Saturday, 3 September 2011

zombies eat deep fried mars bars

["deep fried maaaarrrrrz baaaaarrrrrz"] trilling, innit.

[a purveyor of the delicacy. "we'd have more return clients if they didn't have coronaries so often. we'll never live it dooon"]

Zombies come to Glasgow. Otherwise, it's another yawner of a movie.

First the dracula LIKE.
now, the zombie LIKE.
and this movie has famous, bored actors, doing the same old same old.

He'd pass for a zombie, any day.

It's supposed to be Philly. Sh*tty yellow cabs draw attention.

Well, Glaswegians know all about 'brotherly love'
Looks like those zombies will have to learn how to give a
Glasgow kiss- def. A headbutt. Within Glasgow itself the term 'Gorbals kiss' is often used, referring to the most dangerous area of Glasgow. It is hypothesised that within Gorbals it is known as a Crown Street kiss; and on Crown Street it is called a Number 73 kiss; and at Number 73 it is known as Steve's kiss. Steve, however, calls it whatever the fuck he wants to.
Love ain't like the movies
it blisters and bruises
and knocks you about with its fists
It Leaves you a wreckage
all postaged and packaged
and sealed with a Glasgow kiss
- Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss, Carter USM.{urban dictionary}