Monday, 25 November 2013

check Cos67's wisdom, part 8

I knew that the Daily Mail has an effect on
even sane women, if they dare to look.
As I said, on the tube, all proud young ones
"read" the Mail online to check which star
has a fat butt.
we all have now seen the DM sidebar with the
famous chicks with every kind of boob and
buttock out.
Women read it because other articles in the DM
play with women's sense of confidence. So,
the paper that insults them (to sell them stuff)
also gives them the opportunity to look down
on famous people. simple psychological tricks
make lifelong customers.

check it: The Observer

Lily Allen: 'I'm called mouthy but I'm just talking'
Lily Allen is recording her first solo track in three years. Here, Eva Wiseman joins her on set and talks to the unfailingly honest singer about feminism, surgery and the joys of motherhood
        Eva Wiseman   
        Sunday 17 November 2013 
Lily Allen
'Dolly Parton is a bitch. Adele’s a bitch. Angela Merkel is a bitch… Kate Middleton is NOT a bitch': Lily Allen. Photograph: Ed Singleton for the Observer

A year ago, if you'd been walking down Harley Street late one morning, you would have seen Lily Allen leaving a plastic surgeon's office covered in the fine black lines of a steady-handed pen. It was two years after the Daily Mail ran a graph charting "the ups and downs of her ever-changing figure", one year since she'd publicly discussed her bulimia and the recent loss of her child, and months since she'd given birth to her first daughter. She was feeling fat. She had gone for a consultation about laser liposuction and, after advice from the surgeon, booked in for more – as well as her thighs, her arse, he recommended she reshape her ankles, her belly, her knees and her back. Except, four days before her operation, she found out she was pregnant again. And so – she's Lily Allen – she wrote a song.
On a bright cold day on an industrial estate outside Wimbledon, near a dusty Chinese takeaway called the Charisma Café, a café that appears to have been built out of chips and irony, Lily Allen is standing on a sound stage, being a pop star again. Her new song booms through air fragrant with the fresh-paint smell of things going right. This is not just a pop song. This is a feminist text with a really catchy drum beat. This is not JUST a pop song, this is an open letter to Mail Online, this is a cackling wink at modern misogyny, at women's roles in 2013, at bloody Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", even. While his video, for one of the biggest hits of the year, featured balloons that coyly spelled out "Robin Thicke has a big dick", her balloons say "Lily Allen has a baggy pussy."Could this be the first chart hit containing the word "objectifies"? It's good to have her back.
"The Mail Online is like carbs – you know you shouldn't but you do. Probably two or three times a day." She laughs, drainily. "I hate them – it's an atrocity, really. But I still go on it. It's my homepage. These lyrics are a message to them, in part. We keep going back," she takes a long pull on her cigarette, "we keep going back, because they've made us feel so shit that we have to compare ourselves, to say 'haha she's fat too', in order to feel better."