Saturday, 20 August 2011

strip show. take it all off

back in the old days, asset stripping was the task of the
market raider. The guy who came in and chopped up a company
into little bits and sold them off for profit.
It was kind of like a vulture ripping apart a healthy viable

[lawyers at the ready. the banks are gonna need them all the more]

Anyway, enough sweet talk about economic canibalism, and
more talk about the struggle of the man on the street, literally.
the Mean Streets "take it all off"

Applied Economics
How quick people learn. Even though there's no college course
in Asset Stripping, people have started to scrounge for anything
they can sell.
They've seen labour demand falling and noticed that they will
need to supply the needs of the markets for scrap metal. They
are getting back on their feet and thinking outside the box, or
rather the railroad switch box, which will get you £23.95 at
Honest Hank's Scrap and Deli.
Also on the menu:
manhole covers
telephone poles
copper wire from train lines
copper pipes from houses
fire hydrants
basketball hoops (from the ground up)

Don't you just love human ingenuity?

They're copying the bankers. cheeky monkeys.

[stripping stuff is such a human activity]

I've got a deal for all my American readers. Go for the houses that the banks are
going to bulldoze anyway. They gotta get rid of them or else house prices will
continue to fall.

Those of you anxious, nosy types who are burning those empty homes
because of the squatters, should think first, and strip them of
all their highly-liquid assets.

double-glazed windows
security doors
gas fittings
the list goes on

forget the fact that the rest of the house is a monumental waste of resources, for nothing
other than speculation. Leave that to the anthropologists of the next millenium, if we last that long.
You need cash, fast.

It's not that difficult to move from this to looting hot assets from stores.
so, bankers are to blame for everything. That's news to me. @sarc

-Cos67 ¬(%^D>