Saturday, 24 November 2012

remember remember the 22nd of November

Max Keiser, the ghost of Guy Fawkes, got into parliament in the UK.
He was invited in by George Galloway, that most unique of
UK politicians.
He gets kicked and he just keeps going. He, frankly, makes most
every other paycheck-gathering, oxygen-wasting politician,
and I use that as an insult, look unbelievably self-interested.

So, Max insulted David Cameron in his natural roost. He
linked Dave with fraud.
Here's the first clip

let's cut to the video:

in a vaguely related issue, Guy Fawkes, who was roasted
again, recently, was the subject of the revenge movie
V for Vendetta, which starred Natalie Portman. Here's
what Nat has to say about her V and her shave. Brazilian
I think it's called
Let's cut to the video: