Sunday, 4 September 2011

Timber. RICO felling the big ones

I hope to have a RICO party, for the best actors on wall street.
I mean they've performed in front of Congress, and lied through their
teeth. There's an ever-so-small chance they'll be fined/ chucked in the slammer,
which makes me sorta feel good.

the guys at Goldman Sachs who were caught selling the sh*tty deal called Timberwolf.

That was Timberwolf and some bad acting (i.e. lying).

Now, Timberlake is not a sh*tty actor.
If he's an American and he can play a Quebecker, and a goaltender, with a moustache, and a whiteboy afro, he's a good actor.

The film sucks, though. The Love Guru. So much hockey, so much potential,
but so much weirdness. weird ain't funny, boys. who would write such dreck?
"Just some English pig with no brains."
"you do dat
you go to da box
2 minits by yourself.
an' you feel shame"

the original: (no embed, the bastards)

tabernak! It's Denis. 'e ownz ownz a Slugger, la.
bien sur, for sure
[Slapshot movie]
they used a lot of lumber in that league.