Sunday, 22 March 2015

Star Trek: Prophets of Bankocracy

As a middling fan of Star Trek,
(meaning I never got dressed up like Trekkies
or said "live long and prosper")
I've read about how Gene Rodenberry, despite
fits and starts and last-minute changes,
produced shows which reframed the
human dynamic, in the most Shakespearean
of theatrical displays.

You have to really look to find the deeper significance
of a given story.
I just finished some research and so I study
everything to death, including my belly-button

Anyway, one recent show that I saw was called
The Gamesters of Triskelion had this basic scene:

(Firstly, Kirk gets the green chick, as usual)

Unseen (until later) higher beings seek to
capture slaves, training them to compete against
each other (under threat of death) so that the "brains"
could gamble on the result.

higher beings that gamble

[at 39:10 Kirk meets "the bankers", in Davos, one assumes]

That has precisely described the Bankocracy
that we find ourselves in. The government, armies
and police exist to control us, and not control the bankers who
can do whatever they please.
Strangely, the bankers have neutralised the people's
weapons, which I can assume represents this "democracy"
bone that is usually thrown in our direction
every 5 years.

enforced by governments, is designed to have us
compete to the death (okay, it's a stretch- today,
but there is regular warfare)
while all the while, the bankers gamble on
everything we do, and everything we produce.
Isn't that why banks are stealing pensions, manipulating
every market from oil to macadamia nuts, creating
dark pools, and derivatives? Isn't that why EU banks
are bankrupt?
They gambled, with derivatives, on the shaky debt
that they created out of thin air
-banks create £ through computer printing (CTRL-P) -
to serve the purposes of Germany and France (mainly),
under the guise of the "unifying" Euro, so as
to subjugate the periphery, in more ways than one.

The most brilliant symbolism is saved (perhaps
by serendipity, or accident) for the Enforcer
with the shiny eyes. His name is Galt, the same
as the protagonist of Aynus Rand's book
Atlas Shrugged. Is Rodenbery trying to tell us
that Rand's Galt is actually a rent-seeker and
leach, rather than an industrialist?
I f%^&king sure as hell think so. I know it rings

Now, a brave crew has sprung up in Greece, and
another is getting their wings in Spain (Podemos)
and they will return Earth to the path of

The Star Trek team has morphed into the
Greek government that will boldly go where
no lackey politician has dared go.
Up Merkel and Schauble's fat buttholes.
I think the iron backsides of the FinMin may
cause a problem, however.

In the final analysis, it will be Spock's wise
words, in the guise of Yianis Varoufakis,
the Greek FinMin that will force the
hypnotised peoples of Europe to see that
the Euro is a tool of subjugation and that
we are in a sort of Fourth Reich. If he
does that successfully, then the Euro
confidence game will collapse, without a