Saturday, 14 January 2012

I recently had a Devil's Advocate moment

What would you do if you thought you'd just met the Devil, in human form?

The question was , if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Who are they, do you think?

Which group of people and their legal yet immoral work has been causing
the world economy to dive into the abyss, dragging governments with

As my blog entries have shown, I think that group is beyond
Aspbergers in the way they go about their 'work'. They don't seem to care
that the rest of us are suffering job insecurity, a lack of opportunites
to save money and we're facing the disappearance of any and all pensions
we might have paid for.

I had recently figured out that they weren't just operating in a moral void.
They actually see debt as a good thing, because, and it is true, everybody
is in debt. Companies, governments, most people. So, we can't
turn around and say that bankers are creating kryptonite out of nothing.

We're giving them the amunition with which they are killing us, because
we can't resist taking out a loan, or buying stuff on credit which we would
not have otherwise had, if there were no credit cards.
So, each time we borrow money, those bums create more money on their
computer screen and proceed to play with it.

Also, I know why governments in the West,
those two-faced bastards are not just allowing bankers
to break the law, they are actively encouraging it
because the West no longer has a strong enough manufacturing and farming
base with which to run the societies that we have all become accustomed to.
So, if our bankers don't steal from other countries,
to go with the oil that
our governments are stealing,
then we would still be in a sh*tload of trouble,
As it happens, our rich manufacturers sent their production to China,
and started speculating with their huge profits. So, we had
(until recently) great stock markets
and sh*tty employment growth.
But, governments don't have the means to keep things going,
financially or growth-wise.
That's why they're putting all their eggs in the
banking basket.

And giving people debt (to keep buying stuff) was the way that
the governments could lull us to sleep for 30 years while
the rug was being pulled out from under the middle class' feet.
Falling real wages; No pensions; crumbling public systems; selling off the public's
wealth to private interests. we've seen it all.
So, I know why those bastards are doing what they're doing. It doesn't mean that
I give up, but at least it's not 'conspiracy this-and-that'. I never thought conspiracies
were necessary.

However, it's one thing to see this stuff, and understand it, and
be resigned to watching it happen, and another
to be invited
to join in .
by smiling advocates of the devil's video game.
Debt trading .

I met them on a flight.
I bounced all my great learning off them:
Max Keiser and friends, Zerohedge, Steve Keen, Bill Black.
They were impressed, but they taught me more stuff
(I'll show that stuff later)
One of them said I knew enough to be a broker.
He told me how to negotiate and get a job.

the worst thing is,
I'm still thinking about doing it.
not because I want to get rich,
I just want to secure my family's future,
and then I'd like to make a big departure.
Frankly, I'm too busy now, but I wonder
why I'm not busy making wads of money
from punching a few keys, instead
of trying to be an academic, for peanuts.
I also spend too much time on a computer,
but now I feel like a chimp, and a chump.

Epilogue, star date 2012. Ya, governments and banks are stealing from us. You don't need a gun when money is an abstraction on a computer screen.