Sunday, 13 December 2015

How to dance whilst having an infection of yeast

As most self-help videos go, this is a winner
with 901 million views.

This breaks another barrier, that of dancing and
yeast. Apparently, all you do is keep your legs
spread as if to aid circulation of air.

I think the young lady in this video needs a chair to "lean on." or perhaps stirrups.

A funny guy some time ago noted that her legs
were like a Quicky Mart; always open.

Somewhat more seriously, I'd like to include this
as an example of the borrowing of other cultures
for pop music.
In this case, it seems that only the choreography
is borrowed, but never mind. I actually have eclectic
tastes and enjoy the cross-pollination that creates
new genres.
I'll post a couple of great cross-pollination stories
Now, Vee dance. legs apart, sing: "eh-o, eh-o"

Here's one of favourite Hindi-English cross-over
dance tunes, from The Guru movie. I think the
dancing is quite impressive.
Of course, I don't think they have the yeast, but
nevertheless, Heather Graham. like wow.
 It's a dream sequence in the movie
that fits nicely into the "guru's" sense of who
he is and who he wants to become.