Monday, 15 August 2011

Tarzan and Arab

No Jane here.
Gazan film-makers, and identical twins.
They ooze destitution, and yet speak of hope and art.
This kicks butt.

What do you say to artists, trapped in Gaza, that want to make a film
when they've never had the money to go to the cinema?

Here's their story in Arabic, and it might encourage you to search for them
on the Guardian site.

the film is intense. Because the brothers are identical twins,
their standoff is very symbolic.
It's like looking in the mirror at your own hatred, and what it does to others.

It's also comical what they had to go through to get their mini feature
produced. They had to fool Hamas, who are not known for their sense of humour.

this simple report just rocks with restraint and understatement:

It's also interesting how these boys made film posters, as if they knew what to do.
Apparently they've got a sense for the idiom.

And what about their parents' choice of names. Tarzan??
born to be in films , or to swing from trees.

This story fits into the file on the benefit of culture as a way to reach Palestinians and
show them that the world is hoping that they'll be free one day, while
trying to highlight this awful situation for artists visiting the occupier's lands.

checkitout: the text story in the Guardian