Sunday, 22 March 2015

the natives are restless

I grew up in an Anglophone culture, and I know that
much of Anglo culture is the same around the world
because it's usually propagated by Anglos.

I have come to the decision that there's often something
wrong with Anglos in their behaviour. They're far
too quick to judge people negatively and to fly
off the handle, as a result.

I always thought it was because they had spastic
colons, and emotional/sexual problems,
but there may be another reason.

Now, as I post this, I'm not sure you can paint a
whole nation as having a certain type of gene,
unless this is new epigenetics and a result of
the shitty weather in the UK, but anyway, let's

checkit: Independent
The British are born to be miserable, new research finds
But it could be worse - we could be French
Rose Troup Buchanan Author Biography
Thursday 30 October 2014
“The British do not expect happiness,” claimed
English writer Quentin Crisp – and it appears he
may have been right.
New research from the University of Warwick
has indicated that Britons are genetically programmed
to be grumpy.
The British, French and Americans are all predisposed to be grumpier than nations such as Denmark because they possess a “short form” version of the gene which regulates the amount of serotonin – the chemical which controls happiness – within the brain.
The Danes, who regularly top happiness surveys of nations, enjoy a longer form of the gene, while Britons and Americans, despite equally stable economies and governments, possess a shorter version resulting in a miserable attitude.
However, it could be worse: we could be French.
According to professor Andrew Oswald, who led the research looking at 131 countries, only the French had a shorter form of the gene.
Professor Oswald, who studies applied economics and quantitative social science, claimed many nations’ citizens would still be unhappy were they earning a fortune, living to a ripe old age and basking in the sunshine daily.
“Among the nations we studied, Denmark and the Netherlands appeared to have the lowest percentage of people with the short version of the serotonin gene,” he said to The Times.
He also claimed American individuals descended from Danish or Dutch immigrants were happier as a result of inheriting the longer gene.
The research, for the Economic and Social Research Council’s Festival of Social Sciences, found that genetics was the most important factor – but not the only one.
Happiness leagues generally use indicators such as educational standards, wealth, health, economic progress and job satisfaction alongside the weather, war and political stability.