Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Je suis "F%^&*k you, Charlie"

[Dave Brown][Charlie cartoonists say' Feck-you'.
Right back at ya, pal]

In a brief review of the "Islamist" attacks
on the French satirical mag, I am on the side
of free speech, especially speech which pisses
off whatever government is trying to kill free speech.

[Je suis Charlize]
That group includes all the countries whose leaders
marched in Paris, as if they already had their bags
packed, waiting for the red-phone call. Hollande:
"Allo, j'ai un vote-getter pour vous" 
 [Paris-Match maker]
So, guys like Benny arrived with some dead 
Palestinians in his carry-on luggage. But the most
cynical politician was Hollande, the French PM.
France has instituted a number of laws protecting
one "starry" minority group, while allowing any old
pot shots to be taken at Muslims, who are never
allowed to even say "But, I'm insulted."
[one insulted Muslim Charlie]

There's a saying that goes like:
find out whom you're not allowed to insult. 
They are your leaders

I have to declare that while I like cartoonists who 
pierce any bullshit story, including religious ones, 
I have to say that Charlie Hebdo's 68-tards are 
also sketching their support for frottage with underage 
girls, and are so useless at their work that they 
have to piss off 2 billion Muslims to bring a smile
to an Algerian-hating racist audience of 
about 30 000 old French men. 
Well done, dicks. 
You've boosted sales and 
cut your pension requirements in 
one big bloody mess.

*Title-kid-speak translation, French:
I'm like "Feck you, Charlie"

Checkit: Liberty blitzkrieg
French Authorities Demonstrate Defense of Free Speech 
by Arresting 54 People for Free Speech
Michael Krieger | Posted Wednesday Jan 14, 2015 at 10:38 am
While I’m sure many of the millions of French citizens who marched in solidarity with the victims of the recent senseless violence and in the name of free speech came with genuine intentions, the corps of professional authoritarians, I mean politicians, who tagged along in order to pose for a staged photo op, clearly had less than noble intentions. Indeed, they likely spent the entire time scheming as to how the tragedy might be used to strip more rights away from their citizens.
The absurdity of well known tyrants standing arm in arm to support freedom of expression was laughable from the start. Many commentators have covered this shameless act of hypocrisy, including myself in the post: NOUS SOMME HYPOCRITES – Authoritarian, Anti-Free Speech Politicians Pose for Staged Photo Op in Paris.
It didn’t take long for the apparent hypocrisy to manifest itself in real life. First, we heard about David Cameron’s absurd call to ban encryption, which is essentially a call to outlaw private communications. Now we see French leadership turn into a complete and total caricature of itself by arresting 54 people for speech (including a controversial comedian for Facebook comments), negating the values the rally on Sunday was ostensibly so passionately defending. The AP reports that:
    PARIS (AP) — France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism and announced Wednesday it was sending an aircraft carrier to the Mideast to work more closely with the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants.
    Authorities said 54 people had been arrested for hate speech and defending terrorism in the last week. The crackdown came as Charlie Hebdo’s defiant new issue sold out before dawn around Paris, with scuffles at kiosks over dwindling copies of the satirical weekly that fronted the Prophet Muhammad anew on its cover.
    France has been tightening security and searching for accomplices since the terror attacks began, but none of the 54 people mentioned Wednesday have been linked to the attacks. That’s raising questions about whether Hollande’s Socialist government is impinging on the very freedom of speech that it so vigorously defends when it comes to Charlie Hebdo.