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Football is about humans, not just gut feelings

If gut feelings were all you needed, GWBush
would be president of the world. but alas, no.

As John Cusack said in High Fidelity:
My guts have shit for brains.

Unfortunately, fans have to listen to pundits
just go with their gut feelings.
That can go wrong when you're trying to
bet on who will win the championship.

So, they go to the talking heads on television
for some words of wisdom, and what do they
get? They get the gut feelings of pundits
whose job is so easy that they don't even
have to use their brains, let alone do any
proper research.
They think they have all they need in what
Brits call their "nut." i.e. their brain

Gary Lineker is so famous due to his
World Cup expoits (10 goals), he would have
to "mistreat" some girl on the royal family
line of succession to lose his job as a football
commentator, and he knows that. What that
does is, it shuts off your brain.

Lineker rejected Claudio Ranieri as the new
coach of Leicester before the start of the season,
without even talking to the man, looking at his
stats, discussing how he works with people.
No research. Does Lineker even have a degree?
Sports Management? that's a real degree. I know
this. Loughborough Uni, in Leicestershire.
No, he doesn't have said degree.

From wikipedia:
"Lineker left school with four O Levels. One of his teachers wrote on his report card that he "concentrates too much on football" and that he would "never make a living at that". He then joined the youth academy at Leicester City in 1976.[7]"
-concentrates too much on football?
He must have obviously taken too many balls to the head.
[I never liked the idea, when I played as a kid]
You know about all that new research on
the long-term effect of concussions.

[Will and the writers must have taken too many
shots to the head. repeating same drivel. failing
to show human emotions. Can't tell a decent story.
Smith also played Muhammad Ali the boxer]

You also discover from Wikipedia that Lineker
grew up in Leicester and played for that same
Leicester City team. Still he had no desire to
investigate things. What does it take to motivate
this man?

When I was playing the hockey pools, during the
early days of computers, I used stats and watched
games religiously to try to win the season. I spent
most of the year in last place, but by the playoffs,
I had got into contention. I ended up losing the
finals 4 games to 1. Why? because I studied the
thing to death (perhaps too much, ok mom?).
Lineker doesn't feel he needs to do this.

For football, which has many variables, one of
the tools you can use is a Rasch table. It puts
all the teams on X and Y axes and shows how
the play against each other.

From Wikipedia, Ranieri's managerial achievements:

Serie C1: 1988–89
Serie B promotion: 1989–90

Serie B: 1993–94
Coppa Italia: 1995–96
Supercoppa Italiana: 1996

UEFA Intertoto Cup: 1998
Copa del Rey: 1998–99
UEFA Super Cup: 2004

Ligue 2: 2012–13

Premier League Manager of the Month: September 2003, March 2004, November 2015

Don't you think a guy like this deserves to be
given a chance to at least explain himself?

Update: with 8 games to go, Leicester is 8 points
ahead of Tottenham, a team that also should
not be there.

more later

checkit: Independent

Remembering what Gary Lineker said about Claudio Ranieri when he was appointed as Leicester City's manager
Posted 2 months ago by Evan Bartlett in sport

Leicester City sit top of the Premier League following their 3-1 victory over title rivals (yes, title rivals) Manchester City on Saturday.

The Foxes, under the guidance of manager Claudio Ranieri, have now taken 53 points and with just 13 games left in the season are proving to be an immovable force at the top of the league.

But when the Italian was appointed in the summer, just months after being sacked by Greece, his arrival was hardly greeted with optimism from the club's supporters.

Gary Lineker, former England centre forward and Leicester fan, slammed Ranieri as an "uninspiring" choice.

He said on BreatheSport:

Claudio Ranieri is clearly experienced, but this is an uninspired choice by Leicester.

It's amazing how the same old names keep getting a go on the managerial merry-go-round.

Here's a quick look at the Premier League table as it stands:

And Lineker's reaction on Saturday as the Foxes were beating City

Doesn't seem so "uninspiring" now, does he Gary?


Note: This post has been updated because, well, Leicester City just keep winning football matches