Friday, 17 January 2014

the Nature Oscars 2014

I don't know about North America, but nature documentaries
are big business in the UK.
They have a guy Bear Grylls who presented himself living
in nature, with no aids, but he had a camera crew shadowing him.

The crew were likely chewing on subs and refused to give any
to Bear. I'm sure there were signs up saying
"don't feed the Bear"
BTW I don't buy that name. How could parents know
that their son would be a nature freak?

Anyway, he wins the human acting award for the Nature Oscars
because he and his crew were caught staying in hotels
during filming. We really are not part of nature any more.
Just watching his stupid doc credulously is proof of that.
We watch nature on a box!

Best Human Faking Living in Nature: Bear Grylls 

[this is Bear preparing to accept his Nature Oscar]

Now for the animals. They have starred in documentaries
despite the fact that docs are supposed to be
scientifically-run, with no interference from humans.

Best Actor in a leading role: Cheeky
[Cheeky the Tiger, trained at the Chicago Zoo & the Actors' Studio,
starred in director David Attenborough's latest yarn]

more soon

checkit: Guardian- Rachel Aroesti
Hidden Kingdoms tv listing
Following the controversy over Frozen Planet's "faked" scenes,
this series takes a more transparent approach to wildlife film-making.
Usually the supporting cast, dung beetles, shrews and mice living in
Africa and the Sonoran desert in North America are the stars of this
opener. But the close-up footage is rounded off with a peek behind
the scenes, exposing the miniature sets constructed by the crew
and the unwitting animal actors scouted on location, revelations
that make it hard to take nature docs at face value