Friday, 28 December 2012

Bullyngdon Club Strikes Again

When Dave had a gathering in Boris's territory, everyone went "bonkers."

They tore the place up and caused 4 million pounds worth of damage,
and shrugged it off in 15 minutes.

Because now they run the show.

Of course, I'm talking about the Leveson Report.

While the Bullyngdon club, of rich bored kids, existed
and used to trash restaurants, what I'm
saying is that now they're in politics in the UK, and
trashing the country.
Each of them has their turf.
Dave has the UK, with his second in command, George.
London, the Greater part without the City part, is Boris'
turf. But he let's Dave run the Westminster part without
getting in his face.

Anyway, the royal and privileged are more ensconced
in  power now than they have been since the early days
of Victoria.

The Leveson enquiry was charged with getting a grip
on the out of control media in this country lest they
take over the government (too late).
So, in order to show that the country is not run by
Rupert Murdoch, his sock puppet Dave trashed the
Leveson report 15 minutes after it became public.

The annoying thing is that Leveson dealt with illegality.
Phone tapping. e-mail tapping. These are traceable
and punishable crimes. It's just that nobody is looking
to charge the media bosses.
Piers Morgan gets a pass because he knows where some
bodies are buried.
In fact, an Inquiry was called because the government
did not want their friends and bosses to go to jail.
ah, British justice. spelled JUST- US

And the whole sick show continues on as before.