Friday, 20 January 2012

The Euro Debt Play, at a theatre near you

Now, we all know not to believe anything that is said by European
politicians about the Euro debt crisis.
You need a bullshit-to-English translator for that.

We all know that the Euro discussions are classed as
'Politics for Morons', and pure kabuki theatre (for bloggers and alt media)

Some people just want the feelgood theatre, so here's a rundown of
what's on offer:
the theatre pages
Euro Clarion
on the Euro Debt Saga

South-east bario: The Caliente Theatre
Greece: Too unruly for democracy. Add one despot
Likely to default if allowed to wiggle too much
so the pressure is kept on, because if Greece
goes, it's all over, unless we can find a way
to let Greece out the back-door cat-flap.

South-west 'hood: The Theatre Favella
Portugal: Following orders, and still democratic
Not such a drastic case and too small a country
to be of importance

North-west ghetto: The Blarney Stone Opera
Ireland: Good ol' boys
Continuing to hand over money to banks. No problems

Italy: Too big to leave alone. Add one despot
A country with enough production to save itself,
but leader was too interested in demagoguery
and young titty. Can't be allowed to fail or
allowed to leave.

Germany: Killing the Euro softly
Their production wants a weak Euro, but they don't want
to fund the 'lazy' south, but that's what's needed in
this neo-colonial EU.

France: Que sera sera, we are not Germany
Sarko trying to make it seems as if France matters.
He doesn't realise that Merkel is jerking his chain.

de minimis