety and drags us back to the poisonous cocktail that led to Potters Bar, Hatfield and a series of other rail disasters."....

Cowen steps down, backs out, gives back the keys, and bows out, all in one day

HAHAAHhahhhhahhhh 8^D

The prime minister who was stupid enough to hand over Ireland's pension money
to the banks, has managed to do the three-stage moonwalk, exiting stage left.

Yesterday, he was the prime minister, and he stepped down.
He was leader of his party, and he is no longer. His party might disappear too.
He shut parliament, because one man can only do so much damage.
He gave up his seat in County Miyarse'is'Fat, and will not run again.

That's quite the bowing-out, for such a monumental fl%$&*ck-up. He didn't miss a step.

Enjoy a good laugh, but don't relax. Two things are certain.
1 Cowen was told to destroy his country. (The puppet-masters are the ones to watch.)
2 The next guy will be even worse.

-Cos67 (%^D>