Tuesday, 1 September 2015

the last sex taboo- not b4 the big game

I'm going to take apart a short radio talk
by a sleep expert (get it? sleeping together) on
BBC Radio 5 live.
you can get it here:
the blurb:
Sex before sport? Expert explains why it works...

Sleep expert, Nick Littlehales, dispels rumours that athletes should not have sex before performing.

"When you grab one of those impulsive moments with sex during the middle of the day, you're normally running round like a spring chicken afterwards."

This clip is taken from 5 live Sport's Monday Night Club on 3rd August 2015.

Firstly, what is a sleep expert doing
commenting on sports performance, or even sex?

some of his comments (paraphrased. no transcript):
"it's a release"-
-a release is fine, but it's the rebound
to form which is important
"comforting emotions"-
-perhaps the wrong frame of
mind for the coming battle
-perhaps too relaxing
"a true perspective of life"-
-makes no sense to me.
what's that got to do with
competitive mentality?
"after, you run around like a spring chicken"-
-is a spring chicken serious
enough for competition?
perhaps cock fighting is a 
better metaphor. I've heard
from other researchers that
it induces sleep in men, and
the spring chicken feeling in

Now, he does seem to say that he works with 
performance athletes. But, he offers no objective
research data.

Also, he was talking about "closeness"
and "love". For Chissake, we're talking
about athletes, not Meryl Streep.

Here's some scientific information about
orgasm and the brain,
after that, I have written some key comments, and my
ideas after each one:

"chemical release is oxytocin, induces love and bonding
and makes you want to crave it again"
-a monster craving for more 
sex is not conducive to focusing
"shuts down reason and control and shuts off fear instinct"
-not the best state of mind for
"dampens aggressiveness"
-again, not a good idea for 
an athlete who makes
money by being at least
somewhat aggressive.
I personally, as a competitive athlete of a sort,
didn't really have much of a dilemma about
sex before sport, cuz I usually didn't have the
option, other than "got nothing." That was my
usual option.
Anyway, I did have occasion from time to
time to partake around competition.
What I found is that sex tended to
make my legs rubbery afterward, even the
next day. That's
the last thing an athlete needs. There is
a certain essential tension that the lack
of sex provides.

Sex after sports is often excellent, if you
shower first. It's a great way to let go
of all the pent up energy from competing.
That's what I call a release.