Saturday, 25 January 2014

they're F&*(^%cking Matt Damon

It's a true masterpiece of social engineering to both
pat a man on the back for his achievements while
screwing his street cred.

From what little I remember, Matt Damon seems to be
an aware person who is involved in good works for
various charities. Well, so is everybody. But, I've
also seen that he seems to be aware of the political
problems of late. That's a lot to ask of a guy who
spends his time being a good actor. I don't expect
much from media people, because they're just
promoting themselves most of the time.

It's strange to be given an award for social
consciousness from the people representing
the opposite of social consciousness.
the World Economic Forum, or
Socially-unconscious, yet intentional damage
The Davos playground is for the rich plutocrats
to whitewash their image. The banking, shadow-market
bastards who are taking a break from destroying the
planet to essentially say "woops" , implicitly:

These are 3 of their issues for discussion:

1 global inequality, when they f^%&ck governments
oxfam says it best:
"Oxfam report, suggesting there was a mixed message in play
with the title: “Davos Debates Income Inequality but Still Invites
Tax Avoiders.” New York Times
2 they "reshape the world" USA Today
- ya. reshape it to their liking
3 Davos theme recognises changed post-crisis world, Bdlive
from South Africa
-Ya. after they totally screwed it
-I think they've noticed a sombre spirit in the £10 000 suits
they buy.
Actually, it's like Matt is being inducted into Hell.
Who's at the gate but Bono, the world-saving 
tax-dodging miracle.

Matt, the good actor, and the shitty singer
at 2:15