Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a banker a day keeps the crisis away

hanging them, that is. or guillotine. whatever.

The mayoral return of Ken Livingstone has taken a boost
from that theory of economic regeneration.
He's got my vote. In fact, I'm going to move back so that
I can vote for him.

Also, we could use bankers for fire wood, because people
can't afford to heat their houses anymore.

Mayoral candidate's comment condemned by British Bankers' Association, despite being labelled a joke by his spokesman
Hélène Mulholland
*, Friday 17 February 2012
Ken Livingstone has provoked fresh controversy, after telling an audience: "Hang a banker a week until the others improve."...
In a similar vein, he told the Guardian in a recent interview that City workers favour London over other capital cities as a place to work because "young men want to go out on the pull and do a lot of cocaine, and they can't really do that easily in Frankfurt"....