Saturday, 24 November 2012

that's not prediction. all they had to do was wait

The Yes Men, those purveyors of borderline
illegal pranks, tried to tell New Yorkers
about their risk of being flooded because
of global warming.
Now, they did this in 2009 and played
the smart asses because they thought
it was bound to happen.
Well, it did. Just recently, half of
Manhattan, bought for some trinkets,
was flooded and without power.

I don't think the Yes Men were prophets.
All they did was wait. How could they
have known?
I'll tell you how. They're awesome and
their pranks are first class. Intelligent
and prophetic.

let's cut to the video:

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Fake New York Post Turns Red Paper Green
Liberal group sends up Post as part of environmental message
By Hasani Gittens | Monday, Sep 21, 2009 | Updated 6:49 PM ESTView Comments (0)
Yes Men print and hand out 1 million copies of a New York Post ripoff to call attention to climate change WATCH
Fake NY Post
Hits the Streets More Photos and Videos We were fooled -- for a moment.
The blaring headline makes you think you're just picking up the same ol' rag that's always shouting about something.
"WE'RE SCREWED" screamed the front page of the alleged "New York Post," we picked up on the corner of 49th and 6th Avenue, from a guy who actually didn't look like the kind of person who would be selling the Post. The fact that it was free was nothing alarming, they're always trying to move copies one way or another, maybe the newspaper audit numbers were coming out soon.
But it was a phony, a fake newspaper, completely based on Gotham's favorite tabloid. They got it right down to the last detail: the American flag billowing on the front page, the wood (that's newspaper-speak for "front page" font) and a Page Six bug to boot.

The cover's story, however, is decidedly non-Post-like. "What you're not being told: Official City report predicts massive climate catastrophes, public health disasters."

Sure, the real Post loves gloom-and-doom, so you might be fooled, but members of the News Corp. empire tend to be squarely in the "global-warming doesn't exist" camp (Although Uncle Rupe himself did have a famous change of heart a few years ago). And this paper is all about the impending dangers of global warming.