Friday, 30 November 2012

Young Turks ride O'Reilly, Gangnam style

As judged by the meter of the day, Youtube,
Gangnam Style is the cultural phenomenon
of the year. That's a stunning coup for a
Korean song.
Gotta admit it's fun and it's message is suitably punk.
i.e. Eat the rich, or laugh at them, because they're stupid.
It has gone way too far. Some
artsy fartsy boys 
did a GS
for Ai Wei Wei
Like it was a rain dance, or something??

Now, Bill, seeing this foreign "thing" burning up the charts, it
literally burned his ass. That's where most of his stories come
from, his ass. Either it's happy, or it burns.

Now, his American pride is hurt because Elvis, the dead guy,
is losing out to Psy. Also, his favourite meme for the Fox
crowd (the over 65 idiot) is that anything "strange" and
"foreign" and anti-Elvis must be working on people's
heads like a drug.

He found a psychiatrist named Psy. no, sorry, wrong
guy. He found a Psych shrink who was suitably pissed off
at "foreign stuff" because his book about
"how to be a good person and an asshole at the same time"
did NOT fly of the shelves. It got knocked off
more times than getting bought.

This tragicomic farse is lampooned by Cenk, who,
god bless him,is a shitty actor.
He couldn't hold it together, but still, his analysis
is sound.
He was right also, that Bill was trying to cut off the message
that goes against Fox's mantra that "rich people need
to be worshipped."

let's cut to the video: Let's burn O'Reilly's ass