Monday, 27 February 2012

the 300: This! is! Sparliament! UUuuugghhhh

Luckily for Greece, wars are fought with pens and paper.
[Looky Luke. banker's chins.]

["we were all at the trough." some more than others- Theodoros Pangalos]
[Buddha says cut back on your meals! Evangelos Venizelos]

Greek politicians are the 300 defenders of the Greek people.

all they do is delay the cavalcade of liberty, and pilfer money.

Manolis Glezos- this guy took the Nazi flag down off the Acropolis

The President- apparently he fought the Germans as well.

But, that was then. This is now.

These two gentlement couldn't convince the other politicians

to put up a defence against the shattering of the country.

The live report below will show how brave Glezos still is.

He's somebody from inside parliament without being an insider.

He was still gassed by the cops, this time, outside parliament.


Athens Burning As Police Runs Out Of Tear Gas
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/12/2012 14:19 -0500
Tonight's protest in Athens has all the makings of the vintage
ones from May of 2010, and the night is still young. Here are some updates:

19:32 Manolis Glezos, the WWII resistance hero who was earlier hit by tear gas, can now be seen sitting in the parliamentary chamber, to the left of the speaker.
19:24 Communist Party (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga now speaking. Again, asks why ruling parties say a civil war will result if the measures are not passed.
19:19 Theodorakis has just spoken to the press inside parliament. He said "the people will win" just as they did against the Nazis and the junta.
19:10 Also caught up in this afternoon's tear gas was composer Mikis Theodorakis, 86. A spokeswoman from his office has told Real FM radio that police fired tear gas just as Theodorakis was about to speak to the crowd on Syntagma. She described the unprovoked attack as an "attempt to kill him" and says the police deliberately targetted him.
19:03 Four metro stations are now shut, with trains passing through without stopping: Syntagma, Evangelismos, Panepistimio and Acropolis.
18:51 Back to parliament. Independent MP Evangelos Papachristos says that parliament is being asked to vote on a document that contains gaps marked XX where figures should be. He asks colleagues are they sure they know what they're voting for. Only a handful of MPs in the chamber (via Diane Shugart (@dianalizia) on Twitter).
18.48 Eyewitnesses on Twitter are reporting that PAME, the Communist Party-affiliated trade union, is marching from Omonia to Syntagma, which they are determined to fill.
18:43 It's being reported that tear gas has been fired on Mitropoleos St, as far down as the Orthodox Cathedral.
18:40 Reuters says that today's demonstrations were the biggest in recent months: "The crowd of tens of thousands was the biggest in months of demonstrations against the spending cuts."
18:38 There is extensive rioting on Syntagma now, with police and rioters chasing each other around the square. A reporter observing the scene from a nearby hotel balcony says its the worst rioting he's seen in a long time.
18:23 Back to some politics: it's being reported that actress Anna Vagena, who replaced a Pasok MP who resigned yesterday, will vote against the agreement. Vangena was one of three new MPs sworn in to parliament today.
18:20 Groups of riot police are now at the lower end of Syntagma Square, near Ermou Street. Smoke can be seen coming from a kiosk, which was apparently hit by a smoke grenade.
Large crowds are still on the square and in the surrounding streets.
18:05 Second World War-resistance hero Manolis Glezos has made a statement from Syntagma.
"Is it possible to impose these measures by using tear gas ... These measures don't have the vote of the Greek people."
Glezos was wearing a surgical mask and seemed to be suffering from tear-gas inhalation.
18:01 Petrol bombs have been thrown on the street in front of the Hotel GB.