Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nash the Slash can slash no more

I've been very busy the last few months, and
I have missed writing on this blog.

One of the things that happened while I was
busy was the death of a musician that I was
really impressed with as a young man.
Once you get past the mummy tape,
there was something unique about
the guy. 
He wore the disguise because of 
shyness, and because it worked for his fans.

here's a hint of his personality,  
whooping it up 
with none other than Iggy Pop
I think Igg might have been 
under the influence of 
some pills.
They toured  together!
this show must have been on community tv
in Western Canada, maybe Calgary.
They go ape-shit. nuts

you'll see from this next video that he was
into synths and fiddles. Here's one of his original songs:

I'll add more later