Sunday, 23 February 2014

This "band" only gets better with age

A particular band of performance artists known as
Pussy Riot have stoked my humour gland but not
my boner.
They're so funny, in general how they ape rap
artists, and do stupid sh*t to get attention.
How's that Cossack whip there, gals. The fans
from their latest show in Sochi.

Anyway, not every anchorperson on tv can
say the word PUSSY without clearing their
throat a few times. So, Boing boing has
provided some alternatives that I must say
are not much more PC. Anyway. I'll
add my own soon. Enjoy the pussy:


25 Synonyms for 'Pussy Riot,' for news presenters who'd really rather not to say 'pussy' on-air
Xeni Jardin at 7:43 am Sat, Feb 22, 2014
The outlaw Russian activist organization Pussy Riot reportedly chose their name as a clever troll: one of the group's members said she thought it'd be a way to provide a little fun for English-speakers who followed their story. And she was right. Every time I see CNN's Wolf Blitzer say "Pussy Riot," or hear a dry NPR anchor's voice intone those two words, I think I'm going to die laughing. Pussy Riot finally managed to do what generations of feminists before them could not: they normalized the word "pussy."

But I asked Twitter to help me come up with some more "polite" synonyms for news anchors who still wince when they have to say the p-word on-air. Here's the list, some of which are my own, some of which others must take blame for.

• Vagina Riot
• Cuntastrophe
• Cooter Commotion
• Ladybits Rampage
• Vajayjay Melee
• Birth Canal Brouhaha
• Hoo-hah Kerfuffle
• Beefdrape Diatribe
• Frontbottom Fracas
• Labial Lawlessness
• Rosebud Rumble
• Bearded Clam Shenanigans
• Muffin scufflin'
• Cooch Confrontation
• Down There Donnybrook
• Labia Fray-bia
• Front-butt Fiasco
• Munch Bunch
• Apocalips
• Violencia del Vulva
• Meat-Curtain Mayhem
• Nookie Disagreement
• Honeypot havoc
• Fanny Free-for-all
• Tumult Near Mons Pubis (*also a great title for a post-apocalypic sci-fi erotic novel)