Sunday, 13 December 2015

I'm just looking for some sweet Katushka

I tripped over a Lithuanian/Russian pastry shop
in London. I thought I'd try something different,
so looking around I saw this big danish-looking
confabulation.  It had yellow filling and I was
told it was cream cheese.

I was thinking what kinda rube would call this
a pastry? but because of the righteous cheery
gals behind the counter, I tried it. It was v good.

I thought they called it "katushka". but a quick
online search shows no such thing.
If you look up kartoshka, you'll get a hundred
different pastries, none of which match what
I had.
Some cream cheese treats are called Vatrushka.
I'm confused.
Wikipedia may help:
the pic they have, seems to be the one:

anyway, why ruin a good meme:
I was thinking "i wonder if they call it 'tush' for short."
When you think of tush, Russian is a good collocation.

So my mind went racing to an old song
Tush by ZZtop which has a barely hidden message:

ah, to dream,
perchance to squeeze