Sunday, 9 February 2014

Chew-ba-kar strikes back

If you have a dog with teething problems, why not give

the poor quadruped a car to chew on?

How was the Doggie daddy to know that his car

was edible? He paid £80 K for an Aston Martin

to show how cool he is, and now he's got even

more cooling, from nature.

His car's missing a front bumper.

How is it the rich guys are always ahead of the

curve with new car ideas? While we shiver,

upright, jammed up against the steering wheel,

pumping our feet to change gears, they

sit back and use paddles.

Their cars can park for them, or show them

the way with cameras so they don't have to

turn their lordly heads. We gotta risk pinched

nerves on a daily basis.

Aston La Vista , baby [yahoo news]

 The dog's name is Chew-baka. Doggy daddy also bites
 [yahoo news]