Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Crowds line up to scuttle up Snowden's back passage

I don't know why people immediately think a public
figure can become the possession of the masses. Do you
think that you can sniff his butt, CNN, just because he
tried to save the US from tyranny? I know that tyranny
is a fundamental part of media ethos, but this is too much.

Why are they all looking for this man? Why is
the US government looking for this man?

He certainly isn't up a mountain. Nevertheless,
Brits are lining up, in the north, to search for him.
[take a number folks. the CIA has first dibs]

Punchline: actually, this is a photo of Snowdon,
the popular "mountain" in the UK. I just
couldn't resist the pun.

People like climbing Snowdon, and last weekend
there were traffic jams, like in the photo. BUTT,
I'm sure the name Snowden had more people
thinking about hiking on Snowdon. Plus, I think
there's a Shit Creek, on that mound, and Snowden
is certainly up it, himself.