Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ron Paul catches the Grinch

the Gingrinch.

He's being ignored by the media, and they keep trying to replace
him with any number of candidates, because the Powers
don't want Ron Paul to win.

If the 'grinch wins, that'll be the end of Christmas for millions
of American kids, because evermore of their parents will be broke.
Paul is trying to stop the wholesale looting of the US economy.

checkitout: Mish Shedlock
Blatant Reporting BiasI posted more paragraphs than necessary in the above clips. I did so on purpose to prove a point. It was not until the 6th paragraph that Ron Paul even got a mention.
I also call your attention to the second-to-last paragraph. "The poll has a plus or minus 4.2 point margin of error."
Given the margin of error, and the momentum, Ron Paul has surged into a statistical tie with Gingrich.
Mike "Mish" Shedlock