Monday, 27 February 2012

the Fonters to baptise Ayn Rand

this sh*t is so funny.
It's one part self-important Romney, the vulture capitalist,
who thinks he's a Founder or whatever hyper-superman Aynus Rand
named those who starred in the Razzie-winning Atlas Shrugged,
one part Mormon baptising of the dead, which can really piss off
the families of the departed, Romney being a Mormon.

IshitUnot: Exiled online
The eXiled’s Free Campaign Advice For Mitt Romney: “Baptize Ayn Rand
By Team eXiled

Mormon Jacuzzi? Nope, it’s Ayn Rand’s soul’s salvation
As readers of The eXiled know, we operate a leading Washington DC political PR firm, “Our Founding Fathers Global Strategies LLC”, specializing in crisis-management and strategic communications for our negative-net-worth clientele. “Our Founding Fathers GS LLC” has devised a comeback plan for Mitt Romney to reignite his flagging campaign, which we offer gratis, pro bono.

We call our 1-point comeback campaign “Brigham Shrugs” and it boils down to this:

“Baptize Ayn Rand, already!”

This crazy baglady is “Going Joseph Smith”
[that's Aynus Rand, the receiver of US social security, i.e. a hypocrite- Cos67]
I wonder when Rick Santorum is going to tell the Mormons that they are not Christians. I wonder, do the Mormons consider themselves to be Christians or Jews. They talk about Latter Day Saints, but also the lost tribes of Israel.
Anyway, Santorum told Protestants that they're not real Christians, which is a fine,
Scholastic thing to say, 300 years after that difference stopped meaning anything, other than prejudice and bloodshed.
I'm beginning to understand now why the last Catholic president was assassinated. Santorum has head up his arse, but Kennedy was trying to change many things that the US oligarchs didn't want changed, with regards to laws and government involvement in society, etc. What unites them is a lack of fear in speaking their minds, and doing what they feel is right.
[I don't know who he's saying is destroying the Church, but he did say that the Protestant Church in the US is in a shambles and "gone from world of Christianity," whatever that means]

IshitUnot: Think Progress
Santorum Excommunicates 45 Million Christians: Mainline Protestants Are ‘Gone From The World Of Christianity’
By Alex Seitz-Wald on Feb 18, 2012 at 8:00 am
In a 2008 speech at Ave Maria University, Rick Santorum, a devout Catholic, warned about the dangers of “the NBA” and “rock concerts,” but also said that while Protestants founded America, mainline Protestantism is in such “shambles” that “it is gone from the world of Christianity as I see it”:

We all know that this country was founded on a Judeo-Christian ethic but the Judeo-Christian ethic was a Protestant Judeo-Christian ethic, sure the Catholics had some influence, but this was a Protestant country and the Protestant ethic, mainstream, mainline Protestantism, and of course we look at the shape of mainline Protestantism in this country and it is in shambles, it is gone from the world of Christianity as I see it. [...]

Whether its sensuality of vanity of the famous in America, they are peacocks on display and they have taken their poor behavior and made it fashionable. The corruption of culture, the corruption of manners, the corruption of decency is now on display whether it’s the NBA or whether it’s a rock concert or whether it’s on a movie set.
Mainline Protestantism is one of the oldest and most common religious families in America. Generally considered to be non-evangelical, non-Catholic Christians, including Congregationalists, Episcopalians, Methodists, northern Baptists, most Lutherans, Presbyterians, and other denominations, they represent about 45 million Americans. Making up about 16 percent of the electorate, they’re pretty evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.

But in his speech, first flagged by Right Wing Watch, Santorum basically says these millions of Christian-Americans are not real Christians. At a time when Santorum and his party are grasping at straws to claim the Obama administration is waging war on Christianity, it seems that it was the candidate himself who declared war on one of the biggest groups of American Christians four years ago.

Meanwhile, the rest of Santorum’s speech dwells on his now-typical hyper-puritanical warnings about “Satan,” and the dangers of “sensuality,” “rock concerts,” and “the NBA” that sound like they were plagiarized from Dana Carvey’s Church Lady skits on SNL.